Students prepare for box village

Students prepare for box village

Matt Kalie, Staff Writer

Each year Prep hosts an event called box village. Box village has traditionally been organized by Fr. Jason, and this year and for the future, it was also organized by Mrs. Grenci.

Box village is where students get themselves a box and camp out on the front lawn of the school for the night. During the night the students get donations from others. They also help raise money on the corner for the poor. This is the first time in Cathedral Prep history that it will be co-ed event. Along with the change of having girls there, Mrs. Grenci and Father Jason have decided to move the night to a Monday night rather than having it on a Saturday. They thought this would be a good idea because it is similar to what homeless people would have to do when they have to go to work the next day.

Prep senior Emily Consiglio spoke about what she thinks about box village and how it will go this year with boys and girls together.

“I think it will be fun, and I don’t see a problem with the boys and girls because they will be on separate lots,” Emily said.

There are activities you do during box village. Like mentioned previously, students help collect money for the poor, but it is also a time to spend with God and get a little break from the noisy world. During the time, students go to Mass and have silent time to repent and just be in the moment with Christ. Students love box village. Even though it may be very cold and they may be tired the next day, it’s a really good and humbling experience with friends.