Apple plans to enter the watch market in 2015


The Rambler

Apple recently introduced a new product, and it’s the Apple watch. It is supposed to be coming out early 2015. Each Apple watch comes with a range of watch faces you can change whenever you want. You can also add specialized functions.
It comes in two sizes, 38mm and 42mm, and it comes in many of different colors and different types of faces. You can change the color of any one you get. Also, there are many different types of bands for it, such as sports band, classic buckle, link bracelet, etc.
There are three types of the watch. There is the regular watch, the sports watch, and then the watch edition. There are over two million ways to see time. It also gets your attention like a human would be tapping you.
The Apple watch are also scratch resistant. You can also text, call and email your contacts from the Apple watch. The Apple watch has a feature where you can talk to another friend who has the watch on to, and the watch also has a built-in walkie talkie. You can also find out the rate of your heartbeat with the watch too, by just putting two fingers on the screen.
Another awesome feature of the Apple watch have is being able to let friends and loved ones know you’re thinking about them just by tapping the screen as it will come up on their watch. It is also good for working out. It has an workout app. You can measure cycling, running and walking with the watch. One more real nice feature is if you forget your wallet or credit cards, you can use your watch to buy things.