Video Promo: Oliver! The Musical

Click on the PLAY button or hit the space bar to play in the window. Or, RIGHT CLICK here and SAVE AS to your computer, and then OPEN after the download completes. The Rambler extends a special thanks to Villa Maria Academy junior Angela Malaspina for creating the promo video above.

Cathedral Preparatory School and Villa Maria Academy present Cameron Mackintosh’s Oliver! The Musical

Showtimes at the H. David Bowes Auditorium at Cathedral Preparatory School / 225 West 9th Street, Erie, Pa.
Thursday, Jan. 30 at 7 p.m.
Friday, Jan. 31 at 7 p.m.
Saturday, Feb. 1 at 7 p.m.
Sunday, Feb. 2 at 2 p.m.

Adults: $7
Students and seniors: $5

Tickets may be purchased at the door. Advance tickets at the Prep and Villa school offices.

Photo Gallery: Beach Day

Day four of Catholic Schools Week included a “Beach Day” dress down theme with students and faculty encouraged to wear summer beach gear. Although the temperatures remain frigid in Erie, students and faculty inside the warm halls of Prep did their best to ward off the cold and think of warmer days ahead by participating in the beach-themed dress down. Check out the photo gallery below:

Chef Cirillo and Prep cafeteria staff continue to put students first despite NSL program changes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWheat noodles or regular noodles? Vegetables or a chocolate chip cookie? A bag of chips or cup of fruit? One is a side dish head chef Mr. Frank Cirillo would love to serve at lunch and the other is required by the National School Lunch (NSL) program. Cathedral Prep is one of many high schools across the nation involved in this program which requires schools to meet certain needs in order to obtain free and reduced lunches.


The National School Lunch program is the cause for many of the changes that have occurred in the cafeteria this year. One of these changes, which students may or may not be aware of, is the addition of whole grain substances. Side dishes such as the macaroni and cheese, as well main entrees like pizza and goulash have gone whole grain this year. For some meals it is a true game changer, but for the most part students likely haven’t noticed.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOther small additions to the weekly lunch rotation include fruit cups and various vegetables. Not as a way to upset students and force healthy food down their throats, but to meet the new requirements for the NSL program. Many students likely noticed the auditor in the cafeteria last month. It was her job to make sure Mr. Cirillo and the cafeteria staff were following all of these new requirements.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere was also a misconception in some of the changes, particularly concerned with the email he sent to students the other day. He originally said that students would only be able to get their beloved donuts once in a while, but he stands corrected, and the donuts will make a comeback for everyday availability. If students are not glad about this because they fear it means the end of the breakfast pizza, fear not because they’ve been selling well enough to stick around as well.

Even though Chef Cirillo has to follow new requirements, he does what he can to give back to the Prep students. For instance, he is always giving the students a healthier portion than that which is required by the NSL. One example is chicken tender day. The requirement is to only give students four chicken tenders, but instead he gives us each five. When asked about his generosity all he had to say was, “I don’t want to see anybody eat and leave hungry.”

Although lunch prices may seem high, students have nothing to complain about. Over the past 20 years, Chef Cirillo has only raised the price of an everyday lunch special from $2 to $3. That is only a one dollar increase, which is truthfully not even his fault. The school insists on getting a profit from lunches, and in order to do that they need to raise prices. However, Cirillo refuses to raise any prices, because he understands that lunch is already expensive enough, and if the prices were to go up anymore, students would be forced to consider alternative options such as not buying as often or at all.

Even though there have been some changes in our cafeteria, they are minor and most students really can’t tell the difference. The lunch prices don’t look like they will be going up in the foreseeable future either, which is something spectacular considering how much more expensive the recent changes have cost Mr. Cirillo. As long as “Fetta Friday” isn’t tampered with, there is really no reason to complain about these other small switches.

What if? Projecting the 2014 NHL All-Stars in a year when there will be no NHL All-Star Game

Unlike any other sport, the NHL takes a two week hiatus when the Olympics rolls around to send its best players to represent their country. When this happens every four years, the NHL has to cancel one of its most prestigious and biggest money-making events of the season; the All-Star Game. Behind the Winter Classic and the Stanley Cup Finals on a year-to-year basis, and probably the four Stadium Series games installed this year, the All-Star game is one of the biggest spectacles in hockey, usually taking place in late January.

Due to the loss of the ASG this year, I took it upon myself to pick captains, players, teams, and coaches for whom I think would most likely be in this year’s game, who would win each Skills Competition, and what the final score would be had it not of been for the Olympic break. But first, we need some background on the NHL’s All-Star weekend.

  • The best players in the league attend the ASG weekend festivities to show off their skills; if they choose not to attend, they receive a small suspension from the league.
  • The NHL implemented a “Fantasy Draft” process a few years back in 2011 where instead of the traditional East vs. West game, there are captains selected to draft their team as if they are player GMs. It’s really cool.
  • The team is now named after the captain of the respective team (i.e. Team Chara in 2012).
  • Fans vote in 6 players to the starting line up from either conference, three forwards, two defensemen, and one goalie.
  • The league picks 36 players. 42 veteran players participate in the ASG. (I’m done with math)(for now).
  • Plus, if you want to add the 12 rookies who participate in the Skills Competition, that’s 54 players (sorry, stupid math).
  • The SuperSkills Competition has been morphed over the years, but five skills remain intact: hardest shot, fastest skater, breakaway challenge, accuracy shooting, challenge relay, and the elimination shootout.
  • The actual game is basically the same as any other game, just a little more laid back with higher offense, lower defense, and of course an intermission show.

Let me start by noting my process for picking all the variables of the All-Star weekend. Captains will be selected based on who I think would/should be the captain of each team. The teams will be picked by me acting/thinking as both teams’ captain and assistant captains. Recently there have only been 2 captains, but in my effort to take a step forward in making the weekend more enjoyable/marketable, I will name a third captain to the team. The fan vote is tough for me because it can oscillate year-to-year, so for selfish purposes I will pick who I think would be voted as the starters instead of taking other people’s thoughts into account. For the actual roster as well as the coaches, I will take stats, games played, and personal reasons to pick who I think should get the nod for the game. Rookies will just be determined by mostly stats.

For the SuperSkills Competition I will take who has recently participated in the event into account and choose a winner by past performances, skills, and favoritism. Finally, coaches will based off of Stanley Cup Finals for 2013, conference leaders, and who the finalists for the Jack Adams Award will be this year, maybe.


I’m not entirely sure what the process is for choosing the captains, but Daniel Alfredsson was the captain in 2012 when his home team was hosting the event so I will use that for one criteria. Also, Henrik Lundqvist was an assistant captain as a goalie so goalies are counted in for the bid. We will say a team that hasn’t hosted a a game yet will fill in this year, mostly because I don’t want to do Columbus because they will host the game next year. So for this year, I will let the Washington Capitals be host for this hypothetical game. They are hosting the Winter Classic in 2015, so why not, right? As for the captains, Alexander Ovechkin vs. Sidney Crosby is the only way I want to see it. With both superstars missing out on the last All-Star game, what other way to reintegrate them into the weekend other than as the captains? As for the assistants, Duncan Keith and Joe Thornton will be on Team Ovechkin, and Jaromir Jagr and Ben Bishop will be on Team Crosby. Ovechkin is the hometown favorite so he will take first pick, even though it is usually based off of a coin toss.


It’s hard to get inside the heads of players in the NHL, and who they would probably take might be different from who a fan like myself would take. As a collective group, they have to discuss it among the other captains and make the decisions based on who they’ve already picked. I am only one man, despite all the rumors, so I will do my best to make a decision with some merit to it.

Team Ovechkin* (Keith, Thornton) Team Crosby* (Jagr, Bishop)
Nicklas Backstrom*- Ovechkin goes with his teammate, center, and buddy who he’s familiar with. Hockey players are too loyal. Chris Kunitz– “BOOOOO” Kunitz is Crosby ‘s teammate. Very questionable 2nd overall pick if you ask me.
John Tavares– Ovie loves his offense and will come out firing by picking all offense the first couple of rounds, starting with the second leading point scorer behind Crosby. Erik Karlsson*– unlike Ovechkin, Crosby likes his defense, but still gets his offense by picking the most dangerous offensive defenseman in the league.
Steven Stamkos– debatably the purest goal scorer in the league only rivaled by Ovie himself, Stamkos is an easy pick. Patrick Kane– Crosby isn’t just looking at the game, but the SuperSkills Comp too.  Kane may be the only person to rival Ovie in the Breakaway Challenge.
Ryan Getzlaf– another high point-getter coming to Team Ovechkin.  “Offense wins games.” -Alexander Ovechkin (he really didn’t say this). Shea Weber– yet again, TC picks a defenseman who can win the Hardest Shot competition.  If Crosby gets another concussion any time soon, I think he should pursue being a GM.
Tuuka Rask– *Keith and Thornton in Ovie’s ear* “Ovie, we need a goalie or defenseman, what are you doing?!?!” Jonathan Toews– collective decision, the three captains hold Toews in high regard and he will help in the Elimination Shootout.
Dustin Byfuglien– *Keith and Thornton in Ovie’s ear, again* “Ovie, take Byfuglien so he can rival Weber for hardest shot.” *Reluctantly takes defenseman* Jonas Hiller– Hiller has been lights out for the Ducks.  Bishop says don’t take anymore goalies so he can play the entire game, but Crosby and Jagr make the executive decision.
Corey Perry– Ovechkin gets back to his offensive prowess with the goal scorer from Anaheim.  Put him with his teammate Getzlaf and they will score plenty of goals in the game. Ryan McDonagh– very solid two-way defenseman, Team Crosby is going to be hard to crack.
Josh Harding*- one of the steals of the draft. In his first All Star Game, Harding goes last goalie but has been debatably the best goalie in the league this year. Evgeni Malkin– another steal in the draft, Crosby and Malkin will be teamed up to create the “Two-Headed Monster” in the ASG.
Ryan Suter*- *Keith in Ovechkin’s year* “it’s time for another defenseman.” *UGH* Zdeno Chara– wait, what? How is Chara still on the board this late in the draft?? Crosby gets lucky and gets reigning Hardest Shot champion on his team.
Ryan Miller– *after slapping himself in the face for not getting Chara* *inside Ovie’s thoughts* *if Crosby gets another “Golden Goal” on Miller I’m gonna be super explicit* Corey Schneider– this time, Hiller and Bishop tell Crosby and Jagr no more goalies, but the team needs their final goalie this round so this is a default pick.
Martin St. Louis– Ovechkin starts thinking like Crosby and takes St. Louis for the Elimination Shootout. Patrick Marleau– Crosby, Jagr, and Bishop just take Marleau so Thornton can’t have his teammate on his team.
Brent Seabrook– Keith gets his favorite defensive partner on the team. Ovechkin isn’t happy. Tyler Seguin– after being traded to the Stars in the offseason, Seguin proved that he could be an All Star still and Crosby is happy to pick him up.
Patrick Sharp– Keith again gets into Ovie’s head and gets him to pick Sharpie. Ovie isn’t mad though because Sharp can put up points. Kevin Shattenkirk– Shattenkirk has been outstanding for the Blues, Team Crosby loves the team they’ve built around defense and are happy to add Shattenkirk.
Keith Yandle– Yandle is the defensive backbone in Phoenix, and he can move the puck too. Ovechkin really hates picking defensemen. Kyle Okposo– Okposo has been a surprise on Long Island, and though he was snubbed from the US Olympic team, he deserves to be an All Star. They pick him so Tavares can’t play with him.
Alex Pietriangelo– last time Ovie has to pick a defenseman. He picks Pietriangelo so Crosby has to pick his nemesis Subban. P.K. Subban– by default, Crosby gets stuck with one of the thorns in his side, but at least he doesn’t have to play against him.
Anze Kopitar– of the remaining players, Kopitar is the safest bet for Oveckin besides maybe Duchene, but Ovie hopes Crosby doesn’t pick him next. Matt Duchene– *Oveckin mutters in disgust in a deep Russian accent* Crosby picks fellow countryman Duchene, who is pretty fast and has some sick hands.
Joe Pavelski– having one of his best seasons, Ovechkin picks Pavelski as hopefully another sharp shooter. Taylor Hall– he’s been impressive on a non-impressive Oilers team, and he’s fast which should help in the Fastest Skater comp.
Claude Giroux– as much as Ovechkin would love to stick Claude Giroux with another one of the  rivals of Crosby and friends, he couldn’t resist getting another picture of Kessel sitting by himself as the last pick again. Phil Kessel– all of Crosby’s picks have been by default it seems, but he doesn’t mind this pick. Crosby gets a sharp shooter, and Kessel gets a new car for being the last pick, again.



Nathan MacKinnon Chris Kreider
Mark Scheifele Tyler Johnson
Torrey Krug Tomas Hertl
Valeria Nichushkin Ollie Maata
Sean Monahan Seth Jones
Ondrej Palat Nick Bjugastad


Rookies are grouped together and Ovechkin picks the side with Nathan MacKinnon because of MacKinnon’s offensive abilities. Oveckin then tries trading Torey Krug for Chris Kreider and Tomas Hertl, but it is declined.


Patrick Roy, Bruce Boudreau, and Joel Quenville will coach Team Ovechkin, while Dan Bylsma, Jon Cooper and Claude Julien will coach Team Crosby. This was based off of conference leaders (Bylsma, Boudreau), Stanley Cup Finals coaches (Quenville, Julien), and who has done the best job this year with their team in my opinion (Roy, Cooper).

SuperSkills Competition

Hardest Shot: Suter vs. Chara
Chara wins. By default.

Fastest Skater: Yandle vs. Kreider
Kreider is easily the fastest player in the event and he wins as the rookie, just like Hagelin in 2012.

Breakaway Challenge: Ovechkin vs. Kane
A heavyweight battle, Ovechkin wins because of the fan vote even though he is out-performed by Kane.

Accuracy Shooting: Stamkos vs. Crosby
Crosby has more videos of him shooting water bottles and pucks off the bench, so he wins by landslide victory.

Challenge Relay: Team. Ovechkin vs. Team Crosby
Team Ovechkin wins this one, better one-timer shooters, better passing, and better target shooters. The only thing Team Ovechkin lacks compared to Team Crosby is puck control, but it’s not enough to make them falter.

Elimination Shootout: St. Louis vs. Toews
Toews takes this one. He’s been one of the best shootout scorers in his career and will steal it from the veteran St. Louis, barely.

All-Star Game
It pains me to say it, but Team Ovechkin wins 12-11 in overtime fashion. The offense and goaltending would be too overpowering for Team Crosby. Plus, the coaching on Team Ovie has a much better combined record than their counterparts this year. This year’s MVP would be kind of a surprise, but I think Patrick Sharp would have at least a hat trick and a few assists to lock up this year’s car.

It’s sad there won’t be an All Star game this year. The Olympics are basically the best players going up against each other any how, so it should be way more exciting with Olympic gold as the prize instead of a car.

Tennis down under: recapping the 2014 Australian Open

Even though 2014 has just begun, tennis is already under way, and the first major of the year, the Australian Open, was one of the most exciting tournaments in recent memory.

On both the men’s and women’s side of the draw there were two new champions. The eighth seeded Stanislas Wawrinka of Switzerland won his first Grand Slam over top-seeded Rafael Nadal, although the win did not come without some controversy due to Nadal sustaining an injury. The fourth seeded Na Li of China became the first Asian woman to win the Australian Open, defeating the twentieth seeded from Slovakia, Dominika Cibulkova.

On the way to crowning the champions, there were tons of upsets across both the men’s and women’s draws.

The fifth seed on the men’s side, Argentina’s Juan Martin Del Potro lost in five sets in the second round to Roberto Bautista Agut 6-4, 3-6, 5-7, 6-4, 7-5. In the third round, there were plenty of higher seeded upsets, including ninth seed Richard Gasquet of France and eleventh seed Milos Raonic of Canada. The eventual champion Stanislas Wawrinka got a walkover in the third round in his match against Vasek Pospisil of Canada, which means he did not have to play his match and went straight on to the fourth round.

The fourth round saw all the lower seeded players advance to the quarterfinals. In the quarterfinals, three of the four matches were upsets. Only the first seed Rafael Nadal got to the semifinals without being upset, defeating Bulgaria’s Grigor Dmitrov 3-6, 7-6, 7-6, 6-2.

The semifinals consisted of Rafael Nadal, Tomas Berdych of the Czech Republic, and two players from Switzerland, Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka. Nadal defeated Federer 7-6, 6-3, 6-3 and Wawrinka beat Berdych 6-3, 6-7, 7-6, 7-6 and advanced to the finals.

Nadal looked to have an advantage coming into the match since he has won 13 Grand Slams. Wawrinka came out firing though, and won the first set 6-3. During the second set, Nadal appeared to injure his back and left the court to seek medical treatment. The injury seriously affected his play in the second set, allowing Wawrinka to take the set 6-2 and go up two sets to love on the number one seed.

In the third set, Nadal’s painkillers kicked in as he was able to break Wawrinka’s serve and win 6-3. Wawrinka continued to fight in the fourth set, and was able to break serve and take the lead. Wawrinka served for the championship and won the fourth set 6-3. He had a subdued reaction when he finally won, more concerned with Nadal’s health than finally winning a major.

The Australian Open is the first Grand Slam Wawrinka has ever won. He had only gotten to the semifinals of a major once before in the 2013 US Open, and only gotten to the quarterfinals four other times, in the 2010 and 2013 US Open, the 2011 Australian Open, and the 2013 French Open. The win will also move him up to third in the world rankings, finally surpassing the Swede who has owned all the spotlight for the past decade, Roger Federer.

Nadal does not play his best tennis in Australia, only getting to the finals twice before and winning once. It will be interesting to see what kind of injury he sustained and if it will plague him throughout the year.

For the full men’s draw, see below:











On the women’s side of the draw, upsets were happening all over the draw and the favorite to win seemingly changed daily. Although it was not an upset since she was not seeded, it was still a shock when Venus Williams was eliminated in the first round by Russia’s Ekaterina Makarova 2-6, 6-4, 6-4. The sixth seed Petra Kvitova also lost her first round match to Thailand’s Luksika Kumkhum 6-2, 1-6, 6-4.

The favorites started dropping in the fourth round when Serena Williams lost to Ana Ivanovic 4-6, 6-3, 6-3 and Maria Sharapova lost to Dominika Cibulkova 3-6, 6-4, 6-1. In fact, Cibulkova, the twentieth seed, needed to upset almost all her opponents during the tournament. She beat fifteenth seed Carla Suarez Navarro 6-1, 6-0, eleventh seed Simona Halep 6-3, 6-0, and fifth seed Agnieszka Radwanska 6-1, 6-2 to advance to the finals.

Radwanska also provided an upset in the quarterfinals, defeating the second seed Victoria Azarenka 6-1, 5-7, 6-0. Azarenka’s loss left Na Li as the only remaining player ranked in the top four in the women’s draw.

Na Li proved that she is the best player on the women’s side right now, even though she faced match point in the third round to Lucie Safarova. She overcame and played spectacularly to advance to the finals.

The semifinals were a contest between Cibulkova and Radwanska and between Na Li and thirtieth seed from Canada and the surprise of the tournament, nineteen year-old Eugenie Bouchard. Cibulkova and Na Li defeated their opponents 6-1, 6-2 and 6-2, 6-4, respectively, to move on to the finals.

In the final, both Na Li and Cibulkova held serve in the first set and went into a tiebreaker. Na Li won the tiebreak 7-4 and was up one set to love. The intensity of the match got to Cibulkova in the second set as she was broken three times and Na Li won the set six to love to become the Australian Open champion.

For the full women’s draw, see below:






The 2014 Australian Open gives good hopes for tennis this year. Higher seeded players are beginning to beat the top players, providing promise for both the future of tennis and great matches and upsets in the other tournaments later this year.

Student Profile: Tony Chiarelli

chiarelliMany great men have passed through these halls. Some of them have been athletes; others have been mathletes. Some of them have just been above average students, keeping the gears within Prep constantly moving. Without these students this school would fall to shambles. I had the privilege of meeting one of these above average students and even was lucky enough to score an interview with him.

Anthony Chiarelli is his name, and he is currently a senior at this fine institution. Tony, as his friends call him, has definitely made his mark on this school both in academia and athletics. Ever since freshman year Tony has been in AP level classes, and his current favorite subject is math. Despite his bad grade in the course, he likes the subject matter a lot and refuses to stop trying. When he graduates from Prep, Tony hopes to be a heart surgeon and make some big money one day.

Along with his good grades in school Tony is also one of the best basketball players in the class. His freshman year he tried out for the team and didn’t make it, but that only impeded him for a short time. Within weeks he was back at his friend Trey’s backyard court working on his inside game and defensive skills. The following year, Tony had the courage to tryout one more time and give it his best shot.

This time he did not fail, and all of his training and hard work paid off. However, that year the team was loaded with talent, and Anthony found himself last off the bench. He spoke fondly of his memories sitting next to Ryan the trainer but hasn’t thought about them much since he joined his grade school OLC/St. Jude CYO team. He is currently one of the star players on what he claims to be the best team in the league.

This year Tony and other star player Jordan Sauers expect to take home the championship with ease, claiming that their only competition was themselves, and that the only team that could possibly beat them was themselves. When asked about the powerhouse known as St. George, Tony laughed and said they’re weak. He’s come a long way from being cut freshman year to becoming one of the best in the CYO league.

Along with basketball, Tony also plays lacrosse, a sport he started playing when he was younger and has stuck with all the way through his high school career. Despite the recent rumors about him being a “Lacrosse Kid” he denies all the charges saying that he’s in the sport for academics. Although this statement fails to make any sense considering the sport offers him no academic help, he sticks by his answer.

This year, the team has a new head coach. I asked Tony how he feels about the new leadership. He said he was sad about Coach Lord leaving but trusts that the new coach will do great things with the team this year.

Tony is just an above average student contributing to both sides of the table. He receives good marks in school and has big dreams for the future—not to mention he is one of the top basketball players at the school who also plays lacrosse. I predict great things for this child’s future. He is a fighter who refuses to give up.

Photo Gallery: Dress Up Day

The second day of Catholic Schools Week 2014 included a celebration of Mass in the cathedral. The day was also dubbed a special “dress up” day in which students and faculty were encouraged to wear blazers, bow-ties, etc. Enjoy some of the classy participants in the photo gallery below:

Photo Gallery: Jersey Day

The first day of Catholic Schools Week was celebrated in part with a special “jersey day” dress down for students and faculty. Check out the photo gallery:

Injuries affecting the landscape of CYO basketball

If you go to Prep you know about CYO. If you don’t, CYO is a basketball league for kids who are not that serious about playing, but still enjoy the game. The majority of parishes in the diocese of Erie have a team and you play for the corresponding school. This league is usually nothing but fun. However, this year there have been multiple injuries that have really hurt the quality of the league. It has also driven away players that fear they may be next in line on the injury list.

First there is Daniel “D” Bauman. D was the starting point guard for the St. Pete’s Dukes. As he came off of a screen on the top of the key he fired up a three. He landed awkwardly on his ankle and later found out he suffered a broken fibula. Shockingly, he was still able to hit the shot. After just one offensive possession his season was over. D is also a key contributor to Cathedral Prep’s swim team and having him out is a big loss. He is expected to be out for another three weeks.


Senior John Colvin is among those who have suffered an unfortunate injury playing CYO basketball this year.

John Colvin was next on the injury list. John had just hit a layup to put St. Pete’s up by one late in the 4th quarter. “After I hit the shot I wanted to hustle back and play some hard ‘D’ to prevent them from getting the lead,” said Colvin. The ball was then passed into the post and John went for the block from behind. The ball was out of his reach and he caught his shoulder awkwardly. Colvin ended up dislocating his. I asked John about what happened next, and he had this to say: “I held my arm in an awkward upright position and stood in the middle of the gym while everyone looked at me in disgust. I went to the hospital only to wait another hour to have them take X-rays and to numb me up. Around 11:30 they popped the shoulder back in.” John is also co-captain of the hockey team and his absence on the ice is noticed. He is expected to be back within the next week.

Another one on the list is Sam Riley. Sam is a key player for the St. George Lancers. Riley went up to take a jumper. He was hit by a defender mid-air and his left ankle twisted on the way. As he landed he heard a “pop” and his ankle ended up being sprained on both sides. Sam is also committed to play baseball for Indiana University of Pennsylvania or IUP. This injury is affecting his offseason grind to prepare for the upcoming season. He is expected to be out for two weeks, but it will end his CYO career.

Student Profile: Corey Hoydic

HoydicCorey Hoydic is 18 years old, and he is currently a senior at Cathedral Prep. There is a lot more to Corey than just being a good student and friend. Every one of his answers was well thought out and very enlightening and inspirational. I learned that he possesses many talents and has many aspirations that I was unaware of. I know that I learned a lot about him from the interview, and I hope that you will learn more about him and his life from this article.

To start off, Corey told me how much he loves Prep and how thankful he is that he is able to attend Prep. His favorite thing about Prep is the atmosphere that it provides, namely the brotherhood that Prep students experience. He said that although he has a specific group of friends, all of his Prep brothers are a part of his life and will be forever. Prep has helped him in many ways and has greatly prepared him for college and his career. When I asked him how he has changed since he started at Prep, he responded, “I think I have become an overall better person. Prep has taught me how to learn and do things on my own, and I have also grown in my faith at Prep.” This is why a Prep education is so valuable, it develops and strengthens you as a whole person.

Like many other seniors, Corey has big plans for the future. He is undecided on where he wants to spend his college years, but he thinks that Notre Dame would be the best fit for him. He is still waiting to hear back on an admission decision, but his solid academic record and SAT scores should make him a shoo-in. As far as a career he is still unsure, but he is considering engineering. What he does know is that he wants to meet a lovely lady, settle down, start a family, and be happy. He also wants to have a successful career so that he can make a lot of money and support his family. “It’s a good combination, all those things together,” said Hoydic.

As far as interests go, Corey’s favorite activity is playing guitar. He has been playing for the past eight years, and he has even been a member of several bands. Music is very important to Corey, and playing guitar and writing music is a way in which he can express himself to others. Currently, his favorite band is the metal rock group Periphery. Periphery provides Corey with a lot of inspiration and he said about the band, “…they are something fresh, something new, and they are definitely worth checking out.”

As you can see, Corey Hoydic is not just any 18-year-old. He is a very talented individual who has a lot going for him. I wish him the best of luck in the future, and I would like to thank him for participating in this interview.