When the time comes, call Johnny

The Houston Texans have the first overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft on May 8. That has been solidified since the season came to a close, and immediately commentators started barking at each other with who they should select.

Some experts went with the physical specimen that is Jadeveon Clowney. Others went with the consensus during most of the college football season, Teddy Bridgewater. But honestly, how long did you really think that the phenomenon of Johnny Football would be held down and talks of him being the number one pick start up?

Many football experts, using that term incredibly loosely, have been doing a lot of critiquing and have pointed out a lot of flaws in Manziel’s game. They say that he does not have the work ethic to be a superstar. These same people do not see how hard he has been working with quarterback guru, George Whitfield, even before the Johnny Football phenomenon started.

They say he is not big enough to be a superstar. Russell Wilson just won a Super Bowl, and he is not even five-foot eleven. Manziel has made it clear on who he thinks the Texans should draft with the first overall pick: him. He has challenged the Texans to do it as a matter of fact. Manziel has been quoted saying that if they do not draft him, “It’ll be the biggest mistake they have ever made. You’ll have to play me twice a year and you just turned that chip on my shoulder from a Frito into a Dorito.”

If I am Bob McNair, owner of the Texans, that is just the type of guy I want to be the face of my franchise. Manziel is a loud, outspoken leader and has shown us that during his two insane years at Texas A&M. He would fit perfectly as the leader of the locker room with quiet guys like Andre Johnson and Arian Foster leading by example with their play on the field.

The biggest Achilles heel for the Texans over the last couple of years is that they could not find consistent quarterback play. With Matt Schaub, who has been chastised week after week for throwing an ungodly amount of interceptions, or David Carr who had to sit behind a terrible offensive line and got ran out of town, the Texans have never in the history of their franchise had that stability at the quarterback position.

With Teddy Bridgewater not having an ideal frame for an NFL quarterback and questions about his toughness overall, I do not think he would be a good selection here. Blake Bortles has questionable accuracy, and with only one successful year in college, he has not proven as much as the other candidates have. There is no quarterback better suited here than Johnny Manziel. If I was the GM for the Texans, I would look no further than the kid from Kerrville, Texas. Johnny Manziel should and most likely will be the Houston Texans quarterback. I will be shocked if this kid is not a megastar by year three. Why, you might ask? That one is easy. He is Johnny Football.

2014 Oscar Predictions

The 86th annual Academy Awards are set for March 2. Oscar nominees were announced a few weeks ago, and the anticipation is high as always. The Rambler’s resident film critic, Sean Taylor, weighs in with his thoughts on who should win and who will win the Oscars this year. 

Who/what will win is listed in bold while who/what I wish would win is underlined.

Best Picture:
12 Years a Slave
The Wolf of Wall Street

Captain Phillips
American Hustle
Dallas Buyers Club

12 Years a Slave appeals to the Academy’s powerful sense of white guilt. Tossing a vote its way in their mind might exonerate the WASPy voters’ ancestors of their sins. Her is soulful, beautifully awkward, and in the years to come might be seen as startlingly prescient.

Best Director:
Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave)
David O. Russell (American Hustle)
Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity)
Alexander Payne (Nebraska)
Martin Scorsese (The Wolf of Wall Street)

Best Director at the Oscars often means most directing, and nobody directed harder then Cuaron this year. Gravity was full of technological innovations and difficult shots, which makes the Academy salivate. McQueen deserves the Oscar for respecting his actors enough to let them Act, eschewing fancy technique for beautifully composed shots that capture the suffering on screen in heartrending clarity.

Best Actor:
Bruce Dern (Nebraska)
Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave)
Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club)
Leonardo DiCaprio (The Wolf of Wall Street)
Christian Bale (American Hustle)

Along with technically adventurous directors, voters also harbor a special affection for actors willing to undergo drastic physical change for a role, and no actor suffered this year quite like Mathew McConaughey. The usual hunk was nowhere to be found, replaced instead with a skeletal AIDS patient, a role for which the actor lost 60 pounds. I dug DiCaprio’s Wolf performance where he plays for all intents and purposes our conductor on Scorsese’s train ride to insanity.

Best Actress:
Amy Adams (American Hustle)
Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine)
Judi Dench (Philomena)
Sandra Bullock (Gravity)
Meryl Streep (August: Osage County)

Blanchett will win for her performance in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine, though Amy Adams earns my vote.

Best supporting actor:
Barkhad Abdi (Captain Phillips)
Bradley Cooper (American Hustle)
Jonah Hill (The Wolf of Wall Street)
Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club)
Michael Fassbender (12 Years a Slave)

Leto is in the same boat as McConaughey, losing wait and dressing up as a woman, radically changing himself for the role. Fassbender plays the cruel slave owner that causes all the icky situations in 12 Years a Slave, and comes close to making a human out of his vile, despicable character.

Best supporting actress:
Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle)
Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave)
June Squibb (Nebraska)
Julia Roberts (August: Osage County)
Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine)

Nyong’o does great with work with her character, a traumatized slave, but Squibb comes out of nowhere as the slightly demented matriarch of the family in Nebraska.

Best animated feature:
The Wind Rises

Despicable Me 2
Ernest & Celestine
The Croods

Miyazaki’s last should and will win, despite a late push by Frozen.

Best documentary feature:
The Act of Killing
20 Feet From Stardom

The Square
Cutie and the Boxer
Dirty Wars

The Act of Killing is vicious, visceral, and socially relevant, all attributes that are music to the Academy’s ears. Fortunately, it also happens to be a phenomenal film.

2014 Winter Olympic recap

The opening ceremony in Sochi, Russi, to kick off the Olympic Games on Feb. 7 was a beautiful sight. Other than a ring malfunction everything went very smoothly.

After two days of competition the first medal ceremony occurred for the ladies skiathlon and men’s slopestyle. American snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg won the first gold medal of the Winter Olympic Games with a score of 93.5. Three-time Olympic champion from Norway Marit Bjoergen won her fourth gold medal in the event. On day five Dara Howell of Canada displayed a fantastic score of 94.20 points on her first run to take gold in the Olympic women’s freestyle skiing slopestyle event. Norway took the gold and silver for the women’s cross country skiing.

One of the biggest upsets for the Americans was snowboard superstar Shaun White. He removed himself from the slopestyle event to focus on half pipe where he was looking for his third gold medal in a row. In the qualification round he scored a monster 95.75 taking the number one spot heading into the finals. However, on his first run he missed a landing, fell, and got a score of 35. He had a good second run, but it wasn’t enough to catch up and put himself in the top three.

During day 14 Canada won their first Olympic gold in women’s curling since 1998. Maddie Bowman upset the veterans to claim women’s freestyle skiing halfpipe gold. Another huge upset for the Americans was giving up the gold medal in women’s ice hockey to Canada after being up 2-0 going into the third period.

The U.S. men’s ice hockey team was also a disappointment. After losing to Canada in the semifinals which the winner was likely to win the gold (Canada defeated Sweden for gold), the Americans then got blown out in the bronze game, losing to Finland 5-0.

The Olympic Games in Sochi definitely had their problems including the warm weather affecting the course, and injured athletes. However, the games were very interesting and a lot of historic moments happened. Despite the Americans disappointments they preformed very well.

Here is a look at the final medal count. Russia finished in first place with 33 total medals, and they also took home more gold medals than any other country with 13. The United States finished second in total medals with 28, although their nine gold medals was only the fourth highest total. Norway finished third with 26 total and 11 gold medals. Canada was fourth with 25 total medals and 10 gold medals. Rounding out the top five was the Netherlands, who won 24 total medals, including eight gold medals.

2014 CYO playoffs underway

This year’s CYO basketball regular season has been one for the ages with upsets, injuries, game winning shots, and all of the technical fouls. Everyone is excited to see what the playoffs have in store for the fans. With the regular season coming to an end the top six teams who have made the playoffs are in order as follows.

  1. St. George (12-2)
  2. OLP (11-3)
  3. St. Jude/OLC (10-4)
  4. Mt. Carmel (8-6)
  5. St. Luke (5-9)
  6. Blessed Sacrament (4-10)

Mount Carmel Red Raiders vs. Saint Luke Crusaders
There was a bittersweet change in scheduling for one of the two first round playoff games. Because of the Prep-McDowell game scheduled for Tuesday, Mt. Carmel and St. Luke faced off on the far east side of the city of Erie on Monday night. Mt. Carmel was a surprise team this year. They were not predicted to be one of the top four teams, but with the big upset against St. George midway through the season they proved they were a serious team. The Red Raiders needed to count on Hunter Neimeic and Noah Vroman, who was the most underrated player of the year.

The Saint Luke Crusaders’ star players through a real rough season were Joe DePalma and Billy Snyder. Both are three point specialists, who also took down Saint George this year with their 20-point nights. In the first three quarters of the game the Red Raiders and Crusaders were going back and forth and neither could get away from the other. Once the fourth quarter started though the Crusaders could not seem to bury any baskets even with Hunter Niemic fouling out with six minutes left. The Red Raiders fought off the Crusaders in a tough game where frustration got the best of Saint Luke’s team. Mt. Carmel will move on to play at top-seeded St. George Thursday night.

OLC Raiders vs. Blessed Sacrament Bulldogs
With the change in scheduling the Raiders will take on the Bulldogs at 8:30 p.m. this Wednesday night at the Our Lady’s Christian School gym. OLC is the favorite in tonight’s game against Blessed Sacrament. The Raiders came off a shocking and unhappy regular season with four losses, two to St. George, one to OLP, and one to St. Luke’s. The Raiders actually ended on a three game losing streak which they look to snap and start their road to the playoff championship behind the number one player in CYO, Jordan Sauers.

One thing that the Raiders lack though is a true “elbows-out, flying everywhere big man”. OLC runs a small line up because they focus on fast breaks and three point shooting. As long as Ryan Podaful, Jack Kloecker, and Tony Chiarelli keep the ball moving and taking good shots OLC will be moving to the second round, where they will face their arch rival OLP.

On the other half of the court the Bulldogs are an all-around team that can do all things from shoot the three, get physical in the paint, and play solid defense. BS has had a very rough time this season with countless injuries to their two star guards Sean Reed and Francis Kloecker. In their absences though McDowell student Anthony Achillie kept the team above .500 with his talent and his luscious long hair, don’t care attitude. The Bulldogs put up a great fight in the first matchup where the game went into OT, but the Raiders came out victorious. There is light at the end of the tunnel though, because Sean Reed has made a remarkable recovery, thanks to Hertel and Brown Physical Therapy, after dislocating his kneecap slipping on a rug. If the Bulldogs can keep the Raiders from shooting the three and the turnovers to a minimum they have a great chance at taking down the preseason favorites.

As far as I know and what I have witnessed the from both teams. The Raiders will prove to out match the Bulldogs in a blowout win because OLC is looking for revenge against OLP for taking their second seed spot. The winner of Wednesday’s OLC-BS showdown meets OLP at OLP on Thursday.

The negativity needs to stop

The following op-ed piece was written by Cathedral Prep senior Steve Bretz. All opinions expressed are his own personal opinions.

Something serious is affecting Prep. It is within the student body and is spreading like wildfire. It passes through every classroom, impacts every student, and is affecting the Prep community. It leaves students distraught, angry, sad, and in bad moods. It has no positive effects and has the capability of turning brother on brother.

The concept I speak of is negativity, and recently Prep students have been exhibiting an awful of amount of it. The origins of this negativity can be derived from a multitude of things: bad weather, lack of sleep, personal issues, receiving too much work, etc. The list goes on and on and varies from student to student. Not all students are negative because of the same thing, but all students show their negativity the same harmful ways.

The first and most common way that students exhibit negativity is though the brining down of other students. No one respects one another or provides others with positive reinforcement. Instead, when students make a mistake or fail at proving a point they are ridiculed and called names. There is no effort done at all to handle the matter in a more positive fashion, and it almost seems as if the goal is to make the other students feel worse about themselves.

The result of this negative behavior can cause a chain reaction and go from student to student within the day. This behavior has affected Prep so much that it has altered the form of communication among students. Instead of being nice to each other and encouraging one another, many students communicate with a sarcastic negative tone. Few have conversations just for the sake of conversation. The underlying meaning of someone talking to another is to make them look foolish or uneducated on the topic.

Aside from student-to-student relations being a problem, students’ attitudes towards teachers have also become more negative. It is too rare that you hear a student at Prep talk about any teacher or administrator in high regards. They are often being condemned or slandered, talked about in a negative manner because of the homework they assign or difficulty of their classes. Only the teachers who assign easy assignments or hardly any work at all are talked about in a positive light, and nearly everyone else is disliked by the student body.

Negativity: it is something everyone experiences in their lives. Whether it be their own negativity or someone else’s negative energy affecting them, the results are the same nonetheless. Both students and teachers are victims of the negativity making its way through Prep. The best way to stop this negativity is by getting more sleep, eating healthier, having a more positive attitude and respecting authority. If these things are done, the disease can be stopped, but if ignored there’s no telling how long it could last.

Basketball team completes regular season sweep of McDowell

From the start of the second Prep vs. McDowell basketball game of the year (Prep won the first 52-47), it was clear Prep wanted it more. Despite playing in enemy territory at a sold-out McDowell High School gymnasium Matty Harris threw up the signature LeBron James chalk dust prior to the game, and backed it up with a Lebron-esque performance. After going up huge in the first quarter, the Ramblers seemed unbeatable. Harris had 29 points for the game and went over the 1,000-point mark for his career, passing Cliff Dennett and Mark Chase for career points.

McDowell took a 40-37 lead with 5 minutes left in the game. The Trojans finally had the momentum they were searching for the entire game. Felix Manus-Schell hit a 3-pointer to tie the game and to silence the McDowell fans and cheering section (which was out-matched and out-cheered by the Cathedral Prep student section the entire game).

Harris followed with 12 straight points. He played like a man possessed. No one could stop him. The Ramblers completed a 22-7 run to close out their 11th straight win over McDowell. Prep improved to a record of 13-7, winning another region 7 championship. The Ramblers have a good chance of seeing McDowell again for the D-10 championship and hopefully will be able to 3-peat for the year, and improve to 12 straight wins against the Trojans.

Watch the replay of the Prep-McDowell game from Feb. 14, 2014 (via JetFoxYourErie on YouTube)

Student Profile: Jonathan Fitzmaurice

imageNot long ago I had the pleasure to sit down and talk with Prep senior and one of my best friends Jonathan Fitzmaurice. Jonathan is a very well liked kid among his peers and classmates here at Prep. If you were to ask kids about their thoughts on Jonathan it would be pretty rare to hear any negative words. “Jonathan is a very funny kid. He always knows how to make people laugh and get kids out of a bad mood,” said senior Nick Gorny when I asked him his thoughts on Jonathan.

Jonathan is president of the Cathedral Prep Key Club this year. Key Club helps out the community throughout the year and does various good deeds for the less fortunate. He is also a part of the rally crew with myself as well. He plays a big role in the rallies we have been putting on so far and will be for the rallies to come.

Jonathan, better known as “Fitz” to his friends, has been here at Prep since freshman year. Being around Fitz a lot I can tell he has changed a lot since then. He claimed he was a “nerd” freshman year, and said he has ”come along way since then.” During the interview I then asked Jonathan what he feels has influenced these changes over the past four years. He responded by saying, “I gotta say my friends. They mean a lot to me. I wouldn’t be who I am without them.”

Fitz also claimed that his favorite thing about Prep is the rallies. Jonathan’s favorite class has been his sophomore year history class with Mr. Parsons. I also happened to be in this class, and it was a very fun class. A lot of our friends were in it. We joked around and had fun but still learned a lot.

Jonathan’s plan for the future is to study business at Penn State. He also wants to minor is pre-law and become a lawyer. Fitz has been interested in the law since freshman year when he started thinking about his future. He has always loved Penn State and has always wanted to go there.

Fitz is also making a return to the CYO basketball court this year. He believes his Raiders from OLC/St. Jude have a good shot at the championship. He has also made an early prediction that he will be the league MVP.

Prep community mourns the loss of David Hallman III (’10)

On Saturday, Feb. 8, the Cathedral Prep community, and the whole Erie community, lost one of its greats far too early. David Hallman III, son of ECPS Director of the Board Dave Hallman II and brother of Villa Maria Academy junior student Abbey Hallman, was found dead on Saturday afternoon, after being missing for almost a day. The cause of death is believed to be exposure to the cold. Exactly what happened that night will forever be a mystery. Maybe he got lost, maybe he slipped, but no matter what happened, this man, who had so much potential, and so much love, was taken from us a century too soon.

This tragic event has crushed the hearts of hundreds, including my own. I’ve known David since I was a young child. As one of my brother’s best friends, he was like a brother to me. His funeral was held February 13 and attended by many throughout the Prep and Villa communities. The eulogy, given by Benjamin L. Jefferys, Cathedral Prep Class of 2012 graduate and close friend to David, was by far one of the most beautiful, heart-wrenching combination of words I had ever heard.

I would like to as all you Rambler readers to keep the Hallman family—David’s mother Andrea, his father, David II, and his sisters, Molly and Abbey—in your thoughts. I’m sure they would appreciate it.

In hoping we can find some peace in the horrible event, I’d like to quote David, “Death is inevitable, but it is not the end.” Dave, I really hope you’re right.

UEFA Champions League preview

After a shocking semifinal round and an epic league final last year, the soccer world is even more excited for this year’s tournament. With the Gareth Bale and Neymar transfers, and Dortmund looking for revenge after the devastating Champions Final loss to their arch rival Bayern Munich, some of the best teams in all of soccer are heading into the biggest stage for their clubs.

Beginning with 32 teams, the tournament is now down to 16 after several hard fought games. The 16 teams in this tournament are the best in the world and will now face off in the Champions League tournament. Each team will play two games against the same team for the Round of 16. Then they will move on to the round of 8, the semifinal and lastly the Champions League Final. This year’s teams and the matchups are as follows.

The first match up is Manchester City versus Barcelona. Man City is a strong team in the English Premier League. They took second last year in their league with the help of their world-class keeper Joe Hart and their relentless defense. Barcelona on the other hand took first in the La Liga over long time rival Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, two teams also in the tournament. During one of the transfer windows Barcelona received the forward from Santos, Neymar, who is right now believed to be the next coming of Ronaldo. When these two teams face off it will be a great game, with one of the best defenses taking on the high powered offense. In the end of the first round though, Barcelona will prove why they won their league and are considered one of the top five squads in the world.

The next match up is Leverkusen FC versus PSG. Leverkusen is the surprise of the tournament. Because they were not expected to even make it out of the round of 32. This year Leverkusen will be the Cinderella story of the tournament, especially if they defeat PSG. Paris Saint Germain is looking to make a historic run this year also, with their newly signed forward, Edison Cavani, from Napoli. PSG has been a force in past years but always seems to come up short due to the lack of commitment from the players. PSG is the favorite in this matchup and will more then likely crush Leverkusen before they even realize what they had gotten into.

The most anticipated match of the Round of 16 will host the Gunners from England, Arsenal, versus the German super power, Bayern Munich. The Gunners have been an average team for the past few years, but last year this squad changed. They began winning, scoring goals and challenging the best teams in Europe. With Patrick Ramsey, Mesit Ozil, and Jack Wilshire running the team Bayern Munich will have its hands full if they do not come to play. Munich on the other hand is the defending champion of the world. They are the best team in the world hands down. This team is composed of German soccer players. Manuel Neuer who has been named one of the top keepers of his generation, will be strong in net, with Schwinstieger, his fellow teammate will look to repeat as the champion of the world. Munich has been the most dominate team in all of the world for the past decade. Last year in the semifinals they defeated Barcelona, not by one goal but by four, in the two games they played.

This year both teams are strong and passionate to show they are back and are as strong as ever. In two great matches though Bayern Munich will defeat Arsenal, destroying their hopes of showing the world they are a top team again.

Another big match-up that is anticipated is the AC Milan versus Atletico Madrid, two underdogs that have always been overlooked. AC Milan is looking to showcase their transfer Mario Balotelli  and youngster El Sharawaay. They are two up-and-coming players that have showed great potential for Italy and Milan. As for Atletico Madrid, they were looked to have flopped after losing World Class Colombian. Falcao, who transferred to Monaco. Instead Diego Costa a Brazilian forward stepped up and has scored goals keeping Atletico in the mix. Once the final whistle blows it will be Atletico Madrid moving on, not because they are the best team but because AC Milan has fallen apart this year as a team and will lose the game because they haven’t learned how to play as a team.

The next match will be between Zenit FC versus Borrussia Dortmund. Zenit has always been a strong Russian team, and they finally have their chance at moving onto the next round of the league. Zenit should be happy that they are starting off in “Mother Russia” for they cannot only show their country they can beat world class teams but give them a new belief in themselves. However, Dortmund is looking for revenge after a devastating loss last year to Munich. With this being Lewandoski’s last year at Dortmund, he and his squad are looking to crush their opponents and show they have not missed a beat. As for the match itself, the game played in St. Petersburg, it will be a good match but when they head back to Germany Borrussia will show why they were in the championship last year.

A shocking matchup this year will be between Olympiacos versus Manchester United. With Olympiacos being the reigning Greek champion, they are hoping to take down the English superpower from Old Trafford with their consistent and relentless defense. With the help of Zeus and Hercules, Olympiacos will look to shock the world with the defeat of Man U. United on the other hand has not had the best appearances in the Champions league, nor have they had a great Premier league season, where they are currently ranked seventh. However, no one knows with Man. U. With the all new transfer Juan Mata, from Chelsea, Manchester is looking for him to get the ball to Van Persie and Rooney to score goals which United has seemed to be in a rut. They have the talent to be great but to also flop as we have seen the year in the Premier League. Olympiacos will be playing at home in their first match against Manchester, if they can get the win at home and have the crowd behind them they will definitely foil the weak Manchester’s chances at coming back to the Champions league next year. The game will be a hard fought back and forth battle but in the end Olympiacos will top United.

Not only being an expected exciting match for the fans, Galatarasaray versus Chelsea is Didier Drogba’s first match back at Stamford Bridge since leaving his former Chelsea team. This game will not only mean everything to Drogba but to the entire squad itself. For Galatarasaray to defeat this young but strong Chelsea squad will put them on the map and give an all new belief in the club. Galatarasaray has a strong squad with midfielder Wesley Snjieder supporting Didier it could cause trouble for the Blues in Drogba’s return. Chelsea on the other hand will be looking to make a comeback after last years embarrassing exit in group stage being the reigning champion of the world. With one of the great Chelsea coaches back at the Bridge, Jose Mourhino and company will be looking to make the run they did not make last year in the Champions League hoping to be one of the top five teams in the world. With the Belgian threat, Eden Hazard stronger then ever will look to lead the Blues through Galatarasaray with the help of the finess master, Oscar of Brazil. The two teams will face off on the 26th of February, the game will be emotional matches but Chelsea being the World Class team they are will defeat Galatarasary in two great matches.

The final matchup of the Round of 16 is Schalke versus Real Madrid. Schalke is the fourth German team in this years Champions League. They have made their point that they are an up-and-coming team not only in Germany but in the world. They will be facing their biggest challenge yet though. Real Madrid is the favorite in this contest, as they should be because they have some of the best players in the world on the squad. Ronaldo will be back, Bale is as healthy and in form as ever, Sergio Ramos looking like the defender he was in the 2010 World Cup. This team will be a favorite in this year’s tournament. When the matches start sadly Schalke will not have a chance for the duo up top of Benzema and Ronaldo or Ronaldo and Bale will put away Schalke with ease within the first forty-five.

Student Profile: Matt Wolf

imageFew people can be described in one word, but Matthew Sean Wolf—male, age 17, Cathedral Prep senior, brother, son, grandson, friend, gang leader (the Wolf Pack, a freshman year fling), pal, comrade, and buddy—comes very close to fitting that mold. If I were to be assigned the task of describing Wolf aka the Wolf Man aka Wolfie aka “The Most Honest Kid I Know” (according to Mr. Burger), the word I would use to describe Matt would be “goofball.”

While some may associate negative connotations with this word—someone not taking life serious enough, clumsiness, even slothness—the association I draw between Wolf and this word is one of lightheartedness and an enjoyable outlook on life. I’ve always known Wolf to be a guy with a great sense of humor, fully aware of his defects but embracing of them nonetheless. Matt Wolf is always one to laugh at himself and even make jokes at his own expense solely for the enjoyment of others. Wolf is a good kid that cares about all of those around him.

imageI met Matt Wolf when I was a freshman in Mr. Scharrer’s English class. With many classes together, Wolf and I started to become friends. We hung out a little bit outside of school, too. Wolf was always someone good to have around, good for a laugh (sometimes at his expense), and a real pleasure to be with. From the time he decided it would be smart to wear sweatpants and a hoodie to go sledding to when he insisted his jump shot at the YMCA was “whet” to always wanting to bring up the fact he didn’t do too well when it came to talking to the female population, I always enjoyed my time with Wolf.

Recently though, Matt Wolf has begun to mature, in some senses at least. Formerly a football and baseball player, Wolf moved on from the diamond after his sophomore year to focus solely on football. The prioritization paid off as Wolf started on the defensive line for the Ramblers. In his studies, Wolf has decided to pursue some career in the medical field. A physician’s assistant job is appealing to him specifically, but he told me the MCATs and a career as a doctor aren’t out of the question. Because of this, Wolf is taking AP biology this year, a course no longer by Mrs. Stosh but by Mr. Colwell, who, according to Wolf, may give too many worksheets and packets but certainly is a good teacher.

Outside of school, Wolf works at Arby’s on 8th street, which seems to be a good experience for him. Recently, too, Wolf found himself a girl to call his own. When asked about whether or not the relationship would continue through college, the answer was a pretty emphatic “yes.” Wolf says his girlfriend plans to attend Slippery Rock University, and he is torn between Robert Morris and Gannon. While he may be fairly successful on the gridiron here, he doesn’t plan on continuing his career through college, instead anticipating to focus solely on his studies.

Attending Cathedral Prep was definitely the right choice for Wolf. The atmosphere lends itself well to his general goofiness, but the demands associated with it have definitely helped his development and maturity. As stereotypical as it may sound, he says his favorite part about the school is the brotherhood, in that he can see many of the friends he has made here being lifelong friends. Hopefully, I am one of those friends.

imageWhile Wolf may be at times quite a goof, the goofiness is something you come to enjoy and appreciate. Despite his generally lighthearted approach toward life, Wolf knows when to put his nose to the grindstone and get work done. According to him, our generation needs more of a focus on our work and putting out quality work, citing the fact that many students choose to try and goof off and avoid working in class for as long as possible.

Matt Wolf is a pleasure to be around, but more so than this, he’s a generally caring and kindhearted person. He hopes to be remembered for always being willing to lend a helping hand and in a positive light. Undoubtedly, he will.