Favorite Prep memories from the senior writers of The Rambler

I have had many great times here at Cathedral Prep, played two sports, and have made friends with all sorts of different kinds of people. I can say that I have honestly lived a true and fulfilling high school experience. Out of all that I have done and lived through my favorite memory is from my junior year in journalism class. The teacher was Mr. Hubert and some of the students included myself, Lucas Buseck, Sean Taylor, Mike Squeglia, Delton Williams, Louis Grecko, and Matt Hess. Of course there were others and everyone added something unique to the class that made it all the more interesting. Every day I feel like something bizarre happened in that class that had me laughing my keister off. From Delton and Hess’ argument about what classifies a barbecue, to Sean’s Monday stories about what happened every weekend it was always a very entertaining class. And I can’t forget about Louis Grecko’s tall tales such as the rise and fall of his lawn-care empire. Every time I think about journalism class from last year I can’t help but give a chuckle as I reminisce on great times.

-Steve Bretz


The memories I will carry with me the longest and that will stay in my mind the most vividly from my days at Prep will be the trips I took across the state of Pennsylvania. Due to a clustering of teams on the eastern side of the state and a lack of teams on the western side of the state, road trips were often undertaken on the weekends to get the most amount of games in as possible. Of course there are some games that I will remember for various reasons, but what I will remember better will be everything beyond the games that were still associated with those road trips. The long drives down with teammates that quickly turned into friends, the late nights in hotels with pizza for dinner every time and, at least as freshman, sleeping with more people in one room than would allow any type of comfort. In these moments I may have felt very uncomfortable and may have wished not to have to play three more games consecutively before being able to go home, but the fact of the matter is water polo was a large part of my life for four years, and I will never forget it.

-Lucas Buseck


My time at Prep has certainly had its ups and downs. Adjusting to the work load and academic expectations of Prep was definitely a struggle at first, but after I got used to the environment, I grew to love the school. Everything from academics to the athletics to the dedication of the students and teachers made makes this school one-of-a-kind. I would have to say my favorite time at Prep was a culmination of experiences during my senior year. This year has been one of the best of my life as I have had many great experiences and have gotten to know some great people. These past few weeks have been amazing and I won’t soon forget it. Everything from the senior banquet to the class trip has been great and have been some of my best experiences at Prep. My academic experience this year has also been the best and most rewarding. And now I find myself nearly a week away from graduation and I can’t seem to fathom where the time has gone. I am very thankful that I was able to attend Prep and I will never forget the great times I had here, and the many opportunities it provided me with.

-Hayden Clarke


There are many great memories that I have had through my four years as a Rambler. In fact there are just too many memories for me to choose which one is the best. All four years were jam packed with memories that I will remember for the rest of my life. From my first Prep rally to us chasing the bus down the road for the football team send off. Every time I think about those joyous memories it brings a huge smile to my face. My time has come to an end here at Prep, and I’m ready to leave. But it will be a happy and sad departure from this place because it’s the last time I will be together with all my friends, but at the same time I’m ready to move on. I’m proud to be a part of the Class of 2014.

-John Dill


My favorite Prep memory is winning the football state championship in 2012. That was an awesome time because it was only the second time in school history that it ever happened. Not many people in Erie get the chance to do that so I am very blessed to have had that opportunity.

-Caleb Futscher


After four years of some of the best days of my life, most of it was spent at Cathedral Prep. My favorite memory of Cathedral Prep isn’t a memory that is over. It is the brotherhood we take on the first day we walk in until our last step. As a class we have overcome countless obstacles together in sports, academics, senior project, administration, and especially death over these four years. We all in this school have a connection because of Prep. It is a different place that no one would understand unless they went here. So my greatest memory isn’t a memory, it is a bond that will last a lifetime between not only me and my friends but all classes to come. I wish all the best to my brothers, and to all the generations to come. Appreciate it while you can because once it comes to this day, the day you are writing your last journalism article, on your last day of school, you will look back and know it was a crazy ride. We Are CP!

-John Hilbert


I would have to say my favorite Prep memory was the first pep rally of this year. The way everything was planned and executed made everything feel really good to the entire rally crew. The amount of effort and hard work that we put into making that a memorable rally really showed true when it was show time. I will never forget the electricity in the auditorium before and everything. It was a very exciting moment and my favorite Prep moments of the last four years.

-Joe McCafferty


There have been so many times in my Prep career that I am fond of, each year having one fond memory of its own. Freshmen year being “welcomed” to Prep with a slap on the behind, sophomore year the rallies were unreal, and junior year singing in Mrs. McKean’s class everyday with classics such as “Sweet Caroline” and “Wagon Wheel.” Finally, senior year making it to the Consol Energy Center for hockey. My favorite memory in my days of Prep is not one that happened in school, out of school, or in the past, though; my favorite memory is what is to come after graduation. I am eager to see my fellow classmates in the future and make more memories with them. “It’s not a four year decision; it’s a 40 year decision.”

-Jeremiah Ordos


The wonderful times in journalism. That’s what will stand out most from these four years, all the wild and crazy things did and done with the boys. Mr. Hubert Rocks!

-Sean Taylor


My favorite memory at Prep was our first senior pep rally for rally crew. It was for the football game against Strong Vincent. I remember we worked so hard on trying to make it perfect so that the student body would take us seriously. Everything went according to plan and after it was over everyone came up to us and told us how good it was. It was a great feeling and it was awesome to be a part of the rally crew senior year with all of my friends. It was really cool to be a part of a Cathedral Prep tradition like the rally crew.

-Vinny Timpano


There have been too many great memories here at Prep to count; my first rally, never losing to McDowell, all the memories from swimming and water polo, and the rallies we put on this year. However, what I will remember the most is the fun we had on a day to day basis. Just coming to school every day and being with my best friends will definitely be something I will remember forever.

-Connor Van Hove

Recapping the Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 NFL Draft

The 2014 NFL Draft had a lot of huge names in it. People were wondering where players like Johnny Manziel and Jadeveon Clowney were going to end up. This article breaks down a few prospects that the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted.

In the first round, the Steelers selected LB Ryan Shazier out of Ohio State. At first, some may have thought it was a little bit of a reach, but in perspective drafting player like Shazier was an outstanding move. Coming out of college Shazier runs a 4.3 40-yard dash and put up the 225 bench press 23 times. With the Steelers bringing back last year’s rookie Jarvis Jones and also signing a new linebacker coach and former Pittsburgh Steelers great Joey Porter to mentor Jones and Shazier, overall Shazier was a safe and smart pick.

In the second round, the Steelers drafted Stephon Tuitt who was a DE/DT from Notre Dame. This was an outstanding pick. Tuitt stands at 6’7″ and weighs almost 315 lbs and was projected to go in the first round. The Steelers were fortunate to grab him in the second round. With Kiesel leaving and Heyward at the other end, the Steelers are going to have a stellar defensive season.

In the third round the Steelers made a pick that turned a few heads in the Pittsburgh area. The Pittsburgh Steelers selected Dri Archer in the third round. This was a good pick but an odd one as well. Although he has the second fastest 40 time in combine history, the Steelers RB depth is pretty deep with Leveon Bell and LeGarrette Blount. Also, at receiver they have names like Antonio Brown, Marcus Wheaton, Lance Moore, and new 2014 pick Martavis Bryant. It’ll be interesting to see what they have in store for Dri Archer.

The fourth pick was WR Martavis Bryant out of Clemson. He is a big body, a “go up and get it” receiver, and I really like the pick. I believe the only reason he fell so low is because he played with 4th overall pick Sammy Watkins. It’ll be interesting to see what the Pittsburgh Steelers have up their sleeves for this season.

Final week events for seniors

After four long and great years, the seniors have reached the end of their time here at Cathedral Prep. This is the final week for the class of 2014, and it will be an eventful one. The seniors start their final week of school off with their traditional senior banquet tonight in the cafeteria. The banquet is where the seniors reminisce in this past year’s great memories.

Early Tuesday morning, the seniors will board the buses and head to Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio for their class trip. The students are very excited to go on this trip because Cedar Point has much to offer. The amusement park offers many thrill seeking roller coasters such as the Dragster, the Millennium Force, the Maverick, and the new Gate Keeper. The park provides a guaranteed fun filled day for everyone there.

Wednesday is the senior lunch. The seniors are looking forward to this because what they are having was leaked. The seniors are having the toasted pretzel sandwich with the student favorite soup, which is chicken tortilla soup. That lunch sounds delicious and is much anticipated for the seniors, as it is one of their last lunches here at Cathedral Prep.

Thursday will be a normal but special day for the seniors at Prep. It may be a normal day with no activities going on, but it is the seniors’ last day of classes. To many they will be rejoicing that the end has come and that their time at Prep is just days away from completion. The senior class has been looking forward to this last day because it signifies that they never have to run by an eight period schedule anymore. Another chapter is just about to close.

Friday is when the real fun happens. Friday is Prep’s Spirit, Mind, and Body Day. That is when the grades clash against each other in various activities and sports. Friday is also prom for the seniors. Besides baccalaureate and graduation, it’s is the final time they will be together as a class. Prom has been sought after for many months with very detailed preparations that went into the making of prom. It should be a very fun night and one to remember if it all flows well for everyone.

Baccalaureate Mass and the traditional Prep pinning ceremony is Wednesday, May 28. The seniors will have to wait one more week to be officially done with Prep, because graduation for the class of 2014 is being held at the Warner Theater on June 1st. That will be e final time that the great class of 2014 will be together officially as a class.

Trip to the zoo highlights Prep’s annual Outreach Day

photo 4Cathedral Prep’s annual Outreach Day took place on Friday, May 2. More than 500 students went out into the community to help out our neighbors in need. Every year the student body is split up into group of approximately 20 students with two faculty/staff moderators. The idea is to give back to the community but also to find a deeper meeting that they are working through Jesus.

This year my group decided to take students from Our Lady’s Christian School to the zoo. The plan was to take them around to all the exhibits they wanted to see. When we got there we were given some awesome news, that we would actually be having a special tour later in the day.

After hearing this all the kids were excited to get their day started. We decided to split up into groups of four so everything would not be crowded at all the exhibits. The four little youngsters we were lucky enough to take were four awesome kids. Even when they took off and started running, which meant we had to chase them, they were a great group. We asked the kids each what exactly they wanted to see. One said monkey, then the next said penguin, and another said kangaroos and started hopping like a marsupial! Our last youngster said goats. I asked if she was sure, and she said, “Yes, they are my husbands.” So I guess we couldn’t argue with that!

photo 1We headed into the zoo staying weary because there are lions, and tigers, and bears (oh my!) We first stopped at the lions den, which was cool because the lion started pawing at the window, saying hi to all of the kids. Most of the first grade was quite frightened, but that didn’t stop Prep senior Vinny Schohn from getting to know the female lion.

Now that we were out of the Animal house the kids began sprinting to the other side of the zoo yelling “Kanagrooooooooos!” So we had to now run after them before they let the kangaroos loose and caused a city wide panic. When we finally caught up to them they were just entering the pen. We slowly walked in worried that we would get ambushed by the kangaroos, because they are known for their flying jump kick. To our surprise though they were actually a very friendly animal. They enjoyed everything we do, eating, sleeping and hopping around. Then just as we were about to leave there was a kangaroo sitting in front of the gate, ready to pounce at us. Then he just hopped away, so maybe kangaroos really aren’t dangerous.

We were told to meet at the giraffe housphoto 3e. When we got there we were told that we are going to be able to not only see the giraffes from inside but feed them. All of the kids were jumping up and down, but no one was jumping and screaming more than Joe Baltes. When we got inside the giraffes were huge. When the giraffe keeper stuck her hand up the giraffe bent his neck all the way down the gate he was in. Vinny, Joe, and I were feeding the older giraffe, and boy do they have some long tongues. That thing was like a whole other animal.

After that we went to see the other animals including otters, orangoutangs, and geese. After that we sadly had to return to the buses to take back the kids so they could get out and have lunch. Overall it was a fun day. The kids had a great tim. They all said thank you, and were sad to leave, but it really showed everyone that showing that you don’t mind to take some kids to the zoo for a few hours goes a long way.

Kidnapped girls still missing in Nigeria 

Just last month, 230 Nigerian school girls were kidnapped right out of the classroom in one of the biggest and most terrifying instances of human trafficking in recent history. They were kidnapped by the Islamist group Boko Haram, who have been responsible for many kidnappings, church bombings, and other terrorist attacks throughout the country. Other girls have been kidnapped since then totaling almost 300 girls.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has been entirely unsuccessful in his attempt to retrieve the girls, which has largely undermined his standing with the people of Nigeria. People are beginning to grow increasingly impatient with the Nigerian government’s inability to locate these girls. Families of the victims mourn as their optimism is fading. Many believe they will never see their loved ones again. Nigeria has looked to other countries for help, especially to the U.S. since Nigeria does not have the military might or resources to bring these girls home safely. 

The leader of the Islamist group responsible for the kidnapping, Abubakar Shekau, has taken responsibility and has released a video in which he stated that he will sell the girls as slaves in the “marketplace.” This group has been warned by The United Nations that there is an absolute prohibition against slavery and sexual slavery in international law. 

The Nigerian government has confirmed that a military operation has been launched with international backing to retrieve these girls. The government has also indicated that it is ready to negotiate with Boko Haram. However, foreign countries have expressed disapproval with the Nigerian government. Many people feel that much more can be done in the effort to find these girls. President Obama released a statement in which he claimed that he will do everything in his power to bring these girls home.

This event casts a light on the issue of human trafficking, which is often kept out of the lime light. More needs to be done worldwide to curb this problem, which is one of the biggest crimes against human dignity that exists today. 

Breaking down the key players in the 2014 World Cup

The World Cup comes only once every four years and is the chance for countries to showcase the best soccer talent that they have. Sometimes entire teams shine as they play through the tournament, and sometimes teams with incredible talent falter on the world stage. On other occasions, individual players have a fantastic tournament to either prove their ability or cement their place as one of the best. Either way, each and every team has a player that needs to perform well in order to go far in the tournament. Without stellar performances from these players, the countries will either be written off for not being good anyway or heavily criticized for not performing up to standards.

The teams are separated by group, so if there is a specific team or player that you’re looking for, they will be grouped together with the other teams in their World Cup group.

Group A

Brazil – Neymar

At just 22 years old, Brazil’s tournament chances in 2014 as well as years into the future are bright in thanks to the awesome abilities of Neymar. Although this is his first World Cup, there is hardly any doubt that he will fall right into stride with the likes of Messi and Ronaldo. Unlike some of the other players on this list, if Neymar does not perform up to par, Brazil has more strikers that are also lethal in Frederico “Fred” Chaves Guedes and João “Jô” Alves de Assis Silva. A strong defense also bolsters the Brazilians, who are expected to go far and are very likely to take the title in their home country.

Croatia – Darijo Srna

The veteran captain of the Croatian national team looks to help the Blazers to get out of their group over Mexico, Cameroon, and Brazil. The versatile defender and winger can do it all for Croatia, and with 111 appearances and 21 goals for the national team, he is not shy about being in the spotlight. With World Cup experience from 2006, he hopes Croatia can make up for missing the tournament in 2010 by advancing out of their group with help from star striker Mario Mandžukić, although Croatia will be without him for the first game due to a red card in the final qualifying match.

Mexico – Javier Hernández “Chicharito”

Mexico needs someone to help change their fortune after nearly not qualifying for the World Cup. That person is going to be player forward for them, Chicharito. The Mexican team did not use European based players, or players playing soccer in Europe, during World Cup qualifying which may have been the reason for their struggles. But now that the World Cup is approaching, Mexico will get players like Chicharito and Giovani Dos Santos that excel for their clubs in Europe and will likely add a spark to Mexico’s gameplay.

Cameroon – Samuel Eto’o

The veteran striker for Cameroon will have to do what he has always done in order for Cameroon to advance out of the group―score goals. Playing in his fourth World Cup, Eto’o has loads of experience and lots of goals under his belt. The team’s strong defense led by Alex Song will need to get the ball to their star if want a chance of advancing. If the “Indomitable Lions” can beat both Croatia and Mexico in their first two games, the third game against will most likely be for who wins the group, but beating Mexico and Croatia will be a big enough challenge.

Group B

Spain – Iker Casillas

The entire Spanish national team could have been given the role as key player, but Iker Casillas gets it because he needs to make sure he is a wall in goal. Spain’s defense faltered against the Brazil attack in the 2013 Confederation’s Cup, and if Spain wants a shot at a repeat of the 2010 World Cup, they need better defense and good goalkeeping from Casillas. Spain will also rely on Xavi and Andrés Iniesta in the midfield to string passes together and get the forwards good goal scoring opportunities.

Netherlands – Robin Van Persie

The first match in this group between Netherlands and Spain will likely decide who will come out of the group on top. The Dutch stumbled in the 2012 Euro but look to rebound and do one better than their runner-up to Spain in 2010. Van Persie is a fantastic scorer and needs good plays from Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder in order to beat Spain and also a tough Chile side. The Oranje also need their defense to be great to stop the onslaught that this group will put on it. But if Van Persie plays like he does for Manchester United and the defense holds up, Netherlands could make some noise just like in South Africa and shake up the tournament.

Chile – Alexis Sánchez

Sánchez is the first Chilean to ever play for Barcelona, and he hopes that his Chile national team can produce some Barcelona-like performances. Chile has a strong offense led by Sánchez, but struggled on the road during their qualifying, not winning any games. They’ll need to lose the nerves when they go up against powerhouses Spain and Netherlands, who have experience at just about every position. Chile’s goal should be to repeat their performance from 2010 when they got to the Round of 16, but to do so they’ll need to beat out either Holland or the Spanish.

Australia – Tim Cahill

The midfielder for the New York Red Bulls is incredible in the air for his size, but Australia feels like they need to climb up Mount Everest when they look at their group. Two world powers from Europe and a dark horse from South America is a tough task for the Socceroos, and Cahill needs to play the best three games of his career in order to cause a stir. Even then, it may not be enough for Australia, who have only made it into the Round of 16 once, and don’t look like they will be in this World Cup. Mark Bresciano also is pretty good for Australia, and if he and Cahill are able to find the back of the net a few times, they may just be able to put some pressure on the other teams in the group.

Group C

Colombia – Radamel Falcao

The key player for Colombia will obviously be Falcao, but the real question surrounding him is if he will be able to play. An injury to his ACL in January has sidelined him, and if Colombia must play without they star, they will look to James Rodríguez to lead the offense. And despite the group not looking very tough to advance from, Colombia will have to watch out for the discipline of Japan, Ivory Coast’s midfield, and the impenetrable Greek defense. They should be able to advance fairly easily, but it Falcao is unable to play, the round out of their group may become a lot more bumpy.

Greece – Konstantinos “Kostas” Mitroglou

The Greek team will forever try to produce a tournament run akin to their 2004 European Championship, and although this team may not be completely up to the task, they stand a fair chance at advancing out of the group. Greece is known for their defense led by Vasilis Torosidis and Orestis Kernezis is goal. But in order to get out of the group, a team usually needs to score some goals, which is where Mitroglou comes in. He is a strong striker that helped Greece secure a spot in the World Cup, and if he and Dimitris Salpingidis are able to rattle the net, the Greek fans might have some flashbacks of 2004.

Ivory Coast – Yaya Touré

While Didier Drogba controls the ball and scores the goals for Côte d’Ivoire, Yaya Touré is the head of the midfield and constructs the plays that turn into goals for Drogba. Both are aging, Touré at 31 and Drogba at 36, but both are just as good as when they were younger and are hoping to make it into the Round of 16 for the first time in the team’s history. Yaya’s brother Kolo is the backbone of the defense that needs to be on par with Greece’s if the Ivory Coast wants to get out of the group, although since there is no “super power” team in the group, the “Elephants “ have eyes on the Round of 16 and beyond.

Japan – Shinji Kagawa

The Japanese have a pretty good World Cup resume in recent times, and their relatively weak group in this World Cup gives the rising star Shinji Kagawa a chance to shine. Playing alongside attacking players like Keisuke Honda and Shinji Okazaki, the young Kagawa is playing in his first World Cup but has already proven himself in European clubs such as Man. United and Borussia Dortmund. The midfield and attacking players love to possess the ball, and their knack for passing often leads to goals, but if that doesn’t work, Japan is also very good at converting free kicks into goals, which could come in handy against the strong offenses of Ivory Coast and Colombia and the wall of defense for Greece.

Group D

Uruguay – Luis Suárez

Although they needed to beat Jordan in a playoff in order to qualify, don’t count out the Uruguayans in the World Cup. The first ever winners of the World Cup want to repeat history, and with the ruthless Suárez leading the attack, they may be able to get far into the tournament. Although his play can sometimes be controversial, there is no doubt that Luis Suárez is an incredibly talented striker. Some still have a grudge against him for his infamous handball against Ghana in 2010, but his goal scoring can overshadow his questionable play style. Paired up with Diego Forlan, a free kick master, and Diego Lugano running the defense, Uruguay have a tough group with England and Italy, but it would be no surprise if they advanced.

Costa Rica – Keylor Navas

For the second place team in CONCACAF qualifying, Costa Rica needs a miracle in order to advance out of their group. Their goalkeeper Keylor Navas may be able to provide them that, just so long as Bryan Ruiz and Joel Campbell contribute some goals as well. Navas let in only seven goals in the final round of qualifying, and if he can have three great games in goal against Uruguay, Italy, and England, Costa Rica could pull out an incredible feat like in 1990 and make it to the Round of 16.

England – Wayne Rooney

The English are another team with star power all of the pitch, but they are led by one of the best attacking players of this generation, Wayne Rooney. There is no position that is lacking for the Three Lions, and with the midfield led by Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney should have numerous opportunities to score goals. The defense needs to be good as well, and the goal keeper Joe Hart hopes to avoid the embarrassment that Robert Green suffered in 2010 after a ball bounced out of his hands and into the net. However, even with the incredible players all over, it is going to be difficult to beat out Italy and Uruguay in order to make it out of the group.

Italy – Mario Balotelli

While usually there is eleven players on the field at a time, whenever Italy plays, both teams need to make room for Mario Balotelli and his fiery attitude. Maybe the strongest striker in the game, Balotelli can power past defensemen and crush the ball past the keeper. Along with one of the best ball distributors in the world, Andrea Pirlo, Balotelli should get tons of touches and be in on goal quite a bit. In the end, if Balotelli does well, Italy will do well and should be able to get out of their group, but if Balotelli falters, then Italy could have a repeat of the 2010 World Cup when they came in last in their group.

Group E

Switzerland – Tranquillo Barnetta

An experienced player is something that every team wants coming into the World Cup, and Switzerland has that player in Tranquillo Barnetta. Having played in both the 2006 and 2010 World Cups, Barnetta will be vital in helping young Swiss stars Xherdan Shaqiri and Granit Xhaka adjust to playing on the World Stage. In the relatively weak group besides France, the Swiss have a shot at advancing into the Round of 16, which Barnetta also has experience of when Switzerland got out of the group stage in 2006. To do so, the Swiss will need shut down goalkeeping like in qualifying from Diego Benaglio, who allowed only six goals.

Ecuador – Édison Méndez

Ecuador are playing for one of their teammates in this World Cup, Christian Benítez, who died suddenly during qualifiers. Édison Méndez needs to fill his shoes, along with Antonio Valencia and Jefferson Montero, all of whom are quick on the ball and can get good shots off on the keeper. Méndez has the experience factor, as he is playing in his third World Cup, and it would be bittersweet for the Ecuadorians to get into the Round of 16 for Benítez and show the world their resilience.

France – Franck Ribéry

Getting paired with France in qualifying was probably not what France wanted, but they advanced nonetheless and got awarded with an easy group round, although they may have thought that in 2010 as well, yet they failed to get past the group stage then. Ribéry is one of numerous stars on the French team, but his pace and ability to pass and score are almost unmatched. Paired up with Karim Benzema up top makes the French lethal and stellar keeper Hugo Lloris between the sticks will make it hard to score any goals against France. Unless the team completely unravels like in South Africa, France should be able to advance out of their group easily.

Honduras – Wilson Palacios

Controlling the midfield will be the key for Honduras, who is still searching for its first World Cup win. Wilson Palacios will pair up with Óscar García, each of whom has 92 appearances for the Honduran national team. Despite the group being relatively easy, without a World Cup win on their resume, it may be challenging for Honduras to make it into the Round of 16. Getting the ball up to striker Carlo Costly could help notch their first ever win, and if their aging goalkeeper Noel Valladares can hold him own in the net, the Hondurans may just get their first three points in a World Cup game this year.

Group F

Argentina – Lionel Messi

Argentina looked like just about the best team in the world when they won the South American qualifiers. Led by one of the best players in the world, Lionel Messi, as well as superstars in their own right in Ángel di María and Gonzalo Higuaín. Any time the Argentinians play expect lots and lots of goals, especially against their weaker group. Messi needs to show that he can perform on the national team level after two subpar World Cups previously in 2006 and 2010. If Messi has a great World Cup, Argentina might give Brazil a run for its money for the World Cup title.

Bosnia-Herzegovina – Edin Džeko

If there is one thing to expect when Bosnia-Herzegovina plays it is that they will score goals. In European qualifiers the team scored 30 goals, and many of those came from Edin Džeko, who is a massive threat in the air when scoring. Paired up with veteran striker Vedad Idišević and playmaker Miralem Pjanić in the midfield, the Bosnian side produces goals like its nothing. They also have a strong keeper in net, 6’6″ Asmir Begović, who only let six goals in during qualifying and hopes to have just as strong an outing during their first World Cup appearance since becoming independent from Yugoslavia.

Iran – Reza Ghoochannejhad

Iran’s problem in World Cups has been lack of experience. They have never gotten past the group, and despite winning their group in Asian qualifying, their inexperience may hurt them. Iran needs great performances from their rising star Ghoochannejhad and their experience in the midfield from Javad Nekounam. And while they aren’t known for their defense, the Iranians only allowed two goals in their final qualifying round, which could be very helpful in the offensive group they are in.

Nigeria – Vincent Enyeama

The standout players for the Super Eagles of Nigeria are John Obi Mikel in midfield and Vincent Enyeama in goal. The extremely offensive group that Nigeria is in will need a confident goalkeeper in net, and Enyeama provides just that. And while recently. Nigeria has not been great in World Cup play, they want to do as they did in 1994 and 1998 and make it into the Round of 16. Allow with strong goalkeeping Nigeria will need a strong midfield led by John Obi Mikel and attacking power upfront from Emmanuel Emenike.

Group G

Germany – Mesut Özil

Another high powered attacking team, and high powered in just about every position, is the Germans. Almost a lock to always get out of the group stage, Germany needs to do as they did in qualifiers and score a lot. Özil commands the midfield along with veteran Bastian Schweinsteiger. The duo needs to help out in the attacking half where Germany does not have as much depth, allow they do have strong strikers in Lukas Podolski and Max Kruse. Despite having strong defense and Manuek Neuer in the net, Germany is not lockdown on defense, and needs to keep the ball out of the net in the so called “Group of Death.”

Portugal – Cristiano Ronaldo

Portugal may seem like a one man show to some, and while Cristiano Ronaldo does provide just about all the offense for Portugal, he also has Nani on offense with him and a good defense and midfield behind him. If the other members of the “Group of Death” are able to shut down Ronaldo, it will give them a shot to expose the rest of the Portuguese team. And even if Ronaldo is playing at his best, he needs help from the players behind him in order to assure that Portugal does well in Brazil.

United States – Jozy Altidore

The US national team is always poised to make a run deep into the tournament. Although they only ever seem to make it to the Round of 16, Jozy Altidore will try to lead the strike force up front for America. Landon Donavon is also a player to watch in the midfield, as well as Michael Bradley, and keep an eye out for Clint Dempsey up front as he could rattle the net quite a few times in Brazil. Finishing atop the CONCACAF qualifying gives momentum to the US who hope to shock the World and advance out of the “Group of Death” over Özil and the Germans and Ronaldo and the Portuguese. If the US want to get out of their group with ease, they should go all out against Ghana and Portugal and win, that way they essentially automatically qualify for the Round of 16.

Ghana – Asamoah Gyan

The team in the “Group of Death” that was given the lowest chance of advancing was Ghana, although the African side has speed to spare up front and has gotten out of their group in both of the last World Cups. Gyan is a force to be reckoned with on offense and the midfield for Ghana is just as good, made up of Michael Essien and rising star Kevin-Prince Boateng. The only problem plaguing the Ghana team is lack of strength on defense, and they’ll need some superb defensive games to stop the Germans and Ronaldo.

Group H

Belgium – Eden Hazard

The Belgium team is at a place they haven’t been in year—very, very powerful. Plenty of players are key to the success of the Belgians, but none are as lethal on the ball as Eden Hazard, who has risen to stardom in recent years. And with other offensive powerhouses like Romelu Lukaku and Kevin De Bruyne, and a defense led by the Marouane Fellaini. The weakness of this team, however, is lack of playing on the world stage. Not making the field in the past two World Cups means that none of these players have had the chance to play teams like Spain and Brazil. But if they can keep their head on straight, the Belgians could very likely be the surprise of the tournament.

Algeria – Madjid Bougherra

The key to winning for Algeria is controlling the midfield, which they are able to do with help from their captain on defense Madjid Bougherra. He will attempt to get the Algerians to their first ever Round of 16 game, and in a group as wide open as Algeria’s, it may be possible. Algeria needs ti incorporate the younger players like Ishak Belfodil into their offense to score goals, then control the game in the midfield in order to beat out the other teams in their group. And if Bougherra and the rest of the defenders for Algeria hold their own, there may just be a surprise team coming out of this group.

Russia – Aleksandr Kerzhakov

Without a strong World Cup history, Russia hopes that Kerzakhov can lead them them into the Round of 16 for the first time ever. Along with one of the strongest goalkeepers in the world in Igor Akinfeev, Russia is stronger than ever on both sides of the pitch. Thanks to having a pretty easy group to advance from, unless Russia stumbles very badly against South Korea or Algeria, they should have their first Round of 16 appearance in their history.

South Korea – Park Chu-Young

The South Koreans hope the team will do just as good as they did when they hosted the tournament in 2002 when they came in fourth. And after winning bronze in the 2012 Olympics, South Korea has an upside coming into the World Cup. Led by Park Chu-Young on offense and the young but a little unproven Son Heung-Min, South Korea needs to score to be able to shine this World Cup. If the young players that have been tried out succeed, Belgium and Russia could have problems, but if South Korea can’t blend veterans and new players, they could have problems.

Exploring the possibility of time travel: science fiction or simply too complicated for modern science?

Sci-fi movies have always been quite popular, harboring extensive technology which we just don’t have right now. This can be time travel, cloaking devices, force fields, and even faster than light travel. I’d like to reveal however, that we actually do have quite a few therories on how to get these ‘extreme’ sciences working in reality. The only drawback is that we don’t have the equipment necessary to actually pull them off.

A few people (including myself), have always been fascinated by the concept of being able to travel through time. This is actually not as difficult as you’d think to pull off. This, of course, is implying that you can control space and do as you please with it. The theory I am going to be tackling deals with wormholes, spatial anomalies where if you go in one end, you should come out of another end somewhere else in space. Of course, nobody really knows how these things work completely, again those are more theories. 

timetravelUsing these wormholes, there are two approaches to achive time travel. Both of these make use of a little theroy Albert Einstein is well known for, relativity. There are two kinds of relativity, but for this case we will only be focusing on one: special relativity. More specifically, the time dialation effect. Time dialation is basically where if something approaches the speed of light, or is next to a very high density mass (such as a massive star) time actually ‘slows down’ slightly.

For the first approach of time travel, take one end of the wormhole, and accelerate it to extremely high speeds. Speeds which we cannot even hope to accomplish within our lifetimes. Lightspeed for this example would do quite well. Time from this specific end of the wormhole would seem to slow down by a large margin. The other end of the wormhole however, is still floating at the normal time and space. If you were to merely pass through the non-accelerated wormhole, you would actually emerge from the side which has been slowed down. Or in the past. For example, a clock on the stationary end would read 2020. However, the clock on the accelerated end may only read 2012.

The second way of going about this is using a large gravity source, thus taking use of the other part of the reletivity theroy. You place one end of a wormhole at a super-massive body. Granted this would need to be more dense than any star in existance. Using the time-slowing motion there, you merely pass through one end and yet again emerge in the past.

The one quirk to these method, is that you can only travel back in time to the spot on which the wormhole was accelerated or slowed with a gravity mass. You cannot go furthur than this was setup. No visiting the cavemen it seems.

The ability to move one end of a wormhole however isn’t necessarily possible with our capacities. Nor is it something which seems to be a projected project in the future. No visiting the past within our lifetimes sadly. 

Farewell to Mr. Malec

Mr. Malec playing trumpet at the cathedral

Mr. Malec playing trumpet at the cathedral

It is the end of an era down in the music room at Cathedral Prep. In 2009 Prep gained a very special member to their facility and someone who took the music program to a whole new level. Mr. Malec has a been a music instructor for the past five years here and has taught various classes including class piano, class guitar, percussion, jazz ensemble, guitar ensemble, AP music theory, and more.

Mr. Malec has also done a lot of work for Cathedral Prep’s MVP (music, video, and performing arts) program. He was the director of the program along with Mr. Deau and Mr. Victory. When Mr. Malec first came to Prep there was no money in the drama club and now, five years later, the club is self-funded and doing tremendous things. He is also in charge of the musicals during plays. 

Here is a Q and A I had with Mr. Malec about his time at Prep: 

Q: What is your favorite Prep memory?

A: I enjoyed all my time here. I don’t have a specific favorite memory. 

Q: What was your favorite class to teach and why?

A: Jazz ensemble. It is my favorite type of music, so I really enjoyed teaching it. 

Q: What accomplishment are you most proud of?

A: Inspiring students to perform at their best. 

Q: What will you miss most about Prep?

A: The people. I really enjoy everyone. 

Mr. Malec is accepting a job as the General McLane band director. We wish him the best of luck on the next chapter of his life.

Johnny Manziel drafted by the Cleveland Browns

Infamous former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel had to wait a little longer than he or really the rest of America expected during last week’s NFL draft. Twenty-one picks came and went without “Johnny Football” getting his name called by the commissioner.

The critics were loving every minute of it while his supporters were growing ever so nervous that the man who was so highly coveted in college, might fall out of the first round. As the ever so menacing camera kept panning towards Manziel’s draft table, you almost had to feel for the youngest Heisman trophy winner ever.

The Cleveland Browns, the frontrunner in the Manziel sweepstakes, passed on him not once but ultimately twice. The Jaguars did not think enough of him to even make him the first quarterback of the draft. That honor went to Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles. He was not even the first player drafted from his college team (or the second for that matter)!

As picks were called one by one, Manziel was visibly upset in the green room. During those trying hours, Manziel reportedly sent a text message to Browns quarterback coach Dowell Loggains pleading for the Browns to take him. Loggains forwarded the text to Browns general manager Jimmy Haslem who immediately started making moves to make Manziel a Brown.

When the 22nd overall pick came out, Roger Goodell read Johnny Manziel, and the Cleveland Browns draft room exploded. The kid from Kerrville, Texas, had finally been drafted and you could almost see the weight being lifted off of Manziel’s shoulders. At the end of the day, Manziel fell, and the Browns maybe said to themselves the third time’s the charm.

Now Johnny Football turns into Johnny Cleveland. Only time will tell if he will excel and bring success to this beaten down franchise or ultimately suffer in the graveyard that is Cleveland quarterbacks.

Ranking the top-5 Prep gym class sports

Cathedral Prep gym class can get very serious, very quickly. With a school of all men, you can imagine that the testosterone can get overwhelming, leading to intense competition. After careful analyzation and a couple years of experience, the Top-5 Prep Gym Class Sports have been compiled together.

5. Ultimate Frisbee 
Ultimate Frisbee appeals to any sort of student. It’s a relatively simple game that does not require very much athletic ability. However, when organized in the Prep gym, it’s easy for the game to become very competitive. Teams of four or five compete against each other to move the Frisbee into the end zone as quickly as possible. After one score, the team who lost is kicked out, and a new team is added. 

4. Trash Ball
Mr. Brooks was feeling creative and threw this sport into the mix this year. Trash ball is a mixture of basketball, football, handball, ultimate frisbee, and just about any other gym class sport you can imagine. The objective is to move a small ball down the court with teams of four or five and score it into the trash can. The game require quickness, teamwork, and acrobatic skills that only can be achieved by the best of athletes. It’s a great game for anyone.

3. Flag Football
Once we get into the top three it gets a little tricky. Flag football is one of the most competitive sports at Prep. Mainly teams of four battle to score as quickly as possible. Each player has two flags which can be pulled when they have possession of the ball to force a down. Four downs are allowed for each team to try and score. Offense is relentless, defense is fierce, and this is overall a great game.

2. Basketball
Basketball is not just for the typical Prep athlete. In the Prep gym, basketball is a full-contact sport, and if you can’t deal with it, tough luck. When playing, you better be prepared to hit the court. Typically teams of four or five play against each other until one team reaches 7 points for the win. It is extremely competitive. It can turn friends into enemies, and that’s why it’s in the top three.

1. Handball
If you ask any kid in the halls of Prep what their favorite gym class sport is, almost nine times out of ten the answer will be handball. Easily one of, if not THE most competitive sports in the Prep gym. Handball is a mixture of soccer and football, with the objective being to score the ball in the net at the opposite end of the court. Teams of four to five kids battle to be the first to score, and the loser is kicked off the court. Much like trash ball, handball requires speed, agility, acrobatic skill, and great teamwork. The handball tournament is the most fun, and most competitive in the Prep gym, hands down.