Should college athletes be paid?

Recently, Veronica Majerol of the New York Times Upfront magazine wrote an article titled “Should College Athletes Be Paid? Two recent rulings may change the face of college sports.” Students from The Rambler weighed in with their own opinions on the subject. 

The age old question of whether or not a college student athlete should be compensated for playing a sport for a university. Many believe that most times the athletes receive a free education on scholarships that they need no further incentive to play their sport. The untold truth of the matter is that these athletes, though they will not be under any crippling debt like other college students will, go through tremendous struggles on a daily basis. Their time is mainly consumed by practice, workouts, film studies, and other various team activities that limit their time for school work and cause an extreme overflow of stress. Along with the added stress, college athletes are not allowed to have a part time job while they are on scholarship, due to the fact that this might hinder their involvement to the team. Without being able to have some extra income, athletes face a major problem in trying to attempt to have a social life or even a more serious problem, come home from college on breaks and such to see their loved ones throughout the year.

While it should not be suggested that these athletes should make any type of professional pay, a small paycheck may be in some sort of order for these hardworking, dedicated student-athletes that bring in a large amount of revenue to the universities across the country. A suggestion could possibly be paying the players a minimum wage salary for practice, workout, and games allotted over the weeks during the season. However, the major dilemma would be deciding how to split the revenue between all the sports carried by a university, even some that do not generate as much revenue as the bigger programs.
-Edward Ruff III

College athletes have gone under much scrutiny in recent years, making a push to become paid athletes on top of free schooling. The college athletes should not be paid for their participation in college athletics, however. They are already receiving free schooling and as much food as they want. They weighting of college athletes receiving different amounts of money for different sports would be extremely unfair. Removing their status as amateur athletes would destroy the gap between pro and college athletics.
-Joe Sala

I agree that if an athlete’s likeness is used to make money for the university then the student-athlete should get a cut. I don’t think that college athletes being paid should be kept to the sports that make the most income like football and basketball, though, because that is not fair to sports that are not as popular in society like soccer and baseball

The likenesses of student-athletes in media does warrant athletes being paid, however, if a college is making money from marketing the player, or the player is featured in something like an advertisement or a video game. Being paid just for playing, however, is not viable for college athletes in my opinion. Maybe being given the choice of a scholarship or being paid could be offered, but being allowed to go to school for free and also being paid to pay for that school shouldn’t be allowed.
-Ryan Signorino

I don’t agree with the athletes being paid. During high school, athletes are just trying to make it to the next level so they can experience playing for a big time team that everyone knows about. For the ones who do play college sports, they often receive a large sum of money to pay off their college tuition, and now even their college meals. I think if you start giving these guys money, they are going to become extremely greedy and take a turn for the worse on how they spend it. You also cannot give them money because it becomes a fairness issue between different sports, and everything would become way out of hand. It has been a tradition for these athletes to play for pride so I think if you bring money into the equation, it will ruin what it means to be a college athlete.
-Jack Kloecker

No, student athletes should not be paid. With the scholarships they already have, they are basically being paid already. Through these perks that they already have, paying them would be ridiculously unfair to other students.
-Eli Chase

I think that they should pay college athletes because they are in college playing their hearts out and trying to make it to the pros. But what if they get hurt and it is the end of their football career? All of that talent and those dreams of making it to the pros are out the window. That’s why I think college athletes should get paid.
-Chris Muldrew

New Magic the Gathering set released

Week two of the most recent Magic the Gathering set release Khans of Tarkir is in full swing. This set is understandably flavorful, detailing the home plane of the beloved draconic nut job Sarkhan Vol. Sarkhan’s home plane of existence is the fantasy world of Tarkir.

Tarkir is a wedges set, which means it has multiple tribes with three colors assigned to each. Now each tribe of Tarkir has its own game mechanics and tribe leader known as a khan, henceforth the set name “Khans of Tarkir.” Overall this set is incredibly flavorful. It helps us as the players gain insight into the world of Tarkir. The best thing to come from this set, however, is the reprint of fetchlands.

For those who have not played Magic before with fetchlands, fetchlands are lands that you pay one life, tap, sacrifice the land and look through your deck for a specific land depending on the fetch. Now this may sound bad or inefficient. but imagine having a one land hand, dropping a fetch, and fetching for a shockland. You just efficiently set up a good turn two. Now in eternal formats, such as modern, you thinned your deck and found a powerful new land and shuffled your deck. Fetchlands have not been in print since zendikar and are welcomed back with open arms. Now modern and legacy decks should be going down in price and standard just got a lot more interesting. The cycling of return to ravnica is upsetting, but this new set is objectively more fun, and everyone is up for a really interesting new pro tour this season.

On the professional side of things, Sultai control is looking amazingly good with the delve mechanic allowing you to cast spells from your hand for free. Delve works by exiling useless cards in your graveyard to lower the cost of spells you are casting from your hand. Remember that fetchland you put in your graveyard turn one? Well, now it’s still useful as you can exile it to reduce the cost of powerful spells like hooting mandrills and murderous cuts, allowing you better board control and low cost high efficiency creature, then scry like cards with dig through time allow you to thin your deck better and better set up another turn.

Another interesting and potentially powerful deck is the powerhouse Mardu midrange. The deck has powerful mid-game effects and efficient token creation to allow you to have fun with ankle shanker and other zurg rush mechanics with the enter the battlefield effects with raid. On top of this all it has access to both of the new planeswalkers with Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker and Sorin, Solemn Visitor to better allow you to control the board with creature destroying abilities. The other three tribes of Tarkir are a little less powerful but it still would be a lot of fun to play in your casual Friday night magic metagame. Khans of Tarkir is a perfect new set, and I am looking forward to more advances in the ever expanding competitive market.

Prep seniors honing in on college choices

As the class of 2015 inches its way to graduation, it’s important to at least have some sort of idea for the future. Most of the seniors have a pretty good understanding of what they would like to do, such as engineering, athletic training, or somewhere in the realms of business. Over the past week, some students were asked about where they would like to attend college, what field they would like to major in, and the reason for their choices.

SeanReedSean Reed
College choices: Pitt, Penn State
Major: physical therapy
Why those colleges: Big schools, in state, family legacy
Why that major: helps others, hands on experience

Charlie DeSantis
College choices: University of Florida, Florida State
Major: biology
Why those colleges: family, team supporter
Why that major : wants to be a physician’s assistant

JoshGiontiJosh Gionti
College choices: Penn State
Major: mechanical engineering
Why those colleges: family, educational purposes
Why that major: “Find[ing] solutions that no one else can is something I truly enjoy”

RyanSrnkaRyan Srnka
College choices: Pitt, Penn State Behrend
Major: mechanical engineering
Why that college: great education programs, in state
Why that major: “Building objects always has captured my imagination”

Tim Williams
College Choices: Michigan State
Major: psychology
Why those colleges: Team supporter
Why that major: “people’s thoughts are a major interest of mine”

Jake Brown and David Albrecht

Jake Brown
College choices: Notre Dame, Gannon
Major: Engineering
Why those colleges: ND – prestigious, GU – financial promise
Why that major: “Engineering is an up and coming, exciting field and I would love to be a part of it.”

David Albrecht
College choices: MIT, Case Western
Major: bio engineering
Why those colleges: Prestigious status
Why that major: “AP bio with [Mrs.] Stosh really opened my eyes”

CaseyRapozaJonathan PrichardCasey Rapoza
College choices: Penn State, Kent State
Major: Business
Why those colleges: PS-Bigger school, more people more activities, Kent-visit was a good experience, campus and city all were positive factors
Why that major: “I find business interesting, allows you to work almost anywhere and do anything.”

Jonathan Prichard
College choices: Duquesne, Saint Bonaventure
Major: pharmacist
Why those colleges: Duquesne-great academic program, St. B- wants to play tennis
Why that major: Likes to learn about the different types of medication with their side effects and assortment of uses

DrewFarrellBenBrunoDrew Farrell
College choices: Slippery Rock, Clarion
Major: Accounting/Sports Management
Why those colleges: “Because the majors are fantastic at those programs and the campus was phenomenal”
Why those majors: “My father is an accountant. He loves what he does, and sports has always been a passion of mine”

Ben Bruno
College choices: Penn State, IUP
Major: athletic training
Why those colleges: “Honestly it’s for the academics. These colleges have the best programs in the country.”
Why that major: “Because I love sports and want to be involved as much as possible”

At the end of it all, most of these students will change their minds multiple times before it’s time to ship off to college, but even having a general idea of what they would like to do with their futures is a great place to start.

Princeton University researchers develop new method to improve LED light bulbs

Source:, scottchan

Source:, scottchan

Efficiency is one of the largest pursuits of the modern world. How can we make things take less power? How can we use less of the resources which we have limited amounts of, such as coal or other fuels?

One of the largest pursuits of efficiency has been light. How can you light up an area while using the least power that you can? For the longest time, the answer to this simple question has been the LED design of light. While they give out a different color of light compared to other types, these still have been the most power-friendly option for businesses and homeowners alike to pursue if the main worry was how much power these things would be taking up in day-to-day use.

Recently at Princeton University, researchers have developed a new method to actually increase the brightness, efficiency and clarity of these LED light bulbs, which are becoming increasingly common in standard lighting besides the smartphones and other portable electronics which they all are in right now.

This method is able to improve the picture clarity of LED displays by 400 percent, compared to approaches which are in widespread use currently.

Some people may ask what an LED is in the first place? An LED, or light emitting diode is an electronically device that emits light when electrical current moves through two terminals. Current LEDs have design challenges; the largest among these is the issue of light getting trapped inside of the LED structure without escaping. While being known for being efficient already, only a small amount of what is being generated is what you actually see when you look at the bulb from an external point of view.

Princeton has been working on using other methods and internal mechanisms for the same structure, producing slightly different results all the time. In the future, we may be seeing some rather interesting development of both brighter, and more clear types of lighting being made available for the public. Potentially making the higher brightness products in existence right now significantly cheaper due to the new discoveries.

#BendGate: What you need to know

iphone6bendApple is known for the being on the cutting edge of the design of phones. Only a week after the release of their latest model, however, these design choices have turned into a storm of controversy, specifically with the iPhone 6 Plus.

In basic terms, the phone bends. Apparently, just the pressure of being in one’s pocket is enough to bend the iPhone 6 Plus. This was then tested by the YouTube channel Unbox Therapy to see if the pictures people were posting of bent iPhones were real. The video was uploaded September 23, and already has rocketed to over 25 million views. The video shows an iPhone 6 Plus being bent using just someone’s hands, and the results are shocking. #BendGate then trended on Twitter once people began to share the video.

Why is this happening, though? The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus both got a makeover from the previous version, the iPhone 5S. The new phones have an all-aluminum back. With a 5.5 inch screen on the front, the 6 Plus has a pretty big piece of metal on the back. Since aluminum is a pretty bendable metal, it is not that big a surprise that the iPhone is able to be bent.

After such crazy feedback on the original video, Unbox Therapy has tested other phones of a similar form factor and phones made out of mostly metal. The results are that these phones either did not bend at all, or they were bendable, but went back to the original position after the pressure is taken off. Why then, does the iPhone bend when other big phones and other metal phones do not?

What the iPhone lacks that many other phones have is a magnesium chassis inside. That makes those other phones much more rigid and resistant to bending. Another reason the iPhone 6 Plus bends so easily is that it comes in at only 7.1 mm thin. The HTC One M8, which looks strikingly similar to the new iPhones, and also has an aluminum back, is 9.4 mm thick, which makes it more resistant to bending along with the magnesium chassis.

So how does one stop the phone from bending? Put a case on it. While it hasn’t been confirmed that a case will definitely stop the iPhone 6 Plus from bending, it should give it a huge boost it rigidity and support, making it much more difficult to be bent. Or, instead of getting the 6 Plus, just get the iPhone 6, which was also tested and did not show any major signs of being bendable.

Check out the original video that tests the bending of the iPhone 6 Plus:

For more information about why the iPhone 6 Plus bends check out this video that explains it:

More than 600 students attend 2014 Prep-Villa homecoming

2014Homecoming_1Another successful weekend went by for the 2014 Villa Maria and Cathedral Prep homecoming dance. When asked about the event attendance, event organizer Mrs. Maxson said, “We had a record number of about 650 students there! That’s the highest in the three years that we’ve combined our homecoming dances.”

The football team opened up the exciting weekend with a 51-21 victory over DuBois. During halftime, the homecoming court zoomed around the track in their flashy cars waving in acknowledgement. The winner was to be announced at the dance the next day.

Most likely everyone that attended the dance also had similar preparations. Moms, Dads, and grandparents all had their cameras ready and each took the same picture a million times. After the smiles began to wear out, people dined at places like the Yacht Club, Kahkwa, Lakeshore, Avantis, and other various restaurants around town.

The dance commenced at 8 o’clock with DJ Matty B working the music. A lot of different music was played, and everyone was enjoying it while letting their inner-selves lose it on the dance floor. Many faculty and parents chaperoned the dance and seemed to be enjoyed their Saturday night as well. While the music was loud and the place was full of energy, the heat and sweatiness was also apparent. Students were constantly grabbing refreshments and getting to the lounge area for some extra air as well. One could say it was a workout.

2014Homecoming_2The one moment everyone was waiting for was brought attention to around 10:15. The homecoming court from Prep included Joe Fustine, Jack Kelly, Andrew Chludzinski, Billy Norfolk, and Trevor Faulkner. The court from Villa consisted of Annie Ciacchini, Maggie Rutkowski, Maria Colt, Grace Trucilla, and Sunny Guo. All votes were cast via the Vote For Schools app by Prep and Villa students. The 2014 Homecoming King was Trevor Faulkner, and the Homecoming Queen was Sunny Guo.

A special thank you goes out to Mrs. Maxson for organizing this event with the help of several other students and administration. Hopefully everyone had a great time, and everyone can look forward to another successful homecoming next year!

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team iOS First Impressions: All about that pace, ‘bout that pace

FIFA15FIFA 15 is finally here! After months of waiting, the most anticipated soccer game of the year has been released on both the Xbox and Playstation platforms. The game was also released on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, but it is pretty different from the mobile iteration from last year. Most notably, EA has decided to strip the game down to simply Ultimate Team, so there is no more Manager Mode, or even Kick Off if you want to play just one game.

The gameplay has also been changed quite a bit. Instead of picking between either touch controls or classic controls like in FIFA 14, there is no longer a touch controls option, although they are still implemented. Now the two control layouts are classic and casual, although to me casual are the controls that I am more used to, not classic. The classic controls essentially add a “through” button that can play through balls over the top of the defense.

FIFA15a FIFA15b FIFA15c FIFA15dA feature that has been taken out that I miss dearly is the ability to do skill moves. Unless there is some hidden way of doing skill moves that I have been unable to figure out, they have been removed from the game. To me, that takes out a fun part of the game, and maybe they will add skill moves back in, or if it is still in, make it easier to find.

As for first impressions of actual gameplay, FIFA 15 feels incredibly different from 14. The game plays much different than last year. There is a lot of emphasis on pace this year; players who are incredibly fast also seem to be incredibly overpowered. Even if they don’t have great stats in other categories like shooting and dribbling, having insane pace makes up for it. Since there are no skill moves, passing and through balls are incredibly important. Dribbling seems hit or miss; in some games it is important, but in other games, not so much.

The other stats, shooting, defending, and physical, all seem to be useful to have on a player, but not something that will single-handedly make a player fantastic, unless they have an unusually high stat for one attribute. Physical is a new statistic this year, combining physical attributes such as strength, jumping, and stamina. It also includes heading, which is the stat that physical replaced.

Shooting has also become much, much more difficult, for me at least. Or maybe shooting hasn’t gotten tougher, but goalkeepers have just become a lot better. Keepers make saves on shots that I scored with ease last year. Heading is all but impossible, too. It took me about three days to score my first goal via a header. Headers from crosses and corners, which are tough to play into the box too, are no different. Headers are just tough to win, tough to put in the right direction, and tough to put on target.

Speaking of hard to put on target, free kicks, as well as corner kicks and goal kicks, have a new method of being taken. It is basically the same as before, flicking in the direction you want the ball to go, but it doesn’t exactly work. Sometimes a flick will give a full strength kick; other times it will only be half strength. When trying to score from a free kick, this is frustrating because it is tough to figure out how much power to put into the shot.

Overall, despite the new gameplay mechanics that I’ve yet to master, FIFA 15 has been very fun to play on the iPad. The graphics are good, in the menus as well as when in the game, and it does feel like a different game compared to FIFA 14, although I wouldn’t go as far as saying it feels like an upgrade. I will miss having Manager Mode, but Ultimate Team is better than nothing. Pitting the team you made against someone else’s team from around the world is what Ultimate Team is all about, and it is so much fun finding out which players are overpowered, which partnerships work well, and which teams will ensure that you never lose.

Junior class retreat focuses on brotherhood

2014JuniorRetreat_1The retreat for the junior class this year was one like no other. It featured Justin Fatica and his Hard As Nails missionary group, and they were the perfect people to do it. Some of the returning classes this year may remember him from last year as Cathedral Prep hosted him to give the whole school a talk at the auditorium. For many, they may remember how he managed to open up some of the toughest guys and brought them to tears.
That is exactly what he did again at the junior retreat. Since it was a smaller group than a whole school, he was able to have more time to talk to a lot of the juniors and be more direct with them. The class was able to hear from their fellow brothers. They shared about their personal lives and struggles, and they did it with no hesitation. Nor did anyone think that they are “soft” for it. In fact, they respected them for it, and were able to know each other better.

2014JuniorRetreat_2Fatica was able to reach to the students’ hearts and get out their struggles and let them open up to their fellow brothers. As each student shared their story and struggle, other students were able to get up to the front and give that person a hug, showing them that they understand what the person is going through and they are there for that person.

If there is anything that the junior class took out of this, it is sense of brotherhood. All of them respect each other more, and consider each other as brothers. They are not afraid to open up anymore, and they all are there for each other. That is what is Prep is all about, brotherhood.

Cathedral Prep Events Center renovations coming along

DSC_0322The Cathedral Prep Events Center is a state-of-the- art athletic complex for the sports teams of Cathedral Preparatory School and Villa Maria Academy. Events are held by Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria, as well as for teams and leagues throughout the community that can rent it out. The CPEC was first established in 2010 with the development of Cathedral Prep’s first home football field, Dollinger Field. Over the past several years the CPEC has gone on to host many events like football, lacrosse, and soccer games, track and field meets, school masses, Spirit, Mind and Body days, and many other school and community events.

DSC_0337During the 2013-14 school year Cathedral Prep officially came announced that they would start the additions to the Events Center, after receiving a $10 million donation, from an anonymous donor. On June 25, 2014, Joseph McCormick Construction started construction on the additions to the Events Center, and it sat behind a metal fence, alone. On July 14, 2014, ground was broken, and progress was finally made. For the next week Joseph McCormick Construction and Dwyer Plumbing and Excavation Companies worked hard, removing the two large hills from in front of the CPEC. On July 22, the City of Erie came to the closed work site, and told all workers, from both Joseph McCormick and Dwyer, to stop work, because Cathedral Prep did not have the permits for the renovations. After a quick turnaround, on July 25, Cathedral Prep got their permits, and both companies were back to work.

DSC_0335The Cathedral Prep Events Center is expected to be finished in September of 2015. After its renovations, the CPEC will hold a basketball arena capable of holding up to 1,800 fans, and an aquatic center, with an eight-lane, all-deep pool, complimented by a warm-up pool, and topped off with a brand new, state-of-the-art workout facility. This will be open to all students, athletes, and other teams around Erie, about a month into the 2015-2016 school year.

Veer into the Life of Mr. Viera, the new music teacher

TMrVierahe only constant is change, and at Cathedral Prep, this is well known. Recent and soon-to-be completed renovations all across the campus, the transition to personal iPads, and, of course, new staff members are a contributing factor to the changing environment at Prep. One of the newest employees here is Mr. Viera, and he comes onto the staff as the school’s music teacher and band coordinator. He takes over after the rather chill Mr. Malec, and he will be an excellent replacement. He was generous enough to take the time out of his day and answered a few questions the readers of The Rambler thirsted for.

Mr. Viera’s first few weeks here at Prep have been absolutely fantastic. He went on to tell The Rambler, “It’s been a great time. Everyone’s been really helpful, all the teachers, all the students. I’ve had a lot of help, and I’ve definitely enjoyed it.” The Prep community is all more than happy to hear this news. And as it is the first time Mr. Viera has worked full time as a teacher, it is good to hear that this transition has been as seamless as it’s been.

Right before Mr. Viera was hired, he graduated from Edinboro University with a bachelor’s degree in music education and then a master’s in music technology from Duquesne. He wasn’t planning on working immediately out of college, but he lucked out when this position opened up.

With all this experience and time spent with music comes a greater appreciation of the art form. He loves music. Playing, listening, or anything. He eats, sleeps, and breathes music. A percussionist at heart, Mr. Viera has a large arsenal of instruments on his palette, his favorite being a marimba. But interestingly enough, when asked what his favorite song/artist/album was he responded with a rather indecisive “I don’t have any favorites.” At The Rambler, we settle for nothing less than the best; we had no option but to dig deeper. Our excavation revealed something interesting: Mr. Viera is an old school hip hopper. He enjoys the classics: Biggie, 2Pac, and even the one and only beat master Dr. Dre. So he’s not only a music teacher, but he’s also a hip one. Beast.

Mr. Viera looks forward to the rest of the school year and being a music teacher for the students of Cathedral Prep. He’s got hopes and dreams for the future and all indications are that he will be able to do so. Mr. Viera wanted to leave the readers with one last piece of information: “I look forward to meeting everybody. Everyone is welcome to come here. Whether you played an instrument for one day or ten years, you are welcome!”

Well you heard it folks, Mr. Viera’s office is open. Stop by for a visit at the end of the long hallway in the science wing hallway. You certainly won’t regret it!