Lacrosse game to benefit Fallen Heroes Project

This Thursday, April 30, the Cathedral Prep lacrosse team will be playing Fairview High School. The game is a fundraiser and all pFight for the Fallenroceeds will benefit the Fallen Heroes Project. The game is titled the “Fight for the Fallen” benefit game, and it will be played at the newly renamed Prep & Villa Events Center, formally known as Cathedral Prep Events Center. The game will start at 7 p.m. and all tickets will be sold at the game. The price for students will be $3 and for adults it will be $5.

The fundraiser is sponsored by Dr. Jeffrey Kim and St. Vincent Sports Medicine, F&S Tool, and DJ Danza and is produced by the Visual Communication class at Cathedral Prep. Donations can be made in checks payable to the Fallen Heroes Fund and cash will be accepted at the game.

The Visual Communication class is taught by Mrs. Sara Kim. Mrs. Kim stated, “Their goal for this fundraiser is to actively incorporate sports marketing principles and philanthropic values.” A member from the Fallen Heroes Fund will be present to accept the check donation on behalf of artist Michael G. Reagan, the founder of the nonprofit organization. The website for the Fallen Heroes Project is Founder Michael Reagan notes, “Our mission is to honor the American Fallen Heroes for their ultimate sacrifice during the war against terrorism. The foundation will provide the resources to produce and distribute to each family a hand-drawn portrait of their Fallen Hero, created by artist Michael G. Reagan, free of charge. Each portrait is intended to show our Love and Respect for these Heroes and their families.”

It is important to recognize all who fight and fought for our country and respectfully acknowledge and remember those who gave their lives for our freedom. Please come out at 7 p.m. to the Prep & Villa Events Center on Thursday to watch Prep lacrosse and more importantly support the Fallen Heroes Project.

2015 NBA Playoffs: First Round Update

The NBA playoffs began earlier this month, and some teams are off to a great start. The Golden State Warriors swept the New Orleans Pelicans, putting them out the playoffs in four exciting games. The Memphis Grizzles are likely to be Golden State’s second round opponent, after jumping out to a 3-0 lead over the Portland Trail Blazers; however, the Blazers held on to win last night and force a Game 5.

In the other half of the Western Conference bracket, the Houston Rockets are playing the Dallas Mavericks. Heading into Game 5, the Rockets lead the series 3-1. Lastly, the most competitive series of the first round is between the Los Angles Clippers and the San Antonio Spurs, with the teams currently tied 2-2.

In the East, the top-seeded Atlanta Hawks are now tied 2-1 against the Brooklyn Nets, a team that lost more games than it won this season. The Toronto Raptors showed no fight in being swept by the Washington Wizards and now will have a lot of questions heading into next season about what went wrong.

In the other half of the Eastern Conference bracket, the Cleveland Cavaliers showed no mercy against the young players on the Boston Celtics. The Cavs completed the 4-0 sweep over the weekend, but they lost Kevin Love due to injury for at least the next round as well as J.R. Smith for a couple of games with a suspension. Last but not least the Chicago Bulls are playing the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bulls were leading the series 3-0 and could have finished the series in Game 4, but they let the Bucks get a W at the buzzer. They followed that up with another loss in Game 5, making it 3-2 Bulls.

Not surprisingly, the two teams who won their series 4-0 (Golden State and Cleveland) will be the teams the media and other students around Prep say will be the teams that eventually meet in the NBA Finals, and if so, that’s going to be a great Finals matchup.

Rambler lacrosse team set to play Clarence High School tonight

The Cathedral Prep lacrosse team looks to make it eight straight wins as they travel to Clarence High School tonight for a showdown at 6 p.m. The Ramblers have a record of 9-2, and have notable victories over crosstown rival McDowell and New York powerhouse Silver Creek. Prep is led by junior midfielder/attackman, Blaise Konzel and senior goalie Hunter Emerson.

photo (1)

Senior goalie Hunter Emerson

Konzel has scored 24 goals for the Ramblers over the seven game win streak. He leads the team in points (goals and assists combined) and looks to continue his high level of play for the rest of the season. Emerson has recorded 29 saves in the last two games with a save percentage of 70 percent. When asked about the key to the recent success of the lacrosse team, Emerson stated, “We come out every game knowing we must play to our full potential. We make the little plays happen which leads to capitalizing on the big plays.”

Prep has seven games remaining this season with two very important league games against Fairview at home this Thursday, April 30, and at McDowell the following Thursday, May 7. While the Ramblers always have the date circled when a matchup against the Trojans of McDowell is on the calendar, Emerson said, “It is important to focus on each game individually and not look forward, even though it is hard to hold back the excitement of playing league games, especially [against] our rival.”

Look for the results of today’s game on or follow the official Cathedral Prep Twitter account @PrepVilla and get out to watch the Ramblers in action during the upcoming games in Erie.

Quarter Sessions assembly honors students, faculty, and staff

April 17, 2015 was the final quarter sessions of the school year. It was also the last quarter sessions for the senior class of 2015.

Quarter Sessions is a time when Cathedral Prep Ramblers are recognized for their academic and honor achievements for the quarter. Achieving honors at Cathedral Prep is not an easy accomplishment; therefore, anyone who puts in dedication into achieving that hallmark deserves to be recognized.

Freshmen were awarded 32 first honor cards and 49 second honor cards for a total of 81 and a class percentage of 57.86 percent. They were also the class who were awarded the highest percentage of honor cards out of all four grade levels.

The Sophomore class were awarded 27 first honor cards and 25 second honor cards for a total of 52 honor cards and a class percentage of 41.27 percent.

The junior class were awarded 28 first honor cards and 52 second honor cards for a total of 80 honor cards and a percentage of 50.31 percent.

Finally, the graduating class of 2015, the seniors, were awarded 10 first honor cards, and 41 second honor cards for a total of 51 honor cards and a percentage of 40.48 percent.

Total second honors throughout the school was 167, and total first honors was 97.

Congratulations to everyone who achieved honors and earned other academic awards during the third quarter.

The guest speaker that Cathedral Prep had the honor oimage1 (12)f hosting was Mr. Brian Collen, a  Cathedral Prep graduate from the class of 1980. At the session, he enlightened the student body of what it means to be a Prep Rambler. He also told the students about respecting teachers, rivals, parents, and friends as it can get them far in life. Most importantly, he proudly mentioned that Prep will always beat McDowell.

Cathedral Prep is known for having the best faculty and staff in Erie. No other school can come close to the dedication each staff and faculty member puts in every day for each and every student. Mr. Murnock had the pleasure of announcing the faculty and staff who have been working for the past 5, 10, and 15 years.

Five years of service recognition went to Mr. Tony Parsons, Mr. Doug Vicary, Mr. Kenneth Bliel, and Mr. Robert Pruzenski. Ten years of service recognition went to Mrs. Colleen Maxson, M.Sgt Rich Sambuchino, Mr. Ryan Fasenmyer, Fr. Michael Demartinis, and Mrs. Barbara Prischak. Fifteen years of service recognition went to Mr. Bill Flanagan, Mr. Brian Markley, and Mr. Michael Mischler.

image2 (3)Mr. Markley, a chemistry teacher, is a prime example of someone who shows how valuable it is to be a teacher. He previously worked as a medical technologist, but it was not until he started teaching people there that he has realized that he wanted to teach. His aunt, Shirly Markley, was a great influence on him. She helped him to become the incredible teacher he is today. “Getting various topics, getting facts into students brains,” said Mr. Markley, regarding his favorite aspect about teaching. Being a teacher also means to have a lot of great coworkers. Most memorable to Mr. Markley are retirees Mr. Bill Clancey and Mrs. Donna Stoczynski.


Congratulations to everyone for the success and accomplishments they have earned.

Prep students enrolled in college classes prepare to close out school year at Gannon

paperA whole collection of students from the junior and senior classes at Prep are beginning to wind down their year at the college just down the street from Cathedral Prep, Gannon University. This means it’s almost finals week. Stress may ensue, yet what comes after the short-term stress is utter bliss. By the end of next week, the week of May 4th, dual-enrollment and Gannon scholar students will now not have to show up to school until 8:59 a.m. and 10:33 a.m. respectively, giving students plenty of time to cook a healthy breakfast, do chores around the house, and do what students will probably take advantage of the most, which is sleeping in.

Yet before students reach this gift of free time, they must endure what most students consider the largest stressor in college: finals. A whole semester culminated into a single test or paper. Now imagine one of these “finals” for every class the students have. For Prep students taking courses at Gannon, the task isn’t as difficult as it is for the actual Gannon students who could have at least six or more finals. Gannon scholars have to take as many as three finals and dual-Enrollment students could have just one. Senior Gannon scholar Alex Ventrello is looking forward to Gannon’s summer break. “I just can’t wait,” he said. “Waking up at 6:30 is getting old. Being able to sleep-in and take my time getting to school will make the remainder of my senior year much more enjoyable.”

Finals week sums up the semester in a single test or paper and, undoubtedly, could be a stressful time for students. Yet when it’s all done, students are free to enjoy all of the activities and memories that come with summer. Unfortunately, Prep students need to wait until June until they are set free for three months of no school and endless fun. Students lucky enough to be enrolled in Gannon classes at Prep get to celebrate their summer a month early. Of course, that can only come after they complete their finals during the upcoming week of May 4.

Several Prep students enjoy tropical vacations over Easter break

Over Easter break, Cathedral Prep students traveled to many different exotic, beautiful vacation spots. Some students traveled away from the states to the Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands, while many other students visited different places throughout the sunshine state of Florida.

1. South Beach, Florida

South Beach

Senior Patrick McCormick traveled to South Beach, Florida, for a week long family vacation. When asked how he liked his vacation he said, “I enjoyed spending time with my family for the holiday. It was great being able to get our entire family together, but even better to be able to celebrate The Risen Lord in the beautiful weather on the beaches of Miami, Florida, with them.”

2. Captiva, Florida


Seniors Jack Bloomstine and Jack Kloecker, and sophomore Peter Bloomstine traveled with the Bloomstine family to Captiva Island in Florida. The Bloomstines stayed for several days, and both Jack and Jack stated they enjoyed their getaway. While in Captiva, they enjoyed relaxing on the beautiful beaches, hanging in poolside cabanas, playing golf on the 9 hole par 3 course, and meeting new friends. Jack Bloomstine said, “My family has been celebrating Easter in Captiva for awhile and I have enjoyed every visit to the great vacation spot.”

3. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 

Punta Cana

Prep juniors, Josh Kurczewski, Joe Sala, and Tim Evans, traveled to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. I caught up with Josh to ask him about his vacation and he commented on his vacation saying, “words can’t describe how much of a good time it was, from chilling out on the beach to meeting people from all over the world.” All three guys agreed they would love to return to Punta Cana in the future.

4. St. Croix & St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands

St Croix-St Thomas

My parents, my brother Billy, and I traveled to the United States Virgin Islands for a 12-day getaway. We stayed with a relative on St. Croix for the first four days and then flew over on a sea plane to St. Thomas for four days and returned to St. Croix for the final four days. It was an amazing vacation and to experience life in a different part of the world is unique and enjoyable. I hope to return to the islands in the near future, and I recommend that everyone vacation there at least once in their lives. St. Croix and St. Thomas are incredible places to vacation.

Going for the Sweep: Junior hopes for fourth straight class president win

image1As the school year comes to a close, the senior class has begun to prepare for the next chapter in their lives. Meanwhile, the juniors, sophomores, and freshman are doing their best to finish the year strong and get ready for the next year at Prep. This is a big step for the junior class as they will become seniors and partake in one of the best years of their lives. The end of junior year is a hectic time, with finals, senior pictures, and making selections for class president. For one junior, class president has become very important, as he has led his class the past three years and wants to ensure that his class finishes off their time at Prep strongly.

Brendan Flanagan says that he did not plan to run for president of the freshman class three years ago. The day before the sign-in sheets were due, however, a group of students from his grade school approached him about running with them and being the president. He said he had thought about running but did not think he had the right characteristics. Yet he ran anyway because of his friends asking him to do so.

Fast forward three years, and Flanagan has become an integral part of his class. In addition to being class president he is also an NHS co-president and the class coordinator for Spirit, Mind, and Body Day. Over the course of his three-year presidency, he has overseen at least one large fundraiser for his class per year. Freshman year, as is tradition at Prep, there was a sub sale; sophomore year the class sold coupon books that can be used around the Erie area; and junior year Flanagan has sold T-shirts and had a dress down for March Madness to raise money.

When asked why people should vote for him to be the senior class president, Flanagan said he believed himself to be the best qualified member of the class due to being president the past three years. “I think my ideas are good and I can keep the class moving in the right direction,” he said. He also added that while others in the class might also be qualified, he feels like he is the best option due to his ideas and his ability to get along with everyone else in the class.

Flanagan said that he has not heard of anyone else planning on running against him, but that there could very well be competition. If people do, he thinks he will still have a decent chance of winning because the people that have voted for him the past three years will continue to vote for him. However, he said it is not a 100 percent certainty that he will win.

If he were to win the election, Flanagan said that a major goal would be getting a class trip for the class of 2016 since the 2015 graduating class does not have one. In addition, he wants to try to make graduation costs, such as prom tickets, as cheap as possible—maybe even free.

Whether he wins or not, Flanagan says that his goal for the class in their senior year to is have everyone have a sense of camaraderie and get to along with everyone. In addition, he wants everyone to be successful in their final year at Prep and to continue that success after Prep, whether that is going off to college or joining the workforce. He is incredibly proud of what he has done for his class and for Prep, and hopes that he and his class will have a fantastic senior year.

Will there ever be another flappy bird?

As I write this, I am currently sitting in class. A test has just been turned in, and there are no immediate assignments that I need to complete. Now what? I pull out my iPad and begin to game. We all do it. Some of us may be procrastinating a worthy assignment, and some of us may truly have nothing better to do. Nevertheless, it’s a part of life.

As I search for the perfect game to fill my time, I become dissatisfied. I try out my recent favorites: Jump Man, Amazing Brick, Bounce, and 94°. These all get old pretty fast. To solve my re-emerging boredom, I decide to throw it back. I try out Smash Hit and Subway Surfer, but I get the same result: dissatisfaction.

I then make the decision that will make the last few minutes of class much more entertaining. I go to a dark corner of my iPad, a place few would dare to go, and many would like to forget. I click on the little yellow bird: Flappy Bird.

I begin to play this Prep classic again. Tapping the screen in a rhythmic pattern to make the little guy soar through the pipes. On the first try I get to 23. Not bad after about a year off. I believe my high score last year was around 146. No, not around 146. Exactly 146. It was a big moment. I tend to remember those. It goes without saying, but I was pretty good.

I’m making a swoop towards an opening when a sad thought occurs to me. It is a depressing thought, a near apocalyptic thought. What if nothing ever matches this? What if Cathedral Prep iPad gaming peaked when I was a freshman? What if there are no more games to look forward to, no more electronic competitions with my friends, no more high scores that I truly care about? What if there’s never another Flappy Bird?

This thought irks me. It seems like an obvious answer. Of course there will never be another Flappy Bird. We all saw the attempts. Games like Splashy Fish and Flappy Wings tried to imitate the awesomeness that was Flappy Bird, but they all failed. They could not match up to the epitome of iPad gaming. Nothing could beat Flappy Bird.

The question goes further though. It does not mean will there ever be a game that is similar to Flappy Bird. Rather, will there ever be a game that reaches the level that Flappy Bird did? Will there ever be another game that sparks a cultural movement, an almost cult following, the way that Flappy Bird did?

The answer, again, is sadly a definite no. I feel like every game I download I’m hoping that it will fill the void that Flappy Bird left in my life. No game will ever be as equally addicting, enjoyable, and frustrating as Flappy Bird was. There will never be another Flappy Bird. The future looks bleak. One can keep hoping, but I myself, personally, have given up.

2015 NFL Mock Draft

The 2015 NFL Draft is fast approaching as each team gears up to pick their next hopeful stars. Offseason trades and signings have changed the outlook many teams have, but a class loaded with this much talent offers plenty of future starters. The draft, which will take place in Chicago, Illinois, will begin on Thursday, April 30 and end Saturday, May 3.

Continue reading for mock draft projections and comments from Coach Brooks and junior editor Joe Sala.

Pick Team Sala Brooks Comments
1 Tampa Bay Bucaneers Jameis Winston (QB) Jameis Winston(QB) Sala: The Bucs can’t pass up this quarterback talent with their recent struggles.
2 Tennessee Titans Marcus Mariota (QB) Marcus Mariota (QB.) Brooks: Even if the Titans don’t take a shot with him, some team in need of a quarterback will trade up to get him.
3 Jacksonville Jaguars Leonard Williams (DT) Leonard Williams (DT) Sala: The Jaguars can use all the help they can get and should draft the best player available here.
4 Oakland Raiders Kevin White (WR) Amari Cooper (WR) Brooks: Raiders can’t pass up the Alabama pedigree wide receiver.
5 Washington Redskins Dante Fowler Jr. (OLB) Brandon Sherff (OT) Sala: The Redskins’ defense looked rough at times last year, and the loss of Brian Orakpo in free agency doesn’t help.
6 New York Jets Bud Dupree (DE) Dante Fowler Jr. (OLB) Brooks: The New York Jets continue solidifying their defense and put the offense on the back burner.
7 Chicago Bears Randy Gregory (DE) Vic Beasley (OLB) Sala: A failed drug test is a huge red flag, but the Bears can’t pass up this strong talent.
8 Atlanta Falcons Vic Beasley (OLB) Todd Gurley (RB) Brooks: Need to improve the leagues 4th worst rush offense, with hometown hero Todd Gurley.
9 New York Giants Brandon Sherff (OT) Danny Shelton (DT) Sala: The Giants usually take the best player available strategy, and need some help solidifying their offensive line.
10 St. Louis Rams Andrus Peat (OT) Kevin White (WR) Brooks: Hopefully third time is the charm with WVU pass catchers.
11 Minnesota Vikings Amari Cooper (WR) Trae Waynes (CB) Sala: Teddy Bridgewater could use a solid pass catcher, and Cooper has shown he’s ready to take over a big role.
12 Cleveland Browns Devante Parker (WR) Malcolm Brown (DT) Brooks: Browns go d-tackle because wide receivers don’t matter when you have no quarterback.
13 New Orleans Saints Danny Shelton (DT) Bud Dupree (DE) Sala: The Saints could use help on both the defensive and offensive line, but Danny Shelton is huge value right here.
14 Miami Dolphins Arik Armstead  (DE) La’el Collins (OT) Brooks: Wideout is tempting but teams win with a strong offensive line.
15 San Francisco 49ers Dorial Green-Beckham (WR) Arick Armstead (DE) Sala: The departure of Crabtree leaves a huge gap in their receiving corps, which could be easily filled with the undeniable talent of Green-Beckham
16 Houston Texans Jaelen Strong (WR) Breshad Perriman (WR) Brooks: If you can’t beat them, draft them. Perriman put up a impressive performance two years ago against Penn State when current Texans coach Bill O’Brien was coaching the Nittany Lions.
17 San Diego Chargers La’el Collins (OT) Melvin Gordon (RB) Sala: Solidifying the offensive line would be huge to protect the aging Philip Rivers and possibly revitalize the run game.
18 Kansas City Chiefs Devin Funchess (WR) Dorian Green-Beckham (WR) Brooks: Kansas City takes a chance to pair Green-Beckham up with other Missouri product, Jeremy Maclin.
19 Cleveland Browns (from Buffalo) Nate Orchard (DE) Devin Funchess (WR) Sala: The Browns are always looking to solidify their defensive line and Nate Orchard provides huge value.
20 Philadelphia Eagles Shane Ray (DE) Denarius Randle (SS) Brooks: Randle is a lesser known Pac-12 safety who could be this draft’s best.
21 Cincinnati Bengals Malcolm Brown (DT) Landon Collins (SS) Sala: Malcolm Brown would fit right into the system alongside Geno Atkins.
22 Pittsburgh Steelers Trae Waynes (CB) Jalen Collins (CB) Brooks: Collins is an athletic freak who could add some necessary youth to the Steelers’ secondary.
23 Detroit Lions Marcus Peters (CB) Marcus Peters (CB) Sala: The Lions could use all the help they can get in their secondary.
24 Arizona Cardinals Ereck Flowers (OT) Randy Gregory (DE) Brooks: The failed marijunna test at the combine slides Gregory down the board.
25 Carolina Panthers Breshad Perriman (WR) D.J. Humphrey (OT) Sala: More targets for Cam Newton are a huge necessity with the Panthers’ lack of wide receiver depth.
26 Baltimore Ravens Melvin Gordon (RB) Devante Parker (WR) Brooks: The Ravens need an offensive weapon to replace Torrey Smith.
27 Dallas Cowboys Eddie Goldman (DT) Shane Ray (DE) Sala: The Cowboys could use a big gap closer on their d-line.
28 Denver Broncos T.J. Clemmings (OT) Ereck Flowers (OT) Brooks: Flowers is a mauler in the run game with quick feet to protect the right side.
29 Indianapolis Colts Denzel Perryman (ILB) Andrus Peat (OT) Sala: The Colts could use some help for their run defense with the strong Miami product.
30 Green Bay Packers Eli Harold (OLB) Paul Dawson (ILB) Brooks: Moving Clay Matthews back outside is a priority.
31 New Orleans Saints (from Seattle) D.J. Humphries (OT) Maxx Williams (TE) Sala: The Saints could use help getting younger on their offensive line to protect the aging Drew Brees.
32 New England Patriots Shaq Thompson (LB) Shaq Thompson (LB) Brooks: The jack of all trades is a perfect fit in New England.



The Large Hadron Collider

The most powerful particle accelerator in the world recently reached the end of its upgrade time and is being prepared to be started again. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a system which lies in a tunnel of 27 kilometers in circumference, located 175 meters beneath the ground.

Operated by a group called CERN, the LHC is a piece of technology designed to study the interactions between particles when they collide with each other at speeds nearing the speed of light. There is a suspicion that they have found the elusive Higgs Boson, a phenomenon which to date has been always written off as a theory.

Shut down around 2012, the LHC was closed and shut down with the intentions of putting heavy upgrades on the system, increasing the power which its able to shove into the protons which are flung around inside the system. In the past, the system was able to run at a collision energy of 7 to 8 TeV (1 TeV = 1.60217657 x 10-7 joules) which at the time was pretty impressive. The system, however, was designed to operate at above 13 TeV, proving to be a really big difference compared to what it used to run at. Scientists are excited at what possibilities will present themselves with the upgrade in power. Bringing the system back to operational status is proving time-consuming as all of the new parts have to be settled into the operations which they’ll be going through in the future.

Since early 2015, all of the new systems are in place, and the team ready to finally give things another try. The LHC is one of the top places in the world if you’re looking to do research on physics, which draws quite the variety of people into the facilities. While not very well known to the general public, when it comes to science, the Large Hadron Collider is one of the shining beacons drawing people in.