Cathedral Prep student section: misconduct or misunderstood?

Cathedral Preparatory School has long been known for its prestigious academics, outstanding athletics, and incomparable faith. These things are undoubtedly crucial assets to a great school. However, one other element stands out like a sore thumb whenever Prep is mentioned. This is, of course, Prep’s loud, crazy, and well-known student cheering section.

Whatever the event is—football, basketball, or any other activity—the student body shows up dressed like orange-and-black madmen ready to scream and cheer until they’ve lost their voices for their beloved Ramblers. Seeing this in action is a spectacle in and of itself, and being a part of it is an experience like no other. Many people do not see it as the students do, though, and choose to condemn Prep’s cheering section for doing what they do. A recent letter to the editor in Erie Times-News was directed towards the behavior of the student section more so than the score of the game, which was 63-0 in Prep’s favor.

The Rambler student section has been accused of inappropriate cheers, distasteful routines, and unbecoming actions. Granted, some Prep students have erred in the past. Yet when pointing the finger at Prep students, one question goes unsaid: are students from other schools and their student sections ever guilty of misconduct? And if so, is it at a lower, more tolerable level, or worse? The answer, in my personal opinion, is quite obvious. Yes, other schools are guilty of saying and/or doing the same or similar things.

However, the simple fact that Cathedral Prep is the school that it is, in the community that it is in, puts it in unique territory to be judged. On multiple occasions, a rival opponent school’s cheering section has yelled rude and explicit chants at the students, parents, and faculty of Cathedral Prep. Will these instances ever make the paper? Probably not.

Parents from other schools, people from the community, and spectators alike hold Cathedral Prep to a high standard, sometimes without even realizing it. We are 14-18-year-olds who are expected to act as classy young men of Prep, ahead of our years. This is no coincidence. We’re expected to be great whether it is in competition on the field or in spirit on the sidelines. Remember that the next time a letter to the editor is written. Or better yet, remember that beforehand to help prevent a future complaint.

Cathedral Prep has a standard of excellence that we are held to by supporters internally and detractors externally. Anything less than our best will draw negative press. That says a lot. Roll Ramblers.

Music Review: Childish Gambino’s Because the Internet

Because the InternetMusic Monday is once again upon us, and this time around I’ll be looking at the 2013 offering from Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino), Because the Internet. A lot can be said about the multi-talented Donald Glover. His role as Troy Barnes on the television series Community is familiar to some, while his intelligent and humorous stand-up comedy sequences are known among others.

However, what truly brought him to prominence in the entertainment industry is his diverse and electrifying musical talent. He gained recognition from his 2011 LP Camp, meaning that at the time of Because the Internet’s release, Gambino was already a well known and respected individual. This fame would not alter the quality of his work as many expected. On the contrary, it seemed to elevate it.

He uses his reputation and fame as a sort of springboard, jumping from upbeat and colorful tracks such as “The Worst Guys” to eerie and self-conscious anthems like “No Exit” or “Life: The Biggest Troll”.

Because the Internet is a complex work of art that involves Gambino covering ground in music that many artists can’t, switching from rapping to singing and being accompanied by a screenplay with visuals that is to be read while listening to the album at specific moments. It is a project like no other, which, if listened to properly, captivates the listener and emerges them in a world that brings music to life.

Little is known about Glover’s plans for the future and whether or not they involve more music. One thing, however, is for certain; this man has no limit when it comes to creative expression. Pick up a copy of Because the Internet today, and experience it yourself.

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Nick’s Netflix Pick of the Week: Breaking Bad

breaking-bad-logoFor my second Netflix pick I want to go back seven years ago. The date was January 20, 2008, and many didn’t know it, but this would be the day when arguably the greatest drama television show ever first aired. This show was none other than Breaking Bad, the AMC drama that received an astounding 58 nominations during its run time of five years. Although the show won only 16 of these nominations, it is still very impressive for a show that was only on the air for five years.

Set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Breaking Bad is about the life of the not-so-ordinary high school chemistry teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston). In the show White is diagnosed with terminal and inoperable lung cancer. Realizing that he will die soon and leave his pregnant wife and son with nothing, he decides to turn his life around and get into a dangerous business. This decision comes about after he goes for a ride-along with his brother-in-law, a DEA agent, and watches them bust a meth lab. While on the ride-along he realizes how much money he could make in that kind of business.

Using his knowledge and chemistry background White gets himself into the meth-cooking business. He joins forces with his former student, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), who has been in the meth business for awhile. From cooking meth in an RV to getting their own official lab, this series follows the two on their journey as they become the best producers of meth in the whole state of New Mexico.

The show was created, written, and produced by mastermind Vince Gilligan. The cast is led by Cranston, yes, the same actor who played the dad in Malcolm in the Middle. He is supported by Paul, whose acting career was sparked by this great show. With only five seasons and 62 episodes, you will be stunned by just how great this show really is. After watching just a few episodes I am sure that you will be hooked.

Prep sophomore Anthony Lupo kicks game-winner to defeat Trojans

The Prep vs. McDowell football game is always one of the most heated high school football games of the year. The past three years, however, the score of game on the field has not lived up to the hype of the rivalry. The past three years, Prep has dominated the Trojans, with the closest margin being a comfortable two touchdown win last year 24-10.

That’s why last Friday, Sept. 18, Prep players and fans found themselves in an unfamiliar situation, trailing McDowell 7-6 late in the fourth quarter. The Ramblers had been struggling on offense all game, failing to reach the end zone all game. Two field goals were all that the Ramblers had showing on the scoreboard.

Lupo kickQuarterback Timmy Beveridge was able to complete a clutch pass to Adam Valerio with less than a minute left, putting the Ramblers inside the 10 yard line. The Ramblers were able to get it to the one yard line and take a timeout with two seconds left. The hearts of all of the Prep fans rested in the hands—or, perhaps more accurately, on the foot—of sophomore kicker Anthony Lupo. McDowell attempted to ice him by calling timeout twice before the kick, but Anthony stayed composed and drove the ball through the uprights, giving Prep the win and continuing their recent dominance over McDowell.

It not every day a sophomore gets to be the hero of a rivalry like Prep vs. McDowell. Anthony played grade school football at St. George before coming to prep for his freshman year. He has grown increasingly close to his teammates the past two years and says it’s a brotherhood like no other.

Anthony won the starting kicker job at camp and hasn’t looked back since. He was stellar against McDowell, hitting field goals of 32, 29, and 19 yards. Along with the rest of the team, he had been nervous, especially after being down after half. His last kick was easily the biggest of his career to date, either winning the game for the Ramblers as time expired or falling one point short.

“Obviously I was a little nervous with the whole game in my hands, but it’s I kick I practice all the time and knew I could make it,” said Lupo of his game-winning kick. “I knew I would be the hero or the zero, so I just gave it all I had. The rest after [kicking it] is just a blur.” The Prep Twitter community exploded post game, tweeting high praise of the sophomore kicker. Although he didn’t have a Twitter account himself, Anthony said he heard about the support secondhand and was just in awe of the whole experience.

The first thing people typically notice about Lupo standing on the sidelines is his height. Although he stands no more then 5’3″ he has never really had a problem with his height. “I’ve dealt with playing against bigger people my whole life, and I know that I can easily hang with the rest of them,” he said.

The 2015 Prep vs. McDowell football game will be one that he remembers for the rest of his life, but as a sophomore he’s sure to have plenty more game-winners in his career. Hopefully he can help Prep continue the winning trend in the future.

Previewing NBA 2K16: Be The Story

NBA 2K16Tomorrow, Sept. 25, NBA 2K16 will be released. It is being released early for gamers who have put down a pre-order while others will have to wait until Tuesday, Sept. 29 pick up a copy. The NBA 2Kseries has been around since 1999, and this will be the third installment for the Xbox 1 and the PS4.

Each year a new NBA 2K is released and new features are always a part of the game, such as the Eco-Motion engine, MyGM, The Stage, The Jordan Rec Center, and more. These new features, however, often overshadow some common problems that carry over from game to game and these problems are not thoroughly addressed.

In the last game, 2K15, there were a lot of problems with the feature called MyPark. These problems were echoed by former Prep kicker Zach Bednarowicz. “2K15 had a lot of gameplay problems, such as shooting, and was very laggy when playing online,” Bednarowicz said.

Another common problem was poor shooting and rebounding mechanics. It’s not all doom and gloom, however. It is said that while developing the game 2K has spent extra time with the defense and shooting. It now will be much harder to hit the seldom achieved “excellent release”, which now will not guarantee the shot is made like it did in 2K15. Also, with new defensive footwork and animations it should be a little easier to stay in front of your opponent and “lock-on” in solo and online game modes.

“I’m looking forward to hopping into the park, trying the new Pro-Am and dominating with friends,” said Bednarowicz.

This new Pro-Am is perhaps the biggest thing to look forward to. It is a revamped version of the Jordan Rec Center, which was a major disaster. The Pro-Am is now matchmaking, which means no more waiting around for 30 minutes just to get on a court and get smoked by the other team because of poor online connection caused by rival players. With matchmaking the online connection between players should be better, which means less lagging and fairer play. Also, some exciting additions to the Pro-Am are designing your own custom court, team name, and jerseys.

Another game mode that was revamped was MyCareer. In the new MyCareer you will now start as a player in college and play a game for scouts and coaches to watch. You will also be in control of practicing to better yourself and raise your attributes. You will also be in control of managing your sponsorships, which will help you globalize your brand. And lastly connecting with other NBA players will help you earn more sponsorships and perhaps form a super team. But be cautious, you can’t do everything at once. After all, you’re only human, so you will have to pick and choose what activity it is that you do on any given day.

As a yearly buyer of NBA 2K, I was not happy with 2K14 and even more unhappy with 2K15. That is why every year between August and September I start to get really excited for the new game. I have not touched my copy of NBA 2K15 since the middle of July, and I am having my basketball withdrawals. If 2K truly has fixed the defense and shot mechanics, as well as having a playable MyPark and Pro-Am, and having a less boring MyCareer experience, then this 2K installment will be remembered as one of the better ones alongside NBA 2K10 and NBA 2K13.

Minion Mania


If you’re a well-adjusted childless adult who enjoys age appropriate films, this quote probably seems like complete nonsense to you. If you are under the age of 25, or have fairly young children, you probably recognize this quote, having been uttered by one of Gru’s infamous minions.

If you’re living under a rock, you would be unaware of the “Minion Mania” that has recently taken over our culture. It seems that you can’t get away from those little yellow rascals. They’re everywhere. From Happy Meals to T-shirts to their own feature film, they’re all over the place. Many people are thrown by this sudden takeover. How did such a silly fad become an national phenomenon?

The main reason for the popularity of minions is obviously the movies that they have been a part of. In 2010, Despicable Me introduced the world to Minions. Though this movie was actually more focused on Gru, an evil mastermind voiced by Steve Carell, most everyone would agree that the Minions carried the film. Steve Carell’s Gru had a few satirical moments, and his adopted daughters were cute, but the vast majority of the laughs came from Gru’s little henchmen.

The creators of Despicable Me realized this, and in 2013 they released Despicable Me 2, bringing the Minions into the limelight even more. Though Gru was still the star of the film, the Minions were given more comedic opportunities and successfully outshined Gru once again.

When this sequel was just as, if not more, successful than the original, the creator’s decided to try their luck once again and released Minions. It made sense to give the Minions their own feature film, considering they were everyone’s favorite part of the two previous flicks. However, this movie was met with poor reviews, mostly due to the fact that those adorable yellow guys simply can’t carry their own plot. This is mainly because they can’t even carry a conversation. The Minions have their own language, which is humorous in small doses, but cannot provide the dialogue for a feature film. The devoted kid fans of Minions gave this movie box office success, but that’s all it will ever have.

Due to this slow, but seemingly fast ascent to fame, Minions have become a household item. Minion merchandise is flying off the shelves, and they’re all over social media. Some people cannot go a day without seeing a Minion. Like it or not, they’re here to stay. This “Minion Mania” is quite “bananas.”

Metz Culinary Management begins as Prep cafeteria’s new meal provider

IMG_4916One of the big questions at Prep entering the school year was, who was going to fill the void in the leadership role of the cafeteria? The decision the school had to make was either to go with another personal chef or a food service. One big name option in town was Metz Culinary Management. They serve several schools around the area, including Prep’s longtime college partner, Gannon University. After much research, Cathedral Prep decided to go with Metz to cater to Prep students, faculty, and staff. “The benefits of a food service are the reduced costs, they can get fresher food, and provide more options,” said Mr. Murnock, Cathedral Prep Principal.  With their reputation, Metz was an easy choice for the board.

IMG_4918The transition to the new lunch system went relatively smooth; however, there were a few minor complications through the first week. With long lines and not enough food for the students there were gaps to fill. From a student’s perspective, it is nice to see the many options at lunch. There are a couple lines in the cafeteria that serve different varieties of food. At every lunch, Metz serves a soup of the day, a main entree, pizza, and an American option (hamburgers, fries, etc.).

When asked for a comment on the new service senior Blaze Konzel voiced a negative opinion, saying, “The new service is subpar. I hope administration realizes the mistake of last year. you never know what you have until it’s gone.”

Another senior Ryan Dyne stated, “I think that the new lunches have their advantages and disadvantages. I am a fan of the many selections they offer, but the prices are a little ridiculous. My biggest issue is the ranch. It needs to get the boot.”

On the other hand,Mr. Ladoucer said, “I like it. Very fresh,” expanding even more to add that he loves the nutritious values in every meal. When interviewing Tamara Sallot, the head chef for Metz at Prep, she was explaining how healthy and fresh the food options were. She exclaimed that it was so healthy, that she was actually cutting the fat off of a fresh chicken a couple minutes before the interview.

While looking into the future for Metz, they want to keep up the freshness of the food being offered and add even more options for the students of Cathedral Prep. Mr. Murnock also stated that they recently ordered a second pizza warmer because of the high demand for the product. Summing up the first few weeks of the new food service, one could say it was all about the money and the freshness.

Music Review: Mac Miller’s GO:OD AM

mac_miller_good_am_coverStepping into a more recent realm for the second Music Monday review, I’m going to look at the newly released, 17-track full length album GO:OD AM by critically acclaimed Pittsburgh, Pa., native Mac Miller. Over the years, we’ve witnessed Miller grow from a backpack and snapback frat rapper with his K.I.D.S. mixtape to an introspective, intelligent, and interesting big name artist whose inventive nature stretches to all imaginable corners of creation.

The project kicks off with “Doors”, which is a 1:18 explanation of where Mac is in his life sung halfheartedly over a dreamy, piano-induced instrumental. It then progresses to the track “Brand Name”, which challenges the importance (or unimportance) of materialistic values, followed a little later by the singles released prior to the album’s drop “100 Grandkids”, “Clubhouse”, and “Break the Law”.

GO:OD AM seems as if it’s an ode to starting anew, seeing how Miller was struggling with addiction and bad situations within his life while recording and releasing his 2013 album Watching Movies With the Sound Off. For the most part, the production, lyricism, and features on this new offering seem to be coming from a much better place than its two-year-old counterpart. This truth is evident not only in Miller’s music, but his personality, demeanor, and overall sense of self.

Features on this record include TDE front man Ab-Soul, Berkeley native and former member of The Pack, Lil B, Miguel, Chicago drill artist Chief Keef, and Little Dragon. GO:OD AM is definitely a piece worth checking out. It looks as if this is only the beginning of a new, mature, and influential career for the young Mac Miller.

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Apple announces release date for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Even though the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus just came out about a year ago. Apple has announced another iPhone product, which is the iPhone 6s. The iPhone 6s will be available to be bought this Friday, Sept. 25.

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will come in four colors: Silver, Gold, Space Gray, and Rose Gold.

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will come in four colors: Silver, Gold, Space Gray, and Rose Gold.

While the other iPhones have multi-touch the iPhone 6s has 3D touch. With 3D touch it senses how deeply you press the display, letting the user do all kinds of essential things more quickly and simply. It also gives the user real-time feedback in the form of subtle taps from the all new Taptic Engine. When someone uses 3D Touch, the iPhone responds with subtle taps. So not only will the user see what a press can do, the user will feel it.

The iPhone 6s is powered by the custom-designed 64-bit A9 chip. So the things people do every day, such as browsing the web, using apps, and taking photos will work even better. There is also an iPhone 6s Plus coming out.

The iPhone 6s features LTE Advanced with speeds up to twice as fast as the previous generation, and when it’s connected to Wi-Fi, iPhone 6s lets users do things like browse the web and download apps at speeds up to twice as fast, too. iOS 9 is the most advanced, intelligent, and secure mobile operating system in the world.

Both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have stunning Retina HD display. Even though the iPhone 6 just came out, media experts think that people will still be ripping each other’s hair out to get the iPhone 6s and students at Prep seem to agree.

A Review of

TGWTGThat Guy With the Glasses is a blip based website dedicated to the videos of many internet reviewers, including but not limited to Nostalgia Critic, Nostalgia Chick, Cinema Snob, Jesuotaku, Linkara, and multiple other reviewers.

The site was originally created by Doug Walker (also known as the Nostalgia Critic) in collaboration with Channel Awesome and many of the aforementioned reviewers as a way to post content and reviews so that they would not have to conform to the YouTube copyright standards after alleged copyright infringements. The site now hosts an impressive amount of reviewers covering a broad spectrum of topics ranging from comic books and video games to major motion pictures and pop songs.

Each reviewer has their own unique style and personality as well as a general style of comedy. Whether it is blatant satire or rampant sarcasm and cussing, each reviewer is unique in and of themselves.

As a recommendation, I suggest watching the Nostalgia Critic. Not only does the critic have a funny personality, but he has developed throughout his series of reviews to become a more interesting character going through little arcs and adventures on his own while also doing a review or countdown.

As his name would imply he reviews nostalgic movies and cartoon series that upon looking back may be godawful or just plain old silly. Some videos from his review series that I would suggest are the Nicholas Cage Month movie reviews and the Matrix Month movie reviews.

During Nicholas Cage Month he reviews movies such as The Wicker Man, Ghost Rider, and Face Off. Each review is humorous and pokes fun at the corny acting and over-the- top expressions of Nick Cage. And Matrix Month is entirely dedicated to reviewing the three core movies of the Matrix Trilogy and the spin-off film Animatrix. All together is a great website with amazing reviews and a stellar core crew. I would highly recommend it if you are in need of a good laugh.