Fantasy Football Week 8 Start/Sit

At this point in the season, certain players have turned positive trends into becoming dependent fantasy options every week. Others still haven’t seem to show up this year and are beginning to impact whether or not your team makes the playoffs. Here’s a few picks to help save your season.


Start: Phillip Rivers (SD) – The Ravens have given up the most points to opposing QBs, and Rivers has been on fire. He has about 400 more yards than anyone else in the NFL and is on a career pace for touchdowns too.

Matt Ryan (ATL) – Ryan has had a ton of success against the Buccaneers in his career, and this year should be no different. They gave up three TDs to Kirk Cousins last week, and gave up four to Blake Bortles the previous game. Ryan is much better than both of these guys, and might have his best fantasy day so far this year.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (NYJ) – This is a good start if you have someone on a bye or out with injury. The Jets will likely have less success than they have had running the ball going against Khalil Mack and the rest of the Raiders defense. Expect a ton of short- to mid-range passes to Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker to stay away from veteran safety Charles Woodson.

Sit: Colin Kaepernick (SF) – Kaepernick followed up two really solid performances in Weeks 5 and 6 with a terrible one against the Seahawks. This week, he plays the Rams, who have given up the second fewest points to opposing QBs. Their skilled defensive line limits the rushing yards to quarterbacks and don’t allow too much time to throw the deep ball, which are Kaepernick’s two specialties.

Derek Carr (OAK) – Carr is coming along, and this pick has nothing to do with his ability going forward. Sitting him has everything to do with Darelle Revis and the rest of the Jets talented secondary. This game might be a disaster for the young Raiders.

Running Back

Start: Chris Johnson (ARZ) – The Browns are still the worse rushing defense in the league, and CJ2K is still the main man in the Cardinals backfield. He should be an automatic start this week.

Ronnie Hillman (DEN) – Hillman has looked much better than C.J. Anderson, still one of the biggest busts of the year, the last three weeks. He is the only player to rush for 100 yards for the Broncos, and is more of a passing threat than Anderson. He goes against a decent Packers defense this week, but should get enough action to turn in a solid week 8.

Charles Sims (TB) – Doug Martin will still probably have another good game, and he is more of an obvious start at running back. However, Sims is used much more than Martin in the passing game, and no team has given up more receiving yard to RBs than the Falcons, Tampa’s week 8 match-up.

Sit: Latavius Murray (OAK) – The Jets have given up the fewest points to opposing RBs. That is enough reason to not start anyone who goes up against them. Murray has not been consistent at all this year, and this will be his toughest matchup yet.

Alfred Blue (HOU) – Blue is always a popular start when Arian Foster is out, but, more often than not, he fails to produce. Apart from his week 3 performance, which was mainly due to awful tackling by the Bucs defense, Blue has not found any success this year.

Darren McFadden (DAL) – This is an easy pick as the Cowboys play the Seahawks this week. McFadden should get more work than any other Dallas running back with Joseph Randle out. I’m glad that he’s getting this chance because he is exciting when healthy, but this should not be a good week for him.

Wide Receiver

Start: Stefon Diggs (MIN) – Diggs has only played 3 games this season but still has more fantasy points than any other receiver on the Vikings. He seems to make Teddy Bridgewater and the entire offense better when he is on the field, and he plays a terrible Bears defense this week.

Malcolm Floyd (SD) – Keenan Allen has taken so many targets away from other receivers this year, but this is simply because he is the best route-runner and has great hands. Floyd lines up on the other sideline and is always a deep threat. He showed be started as he goes against the cornerbacks of the Ravens who give up the most deep passes.

Jeremy Maclin (KC) – Maclin hasn’t seen the field in two weeks, but he was on a roll before suffering a concussion. He finally broke the no touchdowns to receivers streak and had three straight good all around games. Alex Smith should target it more this week to get him back into the offense against the Lions.

Sit: T.Y. Hilton (IND) – Apart from last week, Hilton has not had the fantasy season he had last year. He goes up against rising star Josh Norman of the Carolina Panthers, who have given up the least amount of yards and touchdowns to number one receivers, this week.

Brandin Cooks (NO) – Cooks has been almost as big a disappointment as C.J. Anderson this year, and should probably be abandoned in all leagues. While guys like Willie Snead and Benjamin Watson are improving, Cooks’ production will likely only go down.

Amari Cooper (OAK) – This pick goes right along with the decision to sit Derek Carr, as the two are used in a start/sit tandem week in and week out. Both are very young and likely will have many great years together, but youth and inexperience does not fare well against the Jets.

Tight End

Start: Benjamin Watson (NO) – Watson is no Jimmy Graham, but Drew Brees is targeting him almost has much as he did Graham. He becomes more involved in the offense every week, and this week might be his best game so far. The Giants have given up the third most fantasy points to tight ends, and Watson gets the most red zone targets of any Saints player.

Tyler Eifert (CIN) – Eifert has shined this season as the first year of being a constantly healthy, number one tight end with Andy Dalton. Just to share a quick personal story, I met Tyler at a tailgate before a Notre Dame game a couple of years ago. He mentioned how he hated how much he had to block, as he was always a dominant pass-catcher at ND. Now that Jermaine Gresham is out of the picture, Eifert has become one of the best tight ends in the NFL.

Sit: Dwayne Allen (IND) – Allen looked to have better games with Andrew Luck coming back, but he hasn’t even separated himself from Coby Fleener. It doesn’t help that the Colts play the Panthers, who have been great against tight ends not named Jimmy Graham.

Freshmen retreat begins bonds of brotherhood for Cathedral Prep Class of 2019

DSC_0020As the freshmen settle in at Cathedral Prep, they are growing accustomed to high school. They are forming bonds with each other and the teachers. They can call themselves Ramblers and proceed to achieve excellence in all that they do. To help them grow in each aspect campus ministry organized a retreat for the fantastic freshman to grow in the three main areas that Cathedral Prep emphasizes the most: spirit, mind, and body.

DSC_0021Father Feigh, campus ministry director, organized the retreat for the Cathedral Prep freshmen class. There were six planned programs for the students: prayer, Rambler ball, peer witness, confession, free time which divided into ultimate Frisbee and corn hole, and the day ended with Mass.

DSC_0106“The main objective of the retreat is to bond as a class, learn objective lessons of faith and brotherhood, and skills to cope with the challenges of high school,” said Father Feigh. Any Cathedral Prep alumni, teacher or faculty member, or student, can tell you that the brotherhood at Prep is one of the best aspects about the school. All students consider themselves brothers and have spent a lot of time with each other. As a freshman, it is important to start the brotherhood bonding process as soon as possible. High school can often be tough for some people, but with the help of their fellow brothers, they can get through it.

DSC_0124Being in charge of forming a great retreat for Father Feigh, “has been humbling,” he said. “No matter what grade, it is always a great experience to organize it and watch it unfold.” He also got some great help from the class of 2016, the seniors. They helped run each program, helped with Mass, and helped keep the freshman entertained in between events. They sacrificed a day off from school to help their younger classmates because they know how important it is for them.

The one thing Father Feigh had hoped would have been better was the weather. But overall the outcome of the retreat has been positive.

Opinion: There’s nothing fun about “fun size” candy

We’ve all been there, standing in the Wegman’s check out line hoping for a sweet treat, but the only option is fun size. If you’re unfamiliar with fun size, consider yourself lucky. Fun size is pretty much a way for candy corporations to make stupid people think they are getting something special for their money, when really they are getting robbed. It’s just an extra small size candy bar. “Fun size” should be eliminated from the world forever for a few reasons.

First of all, there’s nothing fun about less candy. This is an obvious, undeniable truth. Would you rather have more or less cake? More or less pudding? More or less cookies? The answer is a definitive more and the same answer applies to candy.

Secondly, think about the kids. Halloween is one of the most exciting days of the year for them, second only to Christmas. Children and their parents spend lots of time and money buying and making their costumes, and they deserve a decent reward. There’s nothing more disheartening than emphatically chanting “trick-or-treat!” only to receive a small “fun size” candy bar. Likewise, nothing will lift a child’s spirits, making their night, perhaps year, like receiving a king size candy bar. Offered a choice between the two, any well functioning kid will choose the king size over the fun size.

Also, childhood obesity is at an all time high in our nation, and we need to bring that number down. The unfortunate reality of fun size candy is that one can eat a lot of it without even realizing it. One might argue that king size bars encourage one to eat more, but at least people are aware of how much they have eaten. The tiny portions of fun size bars allow an innocent child to consume mass amounts of chocolate without even knowing it, which is very unhealthy.

Last but not least, fun size candy bars encourage littering. It’s very apparent that a little fun size candy bar is much more portable than a king size. One is more likely to eat a fun size candy bar “on the go” than a larger bar. This indubitably leads to people consuming their little candy bars in places that do not have trash cans, and tossing the wrapper over their shoulder. One fun size wrapper may not seem like much, but these wrappers add up, eventually leading to landfills filled with fun size wrappers. These wrappers can get picked up by wind, scattering far and wide to infiltrate the ecosystems of some of the world’s most precious animals. If say, a baby harp seal were to consume one of these wrappers, they could choke and die, leading to the extinction of these adorable creatures. Some readers may think that this is stretching it, but it’s a very possible occurrence.

The point is pretty clear. There is literally not one good thing about fun size candy bars. Hopefully big name companies will come to realize this and right the wrongs that they have committed by putting this abomination on the market.

3 bold predictions to tipoff the NBA season

With the NBA season opener tipping off tonight it’s time to start making some predictions. As always these will be bold predictions and they will be subject to change throughout the season. So in honor of a new season let the predictions commence.

1. Neither Jahlil Okafor nor D’Angelo Russell will win Rookie of the Year

Most people believe that it will be one of the two gifted players above that walks away with the ROY hardware this year, but I’m not buying it. It’s not that I don’t believe in their respective abilities. In fact, I drafted Jahlil Okafor onto my fantasy team with my 11th round pick; it’s just I believe that there are several candidates who will fare much better in their given situations.

The case against Jahlil Okafor: Okafor is joining a young 76ers squad as their only legitimate go-to option. He will receive a heavy dosage of minutes while being asked to keep the 76ers offense going. This isn’t college anymore. NBA bigs are bigger stronger and faster, and they will all be keying in on Okafor when they play the 76ers. Another factor working against Okafor is Philly’s lack of outside shooting. There only legitimate threats from outside are Robert Covington and a very unimpressive Nik Stauskas. Teams will look to pack the paint and sag off their assignments to help on Okafor. Jahlil Okafor will have his fair share of dominant performances but low percentages and heavy defensive pressure will contribute to his rookie troubles.

The case against D’Angelo Russell: D’Angelo Russell was drafted with the expectations that he will someday soon succeed Kobe Bryant as the face of the Lakers franchise. The problem is he could not have been drafted into a worse possible position. With Kobe Bryant as a guaranteed starter there are going to be problems from the get go. Not only will Russell have to compete with Kobe for touches, but he will also have to compete with the likes of promising sophomore Jordan Clarkson and prized free agent Lou Williams in a crowded backcourt. Pair the lack of backcourt minutes and touches with Russell’s poor summer league and preseason outings, and it’s easy to see the rook struggling early on and maybe being more of a bench player his first year. I really think the Lakers should’ve gone with Jahlil Okafor at this pick, but we will see how D’Angelo Russell pans out.

The case for Karl-Anthony Towns: This kid can ball. It’s important not to read too far into Summer League and preseason games as the intensity will pick up during the regular season, but Towns flat out dominated in the preseason. He looked comfortable going to the low post, and he is an excellent free throw shooter as a young big. His three point stroke has yet to catch up to the pro distance, but he has solid shooting mechanics and we’ve seen him knock down shots from distance. With speed demon Ricky Rubio facilitating and offensive juggernauts Kevin Martin, Andrew Wiggins, and Shabazz Muhammed around, defenses will have their hands full with these young Timberpups. Oh, and let’s not forget that Towns will have one of the greatest power forwards in NBA history in Kevin Garnett as a player/coach, teaching him the nuances of the game. This kid is my favorite to take home the hardware.

The case for Emmanuel Mudiay: With the Denver Nuggets trading immature point guard Ty Lawson to the Houston Rockets, Emmanuel Mudiay has inherited a run-and-gun offense with a plethora of weapons. He will have Danillo Galinari to pass to for open spot-up 3s, and he will have the ability to toss lobs galore to athletic freaks Wilson Chandler and Kenneth Faried. Mudiay could not have landed in a better position to rack up stats, and ROY voters love big numbers. Mudiay will struggle with his shooting stroke and turnovers at times during the season, but if he can average close to 14-15 PPG and 6-7 APG, he could definitely generate some ROY buzz and be a darkhorse candidate to take the crown from Towns.

2. Anthony Davis will be the Most Valuable Player

This may or may not seem bold to you. Whether you believe Davis should win it or not, let’s take a look at the preseason MVP candidates. Stephen Curry will be back with another offseason of chemistry with his teammates and perhaps even a better team. James Harden will be out to prove that he is runner-up to nobody, especially some baby-faced kid in Oakland. Harden will look to show why the league should “Fear the Beard” from day 1.

A healthy and angry Kevin Durant will look to show that lousy foot injuries are a thing of the past, and he will look to make up for lost time by obliterating opposing defenses all while competing with teammate Russel Westbrook for a scoring title. Oh, and let’s not forget this guy, LeBron James. With Kyrie Irving sidelined possibly until January, James and Kevin Love will shoulder a larger offensive load. This could easily generate early MVP buzz for The King.

You could argue for any of the above guys and possibly others like Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and Marc Gasol, but one thing is for certain, Anthony Davis will win MVP. Last year Davis tortured opposing defenses and halted his competitors’ offensive possessions all season long. He practically willed the Pelicans to a playoff spot and is angry with being swept by the eventual champs. “The Brow” spent all summer working on his 3 ball as well, as if there wasn’t enough offensive potential to begin with. Look for Anthony Davis to challenge Kevin Durant for a scoring title. This kid won’t even turn 23 until March. This will be the first of many MVPs for Davis.

3. The Utah Jazz make the playoffs and make some noise

This is my biggest and boldest prediction, but it’s my favorite. The Jazz boast the second youngest team in the NBA, the youngest being the Philadelphia 76ers. They don’t play defense like youngbloods though. Last season after the All-Star break, once Enes Kanter was traded and Rudy Gobert was inserted into the starting lineup, the Utah Jazz boasted the number 1 defense in the entire NBA. The loss of sophomore Dante Exum to a season-ending ACL tear will hurt their defensive and offensive potential, but don’t worry too much about that. The Jazz defense won’t skip a beat with Gobert having a full season to start.

The French big man has a 9’9″ standing reach. It’s no wonder they call him the Stifle Tower, the French Rejection, and my personal nickname for him, The Gobstopper; Gobert huge. Last April he averaged 4.1 BPG. That’s insane for someone who’s only 23. Defense will translate to wins against weaker opponents and even some upsets against some Western and Eastern Conference competitors. If Gordon Hayward, Alec Burks, and Derrick Favors can carry the scoring load and perhaps get some more efficient play from Trey Burke then the Jazz could easily slip into the 8th seed and possibly make the top seed look silly in a thrilling 7 game series.

Those are just 3 predictions, but I feel they are pretty bold. Share your bold predictions are for this NBA season in the comments below.

Music Review: Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix

experiencehendrixYet again Monday is upon us, bringing a another installment of Music Monday. This time around I’ll be covering the greatest hits compilation of the fantastically psychedelic and introspective guitarist and vocalist, Jimi Hendrix. Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix brilliantly throws together 20 of the icon’s most prominent tracks, including a live performance of “The Star Spangled Banner” at Woodstock.

Kicking off the record is the hazy, sleep-induced anthem “Purple Haze” that is known globally by fans and non-fans alike. This song alone drove Hendrix into a realm of relevancy unheard of by an African-American artist at that time. A few tracks later is the tranquil melody “The Wind Cries Mary”, boasting lazy guitar strings and smooth, sleep-beckoning drums and bass.

“All Along the Watch Tower”, another wildly popular track, is featured later in the album and helps to tie everything together as the wondrous tribute that it is. Progressing towards the end of the record are the tracks “Little Wing” and “Castles Made of Sand”, showing a different side of Hendrix that focuses more on down-to-earth, self-conscious lyricism backed with incredible guitar play. Without a doubt, Jimi Hendrix revolutionized the genre of psychedelic music, paved a way for African-American musicians, and made a name for himself that will live eternally in the hearts and souls of music lovers.

Click to buy it on iTunes.

Heisman Watch 2015

In the sports world there is nothing as unique or crazy as the atmosphere of college sports. The college atmosphere is the bacon of the sports world. The NCAA is one of the largest industries in the nation accumulating over 912 million dollars in revenue last year. Now certainly there has to be some reason people prefer college sports over the pros. Is it the atmosphere, thousands of students screaming and yelling in hope of a victory from their team? Or is it the fact these players are playing for an opportunity of employment in the near future? Just like anything in life, some people are more skilled in certain areas than others. One of the most prestigious and well known awards in college sports is the Heisman Trophy, which is awarded to the top player in the nation. Take a look at who I believe is currently in the running and who will ultimately end up victorious.

Leonard Fournette

Fournette is currently sitting on top of all the Heisman Watches from all the major networks across the nation and rightfully so. Fournette has been dominant this season, averaging an unheard of 8 yards per carry to go along with his 15 scores. He’s racked up over 1,300 yards so far and with at least 5 games left he is in a great position to make a run for record books. He is very hard to argue against, as LSU is in the SEC, which is known all across the country for their toughness on defense. Circle November 7th on the calendar as LSU matches up with Alabama and there is almost a 100 percent chance you will hear Fournette’s name all game long.

Ezekiel Elliot

Most of social media knows this man by his crop-top type jersey style, while the avid sports fan knows him as a man among boys. Recently, against Rutgers, he broke the 1,000 yards mark for the season,  which is very difficult to accomplish, not to mention in a mere 8 games. He averages roughly 7 yards per carry and has found the end zone 13 times so far this season. Ohio State is currently ranked #1 in the nation, and Ezekiel certainly deserves a lot of credit.

Trevone Boykins

Boykins is the magician behind the TCU offense, which is currently ranked fourth in the nation with an average of 616 yards per game. Boykins is the type of quarterback that defensive coordinators have nightmares preparing for. He can do it all. He can run, he can pass, and he can even pass it on the run. He has already passed for over 2,500 yard to go along with his 25 touchdowns tosses. Now if that doesn’t impress you, then don’t forget to add in his 477 rushing yards and 5 trips to the ends zone via his wheels. Boykins is arguably the most exciting player in college football.

Corey Coleman

Corey Coleman is nowhere to be found on some of the major Heisman watches, and that is not fair. Baylor has the number one offense in the nation and ironically the top receiver. Coleman, a junior, has already hauled in an astounding 18 touchdown catches, and that is more than ANYONE had last season. Think about that for a second. He has 18 touchdowns through 7 games, and that is more than anyone from last year in their entire season. He ranks fourth in the nation for receiving yards, totaling 962 yards up to this point. Coleman was recently crowned as the man with the most receiving touchdowns in Baylor’s history (31). He is definitely a dark horse when it comes to winning the trophy, but regardless he is not someone anyone would want to see their team playing against any given week.

CJ Prosise

What’s a good Heisman Watch without a surprise? Now some people’s first reaction is probably that he is just an above average running back, which is partially correct. The trophy usually goes to a player whose team could not succeed without them. In this case, Prosise is and should be up there with the best of them because his value to Notre Dame cannot even be put into words. First, it is his first year as a running back for ND and he has already accumulated 922 yards and 11 touchdowns. With the loss of Malik Zaire, Notre Dame was in desperate need of a consistent attack on the offensive side and CJ filled the role and surpassed expectations.

Prediction: Leonard Fournette wins in an easy fashion as he leads LSU to the College Football Playoff.

Movie Review: Liar Liar

LIAR LIAR, Jim Carrey, 1997

Fletcher struggling with his inability to lie.

In the 1990s a star was being made. Before funnymen like Jack Black, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg there was Jim Carrey. Carrey is a Canadian born actor who started his career as a stand up comedian. Eventually he landed a lead role in a sketch comedy show called In Living Color. This was the start of an amazing and enduring comedic career. Carrey went on to star in 90s comedies such as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Dumb and Dumber, The Mask, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, The Cable Guy, and The Truman Show.

But there is one movie that stands above these in my opinion, one that is in the upper echelon of comedies that will stand the test of time. That movie is Liar Liar. In terms of pure comedic value Liar Liar belongs in the category with hysterical movies such as Talladega Nights, Blades of Glory, Tropic Thunder, School for Scoundrels, 8 Crazy Nights, Step Brothers, Ted, The Other Guys, and Pineapple Express, just to put this movie’s greatness into today’s perspective.

In Liar Liar (1997), Carrey portrays lawyer Fletcher Reede. In Fletcher’s pursuit to make partner at his firm he accepts the high profile case of Samantha Cole, a woman who has committed adultery. Due to her pre-nuptial agreement she is entitled to nothing if proven guilty. Fletcher is the only attorney willing to take the case because he believes he can win using his ability to lie, his ability to get his client and witnesses to commit perjury, and his ability to fabricate believable alternative explanations and stories that put doubt into the judge’s mind. Fletcher gets so wrapped up in the case that he misses his son Max’s fifth birthday party. At 8:15 p.m. Max wishes that for one day his dad cannot tell a lie.

This fantastical plot leads to a hilarious journey of Fletcher Reede struggling to cope with his newfound inability to lie, mislead, ask questions to which he knows the answers will be lies, or even deceive by withholding a true answer. This leads to many great sound bits, one of which takes place when Fletcher begins to brutally assault himself in a court bathroom in order to have his court case come to a continuance.

Jim Carrey was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy/Musical, for his energetic and clownish portrayal of Fletcher Reede. This movie will have you laughing from beginning to end and will have you rooting for Fletcher to not only win his case, but for him also to realize that honesty is the only way to win back the adoration of his son.

If you love a good laugh and are hard pressed for a movie, this classic fits the bill. With a star, class-clowny performance from Carrey you will be thoroughly entertained and will want to watch it again and again. Many people say that they’ve seen a movie “a thousand time.” Well, I can tell you that I have seen Liar Liar at least 30 times by now, and I still laugh at the same parts. This movie is worth it, but if you watch it beware. “The Claw” will pull you right back into this awesome comedy over and over and over again.

Prep water polo goes 3-1 in home tournament

Cathedral Prep senior water polo player David Rahner envisions his future success both inside and outside of the pool.

Cathedral Prep senior water polo player David Rahner envisions his future success both inside and outside of the pool.

On October 16-17, Cathedral Prep hosted its only home tournament of the season at Penn State Behrend.  Prep opened the tournament Friday night against Wilson High School of Reading, Pa. Prep had last played Wilson at the Beast of the East tournament three weeks prior and came up just short in the 9-8 loss on Wilson’s home waters, leaving the Ramblers itching for a rematch.

An early goal from junior Anthony Squeglia and a shutout first quarter by senior goalie Daniel Anthony kept Prep ahead 1-0 at the end of the first. The second quarter resulted in four goals from each side and Prep maintaining a 5-4 lead at the half. However, Wilson broke away in the third quarter and scored four goals while the Ramblers were only able to counter with two. With two minutes left in the game, the score was tied up at 9-9 thanks to two goals from A. Squeglia and senior Thomas Squeglia to counter another goal from the opposing team. However, after a breakaway play and goal by Wilson, and Prep unable to score on a counter play, the Ramblers fell 10-9. A. Squeglia and T. Squeglia scored three goals each, two from sophomore Calvin Behm, and one from senior Patrick Steele. Anthony had sixteen saves in goal.

Prep then went on to play Thomas Worthington High School of Worthington, Ohio, later that night. The team had taken on Thomas Worthington before, and the team knew the game would be much more easygoing than the previous game. Prep was able to put TW away 13-7 thanks to four goals from T. Squeglia, three each from Behm and senior David Rahner, two from A. Squeglia, and one from senior Austin Hancock.

On Saturday morning, the team played North Allegheny High School of Wexford, Pa. Prep started the game very rocky and was losing 5-4 at the half. After a change in strategy, the Ramblers pulled ahead and won the game 12-7 thanks to five goals from A. Squeglia, three from Behm, two from Rahner, and one each from T. Squeglia and Steele.

The water polo team would then go on to play their rival, McDowell High School, that evening. Ready for what was expected to be an easy win against McDowell, Prep made sure to pack a punch with a 20-9 victory over the Trojans. In the win, goals were provided by T. Squeglia with six, Behm with five, four from A. Squeglia, and one each from Rahner, Steele, senior Joshua Kurczewski, sophomore Thomas Uht, and sophomore Dominic Montefiori.

Contributions to the win were also made possible with the help of the Prep cheering section boosting the team’s morale. Despite recent controversy behind the cheering section in recent weeks, the students did a great job in providing cheers (not jeers) and enhancing the athletic experience.

In the victories against North Allegheny and McDowell, Prep was able to clinch a spot in the the Pennsylvania State Tournament which will be held on November 6-7 at Wilson High School in Reading. Prep will play next for the Western Conference Championship on October 31 at North Allegheny High School in Wexford.

Prep senior takes first shots at Joann Mullen Gymnasium

Cathedral Prep senior Mitch Clark made the first shot at the Joann Mullen Gymnasium on Wednesday, Oct. 21, officially marking the opening of the gymnasium at the PVEC after months of construction. Mitch was granted this amazing opportunity after his family won the chance to do so at last year’s Legacy Gala. The much anticipated gymnasium opening kicked off with a bang as several students and faculty gathered for this prestigious shot.

After six missed half court shots and one three pointer Mitch finally opted to go with a layup, which he made. The crowd went crazy, storming the court and mosh-pitting around Mitch. The Rambler was able to get exclusive interviews with the legend himself, Mitch Clark, before and after his historic shot.

Moments before his shot he said that the experience is “nerve racking [because] you want to give the fans what they want, but you don’t want to curse the court.”

After the shot, he commented with quite the analogy about the amount of pressure he was feeling.”It felt like I had the entire student body on my shoulders,” Mitch said. I then inquired why he continued to attempt the half court shots despite not being close 5 of the 6 times. To this Mitch responded with classic sports cliches, saying, “shooters shoot” and “you play to win the game.”

Mitch finally decided to take a three pointer and then the monumental layup since he “could sense the fans growing impatient so I had to appease their want.” As he felt the students storming the court getting close he stated he was thrilled but knew injury was a high possibility as he was then tackled down in a mosh pit.

This was surely a memorable moment for both Mitch and the school. Peering into the future, the school looks forward to utilizing this start of the art facility for bigger events. Meanwhile Mitch feels this opportunity will slingshot him into a successful CYO season for the Blessed Sacrament Bulldogs, as he will be accustomed to high pressure situations.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is a very depressing topic to talk about. Everyone knows of at least one person close to them that has or has had breast cancer. According to the CDC, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer within their lifetime. Many people have survived and beat the cancer; others have not. Unfortunately, there has not been a cure found for this viscous disease. However, to raise awareness, the month of October has been dedicated to awareness of the disease.

The AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation is a huge supporter of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). According to AstraZeneca HealthCare’s webpage, Breast Cancer Awareness Month consists of a collection of national public service organizations, professional medical associations and government agencies that work together to promote the increase in knowledge of the disease, share information on the disease and provide greater access to services for the disease.

Prep senior Thomas Squeglia said, “It is such a great thing that so many people feel so strongly about raising awareness of breast cancer for women all throughout the world.”

The AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation is proud of their vast success. The month has nationally been recognized and is a national event. Also, many very prestigious leagues and people also publicly participate in the event as well. that their initial collective efforts to promote NBCAM have expanded so that many breast health organizations and other individuals and groups raise awareness of breast cancer in the month of October and throughout the year.

The National Football League promotes Breast Cancer Awareness Month by doing a few things out of their norm. Almost every player on the field wears something pink when they play whether it is a wristband, socks, cleats or a skull cap. Along with these, all jerseys are equipped with a pink ribbon embroidered on them. The players also do a lot of work going around talking up the organization as well.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a great cause that pushes to help women all throughout the world combat the horrible effects of cancer. Cancer really has no main cause; it could be diagnosed to anyone. Early detection of the cancer is crucial to the recovering process. The earlier the better! The more people are aware of the cancer, the better the chances of realizing a symptom.