Letter to the Editor: Layup a fitting first made basket at new gymnasium

Even though Mr. Clark attempted a 3-pointer as his first shot, I believe it was the legends of Prep that prevented that shot from being successful. It was apropos to see that the inaugural first shot made at the Joann Mullen Gymnasium was a layup. The only thing better, that represents the traditional Rambler basketball philosophy, would have been the “back door” cut for a layup. It always comes down to getting the best shot not the first shot, which is traditional Prep discipline defined. I’m looking forward to continuing the winning tradition at the new facility. Roll Ramblers!

Winter Sports Preview

As the last leaves have fallen, the temperature starts to drops below freezing, and everybody’s jackets come out, there is but one thing on a lot of Cathedral Prep students minds, the start of winter sports season. This year’s winter sports will be yet another exciting season for the Ramblers with many top athletes in every sport returning to the stage.

Swimming & Diving

Coming off of their 13th straight District 10 title the swim team looks to continue their dominance in the pool. After many key losses from last years team like Daniel Bauman, Eli Chase, Reid Morrison, and Norman Stark the team is looking for an intense rebuilding year. With the help of top swimmers Rex Riley (senior), Alec Thomas (sophomore), David Rahner (senior), Pat Steele (senior), Tom Squeglia (senior), Tony Squeglia (junior), and Calvin Behm (sophomore) coach Mike Doyle is excited for a standout team from previous years. The team’s spirit also seem to be revived within the first week of practice with the return of Daniel Anthony (senior) after taking a year off, bringing a whole new level of excitement to practice according to swimmer David Rahner. The diving team is also very excited this upcoming year with new coach Francis Kloecker and an increase of interest in the sport improving from the mere one diver they had last year, which is up to four this year.


The basketball team is very excited in hopes for a big season after making it to the final four in last year’s state tournament, losing to power house Archbishop Carroll in a tough match up. Although losing many top players, the basketball team has many returning figures that we can expect major impact from for a hopeful state championship run similar to last year’s. We can look forward to seeing Carter Cross (senior), Jaryn Simpson (junior), Dajon Heidelberg (senior), Jose Casiano (senior), JT Bowen (senior), and Peter Jefferys (senior) to make some magic happen on the court. They will be filling the lead roles of Matt Colpoys, Joe Fustine, Antonio Frisina, and Charlie Fessler from last year’s team.


The wrestling team shows potential for a year to remember, only losing three starters from last year’s lineup, and gaining two top ten nationally ranked freshman. Placing second last year in the District 10 meet the wrestling team hopes to improve to first place with returning D10 winners Brady Sittinger (junior) and Mike Hughes (junior) and senior leaders Brandon Sauers, Phil Selker, Ta’Nauz Gregory, Mike Caugrove, Mike Stark, and Phil Sweny. We can expect a lot to come this season from the mats of Cathedral Prep’s very own wrestling team.


After last year’s phenomenal season the hockey team hopes to repeat their state championship win. The hockey team will have some bigger obstacles to overcome this year after being moved up from AA to AAA because of their dominance the last four years. This obstacle has proven true in their first portion of the season, as the team is currently 2-4-1, losing in very contested match ups. Senior captains Joe Sala, Joe Kelly, Jack Zaphiris, and Jack Becker look to fill the pivotal losses of last year’s team, Trevor Faulkner, Ben Eliason, Jack Kelly, and Hunter Emerson to turn the season around and make a state championship run once again.

What we are thankful for this Thanksgiving

Each year at this time a few of the writers from The Rambler tell the people what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving season. It’s a time of year to be thankful for all you have and spend time with family. The Rambler staff would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and thank all of its readers.

Joe Sala
Thanksgiving is a time of year to put aside all distractions and wants and be thankful for all that you have. First and foremost, I am thankful for my friends and family who are always by my side. I am thankful for my school and the opportunity to attend Prep with my brothers. The ability to play hockey is something I really take pride in, especially with the people I have grown up playing with for years. It is important to me to be able to write for The Rambler and provide entertainment and news for all the dedicated readers. I am also thankful for the troops who protect us and our country. I hope everyone enjoys their break and thanks God for all they have.

Brian Buseck
​Everyone says it, but I’m thankful for my family. To start, my parents have always been the best. When I was a kid they got me into all my activities and supported me in whatever I wished to pursue. I also have a my brother and sister, Lucas and Ashley. Lucas has always been someone for me to look up to, showing me how to succeed in both school and athletics. Ashley is always there for me and very fun to hang out with. Along with my immediate family, I have nine cousins whom I consider my best friends. Family is quite obviously what deserves most of my thanks.

Josh Kurczewski
I am thankful for too many things to write down, but there are a definite few I’d like to publicize for our avid Rambler readers to know. First off I am thankful for all of our readers and especially our loyal ones; we wouldn’t be here without you. I am also thankful for family and friends who help get through the days. Also, I am thankful for my Cathedral Prep education and brothers I will remember forever and hold onto through my life. Finally, I am thankful for my health, that I have never had any real problems with it.

David Rahner
I am extremely thankful for my family. I love each and every one of them immensely. I am very close to both sides of my family, the Rahner’s and the Anthony’s. I know that I am always loved and always have a bunch of people to rely on. However, this year I am mainly grateful for my grandfathers.

Both of my grandfathers are who I look up to. Both of them do not know how to give up. My grandpa, Richard Anthony, worked at a cement business since he was 10. Physically, he was exhausted every single day of his life. He never complained, not for one second. My grandpa, Richard Rahner, worked in a different way. While staying in peak physical shape, my grandpa was able to pay his way through medical school and become on of the best doctors in Erie. The thing that amazes me is that neither one of my grandfathers ever complained, even when their chips were down. They have influenced my life in ways that I cannot even put into words.

Both my grandfathers have gone great lengths to keep their family close. I give all the thanks in the world to these spectacular men that I have been blessed to know and spend countless hours with. Thank you Poopie and Papa Dickie, you are both my role models in life and have taught me so many amazing life lessons.

Danny Brugger
This Thanksgiving I am extremely thankful for my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and all the sacrifices they make for me on a daily basis. (As much as I hate to admit I am occasionally thankful for my sister too.) I am also very blessed to have the friends that I do because without them I would not be the person I am today. I can’t even describe how thankful I am to attend to Cathedral Prep. I am seeing first hand the positive impact it has on all of us, through spiritual, intellectual, and even social advances. One of the things that deserves more thanks that I typically under appreciate is our alumni. It is because of them that we are able to thrive and succeed due to the many sacrifices and generous donations they have made.

A taste test and review of Buffalo Wild Wings’ wing flavors

Buffalo Wild Wings is well known around town by the Erie youth as a great place to eat wings, catch a game on one of the eatery’s many high definition television sets, and consume quality non-alcoholic beverages after a long week of schoolwork. One trait that sets Buffalo Wild Wings apart from the average wing joint is its overwhelming menu full of different wing flavors (22 to be exact).  However, due to its overwhelming selection of wing flavors, it can seem like finding a needle in a haystack to find the best flavors, and not all wings are created equal.

To eliminate this confusion that both first time patrons and experienced vets often experience when deciding upon their meals, The Rambler‘s own culinary team of  experts Daniel Anthony, Daniel Brugger, and David Rahner volunteered to taste test to determine what wings to order and what wings not to order upon any trip to Buffalo Wild Wings.

For the purpose of not diluting the wing flavoring, the use of ranch dressing, or any other dipping sauce not part of the wing flavorings themselves was prohibited from being used. Rations of water and chocolate milk, however, were allocated to the food critics to help cleanse the mouth of taste between wing tastings.


  • Salt & Vinegar
    This wing had so much seasoning that it tasted like a Lay’s Salt & Vinegar Potato Chip, which it essentially was. If this had been part of a chicken I had consumed, that chicken would have died for nothing since its meat would have tasted the same as the potato chip “wing” I had consumed at Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • Lemon Pepper
    This wing tasted more like lime pepper than lemon. This wing is what I would imagine a margarita would taste like. However, I wouldn’t know what a margarita tastes like because I am under 21.  Surgeon General’s Warning: Please eat responsibly: this is a gateway food for a one way ticket to Margaritaville and should be consumed only in small quantities. Jimmy Buffett may not have a woman to blame for his wastin’, but he can surely rest his fault on the Lemon Pepper wing. Overconsumption of these wings will have you searching for your lost shaker of salt.
  • Chipotle BBQ
    Let’s all take a moment and think to ourselves what is our favorite food in the entire world. If you try this flavor of wing, I guarantee you will no longer answer the previous question the same way. This wing is so addictive that you may initially order a small, but before you leave you will go in for round two. And if you are anything like me, three orders is not out of the question. This wing is so satisfying that if chickens ate wings, they would eat this wing (who may or may not be a relative of this chicken) in a heartbeat.
  • Buffalo
    Buffalo seasoning is a very dry wing. I like the taste of the seasoning, but it is a little dry for my taste.  This wing’s dryness does not do the city of Buffalo justice because anyone who has been to Buffalo in the winter knows it gets a good amount of precipitation. I do like the taste; however, I would not suggest the seasoning side of the menu. Overall of you are looking for a wing to try from the dreaded right side of the menu, then I suggest buffalo.
  • Desert Heat
    My first visual impression of Desert Heat was that it looked like a sun dried camel turd. The seasoning covering the wing appeared to resemble the grains of sand that one might find in the desert. After tasting the dry, yet reasonably spicy wing, I realized that this wing is much more than one should expect. This wing should have been named Desert Storm because this wing is worth going to war with a Middle Eastern nation over. The “gold” that Saddam Hussein stole from Kuwait during Iraq’s 1990 invasion was not actual metallic gold, but instead Kuwait’s bullion of the tantalizing Desert Heat wing and all its spicy goodness.


  • Sweet BBQ
    The sweet barbecue wing is sweeter than sugar from sugar cane. It is the lowest on the heat scale and is well deserving of this placement. For me, this wing was too sweet and did not compliment the meat of chicken wing very well. Overall, I would not suggest this wing unless you are a 2-month-old baby and cannot take the spice.
  • Teriyaki
    This wing is very pleasing to the taste buds. It is an overall tremendous blend of ingredients that make a very appetizing sauce to consume. I would highly suggest this wing to anyone. The teriyaki tastes like it was made in Japan itself. It even has a little spice to compliment the taste of the teriyaki as well.
  • Honey Mustard
    Imagine going to Giant Eagle and buying the generic store-brand dijon and honey mustards. Now picture yourself mixing the two together and drenching a Chicken McNugget with your sloppily made concoction; that’s what this wing tasted like. So simple to make, yet a 4-year-old could have done a better job preparing it than the mediocrity I experienced in consuming this wing.
  • Mild
    Let’s save everyone some time and simply conclude that this is the most average flavor on the planet. When ordering this wing, you are simply implying that you are one of the most basic humans on the planet. I wouldn’t be surprised if afterwards you went to Starbucks or maybe even went home and watched some Netflix.
  • Parmesan Garlic
    This flavor should be placed in its own category simply due to how horrendous it is. When I order Parmesan Garlic, I am expecting a combination of parmesan and garlic—not some sort of unidentified sauce. First, the sauce itself was neither Parmesan flavored nor even garlic flavored but rather a combination of the most hated flavors in the universe.
  • Medium
    The medium wing sauce is not my favorite. It is actually one of the worst wings at BWW. The wing has a very bland taste that does not appease my taste buds. Overall, I would not suggest this wing unless you have no tastebuds because you lost your tongue in an industrial accident and are extremely hungry.
  • Honey BBQ
    The sauce used on honey barbecue wings can not be found just anywhere. You have to travel into mystic lands to find this liquid gold. When blessed with the opportunity to try this piece of chicken, my taste buds went berserk. It was like I was the star of those 5 Gum commercials. Overall, this wing is so delicious, it could be sold at the price of gold. I am willing to get down on my knees pleading to everyone to give this a wing a try.
  • Spicy Garlic
    If you decide to purchase this flavor, you might as well just save your taste buds the misery and throw it in the trash where it belongs. The combination of this spicy kick with the laid back garlic grants the consumer a case of bad breathe. If I were God, I would of made an 11th commandment saying “Thou shall never consume Spicy Garlic.”
  • Jammin’ Jalapeño
    This wing suffers menu discrimination and that truly is a huge shame. Jammin’ Jalapeño is such a great flavor yet it is drowned in the Buffalo Wild Wings menu. If there was a Mount Rushmore for top wing flavors, this wing would certainly be on it.
  • Asian Zing
    Upon biting into Asian Zing, I tasted an oddly familiar combination of both Orange and General Tso’s Sauce that failed to disappoint me. This wing was completely indistinguishable from the General Tso’s Chicken served in the Prep Cafeteria last year. When asked if I could meet the chef behind the wing to confirm my suspicion, my waitress denied my request.
  • Caribbean Jerk
    When I bit into this wing, to my dismay, I was immediately surprised by the outlandishly overwhelming flavor that rushed over my taste buds. It tasted like Christmas scented flavored candle surrounding your tastebuds. There is so much going on that you don’t even taste the wing.  I do not suggest this wing to anyone.  I would much rather take a bite out of a pumpkin spice Yankee Candle than consume this wing again. Thankfully, the senior class is selling Yankee Candles as their class fundraiser this year, so if you have a Caribbean Jerk craving, I can hook you up.
  • Thai Curry
    I can recall eating dinner at a Thai restaurant one time when I was in Los Angeles. I made the fatal mistake of mixing various curries together throughout the duration of my meal. I then spent the next five hours hovering over a toilet watching as the entire contents of my digestive system were regurgitated into the previously shiny white bowl before my eyes. Thankfully, the Thai Curry wing didn’t cause me to relive that past endeavor, but I would still recommend preparing for the worst case scenario before trying this wing.
  • Hot BBQ
    I can honestly say this was one of the few wings that actually received my approval. The mixture of tangy barbecue teamed up with a spicy hot is one of the most dominant duos I have experienced to this day. The only thing that could compare to this level of heat and sweetness is if you are blasting the new Justin Bieber album through the aux of your mother’s innocent minivan.
  • Hot
    The name sort of speaks for itself.
  • Mango Habanero
    The first bite into this wing is like biting into a Gusher Fruit Flavored Snack; your mouth explodes with the fruity mango goodness that this wing provides, transporting your mind to some far off island nation. Then the kicker. The habanero kicks in, like a hurricane bearing down on your former island paradise, forcing you to take cover. Soon you find yourself drowning your mouth with an entire glass of chocolate milk. Next you find yourself shouting at your waitress to bring you at least two more glasses of milk, to which she replies, “more milk is extra.”
  • Wild
    According to the BWW spicy meter, this wing is the second spiciest. This wing is the definition of #2, and it tastes like it too.  If this wing were a person, it would be William Jennings Bryan; always having to accept that there is someone more popular than him and that he would get, at most, second place in the presidential election every time. This wing is no different. If your self-confidence is so low that you always set your sights on being just average, then this wing is perfect for you.  If you are a winner, who sets their sights on the gold every time in everything they do, don’t even bother wasting your time spitting in the direction of this wing.
  • Blazin’
    After the tasting of all other wings had come to pass, it was time for grand finale that we had all been waiting for. It was the king of the menu’s turn to make an appearance. Fortunately, an iPad was on hand to document our experience.

    David Rahners’s Take: It is simply too hot for words. After I ate the wing, I felt like a fire breathing dragon. The video says it all.

    Daniel Anthony’s Take: I got so messed up by the Blazin’ wings that I spent two minutes outside in the parking lot afterwards trying to insert the key to my Buick LeSabre into a Chevy Impala. I wish I could say that I was tough enough to finish my whole plate without any milk, but I have come to discover that I am only worthy of eating at Weenie Hut Jr’s from here on after.

    Daniel Brugger’s Take: Let’s just say to this day I still have nightmares about Blazin’ wings taking over our world. The Blazin’ wing is so deadly it would have John Cena running home and crying to his mother. This wing is so hot and blistering to the mouth that even Chuck Norris could not consume it. Watch the video if you dare

Paris attacks leave the world in shock

For the most United States citizens it is easy to remember the most seemingly vulnerable day in history as Sept. 11, 2001, when the Twin Towers in New York City were destroyed at the hands of Al Qaeda terrorists. Now, it seems like France will have a similar weight to bear with the date Nov. 13, 2015. On this date, several locations in Paris, France, were attacked by the terrorist group ISIS, spreading fear into the hearts of many citizens. The city for a night felt defenseless, as if all hope had been lost. People swarmed the streets with support of their homeland and other countries began showing their support, for what would become in France as a day that will live in infamy.

Seven attacks were carried out on that day, in a number of different locations. The first attacks were carried out near Stade De France, during an international friendly soccer match between France and Germany. The next attacks were at the Right Bank area of the city, where they opened fire at a Cambodian restaurant and a bar on the other side of the road. Next, the same group went down the street and attacked a pizzeria. They kept moving and shot up another bar down the road, before finally arriving at the Bataclan concert venue, where 89 people were killed. The attacks in total killed 129 people and injured 100 more. Seven terrorists were later confirmed dead from the attacks, either by suicide bombing or police gunfire.

After the fact, citizens joined together in the streets to mourn the lives of those lost. The nation was in utter shock at the events that unfolded, with a variety of mixed emotion from sadness to anger. The French president François Hollande launched 20 air strikes on the Syrian town of Raqqa with the help of the U.S. on Sunday. The targets were a command post, recruitment center, and training camp. On Monday another attack was carried out, destroying a recruiting center and a training center.

It’s time the world recognizes the true danger that ISIS presents. Threats from Isis cannot go by lightly, and government should take certain precautionary measures. The attacks showed the world we need to come together to eliminate these terrorist groups for good to save innocent lives.

Prep water polo team takes 3rd at states

WPstates2015On Nov. 6–7, the Cathedral Prep Water Polo Team took part in the Pennsylvania State Tournament held at Wilson High School in Reading, Pa. Prep had taken first place in the Western Conference game the week prior after beating North Allegheny and was seeded third going into the the state tournament.

Prep’s first game took place Friday night against the sixth seed La Salle College School of Glenside, Pa., in a rematch of Prep’s 11-7 victory in October. Despite a slow start, Prep was able to put the game away with a 12-6 victory. In the win, sophomore Calvin Behm and junior Anthony Squeglia had three goals each, seniors David Rahner and Thomas Squeglia each had two, and one goal each from seniors Rex Riley and Patrick Steele. Senior Daniel Anthony had nine saves in goal.

The second game was against second seed Cumberland Valley of Mechanicsburg, Pa., in a match for a slot in the championship game. Prep had a 1-2 record against CV going into the tournament and was hoping to advance to the final game. Another slow start led to Prep down 3-0 at the end of the first quarter.

However, Prep was able to even the odds and tie the game at 5-5 at the half. Unable to keep up the momentum in the third quarter, Prep fell goals behind and was unable to outscore CV in the forth, resulting in a 8-11 loss. Riley had four goals, Behm had three, and A. Squeglia had one goal.

Following a loss from number one seed Wilson High School against four seed North Penn, the stage was set for a Prep-Wilson match for the third place slot. Prep had an 0-2 record against Wilson for the season, but both losses were within one goal. Being the home team, Wilson had a cheering section for the game; however, Prep had almost all the other teams at the tournament on on their side.

With a 5-3 deficit at the end of the first quarter, Prep was determined to not end the game like the last and produced a tremendous offensive attack with countless goals scored on both sides. With less than 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter, and Prep ahead 18-17, it looked as if victory was within reach.  However, a last minute turnover on a highly questionable ref call resulted in a last minute goal.
Tied up, the game entered two three minute quarters.  Knowing this would be the last game of the season—or for the seniors, their last game ever—the team was determined to put it away. Prep scored an additional four goals, while shutting out Wilson at the same time, winning the game 22-18. Behm had eight goals, A. Squeglia had five, Steele and T. Squeglia had three each, Rahner had two, and Riley had one.

For their efforts throughout the season, seniors Daniel Anthony and Thomas Squeglia were rated third team all state.  Junior Anthony Squeglia was ranked second team, and former rookie of the year, Calvin Behm was ranked first team all state.  Water Polo Coach Mike Doyle also was awarded the Pennsylvania Coach of the Year award.

Prep and Villa Giving Day a huge success

More than 1,800 donors supported Prep and Villa during their Triple Giving Day. The results were overwhelming. From just 24 hours of giving, Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Academy: $654,563.

image2The generosity of the alumni of Prep and Villa are a big part of what makes the schools affordable to anyone who seeks and values catholic education. Both institutions were fortunate enough to have all donations made tripled on Thursday, Nov. 12.

image3To make things more fun, Prep and Villa decided to compete against each other in terms of participation rate with the winner receiving the Mission Cup. For the second straight year, the Mission Cup was awarded to the Villa Victors due to a remarkable 100 percent participation rate. Even though the Prep Ramblers met their goal, which was $5,000, they still could not beat their sister school with their inferior 45 percent participation rate. All in all, it was a great way to get both student bodies to engage in such an important event that could literally change lives. Ultimately, Villa may have had the upper hand over the Ramblers because of their passion towards competitiveness and want to get as much glory as possible.

image1Mr. Michael Krahe, Annual Fund and Social Media Manager, was astonished by the number of donors who decided to give back. “It is all about learning to give,” he stated. “Witnessing students, parents, teachers, and alumni donate to what they believe to be a great institution makes all of this a wonderful way to give back.” Alumni were a key component to the success of this event as they did not hold back to spread the word across the community.

Many of the Prep students heard on the PA announcement that the senior and junior classes did not have many participants. “They made their comeback,” Mr. Krahe said, “which helped the school to reach the $5,000 goal by the end of the day.”

image4This Giving Day is planned to be an annual event, whether or not gifts will be tripled. Because it is not about getting as much money as possible in a day but rather giving the students and the Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria community a chance to give back, so that they can give a chance for others to receive what they have received from their school.

Acapella app review

In the past few years the art form of a capella has become increasingly popular. Groups like Straight No Chaser and Pentatonix are almost mainstream. The movie Pitch Perfect and its sequel made stars of Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin, Rebel Wilson, Adam DeVine, and a capella itself. A capella may not yet be “cool,” but it’s definitely on the rise.

The people at Mixcord, Inc. have picked up on this trend and made an app to cash in on it. Fortunately, it’s free. Titled simply “Acapella,” this app allows one to record oneself singing a line of music, and then layer another line over it to create an “Aca-masterpiece.”

This app has been very popular on Twitter over the past few weeks. Many aspiring singer/songwriters have been using the app in a very serious way in order to spread their presence over the Internet. Hoping to catch the attention of a record label, they attempt to showcase their vocal chops by performing a song all by themselves. Other users of the app tend to make more humorous videos, often singing poorly, and covering strange songs, such as the theme to “Bill Nye The Science Guy.”

The layout of the app is very pleasing. Upon opening the app, you see a little microphone graphic, which most would agree is appropriate for an app meant to bring out the vocal abilities deep within its users. First, you click the “Start New Project” button to begin. Next, you pick the layout of your video, deciding how many parts you’d like to sing, with each part being one “box.” You then decide how long you want your clip to be (6 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 1 minute), and then you record!

Personally, I’d recommend this app for anyone hoping to expand their vocal abilities or just hoping to have a good time. If you think that downloading this app would make you an “Aca-loser,” then you’re “Aca-wrong” and you should “Re-aca-evaluate” your life.

Fantasy Football Week 11 Start/Sit

With key starters out on numerous teams, certain players look to fill the gaps on their teams and possibly your fantasy team. Cleveland, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, and the Giants round out the bye weeks this year, which furthers the search for good starts this week.


Start: Derek Carr (OAK) – Carr has impressed fantasy owners all year, and he should continue to do so against the Lions. Detroit comes in to this week giving up the fourth most fantasy points to quarterbacks, and they have injuries all over the secondary. Carr is a must start.

Mark Sanchez (PHI) – This is similar to the Kirk Cousins start last week, but is probably a much bigger stretch. Still, he might have to replace Big Ben or Drew Brees for some of you. Sanchez faces the Buccaneers, who have given up the third most passing touchdowns in the league. Sanchez is not one of the most talented QB’s out there, but he’s been in Chip’s system longer than Bradford and might surprise people.

Carson Palmer (ARZ) – Palmer proved me and most other fantasy owners wrong last week in a start against Seattle. This selection for a start is simply to say start him every week almost no matter who else you have. The Bengals have been solid in pass defense, but that doesn’t seem to matter with Palmer and the Cardinals.

Sit: Joe Flacco (BAL) – Flacco has followed his career trends this season in that he his much better at home than away. However, this week should not be so easy. The Rams have held QBs such as Russell Wilson and Palmer to under 18 points, and will at least limit Joe to a mediocre day.

Ryan Tannehill (MIA) – The Cowboys defense has never been dominant on defense in the Romo era, but have been very solid against the pass in recent times. They have only given up 2 total touchdowns in the past four games. Tannehill really hasn’t been a quality start all year, only having two solid games in blowouts.

Running Back

Start: Frank Gore (IND) – Gore received his most touches last week (28) and turned in a solid fantasy day against a great Denver defense. The Falcons defense is very good in limiting RB’s in yards, but have given up 10 touchdowns to them. Expect plenty of action and goal line carries for the veteran with Andrew Luck out.

Charcandrick West (KC) – West is an automatic start as he goes against the leagues worst fantasy rush defense in the San Diego Chargers. They have given up a touchdown to a running back in four of the past five games, and West has four in the past three.

Jonathan Stewart (CAR) – The Redskins are dead last in the NFL in yards per carry on defense, allowing a whopping 5 yards per carry. Stewart has seen an increased role lately and has a touchdown in four of the past 5 games. Expect at least one more in week 11.

Sit: Alfred Morris (WAS) – Morris finally topped 100 total yards for the first time since week 1, but this was mainly due to the horrendous New Orleans Saints defense. Things will likely go back to normal, starting with Carolina, which is unfortunate after seeing so much potential early in Morris’ career.

Karlos Williams (BUF) – Williams has a chance to set an NFL record this week with a touchdown in his first 7 career games. However, he goes up against a stout Patriots defense and LeSean McCoy is back to his normal self. In a blowout/shootout, Williams is not a good play if you other options.

Jeremy Hill (CIN) – You could say this game against the Cardinals is more of a Giovanni Bernard game, but it’s doesn’t really good for either back. Neither is a good start against the 7th ranked fantasy rush defense.

Wide Receiver

Start: Danny Amendola (NE) – With Julian Edelman out, Amendola is the obvious replacement has he has a very similar playing style. Even if talented corners Stephon Gilmore and Ronald Darby put forth their best efforts, Brady will still likely find Amendola for a big play sooner or later.

Stevie Johnson (SD) – Johnson is again an easy choice to start as the number one option. He was alright last week with 7 catches against the Bears, but he should more productive this week. The Chiefs have allowed the second most points to opposing receivers, yielding countless short to mid range completions near the sidelines. This is a perfect game to start Johnson.

Mike Evans (TB) – Evans has racked up 662 yards in only 7 games, but he has only reached the end zone once. This is what has limited him in fantasy and has kept him in the flex or even on the bench. This week the Bucs play the Eagles, who have given up on average 2 touchdowns to opposing WR’s per game.

Sit: DeSean Jackson (WAS) – Cousins looked deep a couple times to Jackson last week and converted one 42 yard pass. Still, he shouldn’t be relied on if all he can do at this point is catch one deep ball. He will not likely get any long passes anyway against a great pass defense of the Panthers led by Josh Norman.

Alshon Jeffrey (CHI) – Jeffrey is still listed as a game time decision for Sunday’s game against the Broncos, but he shouldn’t be started even if he was healthy. With that said, if Jeffrey is pronounced out, there is no use searching for the next man up, because they are an even worse option.

Tight End

Start: Eric Ebron (DET) – The Oakland Raiders have given up the second most fantasy points to opposing tight ends this season, giving up 10 touchdowns in nine games. The loss of Aldon Smith will only add to this struggle. Ebron hasn’t had a good game in three weeks, but will likely get back on track this Sunday.

Crockett Gillmore (BAL) – Gillmore has a touchdown in each of the last two games with Steve Smith out. The Rams have been a great defense all year, but let Zach Miller have a huge day against them last week. He had two touchdowns, and Gillmore looks to add at least one more in week 11.

Sit: Antonio Gates (SD) – The Kansas City Chiefs have been historically good against TE’s all year, not allowing more than 70 yards and only giving up touchdowns total. The future Hall of Famer has only had one good game this year and is battling with a hip injury, which also adds to the reason to sit him.

Charles Clay (BUF) – Buffalo plays a very good tight end defense too in the Patriots. Clay finished with only 7 points in standard leagues against New England in their first meeting, with points mainly coming from a meaningless touchdown. This week’s game is sure to be a high scoring affair with a lot of big passing plays, but Clay will likely not be a huge part of this.

Review: Call of Duty Black Ops 3

image1 (5)Call of Duty Black Ops 3—referred to from here on out as Bops 3—is the third Call of Duty installation for next generation gamers and hands down the best of the next gen CODs. With flops like Ghosts and Advanced Warfare still fresh in the minds of myself and of many lovers of the brand, it is so refreshing to have an actual “playable” Call of Duty, but what makes Bops 3 already the best COD to come after the great MW2 and the original Black Ops?

Now that two full weekends have come to pass since the game was released on Nov. 6, I’ve had some quality time to put into the game. One of the reasons that Bops 3 is so good early on is the movement. In Advanced Warfare the movement of the EXO suit was very over powered. This allowed players abuse the movement and practically untouchable throughout a game. In Bops 3 your thrusters, which allow you to do advanced movement have limited energy. No longer can you abuse the movement, instead you have to conserve your energy and use it intelligently.

Another improvement to Bops 3 are the guns and killstreaks. In Ghosts and Advanced warfare the guns were weak. Also there were limited ways to customize your guns. With a new set up you can build your weapon to have a scope and up to 4 attachments. There’s also plenty of assault based killstreaks to choose from as well as some more defensive ones.

So far I’ve really enjoyed my time playing and it’s safe to say that this COD will be an enjoyable experience for months. If you’re on the fence about getting Bops 3 for Christmas or sooner, I would say pull the trigger on your purchase. You won’t be sorry.