Are you feeling the Bern?: A look at presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

Can you feel it? Can you feel the rising numbers, the vivacious vocal support? Do you believe in a new political revolution? Well, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont can, and 49 percent of the Democratic Iowa Caucus supporters, the state of New Hampshire, and millions across the country can feel and have begun to embrace “The Bern!” Sanders, a carpenter turners filmmaker turned mayor turned senator, has been steadily climbing up the Democratic primary polls across the USA.

But what is “The Bern” and who is Bernie Sanders? Many have quickly dismissed Sanders as a “flavor of the month candidate”, “radical”, or evenĀ  a “communist.” But Sanders, like Donald Trump, has overcome this negativity and ascended the polls regardless. Not because of his past policy records, but because of the bright aroma he portrays to the masses, and his message of helping those who are underrepresented in society, and to drastically change the political spectrum in Washington and the rest of the country.

Sanders hasn’t isolated specifically what his policy proposals are, but he has explained his positions on a majority of the issues, and what his goals would be as President of the United States. Sanders has voiced his support for an increase of taxes on the upper class in America, in an attempt to fix the income inequality in America.

But what makes increasing the size of the government by 40 percent so attractive? A local woman named Marian likes Bernie due to his “experience, and how he connects with all the people.” This is extremely important. Large majorities of the population are moving away from the classic politician exemplified by Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio, and moving towards people like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, who are using American anger as fuel for their campaigns.

Sanders was a real stand up character in the 60s. He was arrested on a few occasions protesting racial segregation. He was a member of countless socialist organizations, and other civil rights organizations participating in Martin Lither King’s 1963 March on Washington. His voting record has continued this trend towards representing oppressed populations.

But those who feel the Bern, are feeling a lot more than just Bernie Sanders’ influence. They are feeling the burning sensation of life as a whole. For a long time in America, there have been large wage gaps, a lot of conflicts, conflicts among populations, and an extension of racism. People feel as if they are being cheated by Washington politics. Hearing politicians dodge questions, dance around the answer or just get nothing done has heightened this animosity among Americans. Sanders has presented himself as someone who would fix all of these things, and it looks as if many people don’t care how, but rather that it happens.

Also, Sanders’ opponent, Hillary Clinton, has detractors who label here as cold, unlikeble, and unable to connect with the larger American populations. Sanders represents the exact opposite of what Clinton does; he relies on honesty, truth, and connection with his audiences.

It’s hard to tell at this time if candidates like Sanders or Trump are here to stay or just are favors of the election. It’s difficult because never before have candidates with such extremely left, or extremely right ideas been accepted, or at least not accepted this far into the race.

Sanders is currently down by one delegate in the Democratic primary race to Hillary Clinton 51-52.

February 29th on the calendar for leap year

If you were not aware, there is something special about this year. Besides this being the year our next president is elected and Brazil hosts the Summer Olympics, it is also a leap year. Though it might not seem like much, a leap year is an astronomical (no pun intended) and mathematical phenomenon.

For those people who do not know, a leap year, also known as an intercalary year or bissextile year, is a year in which one extra day is added. This is done in order to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical year or seasonal year.

What does that exactly mean for us? America and the most of the world use the Gregorian Calendar, which typicalaly has 365 days. In a leap year an extra day is added to the end of February. This creates February 29th, as well as making the year 366 days long.

A leap year usually occurs in years that are multiples of four. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. The formula for determining if a year is a leap or not is quite simple. If (year is not divisible by 4) then (it is a common year) else if (year is not divisible by 100) then (it is a leap year) else if (year is not divisible by 400) then (it is a common year) else (it is a leap year).

A person born on a leap day is often referred to as a leapling or a leaper. In common years not containing February 29th, leaplings often choose to celebrate their birthdays on February 28th or March 1st.

Happy birthday to all you leapers and leaplings out there! As for the rest of us, let’s take advantage of the extra day!

Mr. Peightal honored at PTR International Tennis Symposium

Do you think you’re good at tennis? Well, you’re probably not as good Mr. Kent Peightal, who teaches senior English at Cathedral Prep. Peightal was recently honored at the PTR International Tennis Symposium in Hilton Head, South Carolina. This four day event was hosted in honor of the PTR’s 40th anniversary. Peightal has been a member since this organization was founded in 1976.

The PTR or the Professional Tennis Registry is an organization full of professional tennis teachers that are located all around the world. The PTR has approximately 16,000 teaching pros in 127 different countries. At the event there were 45 different countries that were represented.

Peightal and other international members of the PTR in 1981.

Peightal and other international members of the PTR in 1981.

Peightal has been a member of this organization for all 40 years that it has existed. He is a professional teacher of tennis and a national tester. As a professional teacher he teaches people the sport of tennis, and as a national tester he is able to sanction candidates as professional teachers. Peightal has received a service award for 40 years of being a charter member and for his service toward the organization.

At the event, Peightal met up with his long lost friend after 41 years, Billie Jean King. Billie Jean King was the world’s former number one ranked women’s tennis player. She won 39 Grand Slam titles during her career. Originally, Peightal and King met in 1975 in Erie when they opened the Billie Jean King Tennis Center. This center is now referred to the Pennbriar. While in Erie, she had the chance to practice and play against Peightal, who is a legend in his own right.

Mr. Peightal poses for a selfie with the former number one tennis player, Billie Jean King

Mr. Peightal poses for a selfie with the former number one tennis player, Billie Jean King

The Rambler spoke with Mr. Peightal about his experience in South Carolina. When asked about Billie Jean King he had a lot to say, “It was amazing that after 41 years she remembers my first name.” He also spoke about talking to her again saying, “When I spoke with her we talked of the past when we played tennis together and of the honor she was receiving.”

Peightal enjoys being a part of this organization saying, “The PTR is the best organization I’ve ever been involved with, in terms of the effect that it has on the entire world.” He described his experience in just a few words, saying, “The time I spent there was a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Peightal is proud to be a member of the PTR. If you see him in the halls of Prep make sure you congratulate him on the great work he’s done and his amazing accomplishment.

Zoo otter killed by pair of pants

Be extra careful when putting on your trousers this week because just one misstep could prove fatal. That is what happened to 12-year-old Logan the otter, a resident of Alberta’s Calgary Zoo. Logan was killed on Thursday, Feb. 18 when an unauthorized pair of slacks made their way into the zoo’s otter enclosure.

According to zoo officials, the pants were given to the otters by two zookeepers to be used as an “enrichment item.” However, the friendly, inter-special gesture soon became deadly when Logan attempted to utilize his new toy and got his body stuck in one of the pant legs like a straitjacket. Logan then entered the enclosure’s pond in an attempt to relieve himself of the pants’ stranglehold. Sadly, Logan’s efforts proved futile as the wet pants only weighed him down, causing the otter to drown. A nearby zookeeper rushed into the enclosure as quick as possible and attempted to revive the otter, but Logan was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to a statement released by the zoo, “[a] necropsy revealed that the otter drowned after becoming tangled in the pants.” The Calgary Zoo stated that two zoo staff members had broken protocol by allowing the otters access to the pair of slacks, which the zoo classifies as an “unauthorized enrichment item,” and have since been disciplined.

Prep senior and Canadian citizen Ivhan Relampagos expressed great sorrow over Logan the otter’s sudden passing. “I am very sad. I am speechless and cannot express my emotions,” he stated. “It is very embarrassing and this should never happen anywhere, especially in my home country. I am very sorry to the otter community.”

This is not the first time the Calgary Zoo has come under fire for poor supervision of its animals. In 2009, zoo-goers were flabbergasted to witnesses a gorilla threateningly wielding a knife at guests after it was accidentally left in the animal’s enclosure. In 2010, a newborn Siberian tiger cub died after zoo staff failed to realize that the cub’s mother was pregnant. Then, in 2013, a penguin died after swallowing a foot-long stick that it mistook for food.

According to zoo officials, Logan’s death has gone unnoticed by the three remaining otters in the exhibit.

Dang* Daniel: A cultural phenomenon

The Internet is a crazy place. It is a place where one can find funny cat videos, humorous gifs and memes, and purchase a quality rice cooker. Recently, a new viral video has surfaced that outshines Grumpy Cat and that godforsaken yellow and white/blue and black dress. The latest viral video has become known as “Dang* Daniel.”

The compilation of Snapchat videos that was tweeted in recent days follows Daniel Lara around what looks to be a school campus with the cameraman shouting “Danggggggg* Daniel,” and then complimenting the young man’s outfit. The most famous quote from the Snapchat compilation is “Dangggggggg* Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans.” Daniel does indeed look good in his attire, sporting some trendy white Vans, and the narrator has an infectious voice that makes this video an Internet phenomenon.

In the past day a huge news story has broken on the World Wide Web that intrigued all fans of the Dang* Daniel video. A rumor spread that Daniel Lara had been jumped and beaten up by some thugs on his way home from a night out on Friday night, all so the thugs could steal his famous white Vans. There were even white Vans being auctioned off on eBay as the very Vans. There was an article posted on about this incident, but it turns out that this article is a hoax. Daniel Lara is actually unharmed, and continued tweeting from his Twitter account like nothing happened. He is still in possession of the famous white Vans.

Daniel Scutella acts as if nothing is wrong, despite his mind being in a state of turmoil.

Daniel Scutella acts as if nothing is wrong, despite his mind being in a state of turmoil.

With the Dang* Daniel video being so popular, all Daniels in the world have been greatly affected. When asked what has changed in his life due to the Internet meme, Junior Daniel Scutella said “Nothing much, except people keep coming up to me and saying ‘Dangggg* Daniel.’ Other than that everything’s pretty much the same.”

Junior Daniel Chludzinski has had more of a dramatic experience. Dan explained to me his altered daily routine, “It has affected me by getting raided on my way to class with people saying dang* Daniel to me on their Snapchat. I try my best to sprint to each class to avoid the madness. I do plan on buying a pair of white Vans so I can be more like the real dang* Daniel.” It seems that he does not appreciate being compared to the famous Daniel, but at the same time wishes to be more like him, causing him to want to purchase his own white Vans.

Senior Daniel Brugger complained that “The level of annoyance has been growing rapidly and I have considered a legal name change. The human in the video does not represent the uniqueness of the real Daniels found in our world and that is very unfortunate.”


Daniel Anthony gazes into the distance, wondering if the “Dang* Daniel” taunts will ever end.

Senior Daniel Anthony displayed a similar level of dissatisfaction, saying, “I have been constantly harassed for the past five days by people yelling ‘Dang* Daniel’ at me every time I walk down the halls or whenever I answer a question from a teacher in any of my classes. It is really annoying. I don’t even wear Vans. My white shoes are New Balance’s.”

A Spanish slideshow of Mrs. Lopez's uses the name Daniel repeatedly, showing that the influence of the Dang* Daniel video is everywhere.

A Spanish slideshow of Mrs. Lopez’s uses the name Daniel repeatedly, showing that the influence of the Dang* Daniel video is everywhere.

While many Daniels have had their worlds turned upside down like Mr. Brugger and Mr. Anthony, some have been unaffected. Junior Daniel Taylor explained, “As I do not have a Twitter, I have not seen the video until about one minute ago. I had not realized that people have been saying it to me so I am unaffected.” Well said, Daniel.

This Internet video has become very popular, and affects more than just the people who watch it. I think I speak for everyone when I say “Dang* (Daniel).”

* indicates that the word is not the actual word used in the video, but rather a synonym that is appropriate for a school website

The future of the NHL is here

This 2015-16 season in the NHL is the year of the rookie more than it is anything else. Everyone knew this rookie class would be strong and exciting to watch, but few expected to see this much poise and production across the board. This all comes after Connor McDavid, the number one overall pick from the Erie Otters, missed almost 30 games due to injury. Luckily for fans, his fellow members of first year players more than made up for his absence.

While he has played only 21 games, McDavid is still the most talked about rookie in the league, especially if you live in Erie. The early comparisons to Gretzky and Crosby have already been made. His skating ability is amazing, and his stick-handling is rightfully compared to the great centers. In his short time in the NHL, McDavid has compiled 25 points for an average of 1.19 points per game, which is the highest among rookies. He has put on a show almost every game he has played, just as he did for the Otters. McDavid does need to get a bit stronger and surprisingly, can still improve on his passing, but once he does this, he will be one of the best overall players in this league.

Artemi Panarin of the Chicago Blackhawks leads all rookies and is 6th overall in the NHL in points with 54. While he has benefited from playing with the Hart Memorial Trophy frontrunner Patrick Kane there is no question that he possesses far more skill than typical rookies. While Panarin is older (24) than some of the other top rookies, he is still very relatively young and has plenty of time to grow in the best system in hockey. He has gone above and beyond filling in for key veterans Chicago lost in free agency, such as Patrick Sharp and Brad Richards. As the season goes on, he should only get better and will look to help bring yet another cup to the Windy City.

Jack Eichel and Sam Reinhart of the Buffalo Sabres are a clear vision of what the Sabres will be for years down the road. Both have 17 goals and Eichel has 22 assists, giving him 39 points and putting him second in rookies behind Panarin. Reinhart, the second overall pick from the 2014 draft, has found his niche on this young Sabres team, as he can always find a way to get in front of the net and create traffic. Eichel, the second overall pick from this past draft has excelled in his playmaking ability and already looks like a growing superstar in this league. He currently ranks in the top 5 in pass completion percentage in the NHL. With these two young stars to build around, Buffalo has a brighter future than ever.

Panarin isn’t the only rookie skater on the league leaderboards. Detroit Red Wings center Dylan Larkin is tied for sixth in the NHL in plus/minus at +21 and has 19 goals, second among rookies behind Panarin. The Michigan native has been a pleasant surprise, as most people did not expect the 19 year old picked in the first round in 2014 would be this successful this early. The Red Wings have a unique balance of old veterans and young rising stars, but they do not need to look much farther than Larkin when picturing their future.

The next rising star is Shayne Gostisbehere of the Philladelphia Flyers. The third round (78th overall) pick from the 2012 draft has quietly been bringing life to an otherwise disappointing Flyer team. Gostisbehere leads all rookie defensemen with 32 points in only 38 games, and he has 18 power play points, which is good for 8th among NHL defensemen. He is currently riding an incredible 13-game point streak, which is the longest ever by a rookie defenseman. He becomes the first d-man to have a streak this long in 20 years. What Gotisbehere has done already in such a short sample size in remarkable, and it makes it even more interesting and exciting to see what he will do next.

There are also a couple of potential star goalies in this year’s rookie class. Josh Gibson of the Anaheim Ducks is currently third in the NHL in goals against average (2.10) and is tied for fourth in shutouts (4). The former second round pick got some good experience last year in the pros, but played few enough games to retain his rookie status. This season, he was named to his first All-Star game and is in serious contention for the Vezina Trophy if he keeps his hot streak up. Columbus Blue Jacket rookie goalie Joonas Korpisalo and Connor Hellebuyck of the Winnipeg Jets both have a higher save percentage than Gibson, while Mike Condon of the Montreal Canadiens leads all rookie netminders with 14 wins, but they all do not have as good of a support system around them. Still, all three are viewed as the future goalie for their respective franchises and make up one of the most impressive rookie classes in years.

It is clear these rookies are talented and can only get better, but just how good are they and how good can they be? There have been comparisons made to the 2005-06 class made up of Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin Henrik Lundqvist, Ryan Suter, Brent Seabrook, Ryan Miller, and others. The guys mentioned above have the potential to be as great as these veterans and future Hall of Famers, but it’s far too early to tell if the 2015-16 class will surpass them. Add in Sam Bennet, the number four overall pick in the 2014 draft made by the Calgary Flames and Max Domi and Anthony Dunclair of the Arizona Coyetes, and this class has a pretty good chance. McDavid, Eichel, and all the rest all have chance at stardom, and we all cannot wait to see what they can become.

Nick’s Netflix Pick of the Week: Better Call Saul

February is upon us and so is the second season of Better Call Saul. AMC’s rookie television show takes a look into the life of Jimmy McGill, the finest lawyer in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The show enters into its second season full of potential to become an award-winning show, much like its founding show, Breaking Bad.

Better Call Saul follows the life of Jimmy McGill, a struggling lawyer trying to make it in this rough world. Originally, Jimmy played the role of Saul Goodman on the groundbreaking show Breaking Bad. In Breaking Bad, Saul was the lawyer for Walter White, the chemistry teacher that turned into New Mexico’s greatest producer of crystal meth. Saul would always help Walter get out of sticky situations and help him to be careful with the millions of dollars he was making while producing meth.

Now the show Better Call Saul follows Jimmy before he became Saul. This may be confusing, but the series, shows his life before he became a lawyer for criminals. In the first season of the show we discover that Jimmy received his law degree while he worked in the mail room of his older brother’s law firm. Jimmy cannot get a job at his brother’s law firm so he spends his time working on elder law.

Before becoming a lawyer Jimmy was known as Slippin’ Jimmy. He got this name from pulling off con tricks on people that came into a local bar.

The show is witty and humorous and is a little less intense than Breaking Bad. But is still a great show for all Breaking Bad fans. Better Call Saul airs every Monday at 10 p.m. This show is also my Netflix Pick of the Week as the first season just became available to watch on Netflix.

Mr. Hubert’s Haircut Days explained

Standing at a sturdy 5 foot, 11.5 inches tall, looking dapper as ever with a finely pressed pair of slacks and button up shirt, and strutting his luscious, full head of mocha brown hair wherever he walks, it is a near guarantee that at least a few heads will turn as an effect of Mr. Matt Hubert’s radiating presence. Mr. Hubert would like to think he is known around the halls of Cathedral Prep for his rhetorical expertise, as he teaches AP Language and Composition, English II, English IV honors, and Journalism.

However, 19th century philosopher, and like-minded rhetorical master Ralph Waldo Emerson has famously noted, “Who you are speaks so loudly that I cannot hear a word you say.” There are no truer words than these which so eloquently encapsulate the emotional state Mr. Hubert finds himself in one day each month, also known as haircut day. Before Mr. Hubert can go on about rhetoric, his students’ minds wander, concerned why his hair doesn’t have any gel in it today?

Mr. Hubert's bangs flow freely on his latest haircut day.

Mr. Hubert’s bangs flow freely on his latest haircut day.

If you’ve ever found yourself considering this ever-perplexing question, as many fellow Cathedral Prep students and staff already have, rest assured that there is indeed a method behind the madness. The source of all the controversy, Mr. Hubert himself, noted that “Hubert’s Haircut Days” (a term I took the liberty of coining) serve as a fundamental ritual in his life. “I don’t neglect the hair gel as a reminder to get a haircut,” he emphasized, “It’s just easier for the barber to cut it that way. I mean, why put gel in your hair if it’s just going to get washed off prior to the cut?”

This seems like a rational explanation. However, this surely isn’t all there is behind Mr. Hubert’s well thought out hair preferences. “I usually go to the Famous Hair on West 38th and Peach, right behind the Country Fair,” he said. “I don’t have a particular person who I prefer; last time I was waited on by a middle age, average height woman.” He did not recall her name but said she did a good job. Mr. Hubert continued explaining his styling strategies by saying, “I used to go to Joe’s Barber Shop on 8th and Liberty when I was growing up,” but the owner passed away several years ago.

Furthermore, when questioned on why, out of all the haircuts out there, he chooses his particular style, he explained, “Back in high school, I had a plain buzz cut. I have been getting my current style since about 2008.” However, he is unashamed in admitting that it was at the recommendation of his then girlfriend (and now wife) Jessie, that he made the decision to grow it out a little longer. “It does look more mature this way, though, and it is certainly just as manageable.”

Mr. Hubert shows off his latest haircut

Mr. Hubert shows off his latest haircut

Mr. Hubert was adamant in assuring that he holds no plans in discontinuing “Hubert’s Haircut days” anytime soon, and that his hairstyle is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Upon the completion of our conversation, Mr. Hubert did choose to add one non-prompted, off-the-cuff comment. “I do wish all my students paid as much attention to what I’m teaching as they do to my haircut,” he said. If there’s one lesson that can be learned from Hubert’s Haircut Days, I’d say that, every so often, it is indeed what’s on the outside that matters.

Catholic Schools Week celebrates individuality, opportunity


From Feb. 1-5, the Cathedral Prep community partook in the annual celebratory extravaganza known as Catholic Schools Week. For five long, great days students and faculty alike, could wear their Catholicism on their sleeves proudly. From repping a vintage Harlem Globetrotters uniform on Jersey Day, to a cork tie on Silly Tie Day, to the abundance of Hawaiian shirts on Beach Day, enjoyment was not lacking throughout the week.

But some may ask, what’s the point of Catholic Schools Week? Why have all of these sports tournaments after school, or unique dress downs? Well, private Catholic schools have a sense of individuality. They, unlike public schools, are not forced into uniform curriculum, are not forced to exclude God from the school day, and have the capability to “chart their own path” with Jesus helping out.

Millions of students across America who go to public schools are not graced with the a Christian education everyday. They are not graced with the freedom and liberation Catholic schools have and enjoy. They are forced into common core standards and forced into molds. Classes and are taught to the tests.

Catholic Schools Week is a celebration of our freedom as an institution and connection we have with God everyday. For five days students have the opportunity to wear flamboyant outfits, and let off some steam out on the hardwood after school. Festivities included everything from Blazer Day to a dodgeball tournament, but all had a common theme: fun.

We have to keep all of these things in mind, and be thankful of the opportunities we have. Catholic Schools Week is meant for us to take a step back, and enjoy the things that make our school what it is, and that’s rooted in the Catholic values are school was founded upon.

CP cardigan sale a success

image1(20)On Tuesday, Feb. 9, several Prep students claimed their official Cathedral Prep cardigans. The cardigans themselves are very stylish, lending themselves to the school’s “preppy” look. They were made available in black or white with the orange CP logo on the left breast and two small pockets near the bottom for optimal hand-warming ability. Students signed up to receive the cardigans weeks ago. Money was due about a week after that, and they were delivered just days ago.

Picking up one’s cardigan was a very simple process. All the cardigans were placed in Room 210 organized according to size. When I went to pick up mine, Class of 2017 President William Lewis was there to help me find the perfect cardigan for me.

image2(5)Will Lewis was nothing but satisfied with the cardigan sale. He stated that he chose to sell cardigans “not only as a mode to earn some coin for [the junior] class, but also to bring back a wearable piece of tradition.” Lewis and his student cabinet fortunately accomplished most of their class’s fundraising last year, so they were capable of doing a fundraiser to enrich the lives of the students as opposed to just making money. Lewis reiterated his satisfaction, saying, “Seeing the cardigans being worn around school is something really special because it shows the hard work that we put into the fundraiser really translating into a visual representation of success, and I think that’s pretty cool.”

Cardigans will be sold again next week, starting Feb. 23 during both lunches for those students who failed to purchase one during the first selling spree.