Prep Open House a success

openhouse2016_2On Sunday, Oct. 23, the hallways of Cathedral Prep were overflowing with many potential future Prep families. It was yet again another successful open house. There was always something going on, whether it was in the science labs, the gym or in any given classroom. There was an extremely positive and exuberant spirit being passed around the building like never before. Many families got the opportunity to tour through the school and see the wonderful things that go on inside the doors of Cathedral Prep and how much it truly has to offer.

With teachers looking their finest, floors looking their cleanest and classrooms looking their tidiest, it was off to a great start. Every teacher represented their own classroom/subject and explained to the families the details of each course and what their ultimate goal was. This ranged anywhere from the social studies department to theology to math to science and so on and so forth. It was an exciting day for all involved.

Additionally, the gymnasium was open to anyone who is interested in any sports. Baseball, basketball, football, soccer and much more were on display last Sunday. On top of that, the library was full of all the different clubs Prep has to offer. English instructor Ms. Lion said “There were many great questions about extra curricular activities and how they connect to academics.”

Cathedral Prep showed off everything they had to offer from academics to clubs to sports at their 2016 open house.

Many families were thoroughly impressed with our school and all we have to offer. Prep junior Alec Thomas shared some of his thoughts about the open house. “It’s always an exciting and fun experience to see the future Prep families touring through the school and being able to have a part in their decision means a lot.”

A large percentage of the Prep student body volunteered to help out to ensure the Prep community stays strong and intact for the following years. In many cases, open house is a deciding factor for undecided students. Many believe that this year’s open house definitely turned some heads and opened the door for the future of Cathedral Prep.

Student Profile: Alec Thomas

alecthomasmedalCathedral Prep junior Alec Thomas is a multi-sport athlete, who participates in golf, swimming, and tennis. He has been swimming since he was 7 years old where he started out on the Eastside YMCA team. Then, he swam for the Ohio USA team, and he is now swimming for Prep. Alec says swimming is his top sport, and he is succeeding in it the most. When asked about why he enjoys swimming, his response was, “I like swimming because it is an individual sport. The work that a person puts into the swimming determines how that person will do in the meet.”

Swimming is a unique sport. Swimming is a sport where the swimmer competes to beat their previous time(s). The athlete wants to beat his or her previous time and the other swimmers in the pool.

Cathedral Prep’s swim team has been solid these past few years, as well as their individual swimmers. As a team, Prep has won District 10 for the past 14 years in a row, as well as claiming the regional titles 12 years in a row. When Alec was considering Cathedral Prep, the academic and athletic level, the brotherhood, and the success of the swim team all went into consideration. Alec also added, “I like Prep because every swimmer on the team is fast, and although we may not all be friends outside of the pool, we all cheer and support each other in the pool.”

Going into high school as a freshman, Alec felt a bit nervous during the first few weeks of swim practice. His nervousness didn’t stop him from winning the 500-yard relay and the 200-freestyle at districts. Winning districts as a freshman was a huge accomplishment for Alec as he began his young and promising swim career.

A funny event that happened to Alec while enjoying his favorite sport took place during the Indianapolis Quad meet.  As Alec was exiting the pool deck, he accidentally strolled into the girls locker room, changed, and walked back out without even noticing. Alec also had stepped up onto the starting block and his swim trunks decided not to fit him anymore.  The trunk ripped down right through the seams in the center of the suit.

For any swimmer who enjoys the sport, it is a dream for one to swim at the Division I level. Alec hopes to attend Virginia Tech or Duke, who both are powerhouse programs in men’s swimming. Along with the swimming, Alec would like to study to become a chiropractor. Both Virginia Tech and Duke are highly regarded schools that Alec hopes to attend. They have fantastic chiropractic programs as well.

Alec is positive, hopeful, and sure that he will pursue his dreams of becoming a Division I swimmer at Virginia Tech or Duke. Alec doesn’t just focus on swimming though; the academics always come first.

Ken Bone garners internet fame after debate question

Ken Bone became an Internet sensation after asking a question to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at the second presidential debate. Although the debates between the two candidates do not really need any extra humor added to them, Ken Bone made many people laugh while watching the debate.  “What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs,” Bone asked, “while at the same time, remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job loss for fossil power plant workers?”

This was a great question Bone asked. This was not the main focus of Bone though.

Prep senior Peter Bloomstine, who is very interested in politics, gave me some words that should not go unnoticed about Ken Bone. “He is a middle class hero, who is an average man living the American Dream,” Peter said. “He asked a very wise question to the candidates on energy policy for he is a worker at an energy plant. Ken is a very smart, intelligent, handsome man who is worried about his future, but shouldn’t because he is the future, and it is very bright.”

For readers that do not know who Ken Bone is, you might be asking, who is Ken Bone? Why has he become so famous? What he did was remind people of what they want from their debates. Americans want an honest discussion of policy rather than a debate where all they do is attack each other. Not only did this remind us of what we want the debates to be about, but he was also pretty funny looking. He wore a red sweater which has been worn a lot more recently. When asked why he wore the red sweater instead of a nice suit, his answer was that he had a nice olive suit on and ready to go, but when he sat down in his car he split his pants. Therefore, he had to change his clothes and headed to the debate in a rush. The media and the American people seemingly could not get enough.

After having an in depth conversation with senior Prep student, Jacob Labonte, he said, “I think Ken Bone is your typical good guy. In my opinion, he became famous because people are infatuated with unimportant issues instead of more pressing ones.” This really goes to show what people think about him in everyday life.

Recommended senior students tutor freshmen


On Wednesday, Oct. 19, freshmen and senior students of Cathedral Prep had the day off due to sophomore/junior testing. However, some freshmen students who have been having some trouble adjusting to the demands of high school level classes were asked to come in on Wednesday to receive free tutoring from the seniors. A handful of seniors were recommended by teachers to help tutor these struggling freshman students in exchange for service hours. The seniors were assigned to one of the rooms with a teacher: science, with Mrs. Grove, math, with Mr. Achille, history, with Mr. Parsons, theology, with Mrs. Maxson, or English, with Ms. Phelps.

When asked how he thought the tutoring went, Daniel Scutella, a senior math tutor, said, “Overall, I thought that the peer tutoring session was a success. There were a few kinks to work out, but the day still went rather well. Taking part in the tutoring first hand, I can honestly say that it seemed like the students enjoyed it as well. Obviously, it is not easy when you are struggling in any particular subject, but I could tell that they enjoyed learning from this different perspective. I think it would be worthwhile to continue the program, as it serves as another outlet for students to seek help in their school work.”

When asked for his opinion on how he thought the tutoring went, freshman Luke Sittinger replied, “It was useful. I think you guys should keep doing it.”

Overall, the tutoring session seemed to be a success. Many students felt as though they got a different perspective on the subject, from students that had previously had the exact class and even the exact teacher sometimes. This is a great opportunity for both seniors and freshman to have. The seniors get the satisfaction of helping others, as well as learn to be a leader and teacher, and the freshmen are getting tutored in subject that are struggling in. This new tutoring idea would’ve been good to have years ago.

Final Presidential debate focuses on issues to a point

Last Wednesday, Oct. 19, the two presidential candidates faced off in a debate one last time during this election season. This third and final debate was moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace. The debate started off with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton walking straight to their podium and not shaking hands or greeting each other. In my opinion this was the best debate for the two, they started off actually talking about policies for the first half of the debate, and then it ended with the typical arguing between Clinton and Trump.

The debate started off talking about the Supreme Court situation. As a refresher the Supreme Court recently lost one of its justices, Antonin Scalia. Currently there is one seat open in the Supreme Court. Each candidate was asked what kind of Justice they would want to fill that seat. Trump said that he wants a justice that will preserve the Constitution, most importantly the 2nd Amendment. Clinton responded that she wants a Justice that will preserve a woman’s right to choose and marriage equality. On the issue of abortion, Clinton wants to allow women the right to an abortion. Trump said that he is pro-life and he wants to turn abortion rights to the states and allow them to govern whether they are legal or not.

Finally, the issue of border security was discussed. Donald Trump wants to build a wall along the southern border. Clinton, on the other hand, would like to keep an open border.

The final debate started off as the best debate of this elections season. It started off discussing actual policies, not something voters were used to seeing between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But it ended in the typical bickering between the candidates. Election Day is November 8th.

Regardless of whether you are voting for one of the major party candidates or someone else, make sure to get out and vote and let your voice be heard!

Student Profile: Jaryn Simpson

Jaryn Simpson, senior standout basketball star for Cathedral Prep, has a hidden talent that not many people know about. Along with his outstanding basketball career for the Ramblers, he also has skills in the virtual world.

It all started in the third grade when Jaryn got NBA 2008 for his Xbox 360. From there Jaryn discovered his enjoyment and skill for video games. Jaryn tried playing other games and he did have success in other games. But his heart belongs to the NBA 2k series.

Jaryn’s first experience with the 2k series happened when he got NBA 2K12 for his Xbox 360. He has bought every 2K game since. He recently purchased NBA 2K17, which was released on Sept. 20, 2016. When it comes to 2K Jaryn is a critic, however, he is a very happy critic. He mentioned that playing against the computer is now more difficult and that the career story is more thought out.

When asked about his overall view of the game Jaryn said, “All in all I think this will be a great game to play throughout my senior year.”

One of Jaryn’s favorite part about playing 2K is the “My Career Mode.” In this mode you
can create your own player and play as your player through the course of an NBA career.
Jaryn’s player on “My Career Mode” is currently ranked as a 62 percent overall with 100 percent being the best in the game. It is clear that Jaryn definitely needs some work.

Many Prep students play 2K, and Jaryn is not afraid to admit that he is the best in the school, “I honestly do believe that I am the best at Prep,” he said. Jaryn is very proud of his player in the career mode of the game. “I’m more of a playmaker, but I get buckets when I need to,” he said.

Jaryn’s favorite part about the game is the realistic graphics, “I’m talking from shoes to
dances all the way to sweat coming down their faces.”

Jaryn enjoys playing video games, and from what he tells me he’s a boss when it comes to 2K. If you’re up for the challenge, see him on the virtual court.

Hurricane Matthew strikes the eastern coast

On Sept. 28, a tropical storm named Matthew barreled towards the Western Atlantic. It quickly gained strength and at its peak was a terrifying category five hurricane that tore through the Caribbean and the United States reaching north into North Carolina. According to The Associated Press, Goldman Sachs estimates that Hurricane Matthew caused about $10 billion in damages in the U.S. alone.

Hurricane Matthew brought back dark memories for many, labeled as one of the most powerful hurricanes in the last decade. It became clear that Matthew was going to make landfall like Katrina did just 11 years ago. “I just remember learning about what happened and still hearing about it now. It just seemed like it destroyed everything in it’s path, just complete destruction,” said Prep senior Jaryn Simpson.

Many were worried that this could happen again. Around 2.5 million people were told to evacuate their homes across the Eastern Coast.

On the fourth of October, Hurricane Matthew made landfall for the first time. It struck Haiti and the eastern part of Cuba. Haiti suffered the worst fate. Villages and towns were flattened and massive flooding across the island was apparent. The Bahamas was the next victim of Matthew’s unrelenting wrath as 135-145 mile-per-hour winds ripped apart the island, causing massive destruction. In total over 1,000 died in Haiti and cholera (an infectious and often fatal bacterial disease of the small intestine) has only made matters worse. Health officials are worried that an outbreak could cause even more devastation now that the hurricane is over due to the large amounts of contaminated water.

The now infamous hurricane barreled towards the eastern coast of the United States showing no sign of stopping. According to the NOAA, Matthew, “was expected to scrape the east coast of the Florida peninsula from about West Palm Beach to Jacksonville, then gradually turn to follow the curve of the coastline from Georgia to around Charleston, South Carolina before making its way back out to sea.”

Along with evacuations it prompted Walt Disney World to close, only the fourth time it’s done so since its opening in 1971. Also, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration officials closed down the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida, with the looming certainty of Matthews

Hurricane Matthew only made one true landfall with the United States in McClellanville, South Carolina, as a weak Category 1 hurricane. When it struck in Florida, the eye of the storm was a few miles off coast, but it still caused intense damage.

Residents weren’t the only ones worried. “My grandma was in Miami and she wasn’t able to evacuate without help,” said junior Trent Robison. “She waited it out, and I was really worried that something terrible could happen.”

Although many mandatory evacuations were helpful throughout four states, many did not leave. “I would find it hard to leave my home for a storm, but at some point you have to realize it could be life or death and it’s just not worth it to stay,” commented Andrew Wagner.

On Oct. 9 the forceful winds and heavy rain began lighten up. The hurricane subsided and was now categorized as a tropical storm off of the coast of South Carolina. Massive rainfall struck North Carolina later catching many residents off guard. Extreme flooding stranded over 900 across the state. Throughout the United States 92 have died in wake of Hurricane Matthew. Many have lost their homes, cars, and livelihoods as million more are left without power. Emergency crews have started the clean up process and are looking forward to clearer skies.

Student Profile: Charles “Trey” Deitrick III

Charles Deitrick III, better known as Trey, is a senior at Cathedral Prep and currently serving his first year as an anchor of the Rambler News. Trey volunteers every morning by being an anchor along with fellow senior Luke Baloga. Together they present news to teachers and students on the TV every morning.

Trey feels strongly about letting everyone know what is happening on any given day. “People need to know what the day entails, and that the ever-changing script keeps me on my toes!” The morning news is headed by Mr. Ronuel Viera, who is also in his first year overseeing the news.

He has already made some changes. Mr. Viera changed the news opener with some different footage and a remixed version of the school song “Loyal & True.” “The opener will evolve as a I acquire more footage, but I have some other ideas in the works,” Mr. Viera said.

Trey also brings his own new twist to the news as anchor. “I can really spice up the news this year”, he said. We have seen this in the script with small bits of humor and much more fun involved with guests such as rally crew members.

The morning news is headed in a great direction with the cast of characters that make it all possible. Mr. Viera said, “both Trey and Luke have been more proactive about being anchors than I expected. They are both new to this and are both doing a great job.” The effort that Trey, Mr. Viera and Luke put into it everyday does not go unnoticed. Prep as a community thanks them for their efforts, and we look forward to more changes in the near future.

Student Profile: Brian Buseck

Prep senior Brian Buseck is perhaps best known as a talented, esteemed actor in the Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Theater Program, landing leading roles in productions such as Grease, Jesus Christ
Superstar, West Side Story, and many others. But few people know about his other side that works behind the curtain: Brian Buseck, screenwriter.

buseckscreenwriterWhat exactly is screenwriting? According to Brian, “it is writing a script for a play, TV show, or movie. It includes writing the lines and saying which characters goes where in a piece of work.” Somewhat of a newcomer, Buseck only started writing plays at the end of his junior year thanks to encouragement from one of his friends.

“Last year, my friend Dominic Montefiori came up to me and said, ‘I started writing this play; do you mind taking look at it?’ I said yes and asked him if I could co-write it with him. He agreed and we started working on it together.”

The piece they are working on is a romantic comedy but not in the “lovey-dovey” sense. As Brian explained, it begins with a group therapy session that leads to a domestic disturbance. However, Buseck does not want to give away too much of the plot because their play along with others written by students will be shown in the spring as part of “French Fest,” a two-week-long showcase that will give the Prep and Villa theater programs the opportunity to feature and show off different works created by the students themselves.

buseckactorWhile still best known for his acting skills, his colleagues think Brian might be an even better writer. “Brian is just a natural-born writer; he has something that can’t be taught which helps in so many ways,” said Montefiori. “It’s a lot of fun to work and write with him.”

Buseck admits he is partial to writing comedy because “that’s most of what I’ve watched…like sitcoms only longer.”

While he enjoys writing, his love and passion still revolve around that of acting. “I find acting more fun because you get the excitement of performance and for me at least being in front of a live audience,” explained Brian. Being at the center of attention is what makes acting exciting every time he performs.

Brian thinks that anyone can become a screenwriter and gives advice to those who want to get involved with it. “If you are interested in screenwriting, sit down and just write and you might enjoy simply that.” Well, Brian certainly makes things look simple, especially when he is commanding attention while standing center stage. His passion and talent combined with hard work and practice tend to do that and audiences around the community have Buseck to thank for it.

So with that being said, join me in a round of applause and standing ovation to someone who certainly deserves the spotlight, senior Brian Buseck.

Prep students participate in Cell Phone Friday

On Friday, the Cathedral Prep hallways were buzzing, and it wasn’t just by word of mouth. Cell phones made their “legal” debut to the hallways of Prep as a one time special fundraiser for the Ian Fund, which benefits injured Prep football player and wrestler Ian Malesiewski.

To participate in the highly anticipated “Cell Phone Friday” students had to pay $4 in advance to their first period teachers before Friday. Those who procrastinated had to pay $8.

Many students though didn’t mind giving up some cash for a day of cell phone use. Prep junior Max Bloomstine commented, “It’s not about the cost because I know it’s going towards an extremely important cause, and I think that this is a good opportunity to try something new.”

After paying, students were given a green wristband to show faculty that they had paid the fee and were allowed for cell phone use throughout the day but with some restrictions. Students weren’t allowed to use them in class unless given permission to do so by a teacher or they would be given a cell phone citation.

“I think this has been something we have been missing here at Prep. Most other high schools allow cell phone use, and I’m glad we are getting a taste of what it’s like,” said junior Alex Welz.

Others, just weren’t as convinced that this was such a good move. Mr. Baltzer, who was having a friendly wager with Mr. Pituch, on who could catch more students abusing the cell phone policies on Friday had this to say. “I just don’t think cell phones are a good idea. They can only use them for a very small fraction of the day, and it’s just going to distract students more than they already are.”

Freshman Robbie Lupo decided to play the devil’s advocate on Mr. Baltzer’s claim. “The majority of students know how to control themselves in the classroom and won’t abuse having a cell phone in class. The ones who will abuse the cell phone are the ones finding new games and apps on the iPad’s to distract themselves anyway.”

Friday delivered a new experience for faculty and students alike. Though many students enjoyed the idea of a cell phone friendly rule at Prep, others are just looking to meet in the middle. Senior Brain Buseck commented, ” I understand not being allowed to use phones during the school day, but off and in your locker is a little extreme; I think that off in your book bag is reasonable, it’s not distracting and it saves having to make stops at your locker.”