Music Review: Tame Impala’s Currents

Tame Impala, an Australian-based psychedelic rock/pop band, came out with their third studio album on July 17, 2015. The album is titled Currents and features 13 brand new songs from the band. These songs range in length from 55 seconds to almost 8 minutes. Kevin Parker, along with the rest of the band, wrote these songs; however, Kevin Parker is known to write all or most of the lyrics. Many of Parker’s lyrics are based off of real events and experiences in his life. Tame Impala has a very spacey and unique sound, and this album is no exception.

The album opens with the song “Let It Happen.” This song is a perfect intro to the album, as it is basically saying to forget about the stressors of life and just go with the flow for a bit. This theme is particularly evident in the line, “I heard about a whirlwind that’s coming ’round, It’s gonna carry off all that isn’t bound, And when it happens, when it happens (I’m gonna be holding on), So let it happen, let it happen.” The whirlwind in this line is an uncontrollable event. The writer, Kevin Parker, is simply saying that it’s going to happen, so there is no use fighting it. He might as well just go with the flow and let it pass.

The next song on this album is titled “Nangs” and is sort of a pulsating wave between the headphones. This song is very short (1:48) and acts as a bridge to the rest of the album. There is a distorted and repeated line throughout the song. This line is “But is there something more than that?” The line is suggesting that maybe there is something more than simply “letting it happen” like in the previous song. Kevin Parker is questioning his previous statements, which leads perfectly to the songs to follow.

The third song on this album is “The Moment.” This song is clarifying the statement made in the previous song by saying how he needs to experience individual moments, instead of just letting them pass. The first two line of this song are “In the end, it’s stronger than I know how to be, And I can’t just spend my whole lifetime wondering.” In this line, Kevin Parker is saying that he can’t just wonder about what could’ve been, but instead he needs to live in the moment.

The fourth song on this album is titled “Yes I’m Changing.” This song changes tempo from the past three songs. The song immediately puts out a far more direct feel than the previous ones. This is the first of many songs on the album to refer to someone from Kevin Parker’s past. This person appears to be an ex-girlfriend. In this song, Parker is referring to how he is a different person than who he used to be, and that if she is not opposed to who he has become, she can come with him. Parker can’t change back to who he was. He has no control over that. If she wants to be with him, she needs to accept who he has become. We can clearly see this through the lines, “Yes I’m changing, yes I’m gone, Yes I’m older, yes I’m moving on, And if you don’t think it’s a crime you can come along, with me,” and “Yes I’m changing, can’t stop it now, And even if I wanted I wouldn’t know how.”

The next song on the album is titled “Eventually.” This song has a very similar feel to the last song, and is sort of a conclusion to his relationship. The entire point of this song is Parker breaking off his ties with this girl from his past. Kevin Parker is saying that he knows they will both be better off if they are no longer together. Parker feels as if he’s hurt her too many times already, and it’s simply better for them not to be together. He is protecting this girl that he obviously cares deeply about. This is clearly stated in the line, “I know I always said that I could never hurt you, Well this is the very very last time I’m ever going to.” In perhaps one of Parker’s best lines of all time, he expresses how the girl would’ve been better off if she had never met him. This line is “Wish I could turn you back into a stranger, Cause if I was never in your life, you wouldn’t have to change this.”

The sixth song on the album is the shortest and is titled “Gossip.” This song is simply a flowing synthesizer and a guitar playing short chords. At first listen, this song may simply sound like a useless bridge or a fun time to play (which I’m sure it is as well), however,, a website that devotes its time to explore the deeper meaning of songs, seems to think otherwise. In fact, says, “The lack of lyrics symbolizes how gossip is empty and useless. The repeated instrumental symbolizes how gossip is just a never-ending loop that gets people nowhere.” This song leads perfectly into the next song, as it is saying it’s better not to listen to the rumors that are going around.

The next song on this album seems like it could be shedding some light on Kevin Parker’s pastimes (possibly high school years) with the girl from the previous songs. The title of this song is “The Less I Know The Better.” The main focus of this song is Parker being completely infatuated with a girl; however, she is already with someone else and seems to be uninterested in Parker. The song focuses on Kevin Parker’s thoughts as he is seeing this girl with her boyfriend, as well as the rumors he hears of their intimacy. Parker explains how the less he knows of what the girl is doing with her boyfriend, the better. This is clearly seen through the title. In the music video for this song, the boy that the girl is dating is shown as a gorilla. This is to represent Parker’s view of him. Parker believes that this guy, or “Trevor” (as he is referred to in the song), is not supposed to be with her, just as a gorilla and a human don’t belong together.

The eighth song on this album is called “Past Life.” This song, again, refers to the girl of Kevin Parker’s past. This song is most likely the most current song chronologically in Parker’s life, with “The Less I Know The Better” being the first. In this song, Parker states how some of the things he sees throughout his day still remind him of his times with the girl. In the song, he refers to looking in his rear-view mirror, and just for a second, seeing this girl. With this sight, all of the memories of her rushed back into his head.

The ninth song in this album is another short bridge song titled “Disciples.” This song refers to Kevin Parker’s past love, once again. This time, however, he speaks of how she has changed (instead of how he has changed like in his previous song, “Yes I’m Changing”). In the song he mentions how the girl is “Walking around like everybody should know you(her).” Here he is saying how she is conceited now, unlike before. Parker later says that he wants it to be like it was before. However, due to her loving herself so much now, and the reputation she has built up because of this, she could never be with a guy like him.

The next song on this album is titled “‘Cause I’m A Man.” This song is basically Kevin Parker trying to justifying himself messing up his relationship. However, Parker’s reasoning is simply because he is a man. We can see this theme by the line “You see, I have a conscience and it’s never fooled, But it’s prone to be overruled.” Kevin Parker is saying that even though he knows how he should act, the simple fact that he is a man sometimes trumps that. Thus, Parker messed up simply because he is a man.

The eleventh song on this album is “Reality In Motion.” This song immediately brings the listener into a moment between Kevin Parker and some new girl. This girl is obviously very desirable in Parker’s eyes, so much so in fact that he is nervous to the point that he has “shivers all over” simply by “edging closer” to this girl. Parker says how the girl is usually surrounded by her friends, and that this is his once chance to try to make a move; however, he is still dreadfully nervous. This song could also refer to the first time Kevin Parker met the girl referred to in his previous songs.

The twelfth song on this album is another song about Kevin Parker’s relationship struggle; however, this time it takes place right in the middle of his relationship. The title of this song is “Love/Paranoia,” and it focuses on the paranoid feelings that go hand and hand with being in love. Parker is unsure of what the future holds, and is scared to find out. He just wishes that his girlfriend would more forward with him so that he doesn’t have to guess as to what is really going on. Parker, however, is also not being honest with her. He is jumping to conclusions and is getting hurt by her words, but he isn’t even telling her.

The thirteenth and final song of this album is titled “New Person, Same Old Mistakes.” This song starts out with what seems to be Kevin Parker speaking directly to his fans. Although this album still sounds psychedelic and spacey, like Tame Impala is known for, it also has a completely different sound than their other two albums. Parker goes on to address the scrutiny he knows is to come for himself, as well as the band as a whole, with the first few lines of the song “New Person, Same Old Mistakes.” The first two lines of this song are “I can just hear them now, ‘How could you let us down?'”‘ Kevin Parker later writes that the songs have already been made, so the fans might as well just accept Tame Impala’s new sound (but he says it in much nicer lyrics).

Although Tame Impala isn’t a very well known band by any means, their unique sound quality and lyrical depth are deserving of infinite praise. Even though Currents sounds to be influenced by a little more pop than their previous albums, it still is very well written. The entire theme of this album focuses mainly around the choppy currents of Kevin Parker’s relationship and life. Although the lyrics may seem depressing to read, they are presented in such a way that they still put you in a good mood.

Prep football completes yearlong journey, wins state championship

“Life is much better as a state champion,” said senior linebacker Jerry Roberts. The Cathedral Prep football team had a very successful football season this year, going undefeated and winning a state title. The Cathedral Prep football team went through a lot between losing the 2015 state championship and winning it in 2016. This didn’t just happen overnight. A lot of hard work and dedication had to go into winning football games.

The Ramblers were defeated in the state championship game by Imhotep Charter in 2015. Not only were they defeated, but a mercy rule was inflicted upon the Ramblers for the first time since Coach Mischler has been at Cathedral Prep. That is not meant as a shot at the 2015 team because that was an amazing season and they should be proud, but coming up one win short made all of the juniors and sophomores “hungry” to come back and win the state championship this year.

That game took place in December of 2015, and that’s when it all started for the 2016 football team. A good majority of the team was in the weight room in January. “When I saw the work ethic, and all of the players in the weight room, I knew we had something going for us,” said Prep junior Nicholas Wisinski.

Not only were the ramblers in the weight room, but some of the wide receivers and the quarterback Joseph Mischler decided to get together and throw some routes. Then the football team had camp. That was when the football team really “clicked” said Joseph Mischler. “The team bonding that happened there along with the long hard days was amazing,” said senior Trey Deitrick.

After a long preseason, and a lot of preparation, the Cathedral Prep Ramblers were ready. In the first game, Prep took on the Strong Vincent Colonels. They started off their season strong with a 77-8 win. They also went on to win there next game against the Central Tech Falcons. Then came the moment people had been waiting for. Cathedral Prep vs. McDowell. With everyone saying that this was “McDowell’s year” and that they were going to beat Prep by 20, the Ramblers were fired up, especially after seeing Ian Malesiewski walk into their locker for the first time that year. Not only did Cathedral Prep win the game that night, but Ian brought a community together that day. That day Prep and McDowell came together as both student sections had a “green out” to honor him and spinal cord injury awareness. It was truly a game for the books and will be remembered forever by many.

Following the win over McDowell, the games flew by for Prep. They had an amazing regular season, which included a nailbiting 28-24 win against Canisius High School. Then came playoffs. But before that the Ramblers had two weeks of no games. The first round of playoffs was Prep’s last game at Veteran’s Stadium. Next, they took on Thomas Jefferson. After being favored to lose, Prep took off with the win. Then came the semifinals against Berks- Catholic. The Ramblers won that game as well in a nailbiting fashion. They were back. Finally, after a whole year they were going back to Hershey for a rematch in the state championship.

This was a whole new level for Prep. They knew that Imhotep team they were playing was good. They knew they couldn’t make mistakes. They knew that their opponents were big and fast, but they also knew they were beatable. They also knew they could defeat them with the proper preparation and the right mindset. The game will go down in the history of Cathedral Prep football as an all-time classic. The game started off, and Prep took a three and out. As minutes went by Imhotep scored and converted a two-point conversion to go up 8-0.

The Ramblers responded with a drive down the field next, and Matt Lupo ran it in to the end zone. The extra point from Anthony Lupo made it 8-7 in favor of Imhotep. Then, all of the sudden a couple minutes later the Ramblers took the lead with a Matt Bauer safety. Suddenly, it was 9-8 Prep. Going into half Prep was down 14-9. Imhotep added to their lead in the third quarter to make it 20-9, a lead they still held with 8 minutes left.

The Ramblers kicked a field goal to make it a one-score game at 20-12. Then, next thing you know, boom, Terry Roberts intercepted an Imhotep pass and returned it to the end zone for a pick-6. Joseph Mischler ran in the 2-point conversion to tie the game 20-20. After a tough stop from the defense, Joe Mischler connected with Tyler Oedekoven for the go-ahead touchdown that would win the game for Prep along with a couple of stops from the defense.

The brothers and bonds formed on and off the field for this football team were awesome. When asked what he thought of the season, Ben Fuhrman said, “This was honestly the most fun I ever had playing on a team.” Many of his teammates would agree. It was a season for the books and another chapter for many. The Prep community will always remember the Rambler football team of 2016. The seniors will miss it, but they went out in the best way possible.

Newest Star Wars Movie a big hit

Lucasfilm finally decided to create a standalone Star Wars movie, and it has been a huge success. “Rogue One” has filled up theaters throughout the country over the past week and will continue to do so going into Christmas. It scored one of the top debuts in history, starting off with a tremendous $155 million premiere. It has gained even more prominence across the globe by reaching foreign markets such as China and South Korea. Disney had been downplaying the prosperity of the film due to it being the first movie separate of the main 7 movies. They bought Lucasfilm for $4 billion and weren’t sure if this movie would attract the normal crowd of fans. The risk paid off big time as “Rogue One” is creating buzz across the country and has led to Disney breaking a box office record in 2016 for their movies.

The latest Star Wars classic is about a group of people who come up with an idea to steal the plans for the Death Star, which is the Empire’s secret weapon of destruction. The 134-minute movie includes ordinary people coming together to do something incredible to help save the rebellion. It is highly respected on movie review sites such as IMDB, who gave it an 8.2 out of 10 and Rotten Tomatoes, where it was given a 84% out of 100%. The success of this movie proves just how dedicated Star Wars fans are and how they will always show up to watch the films. It was also perfectly positioned as the holiday season coincided with the release of the movie. There are more movies like “Rogue One” that are separate of the Skywalker story coming later with a Han Solo based movie that is in the creation process.

This movie has also been popular among the Cathedral Prep community as numerous students have seen the movie so far and decided to share their thoughts with The Rambler.

Senior Kyle Burger: “The Darth Vader scenes were by far the best. I’m still not sure how I feel about how the plot was kind of thrown at you without much character development. However, for a standalone movie in the series, I enjoyed it, especially due to the action that took place during the entire movie.”

Senior Jed Bartos: “It was an overall good experience, with Darth Vader’s reappearance making the whole movie worth it.”

Senior Kevin Bello: “I thought ‘Rogue One’ was a fun movie that fits into the Star Wars universe very nicely. I enjoyed deviating from the Skywalker story and seeing all the new characters. I loved it and would highly recommend it to anyone.”

Senior Kyle Wagner: “I saw ‘Rogue One’ opening night, first showing, and it was awesome. As a lifelong Star Wars fan I feel this movie was the prequel the franchise never got. This film gave a deeper look into the war and went deeper into the part the rebellion played. This was also a Star Wars film that was darker and not as lighthearted as the others, and they did it just right. I extremely enjoyed the cameos of past characters and the references made from the past movies. The CGI that was incorporated was phenomenal. At some points I couldn’t believe that it was not real. All around it was an incredible film and a perfect fit for where the film takes place in the timeline. It is a must see movie, and I encourage all to see it.”

Senior Peter Bloomstine: “I thought ‘Rogue One’ was just the reboot that the Star Wars franchise needed. The reviews for the prior movies 1, 2, and 3 did not receive the great reviews as they had hoped for. ‘The Force Awakens’ also did not receive the reviews it hoped for, and it was highly criticized. ‘Rogue One’ patches the hole and the poor reviews from the newer movies to the older movies. It had the perfect match of old and unique scenes tied into one great movie. It also focused on the aspect of the wars in Star Wars. The movie was fantastic with action always around the corner, and the movie constantly driving you in. Also, the ending is one of the best endings in any movie that I have ever seen. Ever.”

This is extremely high praise from some of the students at Cathedral Prep. Whether you’re a Star Wars enthusiast or not, based on the popularity of the movie not only at Prep, but also around the country, watching “Rogue One” would be a great Christmas present for all this holiday season.

Key Club hosts 27th annual Christmas dinner

Christmas came early for many underprivileged people this past Sunday, Dec. 11 as Cathedral Prep’s Key Club hosted its 27th annual Christmas dinner for people who are homeless. Toys (for the children), warm meals, new socks, exciting books and much needed company was provided from noon until 4 p.m. for anyone in need. The dinner is always a highly anticipated event for everyone involved as it capped off the perfect weekend for the school. Fresh off of the second state football title in four years and another very successful night of “Box Village,” many Ramblers still were able to lend a helping hand to over 1,000 people throughout the community.

Volunteers began to arrive in the Cathedral Prep cafeteria around 10:30 a.m. to prepare for the event. Decorations, continued food preparation and toy setups were in the works and right on track. Beautiful flowers and Christmas headpieces were generously donated by Allburn Florist. Additionally, many parents stayed around and decided to help as needed to ensure the process went as smoothly as possible. Right around noon, the doors were opened, and people happily entered, being greeted by two out of the many student volunteers present. People of all races, ages, sizes and backgrounds came together as one and were able to enjoy a warm, peaceful meal and celebrate their Christmas.

Despite the lack of familiarity with many, students embraced the event and conveyed their own personal positivity and traditional Christmas spirit with those who may not be accustomed to it. It truly showed as the boring, old, everyday cafeteria was transformed into a vibrant environment filled with a diverse community that came together as one to celebrate one of the largest holidays of the year. Sophomore volunteer Tim Klebanski reflected on his experience saying, “It was a really good experience for everyone there. Being able to help the needy and also grow closer with our brothers through service is something I will never forget.”

Although it was a very unorthodox Christmas looking in from the outside, it made a lasting impact on many individuals on both sides of the spectrum. Many of the people who attended were football fans and got a chance to sit down and talk with several members of the state championship football team. The joy and happiness in their eyes was truly something special. The sound of children shouting in excitement reached every part of the room as Mr. Alexa came storming in the door dressed up as Santa Claus. All the little things just added up to make an insurmountable impact on all involved.

As the people began to disperse around 4 p.m., goodbyes were said, and food was put away. It was all smiles for Mr. Parsons, head of Key Club as he happily recalled. “It is an absolutely wonderful way of living out our Catholic mission and showing how much we care about those in need throughout our community,” he said. “It helps us truly appreciate what blessings we have, especially around this time of year and allows us to give back to those who need it most.”

Although it didn’t quite replicate how a typical Christmas is spent, it is the sad reality for many. It is this time of year in which we all can take a step back and just be thankful for all of the blessings we have in our lives. Even though vibrantly decorated Christmas trees, beautifully wrapped gifts and the anticipation of Christmas morning are all awesome things to look forward to during this time of year, let’s not forget the real meaning of Christmas and those that are dearest to us. This event was not merely done to continue a school tradition, but to truly impact the lives of many who need our help.

Previewing the New Year’s Six Bowl Games

Capital One Orange Bowl (December 30): #6 Michigan (10-2) vs. #11 Florida State (9-3)

This matchup is a very intriguing one because of the history that is behind these two programs and the playoff intentions of each team at the beginning of the year. Each team was projected to make the playoff, which ended in vain for both teams. Florida State had a shaky start to the year after losing in Week 3 to Louisville and then suffering two other losses to Clemson and North Carolina. But they finished the year out strong, especially with a big win against in-state rival Florida.

Michigan looked like they would cruise into the Big Ten Championship Game and a playoff bid, but then the Iowa game happened. Losing to the Hawkeyes on the road on a last second field goal gave the Wolverines their first loss. Then there was The Game at Ohio State, a controversial yet thrilling double overtime game that handed Michigan their second loss, which cost them their bid to the Big Ten Championship Game and the College Football Playoff. Both teams are looking for redemption after a season that fell short of high expectations. One key that is forgotten is that the game is played in Florida, which should make this game close. Still, give the edge to Michigan.

Prediction: Michigan 27, Florida State 21

Rose Bowl Game Presented by Northwestern Mutual (January 2): #5 Penn State (11-2) vs. #9 USC (9-3)

Probably the most anticipated game in this year’s bowl season (other than the CFP games) is between arguably the two hottest teams in college football. For Penn State, after being projected to go 5-7 by ESPN and a 2-2 start to the year, many people doubted that Penn State would be back to the “Old Penn State” and the Head Coach James Franklin was on the hot seat to be fired. Then the Ohio State game happened, featuring the blocked field goal that changed the Nittany Lions season and might have saved the program. Penn State finished out the regular season with 8 straight wins and a bid to play in the Big Ten Championship vs. Wisconsin where they came back from down 28-7 to win 38-31 and finish the year at 11-2 and as Big Ten Champions.

For USC, after Week 1 smackdown against Alabama and a losses to Stanford and Utah, the Trojans started 1-3. The Trojans are also on a huge winning streak of 8 games to finish 9-3, including a win at the #4 playoff team Washington. Both teams are riding high coming into this game, but again the home field advantage could be a factor for the Trojans as the game is played in Los Angeles. Quarterback play will be the biggest factor and no one has been better than Trace McSorley this season giving the Nittany Lions the edge.

Prediction: Penn State 42, USC 38

Goodyear Cotton Bowl (January 2): #8 Wisconsin (10-3) vs. #15 Western Michigan (13-0)

This is an interesting matchup between a deserving Wisconsin team who has 3 quality losses to top 6 teams of Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State (in the Big Ten Championship Game). They are one of the leading defenses in the country, led by T.J. Watt, younger brother of J.J. Watt. It will be interesting to see how this defense goes up against the high powered offense that Western Michigan brings. The undefeated Broncos have a so-so resume with one quality win coming against Northwestern in a thriller. This is the difference in this matchup. Wisconsin plays in a better conference and has beaten better teams and has more quality losses than Western Michigan has quality wins.

Prediction: Wisconsin 45, Western Michigan 14

Allstate Sugar Bowl (January 2): #7 Oklahoma (10-2) vs. #14 Auburn (8-4)

The Sugar Bowl usually brings some classic games throughout the years and hopefully this year brings the same. A somewhat surprising matchup is in store this year with the addition of the Auburn Tigers as the opponent to play against the Oklahoma Sooners. Auburn, who had a difficult year of a record of 8-4, started the season out shaky but has turned it around with some great offensive play leading the team to key wins against LSU and Ole Miss. For the Sooners, a preseason favorite to make the CFP, started the season with devastating losses to Houston and Ohio State. After those losses the Sooners went to rack up 10 wins and a Big 12 Conference Title. They are led by Heisman finalist Baker Mayfield, and he is the key to this ball game, giving the Sooners the edge.

Prediction: Oklahoma 49, Auburn 35

College Football Playoff

National Semifinal: Chick-fil-a Peach Bowl (December 31): #1 Alabama (13-0) vs. #4 Washington (12-1)

This is an huge matchup to start the 3rd College Football Playoff, with the “unstoppable” Alabama Crimson Tide going up against the surprising Washington Huskies who no one thought would make it to the playoff this year. Even until the final rankings of the College Football Playoff rankings many people still had the Huskies out of the semifinals because of the strength of their non-conference schedule mainly. Their only loss was to USC at home, but some key wins were against Washington State and Colorado in the Pac 12 Championship.

Washington is coming into the game as huge underdogs against the Crimson Tide because of how dominant Alabama has been this year. The undefeated Tide have had only one really close game, which was at LSU 13-3. The key to the Tide’s success was the play of true freshman quarterback Jalen Hurts and the dominance of the Alabama defense, who did not give up a single touchdown the whole month of November. This is what gives Alabama the huge advantage and an easy win vs. Washington.

Prediction: Alabama 38, Washington 10

National Semifinal: PlayStation Fiesta Bowl: #2 Clemson (12-1) vs. #3 Ohio State (11-1)

These two teams were pretty much locks to make the Playoff this year. Clemson had one blip in their season with a last second field goal loss at home vs. Pittsburgh. The Tigers have been a strong force this year, and many people believe they have the best shot of beating Alabama, with key wins vs. Virginia Tech and Florida State. The ACC Champion Tigers are led by Heisman finalist Deshaun Watson who has been unstoppable this year through the air.

Ohio State is also led by another great quarterback, J.T. Barrett, who’s been having another great season. The Buckeyes have had a strong season with their only loss coming to Big Ten Champion Penn State. Even though the Buckeyes did not win their conference, they’ve had many quality wins against Oklahoma, Michigan and Wisconsin. Clemson does have the slight edge on the defensive end and this is a huge key in this game.

Prediction: Clemson 27, Ohio State 24

The National Championship Game is not part of the New Year’s Six Bowl games so that prediction will occur after these games happen.

Kanye West and Donald Trump meet at Trump Tower

Earlier this past week, Donald Trump was greeted by Kanye West at the Trump Tower in New York City. West was hospitalized back in November following his cancellation of the 21 performances that were scheduled for his Saint Pablo Tour. West was taken to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in California. Exhaustion and stress were said to be the cause of Kanye’s hospitalization.

Kanye was also starting to get mad at different radio stations, claiming that the various stations played the same songs “over and over and over,” as well as speaking out against Hillary Clinton who was one of the two presidential candidates next to Donald Trump. West explained that America voted for change and wants change. After one of West’s concerts in San Jose he claimed that he didn’t vote in the election, but he would’ve definitely voted for President Elect Donald Trump. West agrees with both Trump’s “method of communication” and calls his ideas “futuristic.”

However, the event that took place earlier this week with West greeting Trump at Trump Tower was very significant. Many Americans have been saying that President Elect Donald Trump made some racist and disrespectful statements. However, Trump has hired African American Ben Carson as the secretary of Department Housing and Urban Development. In addition to Trump’s hiring of Carson, West claimed himself and Trump talked about “multicultural” issues, as well as life in general. According to Trump, the two have been friends for years and have respect for one another.

This event has opened the eyes for some American citizens, but at the same time, it hasn’t surprised others.

Alumni Profile: Paul DeRaimo (’76)

Many successful young men have walked through the hallways of Cathedral Prep. From Super Bowl champion and former NFL Defensive Player of the Year Bob Sanders to the first United States Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge to the seventh bishop of the Diocese of Erie, Alfred Michael Watson. While these are just a few of the many accomplished Prep graduates, there are many unrecognized graduates who have made just as great of an impact in the community. One unspoken name is that of an everyday man, Mr. Paul DeRaimo, Cathedral Prep Class of 1976.

For nearly a decade, DeRaimo has devoted countless, unpaid hours to serving youth from all walks of life, mainly as the boy’s varsity basketball coach at Our Lady of Mount Carmel. DeRaimo is one of many men who miss warm dinners at night, put aside their personal interests, and regrettably miss out on some quality family time so that they can mentor and guide boys to be productive adults. He doesn’t achieve this through punishment, demeaning words, or criticism, but rather through character building and positive reinforcement. DeRaimo has always preached of the transformational values of Prep and how valuable it has been to him throughout his life.

DeRaimo did not come from a privileged background. At the tender age of 5, when a fatherly role is most important, DeRaimo and his mother found themselves on their own when his father left him. Despite this, according to him, “Prep was chosen for me because my mom knew early on that she wanted something better for me than what she had and what my dad had, despite the financial burden being put on her.” When asked about challenges he endured, he proudly recalls saying, “my city school friends pressured me against Prep and ripped on me, but after my first semester, I knew that there was no better place for me.”

DeRaimo speaks fondly of his former teachers, one in particular being Mr. Stanley Brzezicki. “He engaged the students and taught them life skills through anecdotes of everyday life,” he said.

Another great memory he relayed was the camaraderie between all the students. “When it came down to something important, you knew they had your back.”

The honor and discipline that was instilled in DeRaimo from his years at Prep translates into his everyday life since graduating: from raising kids, to coaching basketball and karate, to his long term position as director of quality control at Ridg-U-Rak, one of the largest pallet rack storage manufacturers in North America. According to DeRaimo, “Honor and discipline is the backbone of everything in life professionally and personally.”

Prep’s unmatched structured curriculum and discipline bolstered DeRaimo’s math skills and the ability to be consistently accurate. He credits these traits to leading him where he is today.

Many alumni have made headline news, but it is men like Paul DeRaimo who I would like to personally recognize and give credit to as being one of the many unsung heroes that benefit us every day. Despite the odds of an unprivileged background, and a father who left him, DeRaimo has truly lived out the Prep’s mission of building men of spirit, mind and body. He is a strong, intelligent, honorable man, who is always willing to help out a kid in need and dedicate his own personal time and efforts. His strength as a proud and grateful alumni of Prep serves as a fine example that if you set yourself apart and do not conform to external pressures and strive for the best, the impact you can have is immeasurable.

On behalf of the Cathedral Prep community, thank you Paul, and all those Ramblers who have gone unmentioned, thank you for your immeasurable impact.

Alumni Profile: Pat Grab (’05)

Cathedral Prep has had a long legacy of producing great men, men of Prep. This vision of spirit, mind, and body is reflected by the school’s actions and attitudes to produce great members in the community. The Cathedral Prep Class of 2005 produced one of the greatest men of spirit, mind, and body, an avid Prep supporter and benefactor, Mr. Patrick Grab.

Grab, who goes by Pat for most people who know him, graduated from Cathedral Prep in 2005. During his time at Prep, he played on the tennis team all four years, playing both singles and doubles for the Ramblers. In his senior year, Grab was the number two singles player on the tennis team and was named the team captain. His high caliber play and consistent performance his senior year leading the Rambler tennis team did not go unnoticed, as he won the prestigious team MVP award.

After Grab finished his time at Prep he continued his athletic and academic journey at The College of Wooster in Ohio. Grab said that Prep helped him prepare for college. “Prep challenged me in many ways and really allowed me to flourish academically and athletically.”

While at Wooster he played tennis for the Fighting Scots and studied Art, Design and Business. Grab played singles and doubles and once again, his great play shined as he started all four years once again. His senior year at Wooster he played first singles and doubles. His solid play earned him the team MVP award and Second Team All-Conference Singles Honors. He finished his career with an impressive 90 wins in singles and doubles play.

To this day, Grab can’t find a way off the tennis court as he is still playing some of his best and most competitive tennis today. Known in the tennis community for his insane speed on the court and his will to win Grab is still a huge threat today. Prep junior Joe DeMarco, who plays first singles for the Ramblers said, “You always know Pat is going to give you his all. I’m shocked at the way he moves. I’ve found myself celebrating a great shot to only see it come right back.”

Grab plays annually in the Erie City Recreational Singles and Doubles Tournament held over the summer at Frontier Park. This is the highest level tournament held in the Erie area as the city’s best juniors and adults play for the title.

Over the years Grab has made this his bread and butter tournament, winning the singles title a record-tying five times, including both titles in 2014 and 2016 when he defeated Prep coach and former Penn State tennis player Pat
DeMarco and won the men’s open doubles with close friend Jared Skemp. “The game of tennis has been such an important part of my life. I’ve honestly gotten more out of this sport than I could have ever imagined,” Grab said. “Some of my best experiences and best friendships are a result of being on a tennis team.”

Since his graduation from Wooster, Grab has become a certified tennis professional with the Professional Tennis Registry and coaches at the Westwood Racquet Club. He has coached many of Erie’s best tennis players and has met some of the world’s greatest players, including Roger Federer and Andy Murray when worked in the locker room of the Western and Southern Open in Cincinnati, Ohio, and ATP 1000 events.

Grab has coached the Cathedral Prep tennis team since 2010. During his time he has coached two Doubles State Championship Teams, including last year’s gold medal team of Joe and Matt DeMarco.

Outside of tennis, Grab is a real estate agent at the Coldwell Banker Commercial Office and also runs his own web design business. Also an avid artist, Grab met Sam Querrey, an American professional tennis player after one of his pieces caught his attention. Grab was able to fly out to California to spend four days with Sam. He spent some time taking photographs that were later used for his drawings. “It was one of the coolest experiences of my life,” Grab said.

Grab now lives in Erie with his wife Emily and their young son Connor. Grab said Connor will continue in his footsteps. “Connor is destined to be a Rambler. I can’t wait for him to experience the greatest high school around!”

One of Grab’s greatest memories at Prep was being a “P-Flopper,” which was a group of “cheerleaders” that performed during the halftime of football and basketball games. They would run out onto the field using their athletic ability and coordination to spell out P-R-E-P with their bodies. Every halftime show was a different routine filled with props and themes.

Mrs. Slaby, one of the faculty advisers of the P-Floppers said, “Pat was an instrumental part of our team. My best year at Prep was being able to work with him and those guys. It’s something that I will never forget.”

Though his years at Prep are over Grab says he still attends many Prep events and is always encouraging anyone to attend Prep. “The school is a life changer. There are kids I talk to, who have thanked me for helping them choose Prep. This place is special.”

He said his time at Prep were some of the best years of his life. He still has many close friends and great memories that will last him a lifetime. “I am very fortunate to have gone to Prep and to be part of this incredible brotherhood.”

Prep implements new classroom management tool for iPads

Before Prep switched to the iPads they had small laptops. These laptops were able to be monitored through a program called “DyKnow.” This program made it easy for teachers to make sure students were doing what they were supposed to be doing in class. However, since the implementation of the iPads in 2012, teachers have not had such monitoring abilities…until now. This new monitoring/teaching app is called Apple Classroom, and it was introduced to teachers at Prep over the last few weeks.

According to Apple, “Classroom turns your iPad into a powerful teaching assistant, helping teachers guide students through a lesson, see their progress, and keep them on track.”

Mrs. Cambra, information technology manager at Cathedral Prep, says that an app like Classroom has been sought after by teachers at Prep for quite some time now; however, there were very few options until now. Mrs. Cambra as well as the rest of the Technology Office has been working alongside the Mobile Device Manager to get the program up and running. Just in the past few weeks, the app was finally made available for teacher use.

Although teachers at Prep have only had a short time to begin using this new app, English and journalism teacher Mr. Hubert had a whole lot to say about Apple Classroom. Firstly, when asked what he liked about Apple Classroom, Mr. Hubert said that he found the students were “more attentive, especially at the start of class.” Mr. Hubert said that he liked that he could lock everyone’s iPad at the beginning of class during opening instructions so that they would pay attention without the distraction of scrolling through emails or other apps.

When asked if he liked Apple Classroom, health teacher Mr. McCommons nodded his head as he locked student Roman Zegarelli out of his iPad.

Mr. Hubert likes Apple Classroom; however, he has expressed concern about some of the limitations of the program in regards to his teaching style. This is because Mr. Hubert likes to teach from Keynote that he has on his iPad. The problem arises when trying to run Apple Classroom and Keynote at the same time. Due to the fact that Apple Classroom cannot monitor students iPads without showing up on the projector screen, Mr. Hubert expresses that he would have to change his teaching style to accommodate for this limitation.

Although most teachers have had mostly positive reactions to the implementation of Apple Classroom, students haven’t responded the same. According to the aforementioned Mrs. Cambra, “There was some grumbling from students when we would go to the classroom for testing.”

Mr. Hubert also mentioned students reacting like “the sky was falling” when the app was first shown to them. However, Mr. Hubert also stated that “the majority of students begrudgingly recognize the importance and usefulness of the app.”

One student that recognizes the usefulness of Apple Classroom is senior Brian Buseck. When presented the app for the first time in his journalism class, Buseck was apparently taken aback. He also stated that “[Apple Classroom] seems a bit excessive to me. However, I do not personally have a problem with it, because I have never played a game during class in my life.”

In conclusion, the newly implemented classroom management app, Apple Classroom, is a very useful app looking towards the future. Mr. Hubert, Mrs. Cambra, and Brian Buseck all agree when saying they could see teachers using this app in the future. This app offers great opportunities for teachers who use it properly.

The Rambler’s 2016-17 College Bowl Mania Contest

The 2016-17 college football bowl season kicks off Saturday, Dec. 17, and The Rambler is hosting its fourth annual bowl mania contest. The contest is open to current Cathedral Prep students, faculty, staff, and administration. Entry is free and limited to one entry per person. All submissions are due by Saturday, Dec. 17, at noon Eastern time.

To enter, fill out the form below (or use this link) to select your picks for each of the bowl games. You will receive one point for each correct pick. The person to amass the most total points will earn a $35 iTunes gift card. Additionally, second and third place will each take home $10 iTunes gift cards.

In the event of a tie, the procedures below will be followed until the tie is broken:

1st tiebreaker: Person closest to guessing total points of College Football Playoff championship game.
2nd tiebreaker: Person to correctly select the winner of College Football Playoff championship game
3rd tiebreaker: Person to correctly select the winner of the Peach Bowl
4th tiebreaker: Person to correctly select the winner of the Fiesta Bowl.
5th tiebreaker: Person to correctly select the winner of the Rose Bowl.
6th tiebreaker: Person to correctly select the winner of the Orange Bowl.

Good luck!