Nearby attractions offer summer fun

Summer is approaching and many are still planning their summer.  There are plenty of fun activities to do that aren’t too far away from Erie that some should consider taking part in this summer.

PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, is a great day trip to take with the family. Voted one of the best Major League ballparks, PNC Park is a can’t miss. Downtown Pittsburgh is right across the bridge, so feel free to walk over after the game. Catch a day of baseball with the family while enjoying the sights and sounds of the city.

Niagara Falls, New York, is another great day trip to take on less than a tank of gas. Go see Niagara Falls, and if you have your passport, head on over to the Canadian side. Ride the Maid of the Mist to get an up close view of the breathtaking falls. Walking along Niagara Falls along with eating some great food, can’t be beat. After the falls, head to The Silo in Lewistown for some delicious hamburgers and fries.

Head less than two hours west to spend a great day in Cleveland. This city on Lake Erie offers a little something for everyone in your family. Catch an Indians game, check out some music history at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or plan a visit to the Great Lakes Science Center. Of course, there are many different restaurants to enjoy a meal before heading home.

Spend your day at Waldameer as well! This small amusement park located right here in Erie, Pennsylvania, is a true gem. A family fun park for all, Waldameer is a must visit this summer. The recent additions to Water World will keep you cool. The Ravine Flyer, a roller coaster with an 85-foot drop, is the top attraction. This ride is only one of the thrillers that will be experienced at Waldameer throughout the summer.

Overall, there are many places to be explored this summer.  Cities, such as Pittsburgh, Niagara Falls, and Cleveland are nice places to visit if one is willing to make the short drive. No matter what you chose to do this summer, you will be satisfied!

Locker cleanups cause problems

As the 2016-2017 school year winds down, the weather becomes warmer, and the days at the halls of Cathedral Prep slowly come to a grinding end, the students who roam these halls prepare for a brief getaway from the crushing academic curriculum that plagues the students here. They visit the one constant in their lives, their lockers.

Deemed as the bottomless pits of Cathedral Prep, these dated and brightly colored lockers that line three floors of the building are put to great use from August to June. They are used to store athletic clothes, books, supplies, phones that are always turned off, and, most importantly, food. Maybe one of the most underrated and underused tools
at Prep, the locker can be a lifeline for anyone trying to make it through the days here at Prep.

“I used mine as a mini concession stand. When I was there, I had food, and I was happy,” said Ryan Garich, a senior at Prep when he proudly unveiled a tower of pop tart boxes that fueled him his senior year.

The time of the year has come when the lockers do need to be cleaned out. Locks are removed, and trash cans line the halls ready to be overfilled. Though this seems like a good plan, trash has littered the hallways at Prep. Carelessness and lack of desire has led the student body to be reckless, making more of a mess instead of cleaning up one.

“There was trash everywhere before they had us clean it up; it’s disgraceful,” said junior John McGlinn. As the hustle and bustle of the days at Prep are slowly winding down it take a tole on both students and the faculty. Mundane attitudes and lackluster efforts have made seemingly normal tasks unbearable.

So as the year comes to a close and you head to your locker one last time, make sure to clean up after yourself and after our school to make it the best it can be. When cleaning out your locker, please drop items to the main office that could be reused for the future. Shirts, ties, belts, pants, pens, pencil, rulers, binders, all reusable items would be greatly appreciated instead of tossing them in the trash can.