Faculty, administration cracking down on dress code violations


The Rambler

Be wary, men of Prep. The staff of Cathedral Prep has recently begun cracking down on uniform violations. Apparently students have been sloppy looking and slovenly enough for visitors in the building to notice, which prompted inquiry. The visitors spoke with members of Prep’s administration, leading to where we are now.
Students know what happens when this comes about: demerits, Saturday detentions, and fewer dress down opportunities. How can we as students rectify this situation? It’s simple really. Students need to start stepping up and following the dress code. We need to make sure we have the right socks, tuck our shirts in, button our top buttons, and tighten our ties.
Remember that Cathedral Prep is a professional and college preparatory institution, which means we are to look our very best during school hours. If we can manage to pull this off we may be able to get back some lost privileges, such as those dress down opportunities. Until then, be careful. Teachers have been told to report any uniform discrepancies to Mr. Swanson, and the result is an immediate demerit. Those demerits, in turn, will pile up and become a real nuisance. All of this can be avoided by simply looking good during the school hours.
After the 8th period bell rings, students can untuck their shirts, take their ties off, and go back to casual dress. But please dress appropriately at school. It will make things easier for everyone in the building. Teachers don’t want to hand out demerits, and we don’t want the repercussions of those demerits we earned. Just tuck it in, button it up, tighten your tie, and things will get better.