In Memory of Monty Oum


The Rambler

Monty Oum, the fight choreographer and lead animator of the web series Red vs. Blue, has died. Monty was going to the doctor for a simple procedure and suffered an allergic reaction, putting him in a comatose state for 10 days. Then, on Feb. 1, after a long battle, Monty passed.
Testimonials from his friends paint him as a hard working individual who was always innovating, working, and as he would put it, moving forward. Monty’s friends have already made multiple videos remembering who Monty was. I would suggest if you are interested to watch the Rooster Teeth Podcast #309, and rooster teeth’s tribute to Monty Oum, both of which can be found on YouTube as well as
Monty wouldn’t want us mourning his passing. His visual flair and intricate animations made his work stand out as amazing. He worked tirelessly to create it. Monty wanted to spread that creativity he had to others. No words can explain the amazing work he did for rooster teeth, which drove me to watch that next episode of RWBY or the next episode of Red vs. Blue. In his memory Burnie Burns of Rooster Teeth has challenged everyone to do something creative: work with your hands, draw, create. That’s what Monty stood for, and that’s the person he was. Instead of mourning, take up Burnie’s offer, create something, be unique, stand out.
You can support Monty’s family using GoFundMe. And in lieu of flowers, do something creative. We love you, Monty.