Senior staff of The Rambler bids farewell


The Rambler

For the past four years, the seniors of Cathedral Prep have been through some of the best and worst times of their lives. They’ve trudged along through the thick and the thin. Freshman year seems decades ago, yet the memories remain as vivid as they were when first experienced. We all will tell our kids and our kids’ kids about all of the friendships and memories made through these brief few years. We’ve traveled far and wide and cheered long and hard for the Ramblers, and in the end, whether we won or lost, the brothers still stuck together and had each brother’s back.

The senior staff of The Rambler for the 2014-15 year consisted of Daniel Bauman, Eli Chase, Jack Kelly, Jack Kloecker, Sean Reed, Ed Ruff, Ryan Signorino, Oliver Wiesner, and me. On behalf of all of them, I want to thank all of the teachers and friends we’ve made during these past four years. All of the enjoyment and excitement we’ve experienced, inside and outside of the halls of Cathedral Prep, is a result of the relationships we formed during the time we spent here. From the football games and legendary basketball cheering sections to the legendary fettuccine Alfredo cooked by Chef Cirillo, we’ve been through it all. I know its generic, but if we were able to change a thing, I don’t think any of us would.

Now while our careers at Prep may have seemed brief in terms of time, it was far from that in terms of knowledge and memories. Just as Fr. Jabo preached at our freshman orientation, “It’s not a four-year decision, but a 40-year decision.” As it all comes to an end in our last days of school together, it doesn’t actually come to an end. While the brothers might disperse and take different paths down different roads with different people, the brotherhood won’t be going anywhere. The Cathedral Prep Class of 2015 will continue to make new memories and even new friends as we leave the hallways of Prep, but one thing will remain; we will always be brothers.