El Clasico: Aftermath


The Rambler

On April 2, the La Liga giants faced off in an absolutely intense and violent match. For weeks leading up to this match the tension was building up for FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid FC. As usual, fans always have been arguing about which team is better. Statically, Barcelona led the league pointwise with Real Madrid in third place. However, that was soon to change.
As with every other Classico, the game was intense. There were many fouls on both sides and controversial referee calls. The fans were also caught up in the mess as they booed against their teams. The Portugal Madrista star, Cristiano Ronaldo, was shaking his head in disappointment at the audiences’ behavior during a moment of silence held to honor a recent death of a famous soccer player.
FC Barcelona were first to score, which made it seem that things were going in their favor. Real Madrid soon caught up with a stunning volley that tied things up. Later in the 80th minute, Ronaldo scored to win the game for Madrid.
Even though Barcelona was still ahead in the league, the loss took a massive hit on the team. They later on lost another La Liga match against Real Sociedad. These two loses ended their record breaking win streak.
On the other hand, Real Madrid took the win as a boost and won another game against Eibar. They are still behind on points, but they finally managed to close the huge gap.
As of today, April 11th, FC Barcelona led the league with 76 points, Atletico Madrid are 2nd with 73 points, with Madrid in 3rd place with 72 points.