North Korea’s nuclear hostility


Daanish Bhatti

It starts again. North Korea is sending out another “warning” to the United States that nuclear missiles are headed their way. For what seems like years, North Korea has been threatening that they not only have nuclear capabilities, but will use them for the intent of destruction. In the United States, these feeble warnings have become the source of jokes for many people. Apps like Twitter and ifunny were filled with memes, ridiculing North Korea’s threats. North Korea has once again issued a threat against the United States. In the age of the Trump presidency and his unpredictability, policy analysts seem to be taking this threat much more seriously.
First, North Korea is unique, seen as a global anomaly. They are the only Communist hereditary dynasty, currently run by the dictator Kim Jong Un. The country remains relatively secret, isolating themselves from the rest of the world. This has occurred for decades, becoming a state-centered system with an almost cultish personality. Interestingly, their country went through a great famine then turned into an industrialized-urbanized machine. According to the Foreign Policy’s website, they divert most of their spending and government resources to their military.
Since North Korea remains fairly secret and isolated; Kim Jong Un’s aggression towards the United States is largely unknown. The New York Times isolated two main reasons: defense and recognition. Kim Jong Un may be looking to build up his military capabilities to defend against the United States in case he is ever overthrown. North Korea has also expressed desire to rejoin with South Korea, which will require forces to be revamped. The second reason is recognition; North Korea will be recognized as a global power if the United States chooses to not recognize the issue.
According to the Huffington Post, North Korea’s new weapon of choice is a high energy nuclear bomb that will deliver an electromagnetic pulse at high altitudes in the air. The use of an EMP serves the possibility of destroying the U.S. power grid using overpowering energy to go through the wiring. They essentially “burn out,” rendering them useless.
This type of bomb reinforces how truly unconventional North Korea is. Many people had never heard of using EMP as a strategic weapon until this threat was made. It particularly serves detrimental to the United States gridding systems, especially old ones that have not been remade. It has been outlined by CNN that the Eastern seaboard would be the most vulnerable and susceptible to the bombs deployment.
The current political climate only exacerbates the threat of a bomb even more. Multiple sources state that Trump’s antics only increase tensions between these two countries. It is apparent that North Korea is increasing their hostility towards the United States and Trump. The timeframe of an impending United States and North Korea war could be sooner than the people of the United States may imagine.