National Honor Society hosts blood drive


DeMere Strickland

Cathedral Prep has always been known for their efforts in helping others. Whether it is through mission trips, donations, or Outreach Day, Cathedral Prep assists those in need. Recently, Cathedral Prep held another in-school blood drive, run by the National Honor Society (NHS). For the whole week students have the opportunity to donate their blood to be used for people who need blood transfers and other blood-related issues that may require the use of someone else’s blod. Not only is it a great way to help people in need, but it also allows students to realize how helpful they are just by doing something as simple as donating blood.

This was the last blood drive that will be held for Prep this school year, as there were two other ones in the past. The NHS Blood Drive itself has been going on for years at both Prep and Villa. The reason that they need blood from teens is due to young blood being more healthy on average, and because of that, its use is much more versatile than the blood of older people.

Many students go to donate not only because it gets them out of class, which is a bonus, but they also help potentially save lives. Plus, they get to enjoy free snacks and drinks afterwards. The amount of blood donated from Prep’s most recent blood drive can be used to help about 230+ people.

“It’s amazing how such a quick and painless act can have such a big effect on a person’s life,” said Daniel Cooper, a junior who donated blood at Cathedral Prep this past week.

It really is incredible that we can save lives just by giving a little blood, and it’s all thanks to the Cathedral Prep student body, and the NHS by giving us the opportunity to help save lives and make a difference.