Seniors win Spirit, Mind, and Body Day 2019


DeMere Strickland

Every year, to celebrate the coming end of the school year and to have fun competition between classes, Prep and Villa hold a competition-of-sorts during the last few weeks of school. In this competition, the students can sign up for many different events, such as chess or cage ball. However, while points are counted and a winner is declared, it is done in the spirit of coming together as a school, and having fun before the year is over. 

While both Prep and Villa have a similar “Spirit, Mind, and Body Day” (Or “Sports Day” as it is referred to at Villa), they offer many different distinctions from one another. While the Villa girls have their Sports Day on the Villa school campus, Prep students travel to the HVEC, which offers flexibility in terms of the location of its games and activities. Both schools also offer many different competitions from one another, as Villa notably has their dance competition, which is easily their most celebrated event.

Prep, has its various sports that many sign up for as well, like cage ball, 4-square, football, basketball, etc. All of these events help make the day as fun as possible. For those who may not be interested in sports, they also offer competitive games like chess, poker, and the video game tournaments to flock to.

“I had a lot of fun participating in the Smash Bros. tournament, and I can’t wait for next year… even though I didn’t win,” said Dat Phan, a junior at Prep who participated in the video games competition this year.

Out of all of the classes this year, the “Senior Citizens” seniors took first place. The “Junior Scythes” juniors took second. The “Fresh 2 Death” freshmen took third. And lastly, the “Soph No More” sophomores took fourth. Overall, it was a very exciting event, and a spectacular finish for the senior class.