How to deal with back-to-school anxiety


Jon Sapienza

When starting a new school year, some students have to learn to cope with certain forms of anxiety. Back-to-school anxiety can be caused by schedule changes, new teachers, and for the freshman/transfers, a whole new atmosphere. It strikes fear in some people and causes them to get anxious or nervous. Being anxious while in school can hinder academic performance and even decision making. People dealing with anxiety might find it more necessary to try to fit in with their peers rather than to study and work hard in school.

Some strategies that can help cure back-to-school anxiety include eating healthy and getting a good amount of sleep. Working or studying on little-to-no sleep and eating junk food can cause students to feel tired, drowsy, and unmotivated. Another way for students to cope is to look forward to the weekend. This does not imply that students should slack off on work all week, but it gives students light to see at the end of the long tunnel that is a school week. Students can make plans with their friends to join the student section at the football games and cheer for their brothers on the field. They can also use the weekend to unwind and relax. These are a few of the possible ways to help deal with anxiety during the school week.

Something that will definitely help the freshmen at Prep is to get involved. Participate in a play. Play a sport. Join a club. Getting involved is a great way to learn about the benefits of the brotherhood of Prep. Know that every student here is a brother and that you can talk to them. Getting involved will help you meet new people and become more comfortable in the high school atmosphere that is new.