ISIS leader confirmed dead


Ryan Jubulis

President Trump addressed the nation about the removal on Sunday, Oct. 27 of “the top national security priority of my administration.” President Trump wanted to give as many details as possible like that the fact that zero U.S. special forces were killed along with supporting Kurdish forces.

There have been several reports of the death of the famous or in this case infamous radical caliphate, but this report has been declared through the president and ISIS themselves, who have named his successor. The president is very serious when it comes to taking down these global threats as he mentioned at the White House, “No, we’re after these leaders, and we have others in site,” Trump said.

Trump was asked if the withdrawal of troops from Syria was a factor, but the president clearly stated his mission for eliminating threats in the Middle East.

The president failed to mention the raid to the Democrats as Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Pelosi learned about the extermination on television. “This is a massive blow to ISIS.” The vice president took a stand against ISIS. This is a great achievement, not only for America but for the whole world.