Senior Editor-in-Chief

Joe Sala began his involvement with The Rambler in his freshman year when he wrote his first article as a contributing writer. He plays hockey for the school and was on the 2015 state championship team. He loves the atmosphere at Prep and has made some great friends. He is very confident in his writing and puts a lot of effort into his work. His favorite article that he wrote was “The best player you’ve never heard of” about NFL Hall of Famer and Prep alumni Mark Stepnoski. He hopes to lead The Rambler staff to earn more recognition then they have ever received before.

Managing Editor

Josh Kurczewski is a senior first-year staff member. He is a participant in many other clubs, such as Math Club and Campus Ministry. He also participates in water polo and swimming. In his free time he usually works as a lifeguard at the beach or looking for other things to do other than homework. Josh hopes to attend college next year starting an engineering degree.

Co-Directors of Public Relations and Multimedia

Daniel Brugger is a senior who participates in multiple clubs and activities. He serves as the Senior Class Vice President and is also a member of Key Club, Campus Ministry, Student Government, and National Honors Society. He played basketball for Prep in 10th grade but has since taken his talents to the CYO league. He also coaches grade school basketball, serving as the Our Lady Christian School’s JV Boys Basketball Head Coach last season. His interests include recreational sports, fantasy sports, and discussions related to sports, as well as economics and finance.

Tanner Ziacik is a senior who shares leadership responsibilities with Dan Brugger. Tanner was part of the Prep soccer team during his freshman and sophomore years. He also joined the Prep lacrosse team during his sophomore year and has been a contributor ever since. Tanner is an avid listener of classic rock music and has seen Aerosmith, Rush, The Who, ZZ Top, The Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton, and The Rolling Stones in concert, among others. He is a passionate Boston Celtics fan and looks forward to writing many NBA related articles. In his downtime he enjoys playing pick-up basketball and gaming on his PS4. His favorite food is pizza and he loves iced tea. Tanner describes himself as being trustworthy and friendly. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to those that ask.

Junior Editors

Brian Buseck is a junior in his first year on staff. He’s always enjoyed writing and been pretty skilled in the area. He enjoys writing reviews of movies, music, Prep’s theater shows, feature stories on local events, and interviewing interesting people. He’s a member of Student Government, the Prep swim team, and has peformed in multiple Cathedral Prep theatrical productions.

JP Martin is junior in his first year on staff. He is an avid writer and creative thinker. His talents span all areas of writing along with public speaking. He also makes music and is very passionate about this hobby. As a dedicated and talented writer, he hopes to obtain the title of senior editor.


Conrad Weiser, a senior at Cathedral Prep, is currently the webmaster for He has always been interested in technology, having learned a lot from a young age from his father. Conrad proudly proclaims that he doesn’t participate in competitive sports, despite Cathedral Prep’s reputation when it comes to that sort of thing. Conrad is a member of the MVP theater program, as the lighting designer, and technical director for the stage crew. Conrad plans to attend college for a software engineering degree.

Staff Writers
Daniel Anthony has been writing words on paper ever since he was a young child in kindergarten. Now he types words on the internet. This year, as a senior, Daniel joined The Rambler as a staff writer to help progress the status of the school’s online newspaper. Daniel puts forth all his effort in writing his articles and he values the information he delivers to the readers. Daniel is currently the starting goalie for the Cathedral Prep water polo team and he values the Catholic education that he receives at Prep.

Dan Basheer is a senior in his second year as a staff writer. His favorite sport is soccer which, is why it was the center of his attention during his first year as a journalist. His hopes for this year are to focus on some of the major news, events, and interests that can entertain and inform readers. He also likes video games, so there might be some of that content throughout the year as well.

Nick Frisina is a junior in his first year as a staff writer. He enjoys writing about almost anything and hopes to have a career in the field of journalism someday. He looks to strengthen his writing skills this year by being on the staff.

Joey Hickin is a senior in his second year as a staff writer. He has a diverse set of interests, especially topics related to the nerdy or the strange. The articles he writes this year will often focus on these niche topics.

Brendan Jubulis is a senior staff writer who specializes in sports-related articles. Brendan plays football for the Ramblers and plans on playing basketball this winter. He loves watching football and basketball and plays fantasy sports all year long. As a multiple time league champion in both fantasy football and basketball, Brendan enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others.

Chris Muldrew is a senior in his second year as a staff writer. He play football and loves to watch football. His favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys, and for college he likes the Ohio State Buckeyes. He really enjoys journalism class and being taught by Mr. Hubert. After high school he plans to go to college and hopes to continue his football career.

David Rahner is a senior in his first year as a staff writer. He is looking forward to a great year. He hopes to contribute some of his sports knowledge this year. He is a member of the swimming and water polo teams at Prep and is an active sports enthusiast. He loves Cathedral Prep but is looking forward to college and life after high school. He hopes to attend Penn State University next year and major in mechanical engineering.

Jaryn Simpson is a junior in his first year as a staff writer. He plays basketball and likes to write. Most of his content will be sports related. He plans to play basketball in college and his hopes are to attend the University of Oregon somewhere relatively far away from Erie because of the weather. Once basketball season starts he will be writing more content about basketball than any other topic.