2017-18 Cathedral Prep Basketball Preview

Returning to another season on the sidelines for the Ramblers, coach Mark Majewski will have his hands full this year. With a much younger group than usual, the emergence of Erie High, and some key additions for McDowell, the competition will give Prep all they can handle. However, confidence is not lacking on West 9th Street. Although talent may be high, experience is low. Can the Ramblers overcome the odds, or will they crumble under the pressure?

Backcourt: The keys to the offense will be handed to senior Aaron McBride. The hope is that McBride is next in the long line of great Prep point guards. Last year, he was forced to play second fiddle to Jaryn Simpson, who now plays for Edinboro University. McBride has basketball in his blood as his sister, Kayla, is a WNBA All-Star. If there is any experience shortage in the backcourt, it is more than made up for with McBride. “As a leader, I motivate my teammates to be the best version of themselves in basketball, but more importantly to be great young men.”

The off guard spot will be manned by a committee of sophomore Alfonso Pickens, freshman Michael Lucarotti, junior Isiah Crosby, versatile sophomore Quentin Santillan, and hard-working junior Caden Elwell. Both Pickens and Crosby have the ability to slide over to point guard to spell McBride. The presumptive sixth man, Tommy Russo, will bring defensive tenacity and experience off the bench.

Senior Adam Upperman may very well be Prep’s best overall player. He uses his length, quickness, and athleticism to get to the rim and be a disruptive presence on defense. He’s worked extremely hard to improve his jump shot and if the four 3s to open the season against North Allegheny is any indication, it’s paid off.

Frontcourt: The biggest offseason get for the Ramblers was 6’6” 285-pound center, Josh Charlery. Charlery formerly played for the U.S. Virgin Islands national team and is a big, physical presence Prep needs. If he can stay on the floor for longer periods of time, he will be invaluable to the success of the team this year. Joining him down low as soon as next week will be Joe Mischler. Fresh off back-to-back football state championships as the starting quarterback, Mischler needs some time to get back into basketball form and looks to add a level of intensity to the team.

Also looking to get some time in the rotation are athletic junior Sam Knox, sophomore Vincent Pisano, impressive freshman Liam Galla, and hustler Joe Corsale.

Final Analysis: This is the youngest Prep team in recent memory, but don’t directly link youth with disappointment. This team also boasts more depth than it typically has in years past. There are many able bodies ready to battle for playing time right away, and they won’t go down without a fight. If the senior core of Upperman, McBride, and Charlery set the tone for the team early and a couple of the young guys step up to play important roles, this could be as balanced and unpredictable a team as they come. Regardless of the results this year, the program is definitely heading in the right direction and looks to be a force for years to come. But, don’t ever rule the Ramblers out—they’ve proven their doubters wrong once or twice before.

Student Profile: Daanish Bhatti

Although Cathedral Prep may not be able to boast the largest debate program around, it certainly has brought out the best in many of its students, such as Daanish Bhatti. What started out as being a surprising schedule change became a unique passion for Daanish.

On the second day of his sophomore year, Daanish’s parents switched his schedule without him knowing. The outlying class that Daanish was then forced to take was debate. At first, he hated it. “My first debate was actually against McDowell’s varsity team, and me and my partner were clueless and ended up getting crushed. So, after that being my first real experience, I really didn’t like it and couldn’t wait to get out of the class,” he said.

The interesting aspect in all of this, as Daanish explained, was that he usually doesn’t struggle that much in anything, despite it being a brand new concept to him. He embraced the challenge, and the more time and effort he poured into it, he not only saw brightening results, but a newfound passion.

Prep has returned three debate coaches (who happen to be Prep alumni) in order to mentor the current debaters along with Mr. Pituch, who is still ultimately the head of the program. Daanish spoke of his coaching, saying, “They know what it’s like to graduate from the school and translate their debate skills to other facets of the world. So, being able to talk to them about that sort of stuff is really cool.”

Another favorite aspect of debate for Daanish is traveling. He loves being able to compete in all different parts of the country, such as Michigan and Kentucky, to visit prominent universities, and to experience more memories with his teammates right by his side.

Another great memory Daanish had was Debate Camp at Northwestern University. He said he met some of the smartest, most intelligent people he’s ever gotten a chance to know. In addition to just meeting them, he actually had the opportunity to even catch up with some of them at different tournaments throughout the country. This speaks to how universal and valued debate is. Daanish’s largest accomplishment to date was being ranked as part of the top 32 teams of the CFL’s (Catholic Forensic League) national tournament.

Along with many others, Daanish believes the skills he’s developed through debate will further his academic prowess in college and prepare him better for his career. “Being able to speak and speak fast, having the ability to read and comprehend information quickly, and even simply having persuasion techniques will all be beneficial in whatever field I decide to go into.” Daanish went on to say, “I’m not saying that sports aren’t important, as I participate in track and field myself, but I feel comfortable saying that you will gain more successful skills from debate than any sport you could possibly be involved in.” Daanish has his mind set on long-term goals and is doing everything in his power to prepare himself for the real world.

As far as advice goes, Daanish urges current and future students to get involved with debate and to stay involved. However, he offers one important and hard-to-grasp tip for many: be prepared to lose. He says that debate is an acquired technique that takes time and patience in order to excel in. In fact, Daanish says that it wasn’t until this year that he began actually feeling confident in the debate room.

Mr. William Pituch, head of the Debate program, spoke of Daanish’s debate career saying, “Daanish joined the program as a sophomore [and] made some huge strides over the last year and over this summer.  He attended institutes at Northwestern the last two summers. He is a hard worker and immerses himself in the material. He is extremely knowledgeable on the topics.  He has been an excellent teacher for the younger debaters, getting them prepared, focused, and excited about learning how to debate at a nationally competitive level.”

In Daanish’s opinion, the main reason people tend to stray from speech/debate programs is because they don’t want to do more school outside of school, essentially. Debate requires a large amount concentration and research that people just aren’t willing to give a chance. Daanish sure was, though, and his only regret was that he didn’t start soon enough. He now teaches the debate class and has found his new love. So what are you waiting for? Consider taking a debate class in the future, it may be just what you are looking for.

November 5 tornado damages homes, businesses on Erie’s west side

This past Sunday, Erie citizens residing anywhere from 26th and Peninsula to 36th and Washington were struck with a lethal storm. The storm was responsible for the deaths of two Erie men along with much destruction. This was the first time in recent memory that a tornado formed within city limits and swept through neighborhoods, as well as major roads. The cleanup process quickly began following the damage, but restoring power to some areas took time.

It all began on the evening of Nov. 5 when a sudden downpour of rain occurred at approximately 5:30 p.m. As the rainfall increased, lightning began striking dangerously close to homes resulting in power outages lasting longer than 24 hours. Trees spilled onto not only roads but vehicles and houses as well. Many streets were completely taped off by city officials, law enforcement, service workers, tree removal companies, and private contractors in an attempt to restrict as much attention from the most serious cases as possible and to neutralize the damage. Sometime prior to 7:30 p.m., a tornado struck many residential areas.

Erie native Paul Snyder spoke of his experience saying, “All of a sudden, rain started coming down very hard. Then, there was a brief calm before what sounded like a freight train coming through my backyard. The trees in my backyard were almost horizontal to the west and then to the east. You couldn’t see anything, and there were papers flying all around inside. During the aftermath, we opened the front door and our tree was up against our house, and as we looked down the street, it resembled a war zone. I never saw wind with that much force in my life.”

Many businesses and non-residential buildings faced similar conditions to Snyder’s that night. The Belle Valley Fire Department was severely flooded. The Milcreek Township School District administration’s office roof was severely damaged. The Hong Kong restaurant’s windows were shattered by wind gusts just to name a few. Large trees were completely uprooted from the ground. A power line even fell onto a car and set it on fire on the 3400 block of Allegheny Road. To say the least, this storm has sparked a sense of appreciation among those who endured the threatening nature of Nov. 5, an appreciation for what we all take for granted (utilities, city service employees, and their own neighbors). It was amazing to see people in the streets helping each other remove debris, cautioning others of downed power lines, and offering refuge if one’s power was out.

Not all can be quite as thankful though. Two men tragically were killed in the basement of their home. Extreme flooding caused the wall to cave in and eventually lead to the death of 2 innnocent lives. The families need our help. It is time to see what Erie is made of and how much we care for our neighbors. As if the death to these men didn’t carry enough horror, the home was later robbed and stripped of their firearms and electronics. These were men with families who need a helping hand through their struggles. If interested in contributing to the funeral expenses to further assist the families, please visit http://gofundme.com/gary-hoffman-funeral-costs for more information.

2017 Midseason NFL Awards

Through 9 weeks of the 2017-18 NFL regular season, here are my picks for the midseason NFL awards:

Offensive Player Of The Year: The best offensive player through the first half of the season has undoubtedly been Carson Wentz. The one-year pro out of FCS South Dakota State is absolutely lighting the NFL on fire and quickly wiping away any remaining doubts due to his lackluster collegiate competition. Wentz has propelled the 8-1 Eagles atop the NFL. Although he withstands a below average rushing attack, inconsistent offensive line play, the absence of an elite receiver, and a lack of depth in his receiving corps every week, he has still found a way to get it done. He leads the NFL in passing touchdowns, is fourth in passing yards, and fourth in quarterback rating despite being sacked the eighth most of all passers in the league. He is able to beat teams through the air with his unique blend of poise, leadership, and accuracy, and he also can beat teams on the ground with his speed and athleticism. He is the future of not only the Eagles but the entire NFL.

Defensive Player Of The Year: Arguably the best free agent signing of the 2017 NFL offseason has been the Jacksonville Jaguars taking a gamble on the 31-year-old Calais Campbell. The longtime Cardinal hit the free agent market, and the Jaguars reeled him in. I’m sure they’re fairly happy looking back on that decision. Campbell has been a nightmare on the interior of the Jaguars defensive line. This is the defense the front office has been building for years and fans have been eagerly awaiting. Campbell leads the NFL with 11.0 sacks including a 4-sack performance against Houston. There seems to be no shortage of gas left in the tank for veteran. He still helps plenty in the run game and has been a handful for offensive lines and quarterbacks alike. He is so effective in every facet of the game no matter where he is lined up at. Campbell has been nothing short of dominant during the first half of the season and it finally looks like that ferocious Jacksonville defense is coming to fruition.

Defensive Comeback Player Of The Year: After registering only a single sack, dealing with injuries, sustaining a 4-game suspension, and only appearing in 9 games last year, DeMarcus Lawrence has completely changed the identity of the Dallas pass rush this year. He sits at the number two spot in sacks, trailing only Calais Campbell by 0.5, with 10.5. Lawrence has always been a talented athlete, evidenced by his 8.0 sacks back in 2015. If Dallas can keep him motivated, he could be the future of a scary front seven. The Cowboys have been in desperate search of a defensive player to build that side of the ball around, and it seems they are finally forming a solid young nucleus led by Lawrence. He has been an unstoppable force on the outside and has regularly sought special attention by offenses. Although early, it looks as though the Cowboys finally found their long-awaited bookend on the defensive line, which makes everyone’s job a little easier.

Offensive Rookie Of The Year: No rookie has had a more remarkable impact on the game than Deshaun Watson in 2017. Watson has had an undeniable role in bringing the Texans to their current win total. The Texans began the season hoping that Tom Savage could manage his way to low scoring victories thanks to Houston’s dominant defense. Well, neither of those assumptions turned out to be true. Savage was replaced by Watson opening day, and the defense has dealt with constant injuries. So, how did Watson handle the pressure? He took charge and single-handedly transformed his unit into the number one offense in the league with him under center. Despite only starting in seven games, he has thrown for the second most touchdowns and holds the sixth best QBR in the NFL. He has been a pure gunslinger and has even produced monster games against top defenses (Tennessee, Kansas City, Seattle). Watson also dominated games on the ground and was the ultimate dual threat before suffering a torn ACL during practice before Week 9.

Defensive Rookie Of The Year: Although T.J. Watt of the Pittsburgh Steelers seems to be the popular pick for DROY and looks the best on paper, Tre’Davious White has quietly been the best defensive rookie through the first 9 weeks. After losing Stephon Gilmore in free agency and Ronald Darby in a trade with Philadelphia, the team was forced to put their hope in the rookie LSU product handling number one cornerback duties. White has quickly become a staple of the surprisingly good defense. He is emerging as a legitimate shutdown cover corner. White has recorded 12 pass breakups to go along with an interception, 26 tackles, a forced fumble, and 2 fumble recoveries in the first half of the season. As if his defensive contributions weren’t enough, White also has the ability to handle punt return duties as well. Because he was relied upon so heavily from the start in what was supposed to be a rebuilding year for Buffalo, he has risen above all initial expectations. He is largely to thank for Buffalo’s under the radar defense and should further develop into a true star on the outside.

Coach Of The Year: Perhaps no team has truly done a 180 quite like the Los Angeles Rams have in 2017. After dragging through another dreadful offensive campaign last year, it looks like the Rams finally have something to work with. Thank you, Sean McVay. McVay worked as the offensive coordinator in Washington, guiding Kirk Cousins through the best years of his career. Somehow, someway, McVay turned what many thought to be a bust (Jared Goff) into an above average NFL starter. He is the youngest head coach in NFL history but continues to prove himself week in and week out. Todd Gurley is experiencing a breakthrough year that reminds fans of his jaw-dropping rookie season. This Rams offense is firing on all cylinders, averaging an NFL best 32.9 point per game, up from an NFL worst 14.0 last season. They are competing for the top spot in the NFC West along with the Seattle Seahawks. The defense is still the defense, but McVay’s offensive system is flourishing among the players and new look team. McVay looks to have completely transformed this team into a perennial contender for years to come.

Prep-Villa theater perform Peter and the Starcatcher

This past weekend, Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Academy performed their second show of the year. Just three weeks after To Kill A Mockingbird, they kept the shows rolling with Peter and the Starcatcher. Unlike the last production, this show was done at Cathedral Prep. This unique comedic play had the crowd laughing all through the night. It proved to be very special and allowed the actors to showcase their versatile, all-around talents.

This unorthodox show is presumptively the prequel to Peter Pan. It’s extremely complex plot revolves around an abused orphan boy (Dominic Montefiori ’18) who is aboard a ship in 1885 while being transported to Queen Victoria of Britain. He speaks frequently of his hatred for grown-ups. Also aboard the ship is Molly Aster (Mary Grace Kelly ’21), a strong-willed, defiant girl who is on a mission to safely deliver a trunk filled with “starstuff” to the queen. Starstuff is later revealed to be a magical substance that has the ability to give anyone what they want.

On a separate, competing ship is Molly’s father, Lord Aster (James Proper ’18). Unknown to Lord Aster, the ship has been taken over by pirates. The leader is found to be Blackstache (Nick Carneval ’18). Although filled with evil aspirations, Blackstache is very ineffective in getting his way. Blackstache’s ship, the Wasp, begins to pursue the other ship, the Neverland, in hopes of obtaining treasure.

As the ships make contact, the members of each are forced to jump to sea. Some people die, while others make it alive to a nearby island. Natives of the island are at first very violent and ruthless towards the English; however, the children escape. All the while, Blackstache and his right hand man, Smee (Hannah Harvey ’19), are searching for the treasure. The pirates finally meet the children face to face and the orphan boy gives up the treasure to save Molly. As the pirates open the chest, they find that nothing remains in it. Molly explains that the starstuff dissolved into the water. The magical reaction has given the orphan eternal youth, just as he’s always wanted. He is given the name Peter and stays on the island forever. The natives come to appreciate Peter and all ends well.

Peter, portrayed by Dominic Montefiori, spoke of his experience saying, “This show was one of the hardest plays Prep and Villa has put on, but it was so extremely fun because of the imagination needed to create this show.”

Nick Carneval, playing Blackstache, also commented, “It was an awesome opportunity to be able to work with a cast of long time thespians as well as kids who are just getting started. It was unique to be able to portray a cool origin story for the iconic character [Peter Pan] that people, no matter what their age, have known and loved for years.”

As the plot develops, many keen in on the noticeable parallels to Peter Pan. This show indirectly explains, in depth, how the story of Peter Pan came to be. Many of the cast members acted as props, which added another comedic, unique element to the show. The cast members also made use of improvisational timing and hilarious dialogue. It really showed how the actors and audience members could both reach the same spot in each other’s imagination with nothing but the space in between them.

Man drives truck into pedestrians in New York terrorist attack

On Oct. 31, 2017, New York witnessed its greatest terror attack since 9/11. A 29-year-old male by the name of Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov drove a truck onto a bike path killing 8 people and injuring more than 12 on Halloween. He was shot and apprehended by a member of the New York Police Department and is “somewhat” cooperating with authorities, according to a law enforcement official. Saipov reportedly confessed his actions were inspired by an ISIS propaganda video featuring it’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Saipov came to the U.S. legally in 2010 on a diversity immigrant visa from Uzbekistan. He allegedly was radicalized on American soil, with no prior known ties to terrorism. About 6 months ago, he began working for Uber as a driver in New Jersey, where he resided with his wife and 3 children. The only criminal records belonging to Saipov have been traffic violations in 3 different states, including an arrest for not appearing in court for a misdemeanor charge.

Saipov had planned the attack out for over a year. He decided to use a truck to inflict maximum damage to civilians, and chose the date because of the large amounts of foot traffic on Halloween, officials said. Saipov was linked to a large array of ISIS related material on his social media account, including approximately 90 videos and 4,00 photographs of propaganda being found on his phone. Among the fatalities, 5 were from Argentina, celebrating their 30th anniversary of high school graduation.

“He appears to have followed almost exactly to a ‘T’ the instructions that ISIS has put out in its social media channels before, with instructions to their followers on how to carry out such an attack”, said John Miller, NYPD deputy commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism.

As America looks to prevent future atrocities similar to this, it is important to note that in 2014, an ISIS spokesman urged this upon Muslims- “If you are not able to find an IED or a bullet, then single out the disbelieving American, Frenchman or any of their allies. Smash his head with a rock or slaughter him with a knife or run him over with your car or throw him down from a high place or choke him or poison him.” Since then, ISIS has taken responsibility for an increase in attacks through the use of motor vehicles. It is essential that authorities consider this, along with the current vetting process of visa recipients, when taking future steps of precautionary measures to avoid more tragedies of this kind.

Prep-Villa “To Kill A Mockingbird”

From October 12-15, Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria performed To Kill A Mockingbird on the VMA stage. It was the first show of the theatre season and will definitely be one to remember. With a very small cast and a disappointingly low attendance for the shows, this production overcame some odds to still convey the strong, inspirational, famous message that was carried out by both the original film and novel.

For those who are unfamiliar, the story is an American classic. It takes place in a small, Southern city in Alabama during the 1930’s. Racism is conveyed prominently throughout the show as revered lawyer, Atticus Finch, is appointed to defend a black man facing rape charges by a local white woman. Atticus consistently stands up for what is right throughout the story and tries teaching that to his children, Scout and Jem. Folks around town call the family a “disgrace” and become ornery and even violent towards them. The children don’t understand, but Atticus strongly encourages them to ignore all the commotion and move on with life.

During the trial, Atticus argues clearly and evidently, that the alleged victim (Mayella Ewell) was beaten by her father (Bob Ewell), not Tom Robinson, the accused. He repeatedly points out that the right side of her face was beaten, so it would have to have been someone who was left-handed. Tom’s left hand was severely damaged as a boy and lost all nerve senses and muscle usage in his left hand. However, Bob is left handed and Atticus insists it was him during one of his well documented drinking incidents. Despite being unquestionably innocent, Tom is found guilty and is sent to prison.

After being made a fool of in court, Bob drunkenly attacks the Finch children one night. Suddenly, the kids are saved by an unknown man. That unknown mad turned out to be Boo Radley, the neighbor who never left his home and that all the children would make rumors of being a monster. Atticus teaches his children the valuable lesson of not to judge anyone without being empathetic and putting yourself in their position first.

This show starred Alex Welz as Atticus Finch, Stella Przyblinski as Scout, Brian Lee as Jem, Audrey Hersch as Mayella Ewell, Howard Lang as Bob Ewell, and Elijah Lyons as Tom Robinson. The production was directed by Father Mike DeMartinis once again. Freshman, Xavier Campbell, spoke on his experience saying, “My first Prep-Villa show was so much fun. I met lots of new people and made many friends.”

The next show will be Peter And The Starcatcher debuting Thursday, November 2-5. Get to the show and check out what Prep-Villa theatre is all about!

Las Vegas massacre deadliest in U.S. history

On October 1, 2017, the United States of America witnessed the largest shooting massacre inflicted by an individual in the history of the nation. 58 people were killed with more than 500 injured. It occurred during a Jason Aldean concert right on the strip of Las Vegas, Nevada, during the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. The shooter was identified as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock who was firing from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

At approximately 10:15 p.m., Paddock began firing from his room. A nearby hotel security guard was shot with one of the shots in his leg and notified the front desk. Meanwhile, spectators of the concert believed the gun shots to be fireworks or some kind of tech related effect to the music. Eventually, police began to urgently move citizens out of the area as the shooting continued. Law enforcement was confused as to how many shooters there were and where the shots were coming from. Meanwhile, the injured security guard was able to grab an officer’s attention and informed him of the shooter’s room.

SWAT immediately evacuated all hotel stayers and breached Paddock’s door with explosives, only to find him dead in his room. He is believed to have shot himself in the head before coming in contact with the law. Paddock accumulated, in total, 23 firearms in his apartment upon his arrival. All guns have been determined to have been legal and acquired in a justified manner. However, advances may have been placed on some of the weapons to increase their fire rates. Authorities also recovered scrap paper of Paddock’s calculating the distance and trajectories he would need to overcome or out-maneuver.

No one is sure of the motive yet. Paddock was a 65-year-old male who was married twice with no children and was an accountant. Authorities have not identified the action as domestic terrorism yet. Overall, the situation is beyond tragic.

Please keep those affected in mind during these times of sorrow and tribulations.

2017 Prep-Villa Homecoming review

This past weekend, Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria gathered to host their annual Homecoming dance, the second straight year it’s been in the PVEC. Approximately 700 people were in attendance and were looking sharp as always. The dance started at 8 p.m. and ended at 11 p.m. Many students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and made many memories Saturday night that they will cherish forever.

For the seniors, this will be their last homecoming dance of their high school lives. A large number of students made the most out of their night. Senior Nick Dinner said, “Homecoming for me was a delightful experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the dance, and the theme was extravagant while the atmosphere was excellent.”

The entire gym was packed from the front of the mob near the DJ, all the way to the bleachers where people went to rest and take a breather. The lights added a whole new element to the night as they flashed and changed colors in coordination with the songs. The live DJ also put on a show and provided some really cool, appropriate, upbeat songs that everyone was dancing their minds off to.

The thing everyone was awaiting eagerly all night for was the naming of Homecoming king and queen. The court was made up of Joe DeMarco, Anthony Bolden, Bobby Ek, Joe Campbell, Jacob Sorge, Olivia Heasley, Taniah Stephens, Catherine Chido, Phoebe Gromacki, and Katherine Innes. As the crowning these two individuals was drawing nearer, all the attention went to the front of the gym to the V.I.P. box. Joe Campbell was awarded Homecoming king while Taniah Stephens was crowned Homecoming queen.

Joe had this to say, “Winning king was a joyous surprise that is a great way to start off my senior year. I’d like to thank everyone for making it a great senior homecoming.”

Taniah, or “T” as she is most commonly known said, “It was an honor to be 2017 Prep and Villa Homecoming Queen and it was great to know that my Villa sisters picked me to be the Queen. A big thanks to everyone who did pick me.”

It was a very memorable night and everyone had a great time, especially those on the court. Thank you to everyone who made it possible and unifying the class of 2018 for one of the last times!

Co-Athlete(s) of the Week: Joe Mischler and Tyler Oedekoven

In a game where the Cathedral Prep offense recorded a school record 714 yards, there was much recognition to go around. Senior quarterback, Joe Mischler, set a school and District 10 record with 507 passing yards while senior wideout Tyler Oedekove, also shattered the school record for receiving yards in a single game with 279. Not only is this an incredible feat in and of itself, but it came against the #5 ranked Division II team in the state of Ohio, St. Benedictine. The final score was 62-28, and the Ramblers were firing on all cylinders in their home opener at Dollinger Field last Friday night.

Mischler was extremely efficient, going 21-26, throwing for 5 touchdowns and also rushing for 28 yards. He finished with a 145.0 QBR, only turning the ball over once. Pencil in his performance for the record books as he threw for the 5th most yards in a single game in state history. The Ohio commit humbly spoke on his achievement saying, “Breaking the school record is really a great honor. However, it’s not an individual accomplishment, rather an offensive unit accomplishment,” Joe said. “We have some really great skill players who have big play ability every time they touch the ball. They make my job extremely easy and are really fun to play with. They come in every week and work hard to be able to perform on Friday nights. More importantly, the big fellas up front played great as they always do. They are always in the shadows of all the touchdowns and scoring drives, but without them, we can’t do anything”.

Time after time, Mischler praised his teammates and talked of how vital each element of the offense is and how they come together as one collective unit to form something special.

“This is just a great honor to have [sur]passed the school record, especially after watching Billy Fessler and Damion Terry play as I was growing up,” Joe added. “It is something I will always remember, but I couldn’t have done it without the other 10 guys on the field. That’s what makes football so great; it’s a team game.”

Much is the same with wide receiver, Tyler Oedekoven. Despite only being at Prep for two seasons, Oedekoven has surely made his mark. He was an integral part of Prep’s state championship team last year, lining up wide and consistently beating teams with his speed. He is picking up right where he left off and looked good as ever last week. Similar to Mischler, Oedekoven stressed the importance of his teammates and the role they play in his individual success. “It is a great honor to be able to break those records,” Tyler said. “But it not me breaking those records; it’s the whole team.  I wouldn’t be anywhere without any of my teammates.”

Both teammates have made it very clear that there are many factors that apply in order for the game to go the way they intend it to. Tyler’s big game places him 8th in state history in single game receiving yards and second in D-10. Oedekoven concluded with, “It’s a great honor just to be on the list with some of those great names. I’m just going to keep having fun with my brothers on that field and enjoy every second of my senior year.”