Erie hit with record amount of snow

Erie Pa, was hit with one of the largest snowstorms in history over the holiday season. It was reported that the city received 34 total inches of snow on Christmas Day. The snow didn’t stop after that as Erie received 24.5 inches of snow the following day. This is most snow Erie has ever recorded in a two day span. With a total of 58.5 inches of snow coming that fast it made road conditions very poor. A law was even made for a day where it was illegal to be driving on the roads for motorists without snow tires on their cars. It was stressed that people should not driving unless it was an absolute emergency.

Many sports events and practices were closed for most of the week. It made traveling almost impossible. Junior Luke Kubiak stated, “I wasn’t able to get my daily workout in because I couldn’t even manage to get out of my driveway.” Most people had to spend a good portion of that week trapped indoors. Erie is currently the snowiest city in America right now. No other city is even close in the total amount of snow received this winter. Erie has received 133.0 inches of snow so far this winter season. Syracuse, New York, is in second place, but it’s not even close. They have received only 63.8 inches of snow this winter. Erie went on to make national news for the amount of snow received. Erie civilians are used to getting large amounts of snowfall during the winter, but no one has ever experienced anything like this.

As of the time of this publishing, most of Erie’s record snowfall has melted away thanks to a two-day stretch when temperatures reached the upper-50s. As soon as it has melted, though, another winter storm warning is in effect with the potential for another batch of ice and snow.

Box Village raises money for Emmaus Soup Kitchen

Cathedral Prep held their annual event Box Village on Saturday, Dec. 16th. Many of students signed up to help raise awareness for the homeless. The students had to camp out in only a box to see what it would feel like to be homeless for a night. The event took place from 3 p.m. on Saturday until 9 a.m. Sunday morning. Students stood out on the street corners to take donations from people driving by.

Everyone had to sign up for a shift taking donations. Another thing the students had to sign up for was adoration. They had to spend 30 minutes in adoration praying. From 11 p.m. until 12 a.m. everyone was to have an hour where they didn’t talk. They spent that time praying and reflecting on their experience. The students then gathered to have a midnight mass.

“It really put it into perspective what homeless people have to go through,” said junior Robert Wierbinski. “I have done this every year since I’ve been at Prep and it makes me feel good to know I could help out.”

Junior Albert Caldwell stated, “Box Village really helped me come closer with my brothers, too.”

It was a very good bonding experience for all the students participating. In the free time some students played football for fun. Other students had snowball fights and sat around the fire. All the participants helped clean up the boxes in the morning and threw them away. The students ended up raising over $5,000. All the money went towards the Emmaus Soup Kitchen.

Ramblers defeat Berks Catholic, advance to Hershey

The Cathedral Prep football team faced off against Berks Catholic in semifinals of the Pennsylvania Class 4A playoffs. The winner of the game would advance to the state championship game. Both teams came into this game with undefeated records. The Ramblers were 12-0, and the Saints were 13-0. Berks Catholic was looking to get revenge against Cathedral Prep because of their loss in the semifinals last year.

On the first drive of the game Berks Catholic drove down the field and scored on a Cooper Lutz touchdown. The Ramblers immediately responded when Joe Mischler threw a 59-yard bomb to Terry Roberts. The Saints offense continued to have their way with Ramblers defense and scored again to make it 14-7. When the Ramblers got the ball back they drove down the field, and their drive was capped off with a phenomenal Billy Lucas touchdown run. The Berks Catholic offense picked up right where they left off and made it 21-14 with 1:33 left until the half. The Ramblers then had one of their biggest drives of the game when they drove down the field right before half to score the game tying touchdown on another Lucas touchdown run.

It was 21-21 at the half, and the game seemed like it could go either way. Cathedral Prep came out energized in the second half as they took the lead on a huge Billy Lucas touchdown run on their first offensive play. The Ramblers defense then came up huge the next drive to hold Berks Catholic to a field goal. It was now 28-24 Prep. Lucas continued his great performance and rushed for his 4th touchdown of the game and gave the Ramblers some breathing room. It was now 35-24 Prep, and things were looking bright. Cathedral Prep’s defense played great in the second half and didn’t let up a touchdown. Billy Lucas wrapped the game up with a long 89-yard touchdown run. Lucas finished his outstanding performances with 14 carries for 268 yards and 5 touchdowns.

The Ramblers will face off against Imhotep Charter in the state championship for the third straight year Thursday night at 7 p.m.

Student Profile: Keegan Welka

Keegan Welka is currently a junior at Cathedral Prep. One of Keegan’s favorite things to do is to go snowboarding. Before he started snowboarding he used to ski. Keegan made the transition from skiing to snowboarding back in his 8th grade year. His friends were the biggest impact on him going from skiing to snowboarding.

Keegan is a part of the ski club at Prep and goes snowboarding at the Peek’n Peak resort almost every Friday during the winter. Other than the Peak he said that he’s been snowboarding at Seven Springs, Holiday Valley, and went on the Vermont skiing trip for Prep. When asked about his favorite part about snowboarding he said, “Being able to go out and snowboard with his friend is definitely the best part.” Although Keegan has not been in any snowboarding competitions he said, “One day I would definitely like to get to that point to be in a competition.”

When Keegan first started snowboarding he did take some lessons throughout his first year to get the basics down. Keegan is still working hard to improve on his snowboarding skills. He said, “Right now I’m trying to focus on my tricks, and to be fearless about it because the worst thing you can do when approaching tricks is to be timid.” He stated, “I probably go snowboarding around 20 times per year.” Keegan is also very into watching the X-Games and looks up to the snowboarders that participate in it.

Making the choice to snowboard instead of ski is a choice Keegan has no regrets about. “I couldn’t be happier with my decision,” Keegan stated when asked if he made the right choice to start focusing on snowboarding over skiing. Keegan is looking forward to another great snowboarding season this upcoming winter and hopes to develop even more skills and tricks.

Cyclones upset Sooners in Big 12 shocker

The Oklahoma Sooners hosted the Iowa State Cyclones on Saturday. The game turned out to be the biggest upset of the year thus far. Oklahoma was a whopping 31-point favorite coming into this game. They were the number 3 ranked team in the country and had a pretty impressive resume with a win against Ohio State on the road by double digits. Oklahoma’s quarterback, Baker Mayfield, was getting a lot of Heisman talk this year, too. 

Iowa State came into this game without their starting quarterback, Jacob Park, who took a leave of absence. Kyle Kempt, a redshirt senior, had to take over for Park. To no one’s surprise, Oklahoma fired out of the gate and took a 14-0 lead. At the half score was 24-13 Oklahoma. Iowa State had kept themselves in the game up to this point, but they didn’t look in control. 

Iowa State started the second half off with a field goal to make it a one possession game. Halfway through the third quarter a huge momentum change happened. Oklahoma’s freshmen running back, Trey Sermon, fumbled at the ISU 6-yard line. Kempt took advantage of this and drove the ISU offense down the field. Marchie Murdock caught a 28-yard touchdown pass from Kempt to put them within two points. Iowa State converted the two point conversion, and the game was tied at the end of the third. 

Oklahoma got into field goal position the very next drive, but it did not work out as junior kicker Austin Seibert missed a field goal. Kempt and the Iowa State offense put together an electric touchdown drive on a 57-yard pass to Trever Ryen. Oklahoma managed to respond with a touchdown to tie the game at 31. With less than 3 minutes left in the game Kempt threw the soon to be game-winning to touchdown pass to Allen Lazard. Oklahoma turned it over on downs the next drive, which sealed the game for the Cyclones. 

Baker Mayfield finished 24/33 for 306 yards and threw for 2 touchdowns. This loss will definitely hurt Mayfield’s chances at the Heisman this year. The winning quarterback Kyle Kempt finished the game 18/24 for 343 yards and 2 touchdowns. This ended Iowa State’s 18-game losing streak against the Sooners. Oklahoma’s playoff chances have shrunk as this loss dropped them all the way down to #12.

Junior class retreat hosted by HANM 

The Junior Class Retreat took place on Thursday, Sept. 21 at Camp Notre Dame. The retreat was hosted by the Hard As Nails missionary group. HANM has been to Cathedral Prep before, coming last year for an assembly. The leader of the group is Justin Fatica who is a Prep graduate. Hard As Nails goes on trips all over the country to spread their stories and help kids who are dealing with problems in their lives. 

The day started with students being able to use the knockerballs and socialize with each other. Then they were called inside and the missionaries gave an introduction of themselves. Justin Fatica came out with a lot of energy and emotion and used his saying “ALL HEART” to which the students replied “ALL IN.” Each of the missionaries took a turn going up and talking about how they became missionaries and what struggles they faced in the past. Students were then given the opportunity to come up and share with their class something they went through. Their classmates could come up and give them a hug if they could relate to something they went through or if they wanted to give them encouragement. If a student didn’t want to talk in front of the class they spoke with the missionaries in private. 

Every student received three pieces of pizza for lunch and some cookies. After lunch it was free time and many of the students spent it playing basketball with the missionaries. The class was called back inside, and they did an activity where they had to hit a ball and then crowd surf on whatever side they hit it to. Justin Fatica wrapped up the day by giving a speech.

Cathedral Prep student Albert Caldwell reflected on the day “It felt good, and made me feel closer to God and my classmates,” Albert said.

The junior retreat concluded with Mass that took place in the woods. Mass was hosted by Fr. Jason Feigh. 

Tampa family forced to evacuate due to Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma recently hit the state of Florida and left many people devastated. This storm came not long after Hurricane Harvey, which impacted Texas. Hurricane Irma was more powerful than Harvey. It was a Category 5 Hurricane with winds up to 185 mph. The last serious hurricane that Florida had recovered from was Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Andrew produced winds up to 165 mph and was also a Category 5 Hurricane.

Maureen Auswald, a resident of Tampa, Florida, and a mother of a 9-month-old and 4-year-old evacuated a day before the hurricane came to shore. Auswald lived in an area classified as a Category C area. Category A landowners live directly on the beach or in mobile homes. The Auswalds were given a Category C because their home is more inland. Evacuation was less difficult than returning to their homes. Evacuation took 5-7 hours, while returning home took 14 hours. The Auswalds went to stay with family in Destin, Florida, during the evacuation and were there for two days.

When she had returned their was severe damages all throughout the area. Auswald’s family is currently not staying in their house because of the damages caused by the storm. Due to the lack of electricity the Auswald’s neighbors have to use generators, which has caused her neighborhood to wreak of gasoline. Her family is worried that her house will get mold because of the hot, humid Florida weather. Her family is living with her mom, one of the only homes still with power. She expects to return back to her home in a couple of days.

Auswald said having kids made the process much more difficult. Being able to be at her mom’s house right now with power though is making the kids feel better. There are power companies from all over trying to bring power back to the area. They are expected to have all the power back by Friday. Businesses and stores are beginning to open back up this week.

As bad as the Auswalds house was damaged there were places that had it worse. Auswald knew someone whose house had a generator that blew up and whose house burned down. Firemen do not go out when winds are past a certain point, so there was nothing they could do about the house. Hurricane Irma has affected so many people all over Florida. Auswald’s story is just one of the examples of how residents of Florida are being affected by Hurricame Irma.

Prep football rolls past McDowell

The Cathedral Prep Ramblers faced off against the McDowell Trojans on Friday, Sept. 8. Kickoff was at 7 p.m. at Gus Anderson Field. The Ramblers started off strong when they forced a Trojans 3-and-out to start the game. After getting the ball, Prep drove down the field and scored a touchdown on a pass from senior quarterback Joe Mischler to running back Matt Lupo. The Ramblers did not look back after that and dominated the rest of the half.

Prep went on to score two more touchdowns in the first quarter. Joe Mischler threw both of those touchdowns to senior Henry Fessler. The Trojans scored their only touchdown of the game at the beginning of the second quarter. After gaining some momentum the Trojans picked off Mischler on the next drive. Prep’s defense held strong and the Ramblers blew the game open.

The Ramblers came down and scored a touchdown on a 99-yard drive putting them up 28-7. McDowell looked to bounce back after that, but instead Anthony Bolden made it even worse for the Trojans by getting a pick six to put Prep up 35-7. Prep was not finished. Tyler Odekoven scored on a 17-yard reception. Billy Lucas scored the last touchdown of the half for the Ramblers giving them a whopping 49-7 lead at the half.

At this point, the game was virtually over. To make matter worse Prep managed to add two more touchdowns in the second half. The final score was a 63-7 win for the Ramblers. Cathedral Prep hasn’t lost any momentum from their state championship run last season. They are outscoring their opponents this season 141-14 through three games.

Prep outgained the Trojans 521-188. Junior running back Billy Lucas finished the game with 60 yards on 11 carries, senior Joe Campbell had 57 yards on 5 carries, and Mischler finished the game 10-14 for 141 yards and 4 touchdowns. The Ramblers will look to continue their dominant season at home next week against 3-0 Benedictine from Cleveland, Ohio. The Trojans will attempt to bounce back at home next week against Football North from Ontario.