Review of Fortnite: Battle Royale

For the past couple of years, battle royale games have taken the video game industry by storm. In 2016, H1Z1 pioneered this style of gaming by incorporating the “King of the Kill” game mode into their product. In this mode, players were put in a hunger games-esque situation where their character would be spawned onto a large map and try to survive until they were the last ones living. Grabbing weapons and supplies in areas of the map are necessities to winning the game. Other games followed suit, such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, (also known as “PUBG”). This game, instead of H1Z1, focused solely on making a battle royale game. With refined combat mechanics, better graphics, and an overall better player experience, PUBG has overthrown H1Z1 as the king of this genre of games. However, this glory may be short lived by PUBG, because the new third person shooter game Fortnite has introduced their own twist on battle royale, and it has players by the millions already calling it the next big thing. 

So what is Fortnite? Fortnite is a PvE (player vs enemy AI) game that allows gamers to co-op with friends and try to survive against hordes of enemies using a unique building system and weapon system. However, most players are not downloading this title for this aspect of the game. Fortnite also has a separate game mode called “Battle Royale.” In this game mode, you are hoisted into a lobby of 99 other players either by yourself, with a friend, or with a squad of up to four people. Once everyone has loaded into a game and the lobby is full, the countdown to begin a game begins. Usually match wait times don’t exceed five minutes. 

To start the game, you are flown over a gigantic island filled with unique landscapes, abandoned neighborhoods, and a plethora of other environments in a flying bus. Once you are over the island, a timer begins, signaling you to exit the bus and descend into the island. Once you abort the vehicle, you rapidly plummet to the ground. Using a hanglider, you can maneuver yourself better while falling, allowing pinpoint accuracy for a designated landing spot. 

Like other battle royale games, finding supplies when you first land in Fortnite is paramount. Depending on the location you land, you can either find really good loot or absolutely nothing. For example, if you land in an abandoned neighborhood, your chances of finding weapons and first aid is a lot more likely than you landing in a shed at the very edge of a map. However, players recognize this so more people will be at the neighborhood than at the shed, so being decisive on where you want to land is crucial to surfing the game. 

When it comes to combat, Fortnite is unique in its approach. Each gun has a possibility to be in five tiers. Common (Gray), Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), and Legendary (Orange). The power of the weapon is higher corresponding to its tier, (Legendary being the strongest and Common being the weakest). There are also many different types of guns, such as assault rifles, pistols, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, and shotguns. Although your weapon may help determine the winner of a gunfight, a player’s skill is crucial for victory in a battle, regardless of equipment. If you defeat an opponent in a firefight, you can loot his person of the material they had on them while fighting you. 

What makes Fortnite‘s battle royale game mode so unique is its addition of building and destroying structures during a match. In Fortnite‘s regular game mode, building is used almost always to defend players from the monsters attacking them. But by adding this function into Battle Royale, players are able to gather material and build to protect themselves from other players. There are three materials used for building in Fortnite. Wood, (weakest), brick (sturdy, in the middle) and metal (strongest). Building is usually done at the climax of a game, where there are likely less than 20 players alive. In games like H1Z1 and PUBG, this never was an option. The environment in the game was set and could not be altered. But in Fortnite, structures in the map can be destroyed to give the player materials to build their own forts. The options for building includes four different options. A wall, a floor, stairs, and lastly a triangular roof. These can modified also to include doorways, openings, etc., allowing for tactical positioning by the fort dweller. But be careful, because your structure can also be destroyed, so building comes at it’s own risk.

Fortnite, in conclusion, has all the tools to be one of the best games on the market today. 

“I haven’t played a game this good since… I can’t even remember!” exclaimed Prep junior Andrew Angelini. 

By already amassing 10 million players in its first two weeks of being on shelves, Fortnite is prepared to leave its mark on the video game industry. With some minor tweaks and combat balancing, this game will certainly rival PUBG and other battle royale games to come.

Theater season comes to a close with The Outsiders

The Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Academy theater program is putting on a spring festival to round off this year’s plays.

“[The Outsiders] is my all-time favorite novel, and I cannot wait to put it on in front of a real crowd,” said junior Alex Welz. “I really hope the audience enjoys themselves and that it truly conveys the same emotions and general theme that the book and movie did so well.”

The story is about a group of friends or “greasers” and their lives. They often have fights with the “Socs,” who are the rich snobby kids at the time. The story takes place back in the late 50s/early 60s. The two main characters get themselves into some trouble and have to run away. Then they end up being heroes and coming back home.

“I’m looking forward to seeing The Outsiders because it will be fun to see my fellow Prep brothers take on these iconic roles,” said senior Brian Buseck. “After having been involved in a comedy for weeks, it will be refreshing to see such a quality drama.”

This show has a stellar cast, which includes star Dillon Elliott as Ponyboy. This is Dillon’s first play, but he is sure to show that he is ready to fulfill his role. Ponyboy is the youngest of the group and also very shy. He loves books and movies. He hates the whole Greaser/Soc rivalry. Johnny, who is played by Lucian Cuzzola, is Ponyboy’s best friend. He is 16 years old and a very shy kid as well. He is often abused at home and even gets the worst of it from the rich snobs. He is very jumpy and scared. This is Lucian’s first play as well, and he is sure to not disappoint with this role.

Two Bit, played by Trey Deitrick, is the jokester of the show. He is often not taken seriously and is known to put his two cents into everything, hence the name Two Bit. This is Trey’s 4th show here at Prep, and he is very excited for this role. Darry, played by Nicholas Carneval, is the oldest of the group. He has taken the role as the dad of the family after his parents died. He yells at Pony a lot and Pony does not like that. Carneval stole the show in Footloose and will play this role very well.

SodaPop, who is Pony and Darry’s brother, is played by Alex Welz. He is soft spoken, a dropout, and Pony’s favorite brother. Then there is Dallas, who is the bad guy of the group. This character is played by Garrett Fritz and is sure to be interesting. He is known to get into trouble a lot and is the big guy on campus. Everyone respects him.

This show is sure to be a hit, especially with its director Fr. Mike and his co-director Max Lorei. Come out and see this show, May 19-21.

Play written and directed by students set to debut

Let’s Talk, the first play to be presented in Prep’s Spring Theater Festival, is set to open Thursday, May 11, and will have two more performances the following Saturday and Sunday. The comedy, written by senior Brian Buseck and junior Dominic Montefiori, revolves around the love lives of three roommates, and is told through a series of flashbacks during a group therapy session.

Montefiori, an aspiring director, took on the challenge of directing this piece, and Prep/Villa’s usual director, Fr. Mike DeMartinis, stepped into the role of producer, helping acquire any set pieces and props needed, and taking care of things like tickets and programs. The show’s comedic styling is based off of the writers’ favorite sitcoms: Seinfeld, How I Met Your Mother, Friends, and New Girl.

The play begins with the therapist entering the apartment of Jude and Aaron, where the therapy is taking place. Dismayed at how many people are in therapy sessions, the therapist has everyone introduce themselves. Jude then begins the telling of the story as to why they are in therapy in the first place.

This story begins with Jude getting dumped by his girlfriend Tiffani. He then launches into a depressive state, which his friends Aaron and Kenny try to pull him out of. They drag Jude to a party to get his mind off Tiffani, and here Aaron meets Claire, a girl who has a boyfriend, and he instantly falls in love with her. From here on out, Aaron pursues Claire, and Jude continues trying to get over Tiffani by any means necessary. Exploring the love lives of these twenty-somethings takes the audience through a story of surprises, romance, betrayal, and hilarity.

Showtimes are this Thursday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and this Sunday at 2 p.m. in the Prep auditorium. Make sure to get out and support this original work put on entirely by Prep & Villa students.

Movie Review: Boss Baby

The 2017 movie Boss Baby is an animated comedic movie that has just came to theaters. I recently went into the theater to go see it and there were maybe 10 people maximum there. I was afraid that I had wasted my money and time for this movie. However, I was wrong about my assumption. This movie surprised me with how well thought out the plot was.

Boss Baby starts out with the process of babies. No, not the actual process but how they are brought down from basically heaven. Every baby is acting normal and how babies are supposed to act except the actual Boss Baby (voiced by Alec Baldwin). Situations such as every baby getting socks out on their feet but he is so confused by the whole thing that they end up on his hands. One obstacle determined if they were destined for a regular baby life or an adult life. This obstacle was based off of the fact of if they were ticklish or not. All the babies were giggling when a feather hit their stomach but not the Boss Baby. When he was up, he did not get ticklish. In fact, he was hit the other way towards Business. They put a suit on him and attached a brief case to him.

The plot is quite interesting as the Boss Baby makes a huge impact on a family’s life. The 7-year-old kid, Tim (voiced by Miles Bakshi), was an only child until this baby came in. You can see how that might affect Tim and the attention time. The baby got all of the attention and Tim did not get anything. One night, Tim’s parents (Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel) pass out on the couch. He heads upstairs to hear talking coming from the baby’s room. He begins to sneakily crack the door open to find out that the baby is talking. He busts through the door to make sure he caught him in the act. The baby tries to play it off but that doesn’t work. Tim is onto him. The baby starts talking to Tim as if Tim was his assistant. This starts out how the Boss Baby thinks and acts.

The Boss Baby is not there for family but on a mission. He works for Baby Corp. and his goal is to get the percents back up to babies over dogs. If he doesn’t complete his task in this household then he will not be in the hall of fame for business babies and get his own luxury office. Along with that, he will be fired.

No spoilers will be revealed here regarding what happened and how it happened. Go check on in for yourself, as I highly recommend this movie. It is perfect for kids and acceptable for adults, too.

The 2017 Ultimate Faculty Fantasy Fighting Championship Bracket

Note: All situations discussed in this article are hypothetical and created for the enjoyment of Prep students.

Final Results

With nearly 75 percent of the vote, Mr. Ng defeated Mr. Ladouceur in the finals of the 2017 Ultimate Faculty Fantasy Fighting Championship Bracket. Congratulations to Mr. Ng, who came in as a 16-seed and finished as a champion!

Semifinals Results and Finals Preview

This is it. The last two standing. On one end, you have the experienced underdog, and on the other stands the young stud. What a championship match this will be and an even better end to the school year.

Mr. Ng has defied all odds. Not only did he knock off the number one seed, Mr. Smith, he also beat defending champion Mr. Achille in yesterday’s semifinal. Barely even qualifying for the tournament, Mr. Ng has quickly made his mark. He seems unstoppable at this point and is easily on fire coming into today. If Mr. Ng can somehow pull off this victory, the student body would go crazy. Never, even in the NCAA tournament, has a 16 seed even gotten to the second round. So, regardless of a heartbreaking loss or a courageous victory, I’m sure Mr. Ng will be satisfied with how far he got and perhaps even inspire future 16 seeds. Sometimes, the best competitor doesn’t win, it’s the one who is is riding the most momentum and has the best matchup. This could be Mr. Ng’s day.

On the other side, don’t be fooled by J Lads’ charming good looks, strong build, and youthful self. He’s athletic, strong, motivated, spiritual, a little crazy, and will do anything to win. After defeating Mr. Biebel in the semifinals, Mr. Ladouceur has the potential to completely annihilate Ng and stride through the finish line. Ladouceur is another who has breezed through this tournament thus far. The difference though is that Ladouceur was supposed to be here. Meanwhile nobody thought Mr. Ng was getting past the first round. So the question remains, can Ladouceur live up to the hype, or will the pressure prove to be too much for him?

2nd Round Results and 3rd Round Preview

#16 Mr. Ng vs. #5 Mr. Achille

Here we go. Mr. Ng vs. Mr Achille in the Final Four. The 16-seed has made it this far and there is no reason to believe Mr. Ng will he stopped. Mixed with his sheer intelligence is his drive and motivation that comes from being overlooked and under-seeded. He is carrying a large mass of voters behind him and looks primed to reach the championship. Mr. Achille on the other hand is more prepared now than ever. Entering his second consecutive Final Four, he has the most experience of any of the remaining competitors. He is a legend and simply can’t be counted out. Look for Mr. Achille to come out with a sense of urgency and power his way to victory.

This will be one heck of a match which will send the winner one step closer to hauling in the beloved championship. If these two ever truly did step into a ring together, it would make for prime time entertainment. This is truly an elite field of competitors left and all of them seem as if they can make some noise towards the end of this tournament.

#2 Mr. Ladouceur vs. #3 Mr. Biebel

This week, Mr. Ladoucer and Mr. Biebel will square off to earn a spot in the finals. This fight is probably one of the best in the bracket.

Mr. Ladouceur stands at approximately 6’2″ with a large, athletic frame. A former college football player, specifically a wide-receiver, Ladouceur is quick with the feet and hands, making it tough for his opponents to get anything by him. The most important characteristic that one should know about Mr. Ladouceur is that his beard is one of the key components.  Ladouceur’s beard is approximately 4-feet in length, with some gorgeous blonde highlights. You may refer to him as Hulk Hogan.

On the other side, Mr. Biebel has some pretty funny comebacks for his opponents. Don’t be surprised if Biebel throws at you some of his magic acid he keeps in his back pocket at all times. It can burn his opponents if they aren’t careful with their own individual moves. He can also be very dangerous when using his right-left-right uppercut move to the jaw.

This week’s fights are going to be some of the best we’ve seen in the bracket. Make sure to get out and vote for your favorites!

1st Round Results and 2nd Round Preview

#8 Mr. Colwell vs. #16 Mr. Ng  by Alec Thomas and Trent Robison

Mr. Colwell breezed through his first round defeating Mr. Baltzer with ease as the history teacher couldn’t find a winning strategy in the history books. Mr. Colwell looks to face the 16 seed Mr. Ng after the draw was blown up after he topped Mr. Smith, the number one seed. When asked about his match up, Mr. Colwell didn’t sugar coat his abilities saying, “There are no other competitors that can match my sneaky athleticism and my knowledge of the human body to systematically take down my opponent regardless of their physical ability. After having reached the Final Four last year, I have spent the past year training and preparing for just this event.  My tolerance for physical pain and mental anguish will set me apart from the competition.” We can see how well he preformed in the first round look for him to heat up as he battles Ng.

Mr. Ng is the big talk of the week as he defeated Mr. Smith in the first round of the teacher fight bracket. This week he takes on Mr. Colwell. Although Ng faces a tough task this week as he takes on the Seminoles fan, Mr. Colwell, Ng has a lot of special hidden talents when it comes to fighting. First off he stands at approximately 6’3″ and weighs in at just over 175 pounds. A tall, lean cut of a human-being, Ng loves to go with the upper cut. In fact, he used that move ninety-five percent of his fight against Mr. Smith. Ng doesn’t want to tell any of his other secrets as he told the media that he could not answer any questions at this time. Mr. Ng is staying calm, cool, and collected as he prepares to face a tough opponent. With his win last week over Mr. Smith, there shouldn’t be any reason to not pick Ng for not only his round two fight but to win the whole bracket. With his large, strong frame, Ng is unstoppable for the remainder of the fights, and for the rest of the school year.

#4 Coach G vs. #5 Mr. Achille by Jaryn Simpson and Mark Majewski

Mr. Achille, defending champ of the fight bracket, is coming in with a huge win over the 12th seed, Mr. Markley. His matchup for this second round is against Coach G, beloved gym teacher and former Villanova lineman. He thinks that even if Coach G has the body advantage on him he has the experience of winning. From his winnings at the Casinos to the Rambler Cup and even last year’s bracket, Mr. Achille is always a fan favorite. He has a great shot of winning it not only just this matchup but also the whole Bracket Challenge.

Coach G has now passed the first round. His next opponent is Mr. Achille. Coach Grychowski feels like he has the upper hand do to his physical ed experience against “math skills”. Physical beings can go a lot of way in a fight and that is what Coach G has made his mind up on. Personally, I believe mass and strength would win, but Mr. Achille feels differently. So Coach G could have his hands full, but he looks ready to go. This one will be a mental breakdown for the best to advance to the semifinals. Who will win?

#2 Mr. Ladoucer vs. #10 Mr. Flanagan by Charles Deitrick III and Brian Buseck

Our next matchup is Mr. Mike Flanagan vs Mr. Jason Ladouceur. It is the face off of the facial hair: Mr. Flanagan’s handlebar mustache vs Mr. Ladouceur’s mountain man beard. Mr. Flanagan has stated that “handlebar is clearly superior against the beard.” As far as Flanagan’s experience goes, his grandfather was a professional boxer and “taught him some tricks.” When Flanagan was in grad school he worked as a bartender and bouncer at a bar. He did not enjoy the job, but he definitely gets +20 man points for that occupation. Moving on, Mr. Ladouceur knows he has got a tough fight with statements like, “It’s gonna be a tough fight, he’s pretty athletic and still somewhat spry.” But Mr. L is a very, tough quick opponent who shows zero mercy to anybody. He is very mobile as he played football at Gannon University, and is able to portray his skills he had back then, today. “I predict a third round hip knock out,” is what he had to say about the end outcome of the fight. The age difference between the two is crucial. While Mr. Flanagan has more experience, Mr. L is younger and a lot more shifty and agile. This is the battle between a conservative war hero and a young hippy. We will let you decide which one is which.

#3 Mr. Biebel vs. #6 Mr. Parsons by Roman Zegarelli and Alex Welz

Biebel vs. Parsons? Laughable matchup. Biebel has more reach, far superior speed, plus military training. Biebel had to fight a professional boxer for coastguard training, so you know Biebel can eat any punch thrown his way… that is if Parsons can land one. Also, Biebel can turn any item into a weapon of opportunity with his vast knowledge. Biebel, a visual learner, has picked up fantastic swordsmanship skills through watching Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. Another advantage Biebel has is his lack of hair. Mr. Biebel can pull Parsons’ hair if the battle turns in to a cat fight, but Parsons can’t pull Biebel’s hair. When asked what the outcome of his fight would be, Mr. Biebel said, “In real life, I’ve never fought someone who wasn’t larger than me, so this would be different.” All in all, Biebel would totally take down Parsons.

Welcome to the second annual Ultimate Faculty Fantasy Fighting Championship Bracket, or the UF³C. Our goal is to determine the answer to one simple hypothetical question: if the teachers in the school were to fight, who would reign supreme? We will have regular updates on matchups as well as the results of who moves on to the next round and commentary from some of the competitors. The staff of The Rambler started with 16 teachers and power ranked them to create a bracket. Revisit last year’s results and then read below for a breakdown of this year’s field, which includes five new competitors.


#1 seed: Mr. Smith by Charles Deitrick III
Mr. Smith came in hot this year as principal, cracking down on the rules and telling the Prep boys to follow the student handbook. He is also coming in hot for the UF³C bracket as the number one seed. Can he back up his minor league baseball fighting skills that we saw footage of during the first rally? Mr. Smith is often seen at the gym, and takes lots of Creatine, so whoever is in his path, look out! He may very well be the most feared competitor, despite his short stint with the school thus far. Whether its telling students to button their top button or simply giving a hypothetical whooping to these teachers in the UF³C bracket, Mr. Smith is a force to be reckoned with.

#2 seed: Mr. Ladouceur by Charles Deitrick III
Mr. Ladouceur, otherwise known as Coach L, is coming in this year as the second seed after losing in the quarterfinals against Mr. Parsons last year. This teacher is a crazy man. Although his knee isn’t really a knee anymore, he can still use his upper body to club and rip. He is often seen running through the woods without shoes on. He is chill for the most part, but if you mess with his garden or tell him to wear shoes, he will unleash his Wolverine side. Ladouceur was once known as Wolverine for his facial hair, but it has gradually transformed into a caveman-like beard. Coach L is young, athletic, and experienced. He provides a lot of energy and should be greatly feared coming into this tournament. He is insane and will do anything to win.

# 3 seed: Mr. Biebel by Roman Zegarelli
This “friggin’ dude” is ready to go back to battle after being upset in the quarterfinals last year by his Science Department colleague, Mr. Colwell. Mr. Biebel was in the Coast Guard, so he is no novice to fighting. In fact, Mr. Biebel had to fight a professional boxer while on duty, so he can take punches like a champ. As a physics teacher, Biebel has calculated exactly how to throw the most powerful punches using the WUKWUK equation and projectile motion. Opponents should beware of his powerful spit attacks; they are accurate and deadly. He hasn’t missed the trash can all year with his spit practicing, and sometimes tears a hole in the bag from the sheer force alone. With such an impressive résumé, it would be impossible for Biebel not to be considered an early favorite this year.

#4 seed: Mr. (Chris) Grychowski by Jaryn Simpson
Last year’s top seed, Coach G. is physical education/health teacher at Cathedral Prep. He is well known for his energy boosts of NOS that can really make him stand out in a fight. He is also a very muscular man that has the instincts from his football career. If he is coming at you, you better watch out. He has a great time teaching students how to hit a volleyball and can use that same motion to destroy his opponent. Additionally, he played college football at Villanova and is ready to finally live up to the hype of this tournament after losing in the semifinals last year. He is big, scary, and the last person many want to see matched up against them in this tournament.

#5 seed: Mr. Achille by Mark Majewski
The man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Bob Achille comes into this fight bracket as the defending champion and with years on years of experience. He is also a two-time winner of the Rambler Cup golf tournament. Surely, Mr. Achille knows how to win. He also knows what linear means. He beat some high quality opponents last year on his way to winning the first UF³C. Widely recognized for his fury in the classroom and even on Twitter, Mr. Achille will try to translate that intimidation to this tournament. Coming into this bracket challenge, Achille is the five seed and is looking to become a back-to-back winner of the UF³C.

#6 seed: Mr. Parsons by Alex Welz
Although young, Mr. Parsons has consistently showcased his poise and readiness for the big stage. He played football all through high school and also was heavily involved (and still is) with wrestling. Mr. Parsons possesses the rare skill set of someone with his level of fitness. He works out constantly, being able to bench press over 400 pounds and making sure cardio is still a priority. Muscle milk is a huge part of his diet, as he also happens to be a health freak in tip top shape. So why is such a young, healthy athlete who works out constantly somehow a six seed? With the given description, how can he possibly be this low, especially after he made a run all the way to the finals last year? Well, despite his brute strength, Mr. Parsons stands a meager 5’6″ tall. He lacks the elite wingspan that other participants have. However, his most notable disadvantage may very well be his two knee surgeries along with his limited mobility. Despite these limitations, he has the overall strength, competitiveness, motivation, skill, and drive to overpower anyone he is matched up up against.

#7 seed: Mr. Pituch by Trent Robison
Mr. Pituch is looking particularly strong in this year’s bracket. Pituch, a member of the 1,000-point club as a Villa basketball player, listed at 6’8″ and 220 pounds in the program has massive explosive power. An experienced fighter, he brings a lot of fighting knowledge and tools to the table as he also boxed for Villa back in his day. He can verbally abuse his opponent, always being able to think of quick, effective comebacks on the dime. He can also use logic to talk his way out of trouble as his intellectual/debate skills are off the charts. Look for Mr. Pituch to turn some heads and finally get over that hump this year after losing in the quarterfinals last year.

#8 seed: Mr. Colwell by Alex Welz
Well known for his athletic ability, Mr. Colwell is ready to take on this tournament after being defeated in the semifinals last year. By now, many students have caught on to his incredible hops, insane strength, and all around savvy. Although Mr. Colwell doesn’t hold a Prep legacy like others in this tournament, he has the background and experience to compete with anyone. He isn’t scared and won’t back down. It would be a huge mistake to undermine the potential of this AP Biology stud as he has overcome the odds time and time again. Watch for him to use his athleticism to his advantage and make a run throughout this tournament. He may look and talk nice, but surely, he is not someone to mess with.

#9 seed: Mr. Baltzer by Mark Majewski
As a Civil War Union soldier reenactor, Mr. Baltzer is familiar with combat. The “veteran” is known for his hand-to-hand combat as well as work with a rifle and a bayonet. The new father is getting his “dad bod” into mid-season form, coming in as the nine seed in this bracket for the second straight year and looking to avenge last year’s first round loss. Baltzer is a student favorite and also has some experience on the football field. He is an expert on literally every topic known to man and has the intelligence, along with the physical build, to make a run in this tournament. His matchup against Mr. Colwell could be the most intriguing of this first round.

#10 seed: Mr. (Mike) Flanagan by Jaryn Simpson
Mr. Flanagan served in the Vietnam War, so you can believe he has some major fighting skills. He is a very wise and aggressive man that is willing to do anything for his country. Anyone who has had him as a teacher knows that he exemplifies this exact anger and retaliation in the classroom. Many of his opponents are defeated before they can even throw a punch due to his sheer intimidation skills. Mr. Flanagan is very tactical and knows the perfect times to attack. He is a scary first round matchup and poses a major upset possibility. This man will do anything to win and has the experience, expertise, knowledge, and fearlessness to get the job done.

#11 seed: Mr. Hubert by Brian Buseck
After a first-round loss last year, seasoned English and Journalism teacher, Mr. Hubert, also known as Hu-bot, is looking to pack a punch in this year’s UF³C. He’s all charged up and ready to go. He is truly nuts and bolts for this tournament. Know that when his opponent is only starting to plan an attack, Hu-bot’s gears have been turning for quite a while, calculating the most precise and advantageous attack possible. Don’t make him upset, or he’ll short circuit with anger. When this happens, the AP Language and Composition teacher will use his remarkable rhetorical skills to verbally assault his opponent. He will wield his words to get at his opponents deepest insecurities, convincing them that they are no match for the mighty Hu-bot, and making them crumble to the arena floor in tears. This is when he goes in for the win. His basketball career has continued throughout his life, having played against the likes of NBA legend LeBron James in grade school and with Cathedral Prep legend Mr. Colwell in the faculty vs. CYO All-Stars game. These skills prove invaluable. Don’t mess with Hu-bot. His energy is electric, and he’s laser focused. He’s wired and programmed to attack, and he will terminate anyone in his way.

#12 seed: Mr. Markley by Alec Thomas
One of the most underrated contenders coming into this year’s UF³C, Mr. Markley looks to make some noise after he was overlooked. Last year, Markley entered the tournament as a 3-seed before being upset in the quarterfinals by eventual champion Mr. Achille. Time and time again, Mr. Markley is proving that he still has what it takes to be the last one standing when the dust settles. After leading the Cathedral Prep wrestling team to one of its most decorated seasons in school history, we can see he still has that wrestling firepower to put his opponents on the floor. With Mountain Dew as his fuel, we can be sure that we will not see him waver as the fight goes on. A skilled chemist, Markley has hinted that the mysterious element “Marklanium” will be the Kryptonite for his opponents. Look for Mr. Markely to brew up some exciting results.

#13 seed: Mr. Wrigley by Roman Zegarelli
Standing at roughly 7’5″ tall, the Muenster of a man, Mr. Wrigley, is ready to give any opponent a knuckle sandwich. His arms are massive from stirring his award winning soups, and his fists are powerful from kneading dough. He’s ready to beat any chicken of an opponent, tenderizing them with his clubs. He knows what’s at steak in this tournament. Although he is usually at a simmer, he’s ready to turn the heat up on the competition. He will take down any opponent… piece of cake. He’s ready to put on the sauce. Who has the onions to take on this beefy man in his UF³C debut?

#14 seed: Mr. Daeschner by Trent Robison
Mr. Daeschner was inexcusably left out of last year’s inaugural UF³C tournament. Mr. Daeschner isn’t one to mess with either. He stands at approximately 6’3″ tall and weighs in at approximately 180 pounds with some very thick biceps. The man can really throw a punch. When it comes to intimidation, no one does it better. Just ask some of the freshmen and junior students who have taken his World History classes. Known for his strict rules, and intense classroom discipline, Mr. Daeschner is more than ready for this tournament.  He is the longest tenured Prep teacher and is ready to add to his already impressive legacy. Everyone knows not to mess with Mr. Daeschner, and if another faculty member does, don’t expect them to show up to class for a few days.

#15 seed: Mr. Vicary by Brian Buseck
Don’t mistake Mr. Vicary’s inclination towards art as a disinterest in more traditionally masculine activities. Spending hours a week painting and sketching have made Vicary’s arms truly massive. The eons he has spent sculpting clay have sculpted his body into a real life sculpture, comparable in physical condition only to Michaelangelo’s iconic David. Along with his physique, Vicary has acquired numerous skills while working out at Pennbriar. His kettle bell workouts have made him into a lean mean fighting machine. Racquetball gives him cat-like reflexes. Spin classes tone his legs to make him capable of darting around any arena faster than Usain Bolt. Rest assured, Vicary plans to paint a masterpiece with his opponents in an attempt to rebound from his first round defeat last year.

#16 seed: Mr. Ng by Alec Thomas
An absolute wildcard in this tournament, Mr. Ng rounds out a highly competitive field as the 16th seed. His scrappy fighting style and verbal abuse of his opponents could leave them flat on their backs as Mr. Ng looks to grind out these fights. The school’s 3D printers have been fired up and may produce a WWE-style steel chair for him to use to strike his opponents. With the help of the robotics he has access to, a few modifications could be made to terminate his opponents. On the tactical side, Mr. Ng has to be one of the smartest coming into the fight. Look for complex fighting styles as he turns this into a battle of brain over brawn.

Album Review: Bad Bad Hats’ Psychic Reader

For students at an all male high school, it can be extra difficult to understand the inner workings of the complex female brain. One way to gain a slight understanding of the female brain is to listen to music written and sung by female artists. Bad Bad Hats, an indie rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is one example of a band with a female writer and singer. Bad Bad Hats is based around the writing and vocals of their singer, Kerry Alexander. In 2015, Bad Bad Hats came out with their second studio album titled Psychic Reader. This album contains 10 songs, each with lyrics that get deeper and more impressive every time you listen.

The first song on Psychic Reader is titled “Midway.” This song talks of the thoughts going  through Alexander’s mind while she is sitting in the backseat of a car next to a guy. Apparently the back seat of this car is very quiet, as Alexander mentions how “The words you were not saying nearly filled up the room.” Kerry Alexandra is hoping that this guy will ask her how she is, or at least give her some sort of attention. Alexander isn’t sure how her relationship with this male will continue in the future if things continue on this way. She mentions how “I knew that I’d leave you by the middle of June,” placing a clear date on when she knows she will be over this guy. Alexander also sings about how she wishes that she would’ve kissed this guy. This song has a very soft vibe leading up to the chorus. The chorus, however, is very upbeat and energetic in comparison, creating a very pleasant contrast.

The second song on this album is titled “Shame.” This song focuses on Alexander’s love life. Apparently Alexander has fallen in love with the same individual on more than one occasion. The lyrics to this song play off of the saying “Fool me one, shame on me…” However, Alexander’s lyrics are, “Loved you once, shame on me. Loved you twice, count to three.” Later in the song Kerry Alexander isn’t sure what she feels for this individual anymore. She says that she doesn’t want to be worried about this guy always leaving her, but she also doesn’t want to get used to him never coming around. This song is much faster and guitar-heavy compared to the last song and the rest of the album, proving that Bad Bad Hats has quite the array of talents and sounds.

The third song on this album is titled “Joseph.” The lyrics of this song seem to go hand-in-hand with those of “Shame” and “Midway.” In fact, “Joseph” very well could be the name of the individual spoken of in many of the songs on this album. The first line of “Joseph” is “Joseph you didn’t say half the things you wanted to.” This is very similar to the beginning of “Midway” where Alexander talked about how the individual in the back seat wasn’t saying much. Later on in the song she sings “Give me back that night.” Here she again regrets not doing something from a previous night, which could again be referring to missing the opportunity to kiss this guy apparently named Joseph. This song’s tempo is somewhere between the tempos of “Midway” and “Shame,” making it very easy to listen to.

The fourth song on Psychic Reader is titled “Psychic Reader,” which is likely where the name of the album came from. This song again talks about this mysterious individual in Alexander’s life. Alexander apparently has now gone to a Psychic Reader asking them what she is supposed to be with this guy. The Psychic Reader seems to think that they a meant for each other. This is all said in a very soft and seemingly sad tone, however, it picks up in the chorus. The chorus in this song again talks about this guy and Kerry Alexander being with each other, yet, the guy is hesitant. Alexander sings that “it ended too soon when you fought the feeling,” probably referring to this guy not saying the things that Alexander wanted him to say, as she referred to in the past songs.

The fifth song on this album is titled “Fight Song.” This song has a slightly different theme than the rest of the album. This song talks about the end of the relationship instead of that one night from the past. Alexander is singing to about having to stay strong and not think about the past and what could’ve been. In one of the lines she says “Whatever you do, don’t think of what could be.” However, Alexander apparently changes her mind in the chorus, because she says that she isn’t just going to sit back and let it fall apart, but instead is going to “stay and fight.”

The sixth song on this album is titled “Things We Never Say.” This song is one of the few songs on this album that does not have a noticeable tempo change. Instead, this song stays at a very soft and slow tempo throughout the entire song. This song is once again focused on the thoughts of Kerry Alexander. Alexander is still frustrated by the fact that this guy doesn’t realize how much she likes him. This theme is clearly seen through the lyrics, “I wear it ’cause I hate you, ’cause you don’t know what you got.” Although Alexander has admitted that she has loved thus guy twice, she mentions in this song how she has “never said I Love You.'” This song is very tranquil in nature, however, the lyrics hold a lot of emotion in them. The emotional lyrics combined with the feeling in Alexander’s voice could very easily stir up some emotions in the listener as well.

The seventh song on this album is titled “Cruella.” “Cruella” is a very exciting and upbeat song that seems to take place chronologically before the relationship between Alexander and the male (again, possibly “Joseph”). Alexander sings “Boy, I know you’re taken, oh my love’s forsaken, you can make a fool of me.” Here she may be referring to the first time that she fell in love with this guy, as was mentioned in the previous song on the album, “Shame.” “Cruella” is a true work of art with drums being a prominent instrument heard loudly throughout the song. The heavy drums lead perfectly into a very loud and powerful chorus.

The eighth song on this album is titled “Say Nothing.” This song sounds very similar to the other songs on this album with its soft lyrics that lead up to a catchy and powerful chorus. This song is again about the struggles between Alexander and the guy. Alexander says “I always tell you not to leave. You never waste your breath on me.” Alexander is obviously deeply damaged by this relationship, constantly wanting to either commit or stop it all together. In this song, she seems to have decided to finally end things by “saying nothing.” The male in the rest of the songs was the quiet one, but this time it’s her.

The ninth song on this album is titled “All-Nighter.” This is a very slow and emotional song that never picks up, similar to “Things We Never Say.” Here Alexander sings “I stay up all night to see if you’ll write me. A buzzing on my cell phone, a step outside the friend zone.” Here Alexander is singing a much more relatable line about waiting for a text that she’s not sure will ever come. Later in the song Alexander says the very powerful lyrics “Am I dumb, are you mean to me? Is it dumb how much you mean to me?” Alexander is clearly questioning whether or not it is worth staying up and waiting for a message from this guy.

The tenth and final song is titled “Spin.” This song has a very familiar sounding guitar rift with more of Kerry Alexander’s impressive lyrics that follow the tempo perfectly. This song is still about the same guy, finishing off the song with all ten being about the same person. She clearly has very powerful emotions connected with this specific guy. In this song she sings “If you knew that I’m not good enough for you, would you just back out of the driveway until I’m out of view?” Here she could be referring to the guy backing out of their relationship until he no longer cares about her. This song seems to be early in the relationship between these two, as she is singing about “backing out” as a future event yet to happen.

Overall, Bad Bad Hats has a very high quality and unique sound to them, with lyrics that can make you feel exactly what the writer, Kerry Alexander, was feeling at the time. When asked his opinion of Bad Bad Hats and their album Psychic Reader, Evan Fritzke, a former Prep student said, “A powerful part of the Indie scene is the prevalence of female writers and voices. Alexander’s voice compliments the Bad Bad Hats sound better than any other. It has subtlety of emotion required, but she can still power through the choruses, giving the songs the right balance of softness and driving rhythm.”

Therefore, although they are relatively unheard of, Bad Bad Hats is a very unique band with an equally unique sound that cannot be compared to anything. Their album, Psychic Reader, clearly shows an extreme amount of talent. The fact that this is only the second album that Bad Bad Hats has created is even more impressive. Bad Bad Hats will hopefully become a more prominent band as the years go on and their next album comes out.

Theater production of School of Rock a success

This past weekend, Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria put on yet another very successful theatrical performance. This time it was School of Rock based off of the 2003 film. No other school (or organized theater program of any kind) in the tri-state area has performed this show, as it was just released recently on Broadway. Additionally, it calls for advanced technical effects and for some of the characters to actually play instruments on stage. This show was very unique and much different than any other musical done by Prep and Villa. Described as being one of the best high school performances ever seen by many spectators, the cast and crew definitely knocked this one out of the park.

The movie is based on a failing musician (Dewey Finn) who lives with his best friend, Ned, and Ned’s overpowering girlfriend, Patty. Patty gives Dewey 30 days to pay the rent before she kicks him out. Despite his dire situation, Dewey maintains his passion for rock music. While left alone at the apartment, Dewey pretends to be Ned (a substitute teacher) on the phone as he receives a call from the prestigious prep school, Horace Green. Dewey accepts the offer of filling in for an injured teacher in hopes of being able to make enough money to pay for the rent. While at Horace Green, Dewey hears the children in music class and is astounded by how well they can play instruments. He creates a band among them and shifts their focus from classical music, grades, and sophistication, to being rock stars and performing in the Battle of the Bands, a large music contest where the winner takes home $20,000. After being busted for fraud, he sneaks the kids out to the concert where both the principal and parents of the children are in shock of what the kids have accomplished. They accept Dewey and appreciate what he brought out in the children.

Sophomore Elijah Lyons (playing Dewey Finn) was the highlight of the weekend, and it wasn’t just the audience who loved watching and listening to him. Prep senior Trey Deitrick said, “This was one of the most fun shows, and Elijah really rocked the role he was given as Dewey.” The show also starred Alex Welz as Ned and Petra Shearer as Patty, along with band members Race Nicolia, James Jackson, Valeria Camacho, Carolyn Wilcox, Ellie Pietras, Stella Przybylinski, Alexandra Karlinchak, and Nicolina Cuzzola. Kristina Tishchenko played Principal Mullins, the lead female role.

Being the last large show that the seniors will be a part of made this performance even more memorable for many. School of Rock gave a concert, live music, a story, acting, and most importantly, sent a message to the audience. This show will not be forgotten anytime soon due to the fact that many people have never seen this iconic movie performed on a stage before. School of Rock got rewarded with its own section in the newspaper along with an entire page dedicated to the performance on It is a much more modern show and truly highlights the versatility of Prep-Villa theater and shows the bright future the program possesses.

SmokePurpp: A Key Component in the “New Wave”

Music is such a huge part of teen culture in America, and interests have peaked within the hip hop and rap community. SoundCloud, iTunes rap, and Hip Hip Plays are through the roof. Names like Lil Uzi, Famous Dex, and Lil Yachty are just a few of the young rappers making major impacts on the game. However, a slightly less known rapper from Broward County, Florida, has emerged onto the rap game. His name is SmokePurpp. SmokePurpp is a major rapper on the Florida underground trap scene. Other names coming from Florida in the recent past have been Denzel Curry, Kodak Black, XXXTENTACION and Lil Pump, who is good friends with SmokePurpp. Lil Pump is also from Broward County. Lil Pump and SmokePurpp form a rap group known as Gucci Gang. At such a young age their success has been very impressive and the years ahead are looking very bright.

SmokePurpp is on track to be on the 2017 Freshmen XL class, which is basically XXL Magazine picking out the rap game’s brightest new stars.  Every year they interview rappers, give them exposure, form alliances with other young rappers, and finally they have a freestyle that always goes viral.

This type of exposure is going to boost SmokePurpp’s career, and I believe he has the potential to be America’s next best thing.

I recommend checking his music out if you are really interested in this type of music. In my opinion, he is a great artist on the come up. Therefore, take a chance and check him out!

iPad App Review: Ultimate Tag

The new game everyone seems to be playing now is Ultimate Tag. This game is a very fun and playable with others. You have to be in-person to play with others, but it is well worth your shared time.

The game has the same rules as if it were actual tag in physical form. This game features up to four players and it only involves one finger. Every person has a joystick in their own corner, and that is also where their character starts out.

In the free version, you start out in the whereabouts of the woods. You can hide in the trees, but you have to be really sneaky about it. You can pick between classic or reverse. If you are playing with four people, classic would mean one person is “it,” chasing the others. If the game mode was turned to reverse then three people would be chasing the one person left out, and if you are one of the three people to tag him, then you become that person.

You can also adjust the minutes from 1-10. Another feature added in the game is the “It Assist,” which helps out the person who is “it” by running faster than the rest of the players so they are not it for long. This makes the game go by quicker because less than 10 seconds at least, you will be tagging someone different. Once you tag someone in this game, a shield/bubble will be around your character for a maximum of 2 seconds. No player can tag you when this bubble is up because it gives you a chance to get away from who you just tagged. I really like this feature because without it the game would be too easy when you get tagged.

The in-app purchases for the game includes freeze tag and many more maps, such as House, Park, and Farm. This purchase only costs $1.99. People at Cathedral Prep have bought the added features, and it is very fun as you can play a fast paced exciting game that will not get boring. I highly recommend this game if you and your friends are bored.

Prep and Villa plan Spring Theater Festival

For the first time ever, Prep and Villa will be hosting a Spring Theater Festival following the upcoming production of School of Rock. The festival will consist of several small shows in place of the usual large Spring musical. These shows will be performed over a two week period in different locations throughout the city. This is a wonderful opportunity for many students to get involved in theater and showcase their talents on the stage.

Currently, there are six productions that will be taking place towards the end of April/start of May: Let’s Talk, Armchair Generals, Bone Chiller!, Steel Magnolias, Scooby Doo Where Are You – Nowhere To Hide, and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night- time. However, a seventh show is considered being added: The Outsiders, based off of the novel.

Two of the listed shows have actually been written by Cathedral Prep students. “Let’s Talk”( written by Brian Buscek and Dominic Montefiori) is a hilarious comedy based off the relationship troubles of three men and closely resembles the series, “Friends.” “Armchair Generals,” also a comedy, is another original show written by Will Lewis. It is a back-and-forth dialogue between a Unionist and a Conservative who are given nuclear codes (via the government) and must make a decision during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

“Bone Chiller!” is a murder mystery that will keep the audience on its toes the entire night. “Steel Magnolias” is sure to mix humor with tragedy and make for a fantastic show. And who doesn’t love Scooby Doo (adapted by Luke Bongiorno)? Lastly, “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” is centered around an autistic boy who finds his neighbor’s dog dead and spends the latter part of the story putting pieces together and figuring out how it happened, despite never having traveled farther than the end of the road he lives on.

The Spring Theater Festival will be very special, in large part because it will be almost exclusively run by students. Students will be directing the majority of these shows as well. It is a wonderful opportunity for Prep and Villa to show that they go much beyond others schools and do things differently. Be sure to keep an eye out for all of the upcoming productions.