Summer doesn’t mean vacation for students with summer jobs


The Rambler

As summer approaches, many students are getting ready to spend their time at the beach, laying out in the sun, playing golf, and participating in all sorts of different summer activities. Although while many are getting ready for the fun, others are preparing to start their summer jobs.
While most of people think of summer as a time to kick back, enjoy yourself, and forget about everything else, it is during this time that many people will begin their working season, thriving off of the fun everybody else is having. Many students of Cathedral Prep will be picking up another summer job when they set down the pencil as they finish up another year as a Rambler.
Senior Samuel Sweny said, “This summer I will be working on a cruise ship for American Cruise Lines. The location is still undetermined. I will be leaving for training on June 22, which will take place in Connecticut for three days.” He added, “They will then decide where I will be going. I will be working as a steward on the ship, which means I will be doing anything from waiting tables to cleaning dishes to even just tending to the guests needs.”
Junior Holden Stevanus said, “I work at Wegmans as a ‘Helping Hand’, where I push carts and load groceries for customers. I train new ‘Helping Hands’ employees as well as taking shifts at the register, helping with maintenance around the store, and helping customers find the goods they are looking for.”
Sweny and Stevanus are just two of the many Prep students who work during their summer vacation.