Movie Review: Ouija: Origin of Evil


Jaryn Simpson

Ouija: Origin of Evil is a very scary movie, at least it was for me. It has been a while since a scary movie like this has came out and made me feel this way. Personally, I love scary movies. I can watch scary movies anytime. I watch them by myself or whenever my friends and I get bored. These types of movies don’t really bug me a lot, and I basically just brush them off my shoulder. There has been a lot of movies that have freaked me out, but I was young then.
When I got the chance to go see this, I didn’t think anything of this movie. I thought I would go, laugh a bit because that’s just how I am with scary movies. I was very wrong. To explain how scared my friends and I were, we ran out of the movie theaters. This was not the only time I thought about running out of this movie. It was probably the fourth or fifth time and I decided I was out. My friends just ended up following me. It was creepy and unpredictable.
When asked for his thoughts, senior Trey Deitrick said, “People are always curious, but they don’t understand the dangers of messing with the other side.”
Ouija was not one of the movies that contains a jump scare every single second, although it does have jump scares periodically. The rest is just disturbing and things you wouldn’t expect. I highly recommend this movie. It is a scary movie we haven’t seen in a while. Something that will actually get people scared.
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