Does Prep “stan” the Stanley Cup trend?

Does Prep “stan” the Stanley Cup trend?

If you’ve walked throughout Prep and seen students in the SLC for lunch, in classrooms, or walking in the hallways, chances are strong that you’ve seen multiple Prep girls with their Stanley brand water bottles. The metal tumbler comes equipped with a lid and straw, a mug-like handle, and can be seen in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. They have taken the world by storm, and practically every teenage girl seems to have one or want one. So, what’s the craze behind this seemingly unsuspecting mug, and does Prep “stan” the Stanley?

Ava Blanchard, a member of the senior class and the owner of multiple Stanley tumblers, offered her thoughts on the matter.

“I love them because they are cute, and they hold a lot of water,” Ava said. “You can get different ones and you can even decorate them to personalize them to you.”

Another senior, Ally Nawrocki, shared a similar opinion.

“I think Stanleys are great!” Ally said. “They keep my drink really cold, and they look really pretty. I think the look of them actually gets me to drink more water.”

Conversely, some seniors have different opinions, especially the guys.

“The Stanley is just another cup,” said senior Seth Daniels. “It doesn’t do anything more than just hold water.”

Senior Tyler Irons agreed with Seth.

“I don’t see what is so special about it,” Tyler said. “It serves a purpose, but it doesn’t do much more than that. You could get a different type of water bottle that does the same thing.”

While the Stanley truly is just a tumbler, something about it has captivated this generation and has become one of the biggest trends in our school. But what could be the reason for their immense popularity?

Senior Sara Chase shed light on why she thinks the Stanleys are so desired.

“Once one person gets a cup, everyone wants one,” said senior Sara Chase. “TikTok and social media also influences people our age to purchase a cup to feel included.”

Ava Blanchard echoed that sentiment.

“I think everyone wants one and has one because they want to follow the trends,” Ava said. “We see all the trends on our phones and in school, so everyone wants to experience that feeling of fitting in.”

Who knows how long the Stanley trend will last, or if they are truly the superior water bottle on the market. But one thing is for sure: Prep girls love their trends, and they will do anything to “stan” their Stanley cups.

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