One More Lap: Swimming Districts Preview

One More Lap: Swimming Districts Preview

This coming Friday and Saturday, the Prep swim team will head to Spire Institute in Geneva, Ohio, to compete in the PIAA District 10 Swimming Championships. This is one of the most important meets of the season, as it determines which individual swimmers and relays will move on to the state championship. The team has a reputation to uphold at this meet, with the boys team holding 21 consecutive D-10 titles and the girls holding 8. Head coach Sonya Whitman is feeling excited and ready to take on this meet.

“The team has worked so hard,” Whitman said. “Everybody has done the right amount of preparation both physically and mentally. I’m looking forward to this meet, as it is a solid step towards our state championship.”

This excitement is prevalent in the swimmers as well, with senior Sara Chase connecting her preparedness to the team’s environment.

“Our training, especially for our postseason meets, really gets our minds and bodies ready and sets us apart from the competition,” Sara said. “Our team is like a second family, and we all share the same drive and motivation to succeed. We also have amazing coaches who want nothing but the best for us.”

Although seated very well on paper, the Ramblers will face a lot of tough competition this weekend. However, Whitman is confident that the team will prevail against all obstacles.

“Our team motto this year was, ‘All In,’” she said. “The swimmers have shown their drive and determination to achieve their goals, and ultimately, they want it more than anyone.”

The Prep Swimmers/Relays are seeded as follows:

Day 1

200 Medley Relay

Girls: Maria Costa, Jaslene Cage, Ellie Natemeier, and Josie Dufala – 1st Seed

Boys: Jack Raimy, Matt Hinman, Evan Calvert, and Colin Troutman –  1st Seed

200 Freestyle

Girls: Aubrey Bender – 18th Seed, Alexis Ferrare – 20th Seed

Boys: Owen Carson – 3rd Seed, Callum Snider Mills – 5th Seed, Ely Cooney – 12th Seed Leighton Leeds – 15th Seed

200 IM

Girls: Maria Costa – 1st Seed, Ellie Brugger – 2nd Seed, Brianne Ryan – 4th Seed, Sara Chase – 14th Seed

Boys: Jack Raimy – 1st Seed, Drew Brown – 2nd Seed, Ben Camera – 5th Seed, Adam Clark – 7th Seed

50 Freestyle

Girls: Jaslene Cage – 1st Seed, Josie Dufala – 5th Seed, Kendal Johnston – 6th Seed, Grace McCormick – 20th Seed

Boys: Colin Troutman – 3rd Seed, Matt Hinman – 6th Seed, Brady Palmer – 15th Seed

100 Butterfly

Girls: Ellie Natemeier – 3rd Seed, Lindsay Armanini – 13th Seed, Aubrey Bender – 16th Seed, Chloe Callaway – 20thSeed

Boys: Evan Calvert – 4th Seed, Alex Junkin – 9th Seed, Jackman Callaway – 11th Seed, Dan Kubiak – 20th Seed

200 Freestyle Relay

Girls: Maria Costa, Kendal Johnston, Josie Dufala, and Jaslene Cage – 1st Seed

Boys: Matt Hinman, Drew Brown, Evan Calvert, and Owen Carson – 1st Seed


Day 2

100 Freestyle

Girls: Kendal Johnston – 5th Seed, Chloe Borrero – 8th Seed, Josie Dufala – 9th Seed, Grace McCormick – 17th Seed

Boys: Colin Troutman – 3rd Seed, Callum Snider Mills – 9th Seed, Brady Palmer – 16th Seed

500 Freestyle

Girls: Ellie Natemeier – 2nd Seed

Boys: Owen Carson – 2nd Seed, Evan Calvert – 4th Seed, Leighton Leeds – 7th Seed, Alex Junkin – 8th Seed

100 Backstroke

Girls: Maria Costa – 1st Seed, Chloe Borrero – 2nd Seed, Lindsay Armanini – 12th Seed, Alexis Ferrare – 17th Seed

Boys: Jack Raimy – 1st Seed, Jackman Callaway – 7th Seed, Ely Cooney – 9th Seed, Will Sanner – 13th Seed

100 Breaststroke

Girls: Jaslene Cage – 1st Seed, Ellie Brugger – 2nd Seed, Brianne Ryan – 7th Seed, Sara Chase – 18th Seed

Boys: Matt Hinman – 1st Seed, Drew Brown – 2nd Seed, Ben Camera – 5th Seed, Adam Clark – 8th Seed

400 Freestyle Relay

Girls: Kendal Johnston, Ellie Brugger, Chloe Borrero, and Ellie Natemeier – 1st Seed

Boys: Colin Troutman, Callum Snider-Mills, Owen Carson, and Jack Raimy – 1st Seed

To follow along with this meet, you can use swimming focused sites like MeetMobile and SwimCloud, or stay updated via Prep social media.

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