The Garden of Time

The Garden of Time

The 2024 Met Gala Details, Themes, and Opinions

The most invigorating night for fashion this year took place on Monday evening, May 6, at the 2024 Met Gala. Star celebrities from all walks of the entertainment industry strutted the red carpet for the fundraising event, held annually for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Whether you’re completely engrossed in the world of fashion, or if you’re a casual observer like myself, many girls my age can’t help but tune in to this event to admire (and sometimes question) the looks of our favorite celebrities.

Each year, the event features both a collection of art that will be displayed, as well as a dress code for all attendees to observe and form their look around. This year, the new art exhibition revealed was titled “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.” It featured old fashion pieces with a modern-day twist, proposing that past works can be reworked into present-day statements. In conjunction with the exhibition, the dress code was called “The Garden of Time,” paying homage to the short story about a mystical and mysterious garden written by J.G. Ballard.

With so many themes present for guests to use as fashion inspiration (old becoming new, features of a garden, time, enchanted nature, fragility) we saw many different interpretations in the looks of those in attendance.

I asked a few of my friends to share their favorite look from the night and to explain their choices.

Olivia’s Pick:

Liv’s pick is this Thom Browne dress worn by model Gigi Hadid. The timeless silhouette features blooming golden roses and a classic black and white color scheme.

“This dress is my favorite because it truly captures the dress code of a timeless garden so well,” Liv said. “I also love how her hair and makeup choices match the look. If I went to the Met Gala, this would be what I would wear!”

Hayley and Josie’s Pick:

Hayley and Josie fell in love with this fitted, strapless gown worn by singer/songwriter Tyla. The Balmain designed dress is completely covered in sand, and Tyla is seen with a dash of sand on her shoulder, as well as inside her hour-glass shaped handbag.

“I love this look because it captures the ‘timeless’ part of the night’s theme so well,” Josie said. “She really took that literally, and I love it.”

Hayley agreed with Josie’s comments.

“Everything about this look is beautiful,” Hayley said. “She looks so unique yet classy at the same time, and this look is nothing like anything we have seen before.”

Ellie’s Pick:

Ellie’s favorite look was worn by music icon Lana Del Rey. She has on a tree-branched design created by Alexander McQueen, featuring small branches that fall over her head and canopy a sheer chiffon fabric over her torso. The look is both dark and mysterious, but also elegant and magical.

“This look reminds me of either Beauty and the Beast or Sleeping Beauty,” Ellie said. “She looks like she mixed the dress code of a mystical garden together with the ‘sleeping beauties’ collection of art, and I love it.

Emily’s Pick:

Emily loves Jennifer Lopez’s show-stopping Schiaparelli gown. The sheer dress is covered in crystals and features a low back, mermaid silhouette, and plunging neckline.

“This dress is so gorgeous and elegant,” Emily said. “Everything about it is show stopping and it truly catches the eye. She always wears the most glamorous looks, and at the Met she did not disappoint.”

My Pick:

I may be a little biased with this one, but my favorite Met Gala look this year was this 3D poppy flower dress worn by LPGA tour golfer Nelly Korda. Not only is Nelly my favorite golfer, but she is wearing my favorite dress I have seen this year.

I love the strapless silhouette in contrast with the vibrant flowers and sheer fabric underneath. If I ever attend the Met, this will be my dress!

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