Pennsylvania deer rifle season begins

December 12, 2014

This is the time of year when leaves begin to fall and the temperatures begin to drop as fall begins the slow change into winter. With this change comes the advent of rifle season. Hunters begin to exchange their bows for a rifle and head into the cold. Deer season with a rifle opened up on Monday, Dec. 1 and lasts until Saturday, Dec. 13.

Weather this year for hunting season has been mild at best. It has been cold enough to keep the deer from bedding down but hasn’t left the snow most hunters love, and freezing rain has left wet, icy conditions. The last week shows some promise. A few inches of snow on Thursday could give hunters a very live last day. Overall hunters can’t complain about this year’s weather. It has allowed for plenty of great days with few wet ones in between.

New restrictions this year have changed the number of points needed to kill a buck on a senior license. The majority of Pennsylvania allows for shooting of a six point including the brow tine. Western Pennsylvania, however, makes hunters count three antlers not including the brow tine. The latter of the two rules applies to our section 1B, which includes parts of Erie, Venango, Crawford, and Warren counties.

Many Prep students, as well as some teachers, enjoy hunting in the weeks of rifle season. Administration has given students the first two days off this year as compared to just one in previous years. Mr. Colwell has had better years hunting. He has seen deer, but none of them have been big enough for him too shoot. Junior Lucas Berry on the other hand has had a great year. He shot an eight point buck opening day, then filled his tag with a doe the next week.

Good luck too all hunters going out. Be safe and smart out there!

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