Faculty wins intramural basketball 3-on-3 championship


Gabe Allegretto, Staff Writer

This past April and May, Prep’s intramural sports club hosted its annual 3-on-3 basketball competition. The championship game pitted the faculty team against a team of students basketball.

A rivalry as old as time, teachers versus pupils. This has been a conflict which has plagued countless individuals, both inside and outside of the classroom. Although, Prep handles its quarrels with students a little differently than most. It won’t be shocking to most that the students aren’t the only great athletes who reside in our school. Teachers such as Mr. Schreffler, Mr. Hubert, Mr. Cowell, and more are all accomplished basketball players.

In the case of Mr. Hubert, who played in the Intramural Basketball Championship, he played freshman and junior varsity basketball at Prep. During his sophomore year, he was a starter for JV team, although he missed a good portion of the season after suffering one of the worst sprained ankles the head athletic trainer at the time, Mr. Paul Endres said seen. The next year Mr. Hubert was cut from the varsity team, citing a coaching change and the arrival of three transfer students from local schools.

After being cut, Mr. Hubert continued to fuel his love of basketball by joining the St. Jude CYO basketball team. His junior season saw the team win the city championship and travel to compete in the state tournament.

More than 20 years later, Mr. Hubert found himself back on the hardwood of the old Cathedral Prep gymnasium, teaming with the likes of Mr. Schreffler, Mr. Bleggi, and Mr. MacKenzie as the faculty team took on junior Cameron Sauers, and sophomores Max Spence, Max Wallace,  and Jared Montagna. The faculty jumped out to an early lead and never looked back.

Ultimately, the teachers ended up winning the game, but it was well-played and enjoyed by all those involved. As it stands, intramural sports serves as great way for students and teachers alike to bond with one another in a setting removed from the classroom.