Varsity men’s water polo season recap


Alicia Gonzalez, Staff Writer

The men’s water polo varsity season has drawn to a close at Cathedral Prep, with the Ramblers attending the state championships in late October. Finishing 7th in state, the Ramblers have had an eventful and proud season.

Senior Mitchell Bradford, 3rd-team all-state remembered his time on the team fondly.

“It is sad to have played polo for the last time in my high school career,” Mitchell said, “but I still look forward to playing in college and the other sports I have left here at Prep.”

A game of significance to him was against LaSalle College High School during their second home tournament.

“I felt like I was an effective leader during that time,” Mitchell said. “I was encouraging yet strict with my teammates, and they played to their strengths during that game which I was proud of.”

Junior Brady Palmer looks to the future as well, carrying the momentum made this year into next season. Water polo has taught him a lot.

“It may be difficult to work with a team, but in the end, everything will be alright if you work together,” Brady said. “I overcame difficulties with playing, disagreements with my coach, and trying to do well.”

Senior Aiden Levis, 2nd-team all-state, drew on his experience of his final season of water polo at Prep. Getting to compete at a high level was an accomplishment.

“Competing in states was the highlight of the year and although we did not place as well as I hoped for, I had a lot of fun competing with my teammates,” Aiden said.