Cathedral Prep baseball off to hot start


Luke Costello, Multimedia Coordinator

Spring: a new, fresh start for sports, weather, and school. Many students at Prep have ended a season, and many start their season. Prep spring sports have seemed to dominate for a while, and one of those dominating sports is baseball.

Led by coach Joshua Constable, the Ramblers are now 11 games into their new season and are rolling through competition. To start the year, Cathedral Prep baseball took a spring trip to Goodyear, Arizona, for a week of baseball in the heat. It was an incredible opportunity for team bonding, and outside practice for the team to learn how to play as one.

Freshman Andrew Costello talked about his experience.

“Being a freshman coming into the trip, I didn’t know what to expect,” Andrew said. “I heard many great things, but to be honest, this is one of the most fun and wholesome times I’ve ever had playing baseball. The way we played goes to show how much it truly brought us together.”

And this was prominent because the baseball team is now 11-0 and rolling in a dominating fashion.

Recently Prep had a matchup against rival McDowell earlier this week and took the cross-town road win 7-0. The game was held on Thursday, April 20.

As a player on the baseball team, I can say that I believe baseball is coming back to Erie. Due to the fact that Pennsylvania doesn’t have the greatest weather during this time of year, people don’t necessarily want to suffer through the cold to watch baseball. Although, with the highly anticipated upcoming year for the Ramblers with six Division I commits, fans are really starting to pile in. The atmosphere of the rivalry game was nothing short of electric.

Talking to many fans after the game, all you could hear is praise. For example, some said, “I have never seen a more entertaining team to watch out of this area.” Or “You guys are putting baseball back on the map in Erie.” Fans want to see their teams win, and thus far, the Ramblers are doing it.

Coach Constable’s Cathedral Prep baseball is looking to continue their year of success and try to make a splash in the state playoffs. For some, it seems that they are playing with a confidence that they haven’t had before after a somewhat let down last year and see if they can bring back baseball in Erie.