Prep students react to finals

January 22, 2018

This year, Cathedral Prep took a big step forward to becoming even more of a college prep institution. This year, Prep changed its curriculum to give students the college style finals period they would receive when earning a degree at an institution beyond twelfth grade. This added a semester final and an end of the year final for all core classes, honors, or advanced placement honors programs, and would actively reflect that of students taking Gannon classes. Another change that was made is the chance for end of the year exemptions. No matter the grades or performance in the classroom may be, all students will be taking finals. This is just another way the Prep student body can show not only the community but also colleges, how prepared its students are.

Though this change in policy was met with different reactions from the student body, the decision was final, and this past week Prep students honed in on their skills to help them pass.

“For me personally, I believe that this was a great move by the Prep administration,” said senior Dominic Montefiori. We are now doing what many other schools do, and I know this type of practice will help me in college.”

While many students tended to resist the initial change, it was met with a glass-half-full type approach. Freshman Joe Armanini gave his thoughts on the process. “I never had any years without a final, but I believe this is preparing me well for the future. While I don’t really want to take some of these finals, I know that it will help me in the end.”

As Prep enters a new age of competitive college placement, and higher education becomes even more vital, they are taking positive steps to create a learning environment tailored to the students success not only now but many years into the future.

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