Erie buries snow record

February 14, 2018

This year, the Erie weather has not disappointed in providing a winter wasteland for its residence, who know all too well of its snowy power. If there are signs of global warming, they haven’t been felt here yet. The 2017-2018 snow season has buried the previous record from the 2000-2001 season. At 1 p.m. EST on Wednesday, the snowfall total was 152.1 inches at Erie International Airport, and it’s only February.

A stationary lake effect snow-band is responsible for most of the snow fallen during the Christmas season. From Christmas Eve to Dec. 27, the snowfall records piled up along with all of the snow. 60.5 inches of snow fell in a two day period smashing the old record, along with the single day record of 35 inches. In December, 121.3 inches of snow recorded the city’s snowiest month in history, besting the previous record by 4 feet. This is responsible for the massive amounts of snow accumulation in the area and is the main reason for our record breaking season.

These records, though, are some Erie residents wish they wouldn’t break. Erie residents are used to dramatic weather shifts in the region, but this was something that even took them by storm.

“It was absolutely horrible,” said Prep sophomore Ethan Neff. “I’m used to sunny skies and snowy weather in the same day, but this was something that just shut everything down.”

Not only did it cancel many sporting events throughout this season, Christmas break was also dramatically affected.

“Everything was closed. There was nothing to do,” said Thomas Uht.

Hazardous driving conditions closed the Millcreek Mall, Peach Street, and even fast food restaurants couldn’t keep their doors open.

Fluctuating warmer temperatures have helped with snow control as huge mounds have gradually decreased in size. More snow is expected in the next month and a half but nothing as serious as the area has already received. With 95 percent of the lake frozen, hopefully cold winds will be the only sings of winter Erie is left to experience this year.

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