Food First leaves good first impression, eyes improvements

April 15, 2019

Food First is almost done with its first year at Cathedral Prep, and the students and employees have learned many things since the start. From the different soups of the day to the endless pizza combinations students make, things don’t work unless both students and workers have a unified relationship. But just like any teen boy, it has its ups and downs. Sometimes the food isn’t as good as it normally is. For example, students sometimes experience undercooked or soggy fries. But normally the fries are decent and the students won’t hesitate to chow down come lunch time. The head chef, John Kiefer, said that the food and system in the cafeteria has stayed mostly consistent for the duration of the whole year.

A few things that Chef John would like to improve upon is the speed of the lunch lines and to renovate the kitchen because it’s somewhat dated. Also, because of the shear amount sold, he wishes students could have higher quality chicken tenders. Finally, he would also like to improve on the communication between the cafeteria and the students. Students often complain about the prices and certain foods, but without students taking a stand and saying something about it, the cafeteria staff will not know their opinion and be able to try to work with them.

Chef John mentioned to us, “on a good day, the Prep cafeteria can go through 10 gallons of soup a day, especially the cheese fry or the chicken tortilla soup.” The Prep student sure love a nice piping hot cup of soup accompanied with their main dish during the feasting hours at lunch.

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