Five reasons why you should check out The Rambler’s podcasts

January 28, 2020

For the 2019-2020 School year, The Rambler has two podcasts, which have published 10 total episodes thus far. The two podcasts, Rambler Jam Sesh and Rambler Rants, respectively, have had lots of positive reception and loyal listeners. Here are five reasons as to why you should check them out.

5. They are made by the students

Everybody loves a homemade treat, so why would podcasts be different? These podcasts, made by the staff members of The Rambler cover both sports and music. You can listen to Ryan Jublius and Tyler Darden debate who the top NFL running back is on Rambler Rants, or you can listen to Ryan Kirby and Jon Sapienza reminisce about top artists back in the day on Rambler Jam Sesh

4. They are relatively short

Most people think podcasts have to be hours long, but that’s not the case for Rambler Rants and Rambler Jam Sesh. Episodes are 45 minutes or less, so you can be sure they are action packed and full of hot takes. 

3. Special guests appear on the show

Through their first eight episodes, Rambler Rants has brought on two special guests, Cathedral Prep history teacher Mr. Parsons and myself. Through two episodes, Rambler Jam Sesh has brought included Prep student Chris Klein to discuss classic rock music.  

2. There is at least a new episode every week

Rambler Rants has held a pretty good and consistent schedule, posting an episode almost every week since it came out with a few exceptions for school breaks. Rambler Jam Sesh aims to post an episode every few weeks or so. There have been weeks in which both podcasts have come out with an episode. You can be sure that every week there will be at least an episode. 

1. The audience loves them

In the short time in which the two podcasts have been around, they have already accumulated an audience of teachers, students and alumni, who want to hear their fellow students and future Prep grads talk about sports and music. People all around the school know about the podcast and discuss it every week. If they enjoy it, it’s all the more reason that you should try out and listen the podcasts.

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