Prep holds Quarter Sessions for the second quarter

February 5, 2020

Quarter Sessions for the second quarter was held last Friday for the 2019-2020 school year. For those who may not know what Quarter Sessions is, here is a brief overview. Every quarter, Cathedral Prep holds an awards ceremony for those who have achieved academic success, as well as success outside of the classroom. We also have an accompanying speaker who is a graduate of Prep, and they give a speech. The ceremony awards honor cards, Man of Prep, highest QPA, etc. It is meant to highlight the achievements of those who are not recognized for their sports talent but rather their determination to do well in the classroom.

After an opening prayer led by Prep senior Charlie Raimondi, the awards were given out for QPA, GPA, honor cards, Men of Prep, and a few other awards. One of the best (and most hilarious) parts of the ceremony is the moment they reveal how many honor cards (first and second) each class received and the percentage of that respective class. The freshmen had 50 percent of the class earning honors; 54 percent of sophomores and 48 percent of juniors earned honors. The seniors had a wonderful, marvelous, absolutely amazing…42 percent. Needless to say, the seniors had all of the other classes “beat.”

Fr. Michael Ferrick begins his alumni speech.

The speaker for this Quarter Sessions was Fr. Michael Ferrick, rector of St. Peter’s and member of the Cathedral Prep class of 1990. He gave a brief, insightful speech about the priesthood, and how no one should be afraid to answer the call if they feel they are called to become a priest. One of the most powerful things he said was “I promise that the priesthood is a life that is filled with amazing experiences. It is a life worth living.” 

Quarter Sessions is the chance for our school to shine for its academic achievements, to show that we are more than a sports school, and that we are able to maintain both athletic and academic excellence. 

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