Prep welcomes guest speaker Mickey Pohl

March 13, 2020

On March 6, Prep was honored to host Pittsburgh religious freedom lawyer Mickey Pohl, a former Erie native. Pohl specializes in seeking compensation for people who were stripped of their religious freedom and publicly ridiculed for similar occurrences. He has been working on all types of cases for more than 40 years. During the lecture his ultimate goal was to ensure that our Catholic school students stand up for our faith when it gets discriminated against. 

In his presentation, students learned about the recent ways the media and Hollywood are making Catholicism seem like an enemy and a threat to modern society. Pohl talked about settlements from CNN and Covington Catholic School. He made it important for students to understand the importance for standing up for faith. He also mentioned that recent Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton wanted Catholics to change their beliefs because of her strong disagreement on some of them. Pohl was scared that someone like her was almost president.

Lastly, he made strong arguments for the nuclear family and how it has changed. He says that every family would be closer and stronger together if they followed the Catholic system. Pohl noted that people today can identify as any gender and marry any gender. He believes this is wrong for society and wants Catholics to stand up against the media and modern life. 

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