Following presidential election, some protests turn violent

November 18, 2016

After the results of the 2016 presidential election were announced, anti-Trump Americans took to the streets. Nights following the election, streets of major cities all across the United States were filled with thousands of protesters.

Many of these protests remained peaceful; however, in the city of Portland, Oregon, things got violent. It was announced that 71 protesters were arrested in one night. Things also got violent in Indianapolis, where a few protesters ran into problems with the police. The protesters in New York City also gathered in front of the Trump Tower. Many of the chants chanted at the protests were centered around welcoming immigrants and love “trumping” hate. Many of these protesters fear what Donald Trump will do as President, while others are upset that Hillary Clinton lost the election.

The Rambler reached out to people at Prep to see what they had to say about the protests that turned into violent riots. Prep senior Peter Bloomstine said, “They are babies, and they should accept the electoral college because that is how the system works.”

Cathedral Prep history teacher Mr. Parsons said, “My opinion regarding the protests is that protesting peacefully is an important and fundamental right we have as Americans. We have a government that allows for disagreements and protests. I support someone’s right to protest as long as they are peaceful. However, when you become violent and are no longer peaceful, then you give up your right to protest and are doing more harm than good for your cause.”

Prep junior John MacKenzie said, “Even though protesting is an act that is respected under the constitution in many forms, I highly, highly disagree with what has been going on.” John continued,”I find it very troubling and honestly quite concerning that the upcoming generation of Americans would rather fall into a state of disbelief and completely shut themselves down over their hurt feelings that their preferred candidate did not win the election.” John finished by adding, “It’s time for us, who are the true patriotic citizens, to put our energy and trust behind President-elect Trump to preserve the American Dream.”

The election is over and Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. Both candidates fought a hard campaign. Trump won the electoral vote fair and square, and no amount of protesting can change that. We as Americans need to gather behind President Trump and support him and trust that he will do what is best for our country.

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