Fidget spinners showing up in Prep classrooms

May 17, 2017

All throughout the school day at Cathedral Prep, many take notice to student’s iPads, their stylish ties, and lately, fidget spinners. Fidget spinners are by definition a “stress-reliving” toy that can be held in one hand and is just simply spun. They are becoming increasingly popular in schools as kids are being drawn to them for various reasons. These spinners come in all different colors and patterns that appeal to younger people. But it’s not just young, grade school children who are putting use to these small plastic spinners. We are talking about juniors and seniors in high school who can’t keep their hands off these. So the question becomes, are fidget spinners actually helping people get through stressful situations or are they just causing more distraction in the classroom?

Many students have a very blunt, truthful opinion on the usage of their spinners. Junior Connor Finazzo simply states, “[It] keeps me awake in class.”

Similarly, fellow junior Ethan Sacco explains, “It helps [me] concentrate during boring lectures or long periods of notes.” Despite the positive presence that many students believe it to have, there is also another side that believes the spinners are a negative presence in the classroom.

English teacher Mr. Hubert has said he thinks they are a distraction to class. “I read an article on NPR, which said there is basically no scientific evidence showing that the spinners actually help young people with ADHD,” Hubert said. “In my personal experience, I have only seen the fidget spinners causing students to get off task and lose focus rather than helping students maintain focus.”

Overall, these spinners have made an impact throughout the Prep hallways one way or another. There are many who believe fidget spinners are a way to lower anxiety and ADHD/ADD impulses while others find it to be an unnecessary toy and a distraction from learning.

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