What are the go-to gas station snacks?


Jonathan Zambroski

Now that the world is getting somewhat back to normal, a lot of people are planning on trips for the summer. I am actually planning a trip to Cape Coral, Florida, and I’m going there with three other people. I’ll be going for about a week and just like me, a lot of people have been planning trips.

On these trips there are a lot of stops if you’re driving, especially grabbing snacks and drinks at a gas station while you fill your car up with gas. My go-to snacks ranked are Swiss Rolls, Oreos, and Honey Buns. Swiss Rolls are the best because, at Country Fair, they’re two for $2, which is great because I’m a broke high school student, but I can spare $2 for the best gas station snack ever. My go-to drinks depend on what time of day it is. In the morning, I choose either a coffee or chocolate milk; in the afternoon, it’s a Vanilla Coke, Bang, or a Monster. 

So what are some of the most popular gas station snacks and drinks? I asked around Prep to see what others prefer. 

Junior Avery Ball is going to be a busy man this summer traveling to Princeton, Michigan, Indiana, and Pittsburgh. His top three snacks are Jalapeño Cheetos, Muddy Pies, and Crispy M&m’s. His top three drinks are white Red Bulls, Body Armor, and Propel. 

Senior Landon Kalie is traveling to Myrtle Beach this summer for a vacation with his friends. His go-to gas station snacks are Doritos, Deer Park water, and a pack of gum. 

Junior Eric Hindman is going to Virginia and on that trip when they stop at a gas station, he said his go to are Trollies and Monster; there’s nothing else that tops that. 

Senior Phil Ferrare is going to Florida with me, so when I’m getting my Swiss Rolls and Coke, he’s grabbing honey buns, cheddar fries, or pop tarts and body armor, chocolate milk, or Monster. 

The trend here seems to be a lot of energy drinks and quick snacks that cost less than $2. It’s the best way to go because what goes up must come back down. What I mean by that is if you’re driving, you drink an energy drink, and if you switch with someone, you just crash in the backseat. And if you’re not driving, you’ll be energized for a while, but then you’ll crash hard at some point.