Cathedral Prep celebrates academic and athletic excellence during annual awards ceremony


Landon Kalie

On Monday, May 17, Prep held their yearly awards ceremony to celebrate all the great in the school. The awards that were announced dealt with academic success, such as first and second honors for every class. Along with that, they celebrated all the students receiving scholarships or other financial opportunities given by colleges, universities and other private companies such as Wegmans.

After celebrating academics as a whole, Cathedral Prep’s Athletic Director, Mr. Bill Flanagan, took the stage to recognize all of the school’s state champion sports teams from this past year along with wishing the baseball, lacrosse, and track & field teams good luck for the remainder of their seasons. He also announced the memorial awards given to one or more athletes for each individual sport. With that being said, all the students who received a memorial award will have their name forever cemented in Prep history forever.

Award winners included the following:

  • Golf: The whole state championship winning lineup
  • Basketball: Liam Galla and Khalil Horton
  • Football: Mikey Parks
  • Track and Field: Andrew Brown
  • Cross Country: Andrew Brown
  • Baseball: Ryan Tomczak
  • Volleyball: John David Campbell
  • Soccer: Jack Foht
  • Hockey: Jonathan Zambroski
  • Lacrosse: Josh Martin
  • Water Polo: Matthew McCormick
  • Swimming and Diving: Jacob Baum

The awards ceremony concluded after an hour. It was great seeing the students and student-athletes celebrated during this tough pandemic school year.

Prep senior Deklan Thurston said, “It was pretty cool seeing mostly everyone win an award, along with the state championship-winning golf and basketball teams.”

Itt was a great way to end off the year for seniors, and I’m glad we’ve gotten the opportunities to participate in senior class activities.