Views on the NBA: Carmelo staying in New York, Lakers win a weird one

The Rambler

Why Carmelo Anthony will remain in New York
Carmelo Anthony has gone on record saying he wants to retire a Knickerbocker. I honestly don’t see Carmelo Anthony leaving New York for two reasons. Money and money. No matter how much Carmelo say he wants to win, taking home 35 million dollars a year would be pretty nice. The second money is New York has a ridiculous amount of cap space in 2015. The Knicks have pretty much promised Melo they would sign Kevin Love in the 2015 offseason and that has to be enticing. It’s not like he has been unsuccessful in New York either. This year has been a fluke, and they could still slide into the Eastern Conference playoffs and make a splash. Carmelo’s wife has also gone on record saying that he will “definitely” stay in New York. New York is obviously where he wants to be. He caused a huge commotion to get there. New York is his city. The people love him, and he gets all of he he shots he wants.
The only other place I could see Melo going is to the Chicago Bulls. If he really does want to go somewhere he feels he would have a better chance of winning than New York, Chicago is the only place I think that could be. That being said I don’t see him leaving New York any time soon. I think he will be a New York Knick for the next five years, be very overpaid, and chuck up 20-30 shots a night. He may get a championship; he may not. One thing is for sure though: he loves playing in New York. And that’s why I think he will stay there for at least the next five years.
Lakers invoke little used rule when active roster threatens to shrink below five players in game against Cavs
On Wednesday night, Feb. 5, something happened that I don’t ever think I’ve seen happen in an NBA game. The Los Angeles Lakers were playing the Cleveland Cavaliers.The Lakers, who began the game with just eight active roster players, ended up only having five available players on the team due to in-game injuries to Nick Young and Jordan Farmar and a foul-out by Chris Kaman. This meant they couldn’t even make one substitution in the fourth quarter. It was just a really odd situation.
That isn’t even the strangest part of the game though. That took place when Robert Sacre, a center for the Lakers, fouled out in the fourth. Usually when someone fouls out they have to sit out the rest of the game, but a very strange rule allowed him to stay in and continue the game! Apparently there is an NBA rule that is rarely used because of the rare scenario that it applies to. If your team only has five available players and one of them fouls out, the team is charged with a technical foul (on top of the personal and team foul) and the player gets to remain in the game and play. I have never heard of this rule, and I just thought it was really unusual. We don’t see a rule like this used often because of the rarity of the scenario that is necessary to enforce it, and I don’t think I will see the rule again anytime soon.