Administrators optimistic to begin new year


Jack Rouch

As the first quarter is moving along, it is important to highlight the beginning of the year at Prep. Vice President of Academics and Student Affairs Mr. Pituch as well as Assistant Vice President of Academics and Student Affairs Mr. Herbstritt each made some comments on the beginning of the year and expectations on the 2021-2022 school year.

Regarding the changes being made to the building, Mr. Pituch has a positive outlook.

“[It is] very exciting stuff to say the least,” Mr. Pituch said. “Obviously, it is an immediate inconvenience (only one way to get to the cafeteria and teachers shifting rooms), but watching this change in process first hand is amazing!“

Mr. Pituch also commented about school spirit at the start of this school year.

“Honestly, [it has been] very good,” he said. “Sections at the games, Prep chants in the hallways and lunch, and other items. It feels like the guys are happy to be back in the hallways, and we are happy you all are here, too.”

Mr. Pituch was eager to start this school year after the challenges faced last year due to the pandemic. 

“Last year was such a different experience,” Mr. Pituch said. “The rotating days and dress-downs to start the year were not either typical or what you expect a year at Prep to look like. While we still have masks, it was great to see everyone back in the building on the first day of school. That opening assembly always gets me hyped!”

Mr. Herbstritt also made some comments about what he expects from the 2021-2022 school year at Cathedral Prep. Similar to what Pituch said Mr. Herbstritt thinks the school spirit has been an upgrade from the last few school years.

“The school spirit so far into the school year has improved from the past few years,” Mr. Herbstritt said. “Obviously with the lockdown, it was hard to have a lot of it.”

Herbstritt also gave some thoughts on the future of Prep and Villa, with the combining of schools.

“I am very excited,” he said. “It gives us a great opportunity to further the lives of young men and women, for a brighter future with more resources.”