Staff Profile: Sam Louie


Jack Rouch

Prep senior Sam Louie has really started to find his niche for fashion. As Sam has gotten older fashion has gotten more relevant in his life. Most people know Sam as a soccer player, but he also has a fashionable side to him.

Everybody has some sense of style when it comes to what they wear. Some people are sporty, and other people are preppy.

“I would say my style is pretty casual,” Sam said. “I don’t like things that pop out too much.

Some people use fashion as a way to express their personality.

“I think it represents that I’m fairly relaxed, and I don’t like to be super outgoing,” he said. “I’m an extrovert, but I think the way I dress makes it more subtle.”

Some people may never get into fashion their whole lives, and others may love fashion right from birth. Sam said he did not get into fashion until freshman year.

“I never got into fashion as a whole,” he said, “but it was around my freshman year that I wanted to dress comfortable with somewhat of style.”

Parents have all kinds of impacts on the decisions we make as kids. Most kids look up to their parents and aspire to be like them, and fashion style is another place they can have influence.

“My dad, he was my influence when I started parting my hair into a middle part for about a year,” he said. “He also dressed in a way that he made sure it matched and looked good but was comfortable in college.

Some fashion trends tend to rise back up, likes Sam’s dad having a middle part, and now Sam has one, too.

Fashion can help people find their identities and express themselves.

“Dress like yourself and don’t listen to anyone’s opinion. If you think it looks good, then that’s all that matters,” Sam said.