Staff Profile: Rue Daniels


Cole Corapi

Rue Daniels is a very interesting person, and you can see that when she talks about her hobbies, what she Iikes to do, and just some background on her life.

“I like to snowboard and listen to a variety of music,” Rue said.

Rue has experience in snowboarding, and it shows when you see her on the slopes.

“I started snowboarding around the end of middle school and have loved it ever since,” she said.

The love she has for it is so strong that it’s a part of her now.

“I will always snowboard and won’t stop until it is physically impossible for me to get on that board,” she said.

Her taste in music is unmatchable because of how unique it is and how much variety it has. Rue’s father not only had an effect on her life but also on her musical taste.

”My dad not only gave me a lot of the values I have and live by to this day, but he also gave me his music taste,” Rue said. “I haven’t seen him in years, but whenever we talk, it’s always about what kind of music we’ve been listening to. He introduced me to bands like the Ramones and the Cramps,” she said.

Rue’s dad is a very musical person. His influence not only shows in music Rue listens to but also in the way he got her into playing music.

“On top of showing me music, he showed me how to play it also,” Rue said. “He taught me how to play bass and even took me to my first concerts.”

Snowboarding and music are two passions important to Rue’s life.

“When I am at the slopes, 180, or a show I feel like myself,” she said. “I feel as if I’m surrounded by people who are like me, and this feeling is sort of refreshing in a way because the people around me have the same hobbies and interests.”

That feeling of being understood is key for Rue when it comes to meeting new people and making friends and forming bonds.

“I’ve meet some of my best friends who make me who I am through shows and snowboarding,” Rue said. “Freshman year was when I first met people that had similar interests to me. Before that I wasn’t really able to embrace who I truly was because I didn’t think it was possible for me. Meeting people through the Peak and Basement Transmissions have not only boosted my confidence in myself but also in the relationships I was building with others, too.” 

Rue has many views and interests, but it always circles back to music and snowboarding.

“I will always listen to music,” she said. “I can play five different instruments and want to learn how to play more. My love for music and classical training has allowed me to have a deeper and more complex understanding of compositions. It’s helped me concentrate and be more creative.”

Some of her favorite bands play prominent roles in the way she views life as well.

“Music has helped me better understand my own perspective on life,” she said. “The Strokes, Slowdive, The Pixies, Highly Suspect, and Husked Du are just some of the bands that have impacted my values.”

Through all her experiences in music and snowboarding she has been able to learn a few things from them that she will take on with her in life.

“Music has taught me I have a voice that needs to be heard and understood,” Rue said. “Snowboarding, on the other hand, is incomparable to any other feeling. It’s the most freeing and powerful feeling I’ve ever experienced. Even when it’s a bad day and I completely wipeout, I would rather be right there than anywhere else. I have never experienced anything as rewarding as that.”

Rue is a very confident and unique person that yearns for that feeling of being understood. She feels understood through music, friends, and snowboarding. Some simple-minded people may say that music and snowboarding aren’t that influential, but Rue proves them wrong. Her emotions and views are so strong that even when she “wipes out,” she gets right back on her feet ready for the next challenge.